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There's A Succubus Born Every Minute
12.10.07 (10:42 pm)   [edit]

I think it wise to acknowledge your brilliant insight in the matter of shadow agencies and their machinations. You are absolutely, 100% correct. They DO manipulate the masses, and select individuals for various purposes...all of them devious. YOU ARE TOTALLY SANE, as well as psychically gifted.

I am ALSO convinced at this point in my incredible adventures of late, that there is at least ONE powerful agency on the side of righteousness...and they are guiding us, training us, preparing us. For what?

WORLD WAR THREE. But not the Apocalypse so beloved by Xian rednecks and murderous goons. The Celtic (and pre-Celtic) lore had it correct, regarding "The End Times". It will be "The War Of The Wizards", a final battle where the Good shall be victorious, and reign over earth forevermore, in peace, prosperity, joy, fulfillment, and most DEFINITELY: Gay Liberation.

The SPECIFICS of which groups are doing what, their names, affiliations, etc. are not NECESSARY to know, in order to gain our Sorely Desired Victory. It is HOW these evil ones operate that matters, so we can fight fire w/fire by learning to use their own psychic weapons AGAINST them. You might still have your doubts as to the outcome, but I don't: WE WILL WIN BIG TIME.

I can see the future. I can remote view. I have no desire to kill goats, or anything else incapable of homophobic will.

One SPECIFIC group I have discovered, is the one I've begun exposing in my latest Friendly Ghost write-ups: Disciples Of The Zodiac Killer. Do you know that the MAIN suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen, was a GAY man who maintained the Wurlitzer organ housed in the Castro Theater? That was I think in the early 80's, which is some nine years after the last known Zodiac murder.

Ironic that "Zodiac" recently played at that same theater, eh? This year in fact. (HIGHLY synchronistic with my own erupting revelations.)

Then, in the mid-to-late 80's A.L. Allen opened a little avant-garde movie house in the Richmond District (also in S.F.). I can find no more information on the 'net about him, after he closed down that business...which I believe was around 1988.

Note: the link above does not seem to include mention of his work at either the Castro theater or his own movie house. Maybe it is in there, I just have to dig further. However, I DID learn of these facts on another website, which URL I've forgotten. I'm sure with some intensive searches, anyone can discover my veracity.

It is highly POSSIBLE this Zodiac Cult--now numbering several MILLION, I conclude--has ERASED from many resources, as much biographical data as possible, regarding Their Beloved Master Of Bloody Rule. I find it MOST fascinating that--if indeed he WAS the Zodiac Killer--our S.F. Gay Community, or at least a SEGMENT thereof, was HOUSING, PROTECTING and EMPLOYING a serial killer! His New-Found of them being Harvey Milk!

Our Gay Family had begun to turn wicked at the time Mr. Milk climbed the political ladder to Supervisor. I found the man to be VERY cold-hearted, and non-receptive. And I'm not the only one. He APPEARED rather ghastly in the face, one could say "ghoulish". If correct in my surmisal, I conjecture it was H. Milk who paved the way for this demonic infiltration of local government, and gay political well as gay-friendly bars, bathhouses and clubs.

I am sure that SOLID evidence will come in before I accuse Milk et al of murderous skulduggery. Albeit circumstantial, what evidence WILL emerge will likely be overwhelmingly undeniable. And that is how a psychic detective works: almost always 100% circumstantial, but such evidence becomes so ABUNDANT and easily linked to formerly broken chains, as to be perfectly legit.

What a SHOCKER this will be...and I will surely be vilified for my opinion by many. But AFAIC, the only folks who MATTER are those who respect and appreciate my long-suffering devotion to root out evil, that our community may finally be liberated.

This Cult knows about me of course, and has for MANY years. Some even dwell in my apartment complex, a NOTORIOUS building, of which small-time hard drug dealers are but a distraction from the REAL evil that occurs. They have sabotaged my every step, created much grief in my outreach, and most effectively ISOLATED me from any real social camaraderie. Their intent is to eventually kidnap, and TORTURE me with those very devices I fear most...such as being buried alive (then resurrected/resuscitated at the last moment).

This is no joke. What I am about to say may SOUND funny, but that is exactly how their meme-brainwashing works. They inspire onlookers to LAUGH at events that are most tragic...thus increasing the misery of their victims! And THAT explains why, whenever I'm threatened in public, most folks giggle and do NOTHING to stop my attacker (not even 911). They have been DUPED, mesmerized by The Cult, and do not comprehend the very wickedness that stands brazenly before them. Here is their Final Solution for "moi":

My skull is their chief treasure, as it houses one of the most brilliant minds to ever exist, dedicated SOLELY to freeing homosexuals from their oppressor's shackles...a totally BENEVOLENT sort of mind. IOW: a most DESIRABLE trophy for such villianous necromancers! A TRAGIC end game of inconceivably GROTESQUE proportion!

Presently, Hole in the Wall Saloon and Eagle Tavern are FIGHTING over who gets my skull! Each wants to nail it above the main entrance. (I am reminded of that scene in Conan Doyle's "Hounds of the Baskerville" when Professor Moriarty admires the impressively handsome, noble cranium of his heroic antagonist, the magnanimous Sherlock Holmes.) But if they can't acquire the real Mccoy (so to speak), they'll do a replica of my skull, in the purest, rarest of alloys. And decorate it with priceless gems, beads...and feathers from only the rarest, most ENDANGERED avian species. IOW, Arthur L. Allen's Disciples are absoultely and hopelessly INSANE.

The Zodiac Disciples are utterly CONVINCED of their victory over me...and who am I to correct them? God (or goddess, whatever) is merely providing them enough rope by which to hang themselves! And make ME the hero in the process, withOUT suffering any of their nasty schemes. They've DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE already. I will even win some over, who will assist in rounding up their leaders to have them put away for life or (as I strongly recommend) immediately EXTERMINATED.

I used to be AGAINST capital punishment, but this cabal is so cleverly WICKED, it would be way dangerous to keep ANY of their masters alive, even in solitary confinement on a far-flung asteroid. These Warriorlocks are awesomely telepathic. What evil they conceive can and DOES occur. Masters of remote viewing and telekinesis! Distance means NOTHING to them, even when measured in parsecs. Might I suggest a stake through their sorry little hearts?

They are very sophisticated warlocks, who employ biological warfare to gain their ends. They frequently DOSE bar goers with date rape drugs...for sex, money, information, or whatever the else fuck they want...including OVERDOSING THEM TO DEATH to break the spirit of a select victim. They have done this to me, more than once! Seems that those men I have loved dearly so far, have ALL been taken away from me, by Zodiac Disciples. They kill them, disappear them, get them sent to prison, or drive them insane (with a secret blend of their homemade toxins). I TRUST that my beloved Larkin will NOT be yet one more tragedy in my Heroic Mission...that he is in fact, My Avenger! Evidence thus far supports my fervent wish.

The Zodiac Cult plans a terrorist ploy SOON...perhaps Xmas day. They intend to poison the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir,

which provides MOST of the drinking water for San Francisco and neighboring towns. We're talking what...two point four MILLION residents? They have no qualms if this kills a few-score thousand, in order to TERRORIZE everyone to bow to their will. I also conclude they've BEEN drugging our water supply for quite a few years STUPEFY the populace from revolting, and from listening to whistle blowers like myself. (I call this "Living With The Curse Of Cassandra".) I STRONGLY recommend using tap water only for cooking and bathing. (Unless you really WANT to subject yourself to potent hypnotic substances that are chemically flavored to TASTE like pristine mountain aych-too-oh.) Interesting coincidence is it not, that San Francisco restaurants have recently dropped bottled water, claiming our Hetch Hetchy TAP supply is equivalent or superior?

If I'm correct, there will soon be a power struggle over who should manage our water: between the Zodiac Disciples and OUR people. It will be in the news, very controversial...and probably fought through election ballots. (Both groups will appear as common politicians, nothing mystical's a whole 'nother layer of reality, in a way.) But if The Zodiacs do NOT get their man elected, WATCH OUT! They will then use devious and VIOLENT means. I do not know WHICH people in the water department are cult members. I just know that These Disciples have infiltrated ALL levels of government, and therefore have MOST LIKELY done same to our public utilities. But it doesn't just stop with Gay Mecca.

The Zodiac Cult has grown into the MILLIONS since they first gathered some time around 1968. They've insinuated their hideous presence into ALL gay agencies in ALL the major cities of not just the United States, but of the ENTIRE WORLD. They plan a tremendous COUP, starting with poisoning Northern California's aqueducts. Their plan is to TERRORIZE their way into dictatorship, first by conquering California...then like dominoes, all the other states, then all nations.

Forget the military. Forget government. Forget global corporatocracy. Forget the Mafia. Forget Islam. These Zodiac Disciples are MOST clever in their wickedness, and also have the PSYCHIC ADVANTAGE among all OTHER evil agencies. (For one, they've successfully EMBEDDED themselves in these groups far more effectively than said groups have done to them.) What will stop The Zodiac Cult dead in their tracks?

ME. With the brave assistance of other heroic souls from all corners of the planet. My first salvo toward OUR victory is, obviously, the RELEASE of vital information to EXPOSE these devils, via "Steal This Blog". We WILL have to go through a Third World War before we claim success,

though the TASTE of victory will come before then...and it will be SWEET, I promise! There will be ONE location on earth totally PROTECTED from This Cult (or any other evil): Northern California. Which borders I've well defined in my essay some years back.

Somehow, some way, our Protector Guardians will bring you and loved ones here to N. Cal., as they will to ALL good gay-friendlies. The details, however, still elude me.

Be aware that the ONLY REASON any of my accounts herein seem humorous is not so much my gifted turn of the pen (or keyboard, actually), but that I have met Buddha's challenge to turn enemies into friends...thus transmutating dark energy into joyful force. "Behind the mask of every demon is another angel" (Tibetan Book of the Dead).

On the highest level (taking the Buddhist spin "we have no enemies only teachers"), this is simply a Grand Game in which I get to play The Great Hero. (And my enemies get to play -- umm -- my enemies.) Do not worry for my soul, I will be perfectly fine. I have absolutely NO fears, and very little anxiety even, over my daily tribulations. Which indeed are fewer and further between than EVER in my life.

Yes, I did have my memory erased...not by enemies, but willingly by my own hand, with the assistance of an intimate group of trusted friends, all detectives out of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). My conclusion is ASTOUNDING, yet all the pieces have begun to fit!

Remember some months back I talked about how I might be a celebrated detective with the LAPD, who wanted to use his psychic abilities to track down the Zodiac Killer...and this CULT that rose around him? But it was a cold case by then, so I had to surrender my badge, abandon my beloved career and friends, in order to pursue these "cult"-prits on my own. I was THAT driven to blow this cabal wide apart! But I don't actually recall WHY at this point in my "Early Memory Restoration" phase (or EMR).

Randolph Taylor was my lover...I should say "chief" lover, as I was not monogamous. There was also this glorious Larkin Kelsey, among other dedicated and HANDSOME detectives whom I've had the tremendous pleasure of knowing and blowing. I even surmise YOU were part of this circle, a good friend (not lover). Whether you REMEMBER this or not, I don't know. But if you do, I accuse you of participating in a highly ingenious plot to reward my years of devoted service and sacrifice for the sake of a Most Noble Achievement.

You would therefore be one of My Guardians setting things up for my success, including putting yourself out there in Usenet, knowing I'd "stumble" upon your articles and be inspired to contact you. While playing someone far less insightful than you let on. For example: your declarations of having the psychic power to create accidents nurtured my own awakening, that it wouldn't come as too much of a shock.

Before I departed Los Angeles, I made detailed preparation for my new destiny. Including a form of deep self-hypnosis, that I FORGET my present life to create a totally new and artificial one perfectly suited for the frightful challenge at hand. Thus, I forgot Randolph, and Larkin, and Keske, etc. A real heartbreaker all the way round. What a sacrifice! It would obviously take YEARS to achieve Ultimate Victory, during which time I'd grow old w/o my beloved Randolph et al. And when they followed me up here several years later (for I was getting solid RESULTS, at last), they had to treat me like a stranger, for awakening my memory from its hypnotic slumber would DESTROY my cover, hence victory. My forgotten comrades would even be HOSTILE towards me at times (to discourage any possible romantic advances on my part), for the sake of my own safety and anonymity. For I had INFILTRATED the Zodiac Cult!

How? By feigning membership myself. I was caught however, and consequently tortured. That's where the deep hypnosis comes in: I programmed myself to go into a trance during torture, as well as FORGET the painful details. This would give me incredible psychological STRENGTH to forge ahead in another direction, still dogging them with all my ferocity. Though they finally KNEW who I was: a celebrated detective from LA.

In fact, I was SO good a sleuth, the department had a beloved nickname for me: "Columbo Holmes". Actually, I surpassed BOTH in talent, finding missing persons BEFORE they were missing, murderers BEFORE they murdered, and gay bashers BEFORE they bashed. Don't know (or don't remember) how I could actually DO this within our legal framework...but I was VERY intelligent (still am, I hope), and am sure I found a way to pull that off. This form of Deep Self Hypnosis (DSH) was ALSO my invention, now used widely by topnotch detectives worldwide. Here's how it works:

PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) is a heartrending occupational hazard for those in the line of a traumatic calling, as is that of a detective solving gruesome crimes.

It takes anywhere from six to eighteen months to fully RECOVER from case-related PTSD, thus putting our very BEST men and women out of commission for an undue length of time. But what if one could be harmlessly hypnotized to REPRESS those bad memories until one is ready to RETIRE? That is exactly what I accomplished: DSH works like a nightmares, no addictions, no serious side effects whatsoever. And the best thing is: upon retirement, the healing from PTSD by top-notch therapists takes NO LONGER than usual!

I also found you could use DSH to erase one's ENTIRE memory or a considerable chunk of it. This proved MOST beneficial for detectives needing to drastically change personality, to infiltrate a cult w/o suspicion. This of course requires the cooperation of three or four assisting partners, through surreptitious contact and guidance unbeknownst to the DSH subject himself. They could never get TOO close to you (as much as they might desire, considering their LOVE and DEVOTION required as guardians), nor could they ever get TOO distant. It's quite a tight-walk on the rope for them, with MANY grueling moments of bowel-loosening proportion! We're like Spartan lovers/warriors with Alzheimers, in the midst of Apocalypse!

As my associates became more comfortable with my DSH methodology, they themselves created secondary (even tertiary) personalities with consequent secondary lives and adventures! Example: Randolph morphed himself into a Vietnam Veteran who performed a noble 40-day fast on behalf of fellow veterans. Knowing of course that a few months down the line, I'd meet him exactly where he planned: at a donut shop on Castro and 18th. Thus began a SECONDARY odyssey which I assumed was my PRIMARY one, since the memory of my present odyssey was erased.

Larkin changed himself into a Damon Runyon-esque character: a tough, funny, sweet natured pool player and all around party mixer and Gay Bar-Hop Gigolo. That was also GREAT COVER for a private eye, who had successfully infiltrated this Zodiac cult at Hole in the Wall (main hangout for the Disciples' gay faction here in SF). Nowadays, Larkin has moved closer to my residence (as you know) and is self-assigned to the new Metro City Bar (formerly The Expansion).

I'm the Little Guy, the decoy, the grunt. Who brings the evil curs out of the woodwork. Risky business, as I was at least ONCE tortured (though I've found NO physical scars on my person, unless my general-exploration appendectomy scar just below my navel is a false memory caused by something OTHER than medical necessity...or the deep scarring behind my left ear...or the severe cystic acne that devastated my face for years...not to mention NON-scarring torture methods).

But I HAVE brought the scum to the surface, successful decoy that I am. "Steal This Blog" will be my ultimate ass-kicker, my great victory! But now, as grunt, I've done my work, reported back to the troops. Now, I need safe hiding pronto. It is time for the BIG GUNS (Larkin, Randolph, et al) to move in and make the bust.

My latest blog entry "Homo For The Holidays" is the inspired result of discovering a "Lark Inn" website (while searching for images of a lark; it was the only "lark inn" listed). When you read the blog, you'll understand the hidden message: Larkin set up that page, and telepathically got me to discover it somehow. Essentially, it tells me that LARKIN is my refuge...he will provide a safe, friendly environment where no harm shall threaten me. How glorious!

Another example of Larkin's telepathy can be found here: Blessed Be My Wednesday. And more recently, here: Rerry Rissruss Rarkin.

This may all be just my COLORFUL imagination, and I never WAS a detective. Nonetheless, it's storytelling at its best, and thus would STILL be immensely advantageous to impress upon my hard drive, and cyber-broadcast. It's a BLOCKBUSTER:

Thought it was all over long ago, did you? Discover the secret cult of the Zodiac disciples, as outstanding psychic GAY detective Zeke Krahlin and partner/lover Larkin Kelsey take you on a frightening journey of startling revelation that will have you gripping the knob of your johnson from start to finish. You'll leave the theater with PERFECT understanding as to why San Francisco has become such a wicked, filthy, HOMOPHOBIC necropolis of resurrected ghouls, vampires, warlocks, werewolves and zombies who crave AIDS-tainted blood for their nightly sustenance! Featuring Gavin Newsom as the seductive Mayor Incubus, and former Mayor Willie Brown his limousine-liberal gremlin. Popcorn, drinks and snacks now available in the lobby...along with your complimentary pair of 3-D dildoes.

But I now consider the very REAL possibility that I've begun to REMEMBER...seeing as I'm at that retirement age. I HOPE this is true, because then it means my Randolph is still ALIVE and WELL, and that Larkin really DOES love me down to his very last breath if need be!

I WANT my story to have a most HAPPY ending. In fact: the happiest ending of any story ever writ, or TO be writ!


posted by: brush lee (reply)
post date: 01.18.08 (9:40 pm)

the truth chases the lies and the nightmare of castro is only a dream; in a cult filled city zeke tells the story that has a little meat to the bones

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.19.08 (12:06 am)

Wow! I don't know who you are, brush lee, but your insightful critique tells me you are an EXCELLENT soul. I'd be honored to stay in touch, and if I'm LUCKY, get to MEET you in person! A little more than halfway down my web site's home page - gayDASHbibleDOTorg - is a link to e-mail me. Please do!

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