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Truth Speaker, pro-gay author and researcher.

Like the animals, Prehistoric men and women lived apart, and
I have the bones to prove it...check out the links below.

Thousands of people are leaving the Church to find God
...see my Kool Quotes below.

Science shows: no sexual instinct to guide males to females
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GOD, GREED & EVE: A Personal Revelation
GOD, GREED & EVE: A Tentative Academic Perspective


About my essay, "GOD, GREED & EVE: A Personal Revelation".
Pithy comments and rebuttals by assorted knaves and scoundrels.

SUPER-HOT LINKS (click here)

These include some of the most radical and informative pro-lesbian and gay web sites I have encountered thus far, in my journeys on the 'Net. Oh ye who doth possess even a shred of homophobia, be warned: ye shall be burned mightily!

KOOL QUOTES (click here)

I leave the reader with my ever-growing collection of quotations that I have seen on the 'Net, on T-shirts and so on; all of which are not copyrighted, and all of which are emerging at the rate of the electron as the 'Net speeds up our knowledge to hitherto hidden truths.


Use these banners on your web pages like you use bumper stickers on your car: to make a statement! In fact, feel free to make your own bumper stickers and decals from these banners.

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