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The Eternal Wound
03.31.09 (7:46 pm)   [edit]

My comments as "HoboHomo" (and a kind response) from article about Christian fundamentalist dogma on Alternet.org, a progressive message board:

Subject: Homophobia: Our Achilles Heel
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 30, 2009 9:23 PM

The universal hatred of gay people by most religious and even non-religous societies has provided an eternally-open wound by which those in power can control and decimate all others.

When all sorts of people composing a MAJORITY of the culture, rabidly partake in the persecution of gays (or any other group, but homosexuals have been the chosen scapegoat for at least a millenium), society constructs its own DE-construction, and begins to experience the very terror they've so gleefully spawned upon the non-hetero minority.

In your own ignorance, you did not see this coming. It is not too late, IF and ONLY if, enough citizens aggressively resist homophobia and create laws and sanctions of ZERO TOLERANCE against gay bashing.

Otherwise, enjoy the hell you've created by your own demonic thoughts, if not outright actions.

Subject: MCC has the "jesus" domain name.
Posted by: Bliss Doubt on Mar 31, 2009 9:15 AM


HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up, and has so much bad baggage in the inquisition, witch hunts, crusades, holy wars, the oppression of third world people by missionaries who have insisted that native peoples were savage heathen, gay bashing, right wing political intrigue, that I wouldn't want them, and don't feel left out by not belonging to one of their churches. I found my spiritual path in the 80's when I began hearing about the Goddess.

Anyway, for what it's worth, I'd point out that no particular cult of organized christianity owns Jesus. One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is "homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness".

I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago. In his last years on this planet, I think he knew he was going to die young. He'd been raised Catholic, and as a gay man felt rejected by God. He lived his last years in search of answers about pain in this life, about the validity of one's identity, about higher power that you can lean on, our responsibility to each other and to God, and whether or not God really takes an interest in us. He died without finding his answers.

RE: MCC has the "jesus" domain name.
Posted by: HoboHomo on Mar 31, 2009 12:17 PM

{{ HoboHomo, my feeling is that christianity is so dysfunctional and mixed up }}

Everything you said: so true! Do you know that when missionaries reached Alaska, their depraved teaching drove many Inuit people insane? That's because being told they were sinners by nature caused a severe psychosis of depression, a disconnect with their creator who is most beloved in their native worldview. They couldn't imagine being in any way, so intrinsically offensive to their God, it broke their spirit!

Many indigenous societies were most accepting of alternative sexual inclinations, and found ways to incorporate that into their culture in loving, rational ways. But--thanks to the dogma of Christianity--they now are violent gay bashers even when otherwise getting back to their roots. They may reject the distorted overlay of a conquering culture (for the most part), but maintain one of its worst influences: homophobia.

{{ I found my spiritual path in the 80's when I began hearing about the Goddess. }}

I am essentially a Pagan myself...more specifically, an animist, which is one who believes all that exists (even a rock) is imbued with universal consciousness. My paganist ideas are obvious in my tales, poems and essays that you can read on my web site or blog.

{{ One of the official statements of Metropolitan Community Churches is "homosexuality, not a sin, not a sickness". }}

While I have found little personal reward in joining gay-friendly churches (and believe me I've tried) due to the overall conservatism that has sadly become part of gay society...I believe that reclaiming Christianity on their own terms is a most important and effective political maneuver. That is why I've dedicated my own activism towards reinterpreting religious mythos on behalf of sexual minorities. My web site is entitled The Final Testament (or "Faggot Bible"), which you may visit here: gay-bible.org

Bemusedly, I didn't realize until several years aftern naming my web site, that "Final Testament" is also the pet name Muslims give to their own bible, the Q'uran. :D

On my home page is a link to my "zekeblog", where my most recent writings and activities are recorded for anyone interested.

{{ I was touched by the pain of a friend who died just over a year ago. }}

Thank you so much for being his friend; that will bless you the rest of your life. I believe that gay people have a spiritual destiny above and beyond the average hetero person...and that we walk Christ's path more closely than any other group...as implied by our long and noble history of persecution and humiliation. It is our (gay) destiny to bring the world into a better existence, by example and long-suffering.

And it is meant to be a total surprise for most.

Thank you, Bliss Doubt, for a MOST thoughtful comment. I consider you a true friend on this bumpy road we call life. May the Great Spirit bless you this day,

with a sign that brings joy.

In Defense of Arthur Evens
03.24.09 (2:44 am)   [edit]
Responding to Gary Virginia's tacky put-down in last issue's letter, "Get a Life, Arthur":

I haven't yet had the honor of meeting Arthur Evans, but it seems he has been residing in San Francisco almost as long as myself: since 1973. Such long-term residency often gives the edge for community activists, as opposed to those recently blown into town. (By the way, Gary, are you "recently blown?" You sure sound like it.) Mr. Virginia: no need worry about Evans' social life...for it is well known that even whistle blowers have a varied and fullfilling existence. Your strategy to trivialize Arthur's astute contributions, only serves to mask ongoing corruption. Whether by intent or small-mindedness, such an attitude does not convey a good purpose.

While San Francisco life and politics on the surface seem to be the usual bumpy ride, the corruption that bubbles underneath is far more extensive and horrific than many yet realize. For example: the gay bars are, each and every one of 'em, cesspools of hard drug rings, dysfunctional alcoholic intrigue, wicked back-stabbing, and even shady violence. (Some even wind up murdered, bartender and patron alike.) Yet these venues remain the very heart of our community, and a major fund-raising windfall. There's something truly pathetic and even frightening about this, for it implies that our very politics and financial resources are entrenched in a corrupt foundation, riding on the backs of substance abuse and a violent underworld.

Our gay neighborhoods (especially the Castro) run rife with homophobic street thugs who threaten residents and tourists alike, trash our environs, and wander the night like graveyard ghouls. Not a pretty picture, to say the least. Our police force--what remains of it--does little to staunch this alarming condition. (They did show up in force on Halloween, thank you very much, but that was just one day out of 365.)

If not so ethically polluted, our community would have evolved out of that mucky swamp long years past. This sort of corruption bears the earmark of a cultish origin whose roots go back several decades, and may have something to do with the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone, by one Dan White.

By the same token, similar corruption and elitism run a thread through all aspects of American society, which obviously includes the so-called SF gay community and its political "allies". There is no participating in this elite circle of politicians and their wannabes, except for being well-heeled with concomitant poodle pedigree. It is thus no surprise to me that those newly minted district politicos who appear all sunshiny and honest on the surface, may conceal a different stripe underneath. Also no surprise there are those who exist, such as Gary Virginia, to readily pounce upon the few courageous truth-speakers who raise a finger in criticism or even (gasp) alarm.

Mexican meth
wolves at our door!

In that same letters section of the very same issue, also appeared Arthur's latest contribution titled "Drug Cartels & Politicians". Thank you Arthur, for a most excellent bellwether regarding the intrusion of Mexican drug trafficking into California and, more specifically, good ol' (corrupt ol') San Francisco.

Radio KRL
03.20.09 (3:17 am)   [edit]

Gay talk show host, Charles Karel Bouley, is making a big splash not just in California, but across the nation. You may strongly disagree with some of his positions (as I do), but just listen to some of his shows, and see if you don't think he's become a strident and powerful voice on behalf of gay liberation. Here's the page with all his shows thus far, archived in mp3 format:


If you don't have an Ipod, don't sweat. Just scroll down a bit, and click on any of the mp3 links...your computer will automatically download and play them.

Karel was recently (and unfairly) fired from KGO talk radio (81.0 AM), here in San Fran. He is now back on SF radio on an FM station...the only privately owned station in all of northern CA! Karel's show is actually out of southern CA, but is being picked up here and there in dots across the US map.

Tom Keske, I'd especially like your opinion of his show. One drawback: he is DEFINITELY not going to listen to any viewpoints re. AIDS being intentionally disseminated. Too bad. However, as a voice to raise the public's consciousness, and challenge homophobia, I think you will be impressed.

And SF-Jim, have you heard Karel yet? He's on 92.7 FM, Mon.-Thur., 9pm-12am. Tell me what ya think!

03.09.09 (12:46 am)   [edit]

"Isobutynol"...there's a new word destined for fame. I really don't know how to spell it, just heard newscasters pronounce:


with major stress on "byoo". Anywayz, there were the men (sorry, ladies, we're not there yet) in labcoats, sucking up in a syringe, injecting into a test tube, or dipping into it, like a mini-fish tank held in one's arms and filled with a pearly-transparent gel that looked like your average clear bowl of watery-white jelly, or--in other not-so-puritanical words:



That's right folks: last night around 10:35pm Pacific Standard Time (8 March 2009), KTVU News Channel 2 newscasters showed a group of scientists standing around a bucket of semen (held in one of their arms, with another dipping a turkey baster into it and pulling out a long, gooey strand like crystal clear taffy, only a bit more runny, skinny and slippery), claiming that it showed an excellent ability to protect against the transmission of AIDS by applying it immediately prior to the conjugal act. They also claim that this miraculous man-goo showed very promising results in preventing female-type cancers.

Wikipedia doesn't have anything to say (yet) about isobutynol, but it does have a spot under "Isobutanol":

Isobutanol (IUPAC nomenclature: 2-methylpropan-1-ol; also known as 2-methylpropyl alcohol, among other names) is a colorless, flammable, organic compound with a characteristic smell. Its isomers are n-butanol, 2-butanol, and tert-butanol. It is classified as an alcohol, and, as such, it is widely used as a solvent in chemical reactions, as well as being a useful starting material for organic synthesis.

The only other site I found on a search for "isobutynal" was a page about beer fermentation, a.k.a. "home brewing".

I wonder: could this amazing gelatinous substance have anything to do with another finding some years back, that a small percentage of caucasian homosexuals have a genetic immunity to AIDS? (And if so: did the scientists in today's news, perhaps invite such lucky white boys to a jack-off party, cork-stoppered flasks provided "pro bono" so to speak?)

So don't forget that date, or the name of this magic elixer:

I so bee-YOO-tee-full, y'all!


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