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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

©2005 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin


Seeing as the Democratic Party has officially declared NO to
same-sex marriage; seeing as since Clinton signed DOMA in
1996, there has clearly been a trail of homophobic policy
running through the Dems; and seeing as there is no existing
party truly supportive of gay marriage/rights:

I want to form a new party, and call it: The Party of Athena.
And members shall be called "Athenians". And our constitution
shall comprise the BEST of all humane and progressive
constitutions that have come before. But with two special
conditions: (1) that our party first serve the freedom and
needs of all sexual minorities, before assisting any other
group (whether persecuted or not), and (2) that our party
strives to form a new nation just for queers, whether through
secession or other means. (Sorta like Holland in a lot of
ways...only instead of remaining a heterocentric society,
Athenians will form a homocentric one.)

Athenians are also totally pro-pagan and women's suffrage. In
fact, that is why "Athena" is my chosen title for this new
party. We stand for 100% secular government. For more specific
examples of what we stand for, read my platform for world's
first gay president:

IOW, my platform is also the party's platform. (Anyone who
knows how I can go about establishing this party for real, I'd
appreciate some tips! Especially regarding putting me in touch
with interested or curious persons of influence. No men, or
women--or trannies for that matter--in white coats and
butterfly nets, thank you very much!)

Let this message be for the (unofficial) record: that I,
Ezekiel J. Krahlin of San Francisco, California, am the true
founder of the "Party of Athena". Now, to post this to diverse
newsgroups...just another busy day in the life of a queer
deadbeat.  :D


Zeke Krahlin

February 24, 2005

Let's secede from those who breed:
Make it a sin to NOT waste seed!
Hail Athenia, brave new gay nation!

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Azure Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 20:37:17 -0900 Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena wrote: > I want to form a new party, and call it: The Party of Athena. Should be Badb, The True Great Mothers, Queens of the Tribes of Nature. From them came Gaia, Rhea, Danu, Nemedia, Morgan, and many others. Scythians (Sethians) Gaelic (Halic), Tribes of Salt, Covenant of Salt. They taught of the ELPH or EEK, the One, That Which Is Was and Forever Shall Be, the Great Terrible Unknown.

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Date: 27 Feb 2005 15:24:11 -0800 Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena Azure wrote: > Should be Badb, The True Great Mothers, > Queens of the Tribes of Nature I have no problem with that. Please elaborate; I appreciate your wisdom. And have a beautiful day (and night), Azure! -- Zeke Krahlin

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Azure Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2005 21:56:39 -0900 Local: Sun, Feb 27 2005 10:56 pm Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena Badb is a long story, Tribes of Nemedia, Nemedians, The Original Oracles of Delphi, well a man came first but the women took over after him. Nemedia was the Oracle who got Raped (Man forced his sins upon) Nemedia thereafter went off becoming from what I can find the Great Bear, He was an Ursa. Nemedia became the Nemesis Witch, her Sister Morgan then took over as Head of the Tribe. There was a 3rd Wiliston who disappeared, their Tribes were the ones who built Castles in the Clouds. There is an ancient Gaelic City on the East Coast of the United States called the American Stonehenge, and Quite a Legend about a Tribe of people who were very different from others who built cities in the mountain cliffs, led to the Hopi legends of the Kachina's. They are the Tribes of the Valise? Valley's of France, (Numbers 13:) from where Paris the River comes. Paris is descended from Lough or the Lake, (also Jove, Jaf, Djaf, Oasis) Lough is descended from Bel, Bel is descended from Danu, Danu is descended from Rhea, Rhea is descended from Gaia. They are the Tribes of the Law, Nuada was the "Long Arm of the Law" Nemedia is Nemesis aka Justice and Karma. Paris is the Bear, Bar Har, Bruin Gi, or Brownie magic only works for justice. Right will always prevail.

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Date: 2 Mar 2005 23:07:53 -0800 Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena Azure wrote: << Badb is a long story, >> Why, then, this is only an honor, that you take the time for my sake, to distill a bit of your wisdom...that I may partake from this fountain like a parched warrior finally come off the dusty battlegrounds to finally receive the blessings and gratitude he has so sorely craved ever since a wee lad. May I remark how eloquent you write, in your description of these brilliant (and not so brilliant) realms, whose essence remains untouched by Christian dogma; and so it shall remain unto eternity. Blessed be! << Tribes of Nemedia, Nemedians, The Original Oracles of Delphi, >> I've been having visions of Delphi. Apollo and Artemis glorify me with their attentions. In fact, Apollo has been my main guardian all my life. I think there are 11 others; and that each human has 12 angels (if that is what you want to call them). << Nemedia was the Oracle who got Raped (...etc.) >> Thank you so much for your wisdom-in-a-nutshell re. Badb's story. I'm saving it of course, in my "spiritual musing" folder of my PC. I now have various significant terms, thanks to you, that I can research further, on the web (and elsewhere). My own site is overflowing with records of my visions. There is a heavy Celtic and pre-Celtic spirit in them...along with Greek Mythology and thought, Native American traditions, Shamanism, and Animism. With the additional perspective of being a sexual minority. You obviously guard one of the gates passing into the fey kingdom. Cerberus guards such gates, in fact all those gates! When I stand before Him, it is never with a desire to go beyond, but to wonder who Cerberus is, and if he'd like a friend. I have Celtic visions of a cerberus-type creature: only it's a three-headed wolf, or even werewolf! Wearing a fine silver-chain necklace from which dangles a silver triangle wrought with Celtic knots throughout. It represent the Celtic Trinity, which is: << Right will always prevail. >> Oh, your optimism is an inspiration! I have concluded the same outlook is best, and just written about it to my friend John in Philadelphia, who needs some encouragement through an ordeal. And this is what I wrote: --begin excerpt: I've given this a lot of thought, since you first brought up the "old man's curse". It is simply but one among a vast arsenal of nihilistic weapons those in power are hurling at us constantly, now that they have complete control of the mass media. (The Internet is still very much the renegade, and will remain so. Because OUR hackers (Blue Rose Militia) now have complete control over cyberspace...and will soon make our presence known to the world. The medical society is trying to worry us to an early grave...after first stocking up on all those expensive meds year after year! AIDS will some day be called the world's first genetically engineered plague. Gays of course being the laboratory rats. But some of us rats have escaped w/o leaving, disappeared w/o vanishing, and undermined w/o underpinning. There are SO many things that can make us desperately ill or injured or tortured or bashed these days (ACCORDING TO THE MEDIA), one could easily freak out in less than 10 minutes thinking about it! It is as if everything we touch now, or breathe, or eat, or wear, is infused with at least a trace of inevitable toxin of one sort or another. Not that my vision has manifest to that extent yet, but I believe I'm in telepathic communication with others, who've carried out a number of my activist strategies with great success. More and more gay politicos are quoting from my web pages, thus impressing their captive audiences with their brilliantly gilded tongues! I do not get any recognition yet, but I know that is due soon; this year in fact. I think it will happen in about two months, but maybe sooner, maybe NOW. Not. :( But here is my philosophy in a nutshell: Let us choose then the path of joy. Let us put into practice, the wisdom we have gained by our counterculture stance. We summon Buddha; we pray to Christ; we powwoww for the Great Spirit; we walk on coals for Vodun; we chant Hare Krishna; and if we are really wise we smoke-a the ganja whenever! Heartfelt RATIONAL optimism is the ONLY weapon we have, and (good news) it's the only weapon we need. And it's RATIONAL to believe in angels; without trying to cloak it all in some quantum physics neuron-pulsing brain phenomenon! And if you strive to be optimistic each day, you'll always be in the very best company: the company of angels. This is NOT wishful thinking, but simply the conceptual OPPOSITE of the evil warlords now casting a blackened cloud across all of Gaia. --end of excerpt I hope this is ample evidence that I am either an ancient pre-Celtic spirit, or harbor the spirit of one! The wisdom I just spoke was given unto me by angels, not books or anything of man. There is more, much more. I am in that annoying situation of seeking out my people...when I realize the networking will evolve w/o any effort on my part, at this point. I have visions of northenmost Scotland around 800 B.C., and my father a beloved king. And I was created not from womb, but magicke...a magicke so strong, that Wizard Merlin's power was but a tiny spark in comparison! And visions of a great green and red dragon that buries its egg deep, deep in the center of Stonehenge. And I see the egg hatch and the dragon re-emerge after a long slumber. I see bright streaks of light radiating along the firth that leads into Loch Ness. Looking down at the planet, these rays emanate brighter by far than any other light on earth! What does this convey? I know it's not anything bad, like atomic explosion...and seems to be the Ancient Elven Force desiring to re-emerge from a distant past. I know I'm a true prophet (or visionary or avatar), and I also know that I am not the only one presently alive. I surmise around 80,000 on the planet, who will be the vanguards to this new age of liberation, and the major nodes of this global telepathic network. The angels tell me so many things, my head swims! I am seeking to bring my voice to the public, as I am most gifted with liberating sexual minorities, through my spoken and written words. A lot are very funny, as humor is the Great Healer. It is not for me to be able to interpret my visions more than generally. It is up for others gifted with discernment, to learn what the metaphors mean or convey, in order to draw the Big Picture. Have you gotten any meanings from my description of a few visions? Like, what is this about Scotland and Stonehenge becoming so prominent in the near future? I can generally surmise that pagan pathways will re-emerge as a potent healing force all over the world. And that the heart of paganism resides in parts of the British Isles. I very much enjoyed reading your eloquent descriptions, Azure. I KNOW I'll have lovely dreams tonight! MEDITATION ON LOVE 1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin Love is not choice, but calling, When the net of compassion keeps two from falling. Love is the seed of miracles, Gift of the Elfin Folke. (What few know to be true treasure, Most perceive as a joke!) It is the negation of fact apparent Into the realm of mystery transparent. Love is the heart on wings (And also the thorn that stings). It is the whisper between War And the anguish between Peace, The Battle of Armageddon Against the Ego Beast. Love is the brother Whose hand is far-reaching enough To touch the heart of another. -- Zeke Krahlin, founder Party of Athena ---finis

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Date: 2 Mar 2005 23:24:15 -0800 Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena ADDENDUM: Ooops, I neglected to describe this "Celtic Trinity (or Triangle)". Here 'tis: Discernment, Judgment, Vengeance There is the Wolf (or Werewolf) of Discernment, the Wolf of Judgment, and the Wolf of Vengeance (or Justice, to the weak-stomached). The First Werewolf (whose name is Damien in my visions) sniffs each soul as it passes by, so he can DISCERN any evil contained in that soul. If evil enough, Wolfie 1 rushes him over to receive Judgment by Wolfie 2 (whose name I do not know), who then kicks him over to Wolfie 3 (whose name I also do not know) who carries out the sentence down to every jot and tittle. I have visions of Werewolf Damien suddenly appearing in the mundane world, smack dab in the center of Picadilly Square. His magic protects him from being touched, or harmed by anything of earth or man. He is a teenager, with a glorious pink/green mohawk that very much make him look like some exotically handsome bird of paradise. But then, there's his face: a provocative fusing of human and Siberian Husky. He wants to be the first Werewolf in history to go vegan. So he starts his own line of animal-product-free microwavable cuisine, which is most reminiscent of our dear departed Linda McCartney's health food, only without all that filler, whatever that stuff was..

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism, alt.religion.angels,, alt.religion.gnostic From: Azure Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 00:13:49 -0900 Subject: Re: New Political Party of Athena chief-thra