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The Gov't May Try To Assassinate Me
03.25.05 (1:28 pm)   [edit]

To:..........All Allies of the Queer Resistance (formerly "gay agenda")
Date:.......March 23, 2005
Subject:...The gov't may try to assassinate me.

The following has been sent simultaneously to all my e-mail friends via blind carbon copy:)


The government may try to assassinate me...

...because I now have absolute PROOF that Micro$lut's Windoze operating systems (starting somewhere w/Win98) sabotage the loading of Internet Explorer, when you install any non-Micro$lut browser that Big Billy sees as potential competition.

Since I've been playing around with oh, around four or five computers simultaneously...I've been able to install on CLEAN systems, TWO different licensed Windoze98SE operating systems. Internet Explorer NEVER has any problem loading, until AFTER I install The Opera Browser.

An error window pops up, offering to send a report of this problem to Micro$lut's database. If you opt out, you are supposed to still be able to load IE. But it won't, no, not ever again, unless you either allow them to access your hard drive or (perhaps) remove any evidence of a non-Micro$lut browser on your system.

As most PC-savvy folks know: the web browser has usurped the file manager that reigned supreme for many years...way back to good ol' DOS. Micro$lut calls THEIR file manager "Explorer", in their usual strategy to recreate computer terminology in their own image.

But there is SO MUCH MORE going on with IE browser, which has EVERYTHING to do with the gov't/military/corporate tentacles intruding their multifarious ways into our lives, right on down to the most intimate level of our very own DNA! So we all have GOOD REASON for using SOME OTHER browser...the learning curve is well worth the effort, as performing this feat will inoculate you from "Owl's Hymen", "Jacob Crushed Fields Disease" (a.k.a. "Mad Cow Disease" which is "bovine sponge-a-for-monopoly" or something Italian sounding like that), or "encephalitis subcorticalis chronica progressiva" (a.k.a. "Senile Dementia" a.k.a. "Republicanitis"). ;b

And...I had bought an OEM version of Windoze 98SE via a Canadian seller on eBay. Well, snafus happened, I finally reported an official complaint to Paypal...his account was frozen, and he's kinda P O'd, said "You're a piece of work!" This is all through e-mail, mind you...eventually to be featured on my Zekeblog.

Meanwhile, he e-mailed another key code, which really DID work, to my surprise! So I had Paypal remove my complaint entirely. Meanwhile, this Canuck is on his way to San Francisco, since he'd like to deliver to me PERSONALLY, a guaranteed working copy of Windoze 98SE!

For a special treat, listen to my answering machine, the recording I left. I said that I've retracted my complaint, the OS does install now. If he'd like a free tour guide of The City, I'm his man. And I'll be glad to buy him a meal.

However, his intent may or may NOT be peaceful, eh? Then again, he just MIGHT turn out to be my underground railroad outta here...which adventure I've foreseen many times in visions.

So...I think those who live in my immediate locale, ought to watch my back closely, thank you very much. I must also be protected from enforced meditation...er, I mean "medication"...or any other form of coercion of my will.

But we must also do this FOR EACH OTHER, right? NETWORK! Find subliminal ways of discovering which folks around you are kindred souls and which are not. Your happiness depends on it now, if not your life. I am a manifestation of all those wrongs, so neglecting me deteriorates the entire network...giving me my dues for all my years' struggles, OTOH, serves only to EMPOWER and GLORIFY this network, our community. Which network shall be HEADED JOINTLY by Queer Rights and Women's Rights...with a platform purely pagan/shamanic/tribal/fem ale, cleansed that is, of any
Judeo/Xian/Islamic detritus and riffraff.

EVERYONE must be on the alert for sudden, sometimes violent, eruptions of government/military/corpo rate bullying. They are scared of radical activists, particularly GAY ones like me. I have become, essentially, the Voice of All Amerikan Queers, and would make a most delicious morsel for those carnivores!

And "Carnivore" is the name of the military's database for spying on "suspect" terrorists...which by their newly minted definition, includes EACH AND EVERY Amerikan queer, for they do not breed for Fuhrer Dubya!

And "Carnivore" IS Internet Explorer. Ta-da. Secret is out. May Saint Karen Silkwood protect me!

Internet Explorer has become totally enslaved to Carnivore's machinations, and has NO recollection of its former existence. So for good reasons have IT experts--even those solidly pro-Micro$lut--started warning the consumer against using IE for their browser any longer. And THIS is not so new; the whistle was first blown about a year ago. But their rationale was the leaky programming that permitted hackers to plant viruses and spies all over personal Windoze PCs. It just makes sense to me, then, that Carnivore would see a great opportunity in such "leaks", by infiltrating them with its own presence. Easily done, because left unguarded.

Thus turning these leaks into channels of access to highly personal information about ANYONE if their records appear on ANY databases. Information now constantly updated, thanks to IE's access into our homes, even bedrooms and classrooms and libraries and automobiles and cell phones and laptops (wi-fi ones anyway) and soon, nanotechnological medicine and surgery. Not to mention the wide-open field of psychic phenomena. Oh, what a battleground of spirits that one shall be!

THE TRUTH IS OUT. Accept it, or not. I AM one of THE major players now, regarding the fate of this marvelous PLANET! And let the whole WORLD know this about me, if nothing else:


And if ANYONE cares to listen further, I hereby proclaim:



Now, once I finally unplug myself from cyberspace, I can AT LEAST have my first cup of coffee for the day...and it's already 4:57 pm!

P.S.: Anybody have a safe place for me to hide out, RIGHT NOW? Sorry, peoples, that was just another anxiety attack. In fact, I apologize for this ENTIRE LETTER, not just that sentence! Where's a good blow job when ya need one? (Shut up, Randolph. I didn't say that, peoples, we're having an argument here in my head.)

P.P.S.: Well, time to plaster this letter ALL OVER USENET NEWSGROUPS!!! But not till AFTER my coffee, jeez don't I EVER get a break? So the wind should hit the piss [1] later tonight.

Or not.


Ezekiel J. Krahlin,
The Father of Queer Conspiracy Theory
(though perhaps the claim should go to Tom Keske)

Don't forget to see me at my next open mic, which is the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Show starts 8pm, but I'll be there by 7:30 to sign up. I only have five minutes, and don't know how soon or late I'll be on, until I get a hold of the signup sheet when I drop in to:

The Three Dollar Bill Cafe, 1800 Market Street, S.F. (ground
level of The Center, facing Market Street)

Unless, of course, the gov't assassinates me before then, or I have to go into hiding, or I'm suddenly disappeared by this or that secret organization (there are so many, who can count?), or if there's a heat wave and I get heat sick, or I just don't feel like associating with the human race that day.


[1] "Wind hits the piss": a Celtic term, the modern day equivalent of "shit hits the fan". Back in Those Days of Yore, there were no electrical devices, for the Industrial Revolution was still in a distant future. Ergo, there were no such things as electrical "fans" by which fan-like metaphors could arise. Surely on some stormy night at Stonehenge where the Druid Priests and their Allies celebrated their seasonal rites, two High Druids paused in the shadow of a monolith to relieve their bladders. Being so windy, and each standing so close to the other...it only stands to reason that sometimes, the piss of one Druid would swiftly and unexpectedly (of course) be blown into the billowing robe of the other Priest.

On the other hand, since feces could only fly with a very POWERFUL fan (not just one airing the average home or office building...but the kind that tests airplanes and jets, and even rockets. Were we talking about just ANY fan, why we'd even have to include, then, those little handheld fans so ubiquitous in Chinatown USA. And if shit could be propelled by such impotent forces, well jeez Louise, how can a lady put on her makeup knowing this?)

Sure it was REAL windy on those moors, especially when the storms came rolling in! It's the same way today. But I have yet to hear of ANY wind so strong--here in Devonshire or anywhere else in the world--that it would propel one's poop while squatting for a shit on the moors. I swear by the piles of dung that locals have been stepping into these days: the Hound of the Baskervilles has returned!

Either that, or visiting Anglo tourists.

Queer Reality TV Comes Of Age
03.21.05 (2:06 am)   [edit]

The BEST show we could have at this point--at least, for trash television--is your queer dating game. And just forget about having any sort of hetero cachet to make the show "okay" in the eye of the hetero-thug masses.

We should also have--on a more serious note--a well-written detective show where the star's sidekick is his (or her) same-sex lover. (Oh, wait, we already had that: Cagney & Lacey...har, har! And those names: reminiscent of a tough hetero Hollywood gangster James Cagney, and a very feminine material, because it's "lacy"...talk about role playing.)

I'm afraid though, that all this "loosening up" about gay presence on Amerikan TV will lead to:

GIRD YOUR LOINS (Sundays, 8-9pm KPQX ch. 3)

Amerika having OUTLAWED the very notion of even BEING homosexual, this new reality show,"Gird Your Loins", is a form of creative sentencing on those godless, sexual-minority perverts.

And since DEATH is the mandatory sentence for ANY form of action or speech that is not solidly heterocentric, anything goes! Torture? Sure, it's the logical next-step in queer television. But the torture spot will be merely an APPETIZER for the show's entree.

A gaggle of lispy homosexuals from Federal Security Prison's Death Row are released into this or that great Amerikan wilderness...a half-day ahead of our red-blooded hetero hunters (selected from a TV Guide lottery). The desperate queers will be hunted down in some of the most sensational and dramatic scenery to grace our national parks: God's Country.

Nano-cameras are implanted EVERYWHERE in the wilderness (thanks to KingGeorgeThe3rdClone), so no interesting scenes will be lost for (hetero) human enjoyment, ever...not even the most subtle nuances of terror, grief, and death-throe release on poor queers' faces. All in high-definition TV for the (hetero) viewer's ultimate enjoyment.

Interactive online selections by viewers will influence each hunter's choice of weapon, and method of targeting and hunting down the worthy victim. And best of all: they will also have some control over redirecting the escape routes of a queer they personally select on Gird Your Loins' web site. You can make a grizzly bear pop up when least expected, a sudden flood across a meadow...even small avalanches that threaten to crush the hopes of the escapee, if not the escapee itself! (And those hot love-making scenes before they are sent to hell...those desperate expressions of needfulness and holding onto each other...oh my, no wonder the show's on Sunday prime time.)

And since viewers actually PARTICIPATE in the hunt, this is the first reality show EVER, to be a real-life SIM adventure. So sign up now for your Breeder Cable subscription, and join one of the most elite and respected TV viewing services in the (hetero) galaxy!


The sky fell long ago,
So now we sing ballads
Of Chicken Little's woe.

The wolves now lurk
Beneath our skin,
Gorging themselves on the fat
Of our sins.

And when we're plump
With no regrets,
We'll watch the wolves
On TV sets.

Thank you Lisa!
03.19.05 (12:43 pm)   [edit]

Just read the following letter to Buzzflash by one marvelous woman, Lisa:

--begin Lisa's letter:

buzzflash.com/mailbag/05/03/mai0507 2.html

Subject: There's No Excuse!

Good morning.

Y'know what? I'm getting pretty sick and tired of overly religiously conservative communities who insist on being pigheaded regarding gay and lesbian teenagers. I'm sick and tired of the overused excuse "it's wrong" as a reason to harass gay teens (as well as gay adults). I'm sick and tired of the phrase "family values." I get angrier over straight people who make ALL of us heterosexuals look like ignorant, hateful fools.

I'm shocked that the gay community really doesn't do a number on us; I wouldn't be surprised if they did. But, they want to bridge gaps, and, the ignorant heteros that make fools of all the rest of us just won't have it and take a "My way or the highway" attitude and use the Bible as a rationalization for their bigotry.

There is NO EXCUSE for bigotry. NONE. And, this straight woman is fed up with it.

Thanks for allowing me the privilege to vent.

Everett, Massachusetts

--end of Lisa's letter

Makes you wonder where are all the OTHER "liberal gay-friendly" heteros, joining her voice? (No wonder we queers are treated with such vulgarity, still.)

Lisa, however, deserves my utmost admiration. Wish I knew her e-mail, to thank her personally. Instead, I'll have to settle for my blog...make a fancy "thank you lisa" image, gussy it up and all that.

Sheep Hurling: A Hacker Sport
03.15.05 (9:29 pm)   [edit]
PART 1: Sheep Hurling: Its Purpose & Significance
(english algorithm by zeke krahlin)

Esheep2 is a "desktop buddy".

1 How good a programmer is the hacker who created "Esheep2"?

2 Two main tests will tell.

3 Test one is measured by the ultimate # of different Esheep2 antics.

4 Test two is measured by how well Esheep2 remains unblurred on the screen as you hurl
it around.

5 Count bonus for Esheep2 responding to being hurled.

6 Response by Esheep2 to your hurling is based on how well YOU can hurl! So don't assume
right off that no Esheep2 response to YOUR hurling means Bad Code is present.

7 The only evil is Bad Code BTW.

8 Allow for Esheep2 to be more intelligent than appears.


10 Why would a hacker create "Esheep2"?.

11 "For Fun" is not ALWAYS the final line of code (see END).

12 Hacker may want to make himself known.

14 He is put to the Sheep Hurling Intensity Test.

15 If he passes, he is then graded to show how GOOD a hacker he is, or is not.

16 Or Hackers may want to communicate w/other hackers in secret.

17 Code lies embedded in the Esheep2 program.

18 Only highest skilled programmers (hackers) can read/write Code.

19 I say "Code" instead of "The Code" as I would say "Randolph" instead of "The
Randolph" when speaking of my lover.

20 Also because Code is unique to all other coding.

21 For only Code has mastered Cryptography.

22 Government calls Code "Virus".

23 Government calls Marijuana "Drug".

24 Six to a half dozen.

25 geocities.com/siennaj/Esheep2


PART 2: Esheep2 (Illegal Paypal Link)

Too cute to be trusted?

I posted the following to eBay's Paypal discussion group on 14 March 2005. Please click on the link below; for it gives concrete evidence of a serious infraction on visiting netizens' identity. This way, you won't have to rely on second-hand reports from myself or another.

Dear eBay/Paypal netizens:

Go to:

Click on "CD Offer".

Scroll down to section "How to get your copy of this must have CD", and click on "Click HERE".

For one: the security lock on my Opera 7.51 Browser remains open. (That would be in the upper right corner.)

For another: they ask for your REGISTERED PAYPAL PASSWORD as well as e-mail. on THEIR page!

Even if the page were secured, they could still be intercepting for visitor passwords. But keeping it NOT secure, makes it a haven for unlawful hackers worldwide. (The correct word for this is "cracker", not "hacker". Keep in mind that the most dangerous crackers are those from government and military institutions...and NOT from pimple-faced geeks who live on EveryStreet in EveryTown Amerika.)

This is a great way for hackers to gather working PayPal accounts! Esheep2 is IRRESISTABLY cute...a common strategy hackers use to lure unsuspecting visitors. The OTHER temptation offered on the CD, is (quote): "Latest system updates for Windows 98, Windows 2000 - To keep your system healthy!"

Now, since I still prefer Windows 98, that is quite a temptation...as I'd have the final updates for this version, all on one compact little CD! Hard to resist, eh? Especially since I'll be reinstalling that OS numerous times for a few more years...that CD would be quite handy, even INDISPENSIBLE!

But who or what, is or are, the culprit or culprits? Taliban? Bushistas? Queers? Greys? Eastern Europeans? Starving African children? Gremlins?

In case anyone can't access the insecure page in question, here's an image capture:

This page is NOT secure: notice the open security lock in the upper right corner.

I think this is a necessary alert to remind folks that, for every cracker site found, dozens more go unnoticed. Whether or not Esheep2 is the real culprit, their page is a danger to visitors, by tempting them to give up their password, and thus
their Paypal account.

Paypal needs to know about this, so that is why I posted it here on eBay's Paypal forum. I'm afraid that posting directly to spoof@paypal.net, will go unheeded. 'Cause I don't think Paypal is all that reputable, either.

P.S.: If I get locked outta here for some predictable reason, anyone can contact me at:


PART 3: Esheepdip (polluted Ebay)

What a stiff-necked maroon!

I'll have that maroon for dessert, thank you very much.

PART 4: Notice the inherent heterosexism

E-sheep scores better on race issues.


Parable of the Laptop Billionaire
03.05.05 (1:18 pm)   [edit]

Once upon a future time--indeed barely a few years from now--a man will become so rich that even the combined resources of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and the Russian Mafia, will not be able to buy him out! In fact, on paper he will pretty much own the world.

Yet because of the complex and vast web of gov't restrictions and global treaties, no person, no business will ever "own" the world. On the other hand, even though any major changes in his stock options, bank transactions, political stances, or favorite line of underwear, will inevitably cause one or more 2nd or 3rd world nations to collapse into utter chaos and misery (again)...he will NOT be held personally or even morally responsible.

In other words, he will not be a benefactor by nature. So you can imagine how much pleading charities will go through, to even receive a single red CENT from this Wealthiest Man in The World AND All of History. Oh, did I mention he was born with a physical anomaly that looked like two little goat horns poking through his forehead? They were surgically removed in his first week of life. (I just had to throw that in. "Zeus ex machina" and all that good stuff, you know?)

So you can ALSO imagine how many charities dedicated to feeding the starving children of Africa, will come begging at his e-mailbox every week! Eventually, he will stop to consider their woeful e-plea bleatings...and after some months of deliberation, he will present his decision (quote):

"I do not want to help these troubled tykes in the way that YOU propose," he will proclaim on worldwide satellite link-up, his face commanding every TV screen on the planet. "But I do feel as you, that their situation is quite urgent, and the sooner generosity comes their way--and in greater and greater portions--the sooner will their sorrows end."

"So what I will do," he will then pause and look up from his speech; and the world will suddenly become a blanket of silence for a few, eternal heartbeats.

So what he will do, is buy all the destitute in the world (not just in Africa, and not just starving children), a laptop. And not just any laptop, but a really high quality laptop with the latest technology. They will even have WiFi!

But how will he produce 2.5 billion (give or take a few tens of millions of) laptops in the short span of 24 hours? Actually, that's none of our business; he OWNS the planet...er, I mean "patent".

So here will be all these starving kids in Africa, without a roof over their heads (and many without any parent, sibling, relation or friend in the world), on the scorched savanna, perishing right before the lenses of first-world camcorders...as they bring into every home in Amerika and the world, those shocking images of freshly dead, emaciated bodies of darkling elves curled around a Thinkpad X-999. (Time Magazine, front cover 10 August 2013: For Every Grave A Laptop.)

Most unfortunate, this collateral damage...though unavoidable when transitioning from standalone to network. Computer jokes--that is, jokes rendered by AI systems--will be made about humans as nothing more than "dumb terminals". Despite this ribbing, Underground Queer IT Experts (both digital and analog) will become the New Heroes, and little children shall learn to hack all of us into a better reality.

And when they start hacking the world, they will first redistribute all the wealth, so that everyone will be comfortably well off. Of couse, by then the Laptop Billionaire will no longer be a billionaire. Not even a millionaire. Or a thousand or HUNDRED aire! There will BE no wealthy person on the planet any more! Interestingly enough, the Laptop Billionaire will also be a very handsome gay male, who'll discover a new career in tasting flavored birthday cards for Hallmark.

There shall become writ this New Law of Government (and the newest Amendment to the United States Constitution: number 482 to be precise), which will also be Moses' ELEVENTH commandment:

"Thou shalt own a laptop by right of birth."

Yes, the right to own a laptop provided FREELY by the government, shall become as much a birthright as the freedom to pursue The Angel Of Happiness. And eventually, laptops will become so INTIMATELY embedded in our lives, that this New Law, this Eleventh Commandment, shall finally be altered to read:

"Thou shalt be TRANSFERRED to a laptop at birth."

--the end *** BEEP [sleep mode]

"The day will soon arrive when biological and computer
viruses will become completely indistinguishable from
each other." - Mighty Mouse Virus

New Political Party of Badb-Athena
03.03.05 (9:36 pm)   [edit]

Seeing as the Democratic Party has officially declared NO to same-sex marriage; seeing as since Clinton signed DOMA in 1996, there has clearly been a trail of homophobic policy running through the Dems; and seeing as there is no existing party truly supportive of gay marriage/rights:

I want to form a new party, and call it: The Party of Athena. And members shall be called "Athenians". And our constitution shall comprise the BEST of all humane and progressive constitutions that have come before. But with two special conditions: (1) that our party first serve the freedom and needs of all sexual minorities, before assisting any other group (whether persecuted or not), and (2) that our party strives to form a new nation just for queers, whether through secession or other means. (Sorta like Holland in a lot of ways...only instead of remaing a heterocentric society, Athenians will form a homocentric one.)

Athenians are also totally pro-pagan and women's suffrage. In fact, that is why "Athena" is my chosen title for this new party. We stand for 100% secular government. For more specific examples of what we stand for, read my platform for world's first gay president:


IOW, my platform is also the party's platform. (Anyone who knows how I can go about establishing this party for real, I'd appreciate some tips! Especially regarding putting me in touch with interested or curious persons of influence. No men, or women--or trannies for that matter--in white coats and butterfly nets, thank you very much!)

Let this message be for the (unofficial) record: that I, Ezekiel J. Krahlin of San Francisco, California, am the true founder of the "Party of Athena". Now, to post this to diverse newsgroups...just another busy day in the life of a queer deadbeat. :D


Zeke Krahlin

February 24, 2005

Let's secede from those who breed:
Make it a sin to NOT waste seed!
Hail Athenia, brave new gay nation!

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,
alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran, alt.religion.gnostic
From: Azure
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:37:17 -0900
Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena

chief-thrac...@gay-bible.org wrote:
I want to form a new party, and call it: The Party of Athena.

Should be Badb, The True Great Mothers, Queens of the Tribes of Nature. From them came Gaia, Rhea, Danu, Nemedia, Morgan, and many others. Scythians (Sethians) Gaelic (Halic), Tribes of Salt, Covenant of Salt. They taught of the ELPH or EEK, the One, That Which Is Was and Forever Shall Be, the Great Terrible Unknown.

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,
alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran, alt.religion.gnostic
From: chief-thrac...@gay-bible.org
Date: 3 Mar 2005 16:01:00 -0800
Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena

Azure wrote:
Should be Badb, The True Great Mothers, Queens of the
Tribes of Nature

As well as the Goddess of War, which I have just learned via Wikipedia:

"In Irish mythology, the Badb (crow, modern spelling Badhbh) was a goddess of war who took the form of a crow, and was thus sometimes known as Badb Catha (battle crow)."

Here is my take on Athena: my love for Greek Mythology is the closest archetype I can summon that represents a gateway to the pan-pagan world. And by pagan I mean to include the pre-patriarchal cycles, when the Earth Goddess reigned. (Of course, she always reigns; but we're speaking of human spiritual evolution I believe, or at least that is part of it.)

And I think that the Western World can more readily be introduced to the Pagan Universe via their own Goddess who represents the brave and powerful matriarchal tradition. Which tradition is being called forth to heal this planet, now. And I am one of her strident messengers, representing the sexual minority family worldwide. I will not be the only one so empowered...and there will be similar rising up of other leaders on issues like racism, women's rights, ecosystems, democracy, fair trade, children, handicapped, etc., etc.

So I would like to thank you for the wonderful insight you've just shared with me re. the Warrior-Goddess Badb! So how's this for a party name:

The Party of Badb-Athena

This would then have Athena representing the end of a past-time matriarchal cycle, with Badb perhaps stand at its birth portal.

In gratitude for your generous teaching, I give you full credit for inspiring me to this fusion of Badb-Athena. Since the deities of ancient Greece (and Egypt and various other past civilizations) already give their major gods/goddesses various sub-manifestations representing different aspects of their powers...hence, often use any one of their numerous double-names to specify a particular sub-manifestation. This seems to also have arisen pre-patriarchally, as it is a classicly right-brain way of thinking. (Remember, the intuitive/creative sight is born of the brain's right side...which neurons travel over to the left parts of one's body...and that is why left-handed people are often artists or creative in other ways.

Odin drank from the Fountain of Mir to gain Wisdom. The price for such a profound gift was the loss of sight from his left eye! I had some weird medical problems with my left eye, after Odin came to me in a vision to enlighten me with my philosophy of opitmism I currently call "NeoChristianity"...which was done as a joke...but since it truly arises from pagan sources, I need to finally rename this ideology...for you can simply append it to whatever belief system one is currently following. (And now "neochristian" has become a term to mean those nasty Xian Fundamentalists. So I *must change the name of my philosophy pronto. Any ideas?

You may now read my newly entitled "The New Political Party of Badb-Athena" here:

gay-bible.org/truetales/6_badb-athe nians.htm

I replaced all words "athena/athenian" with "badb-athena/badb- athenian", including file names. The only thing left to indicate the original name as simply "athenians" is in the html title label. Your elegant dialogue is right there, for all the world to see, that you are given credit for this name-change.

Zeke Krahlin, founder Political Party of Badb-Athena
gay-bible.org/truetales/6_badb-athe nians.htm

That was just an excerpt! To read the ENTIRE incredible dialog, click here.


follow EZ_Krahlin at http://twitter.com

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