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A Halloween Missive
10.29.07 (6:09 pm)   [edit]

To My Hopefully Still Good Friend, Larkin:

Hope you enjoy my Halloween gift of a large Hershey bar w/almonds, and two Mad Magazines!

I really am not sure at all, why you suddenly ended what seemed to be the start of an excellent friendship...though I do have some ideas. I might be wrong, but here goes:

(Before I proceed, please note I am strongly attracted to you in a romantic friendship way...I have no interest in getting into your pants, as darlingly handsome as you are. I think you need to understand this; I suspect you already do.)

Some very wicked and jealous people surrounding you have driven us apart, most likely with ugly gossip...to convince you that I've partaken in some nasty games against you. None of this is true, including the series of crises that burdened you last year (loss of home, job, and SOMA hangout...all within the same, very short few weeks). You stopped talking to me immediately after I was drugged/mugged...which really did happen. The last time we hugged, was April 9, 2006...and it has been a painful odyssey ever since, that you avoid me like the plague, and treat me like the most horrible person on earth!

Did you know that someone at The Hole, told me you were homeless? And can you imagine the sorrow this caused me? I asked some people there, how you are doing...people who at least seemed to be your friends. But I got mostly hostile replies and/or intentional misinformation...probably because they are twisted, jealous queens who love to screw with decent peoples' minds. So you can imagine my surprise (and delight) when you resurfaced in my life, directly across my apartment building! In fact, I could see you clearly, right from a hallway window, especially when you were on the balcony. I was tempted to gesture towards you, with a "Wiiiilbuuuur" holler, but I was so distraught about what happened between us, I never did.

And now, you're permanently in my neck of the woods at Market and Church Streets...where I hang out daily, including at the Church Street Coffeehouse (formerly Muddy Waters). Funny how both our hangouts here in The Castro changed ownership around the same time! Just another weird and intriguing event in the chemistry of our association!

Our paths now cross often...and sometimes I pause a while to admire you from a distance. I take your sudden reappearance in my life in my own neighborhood (and for those first few months, right across the street from my apartment) as a positive sign that I'm on the right track, and to keep the faith...that our friendship will resume. I guess you only need to find the moment when the door to our friendship opens up in such a way as to keep you safe from harm. Meanwhile, if I scowl or spit at you (only when you do this to me first), please don't take it personally...as pretending to hate you back is most likely the safest way to behave, for your own protection...and probably, mine too.

Everyone now thinks I despise you, including Eagle bartender Ron...but I really do not. This is simply to get them off my tail, and yours...to make your life more secure, that you may resolve matters at your end, more readily. Reminds me of a romantic gay film I once saw, where two prisoners fell deeply in love. But to keep from being seperated and even murdered, they had to pretend they hate each other in front of the other captives, and prison guards. They'd even beat each other up now and then, to appear totally convincing!

If you think I have plans of vengeance against you, you're wrong. I am only trying to stand by you as a best friend, in hopes the worst will finally blow over, and our friendship resume. Seems to me, that some people control your life, and if they don't like anyone you like, they'll mess with you big time, unless you chase such people away...people who offer you no stress or grief, only friendship. Here's one interesting observation:

Even after you excluded me, you would not let anyone mess with me...and the person who mugged me, Michael, stayed away as long as you hanged out at The Hole. He has since returned a week or two after Gary 86'd you...I remained in order to figure out just what the heck is going on. (I have a hunch that certain evil ones had hoped I'd leave, once you stopped talking to me. When I didn't, I guess they figured I'd depart for good, once you were 86'd. Still, I remained. Finally, a death threat against me succeeded, and I left for good. I presume Gary C. paid speed-freak Chris to scare me away; as we were always on good terms till then.) I missed your presence very much; I cherished being under the same roof with you, even when you ignored me completely. That is how I concluded that our friendship ended not because you dislike me, but because others who wield power over you hate me. One such person among several is Gypsy (a.k.a. "Arthur," "Pappy," and goddess knows how many other names).

I never thought I'd see Gypsy again, after he and his two sidekicks drove me out of The Badlands, back in 1989. Then, I had just become boyfriends with the new bartender, Bill. But when Gypsy showed up, it was all over for me: Bill kicked me out, and stopped dating me or associating with me in any other way. I tried to talk to Bill over the phone, on the street, wherever our paths crossed...but he never spoke to me again. Meanwhile, thanks to Gypsy's "deals", within a few short weeks all the Badlands bartenders had runny noses...and it wasn't the flu, I can tell you that. About a year later, Bill's picture was in the B.A.R. obituary, dead from a drug overdose.

Now I'm not blaming Gypsy for everything, as it was Bill's choice to "partake"...and he was bitter over his AIDS diagnosis. However, Gypsy did play a significant role in Bill's needlessly-too-soon death. Years have passed since then, and I never dreamed I'd see Gypsy's ugly face once more. Then, about three years ago, I was heartbroken over Johnny (as you know), so in order to heal, decided to find a bar that played real rock, not disco crap. I heard that Hole in the Wall was a good place to go for that. Imagine my surprise (and disgust) to see Gypsy there! I decided well, I'll just ignore him, I only came here to relax...but sure is strange!

Click here to read a poem I wrote back then, to "honor" Gypsy.

Then we met and became friends. You were so good to me, you lifted my spirits completely. Yet, once more, Gypsy stood in the way--and destroyed--a really good friendship AGAIN. Is this bizarre, or what? Before I continue, I want now to emphasize: Take care of yourself...Gypsy and his associates think nothing of damaging (or even killing) a person's life that they perceive is "in the way". He's done it once already, to someone I cared about...he may try again, though my every breath is a prayer that his horrid schemes will backfire. Jealousy can make terrible people do terrible things!

I think these evil people told you to stop associating with me...and probably conjured up a wicked passel of gossip to make you hate me (all lies), even to inspire you to be violent. I trust you are savvy enough to see through their dark intent, and would never dream of doing me any harm. I hope you appreciate my courage in standing strong for the sake of our friendship...and demonstrating my affections for you in ways that are not too obvious for these idiots to notice.

During my last few months at The Eagle, Gypsy befriended me...and I wanted to believe he was sincere. Turns out that he was not...for even more recently, he threatened me big time. Since bartender Ron did not kick him out, I had no choice but to leave...as I still stand alone in this battle, and care not to put my life in needless danger by foolish shows of bravado. Each time I was driven out of The Hole, I established myself at the Eagle Tavern, since that seemed to be your second favorite SOMA hangout. I had hoped you'd talk to me there, away from the intrigue at The Hole. Imagine my frustration to see Gypsy at The Eagle, too! Sadly, you stopped going there obviously because of my presence.

You should know that only bartender Ron welcomed me...thus we became friends (or so I thought), and I confided my loss of our friendship, in an attempt to rebuild this damaged bridge. Unfortunately, Ron turned out to be my enemy, too...though he did a good job of pretending to be a friend, even to help mend our friendship. You should know that it's me who was behind welcoming you back to South of Market...inspiring Ron to keep the door open for you. Now, I see he's taken all the credit, and has probably never said one kind word about me, to you. Indeed, I suspect now, that he actually spoke poorly of me, to say the least.

I spoke well of you to everyone who'd listen, including those jealous souls who hated (or acted like they hated) you...in my attempts to pave the way for your return. Obviously, it all backfired, with you possibly believing the horrid gossip spread against me.

Click here to read my final words with Ron.

Click here to read my correspondence w/Ron immediately preceding those final words.

Click here to read my list of grievances against Hole in the Wall GOON Saloon...wherein I identify the major culprits, as well as incidents. This includes Gary C., who acted like he hated you when we were friends. Seems the only reason he's recently buddied up with you, is to get back at me. So please be careful...he and others may be playing you for a fool; watch out when they grow tired of you.


You either really hate me (which I doubt), or pretend to hate me (which I believe). By feigning disgust toward me, you can more easily root out my real enemies and, hopefully, put the kibosh on their malicious ways. Were we friends in public, they wouldn't reveal to you what their true feelings and intentions are...and would most likely make your life a living hell. I think you might even possibly be in a most difficult situation, and feel forced to continue to despise me...or at best, ignore me. Since our separation, you never once told me to leave, or that you don't like me...during those times I showed up at your place(s) of work or recreation. Thus indicating that things are not so simple, and that it might even grieve you if I give up on you, believing that you really have turned against me.

I have a strong intuition that I should never give up on you...only just be wary not to force things. If I am correct, then it seems you took a lot of nasty hits by protecting me from violence while we both were still at The Hole, during the time you ceased associating with me. You wilfully paid a high price, by risking your valuable contacts, putting you in danger of homelessness and worse. So I am doing my best to return the favor, by standing by you in every way possible that will not bring further risk towards your survival. I do not hate you in the least...in fact, I value our friendship infinitely, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life (whether or not we ever resume our excellent camaraderie).

Remember when I said this about you, at The Hole: "I'll do whatever it takes to win Larkin's friendship. I'll go through hell and back again, if need be." Little did I dream back then, my declaration was simply the prelude to a great (and often terrible) adventure, and a testing of my beliefs. But in being so tested, you witnessed what a good friend I can be, and that not once have I allowed the nobility of our friendship to be tarnished by anyone...not even by you. For you do like to test me, don't you? May I call you asshole again? (Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.)

One way I'll know our friendship is back on track, is if you answer my questions, and do so truthfully and gladly. Such as:

  • Why did you stop associating with me after the mugging?
  • Why did you and Jeff make out in front of me for so long? (It hurt me only because I felt shame for your childish display.)
  • Why did you protect me various times, from possible danger (even though you otherwise refused to talk to me?)
  • Has bartender Ron ever spoken well of me to you, at all?
  • Why do you seem to be owned by a group of wicked people?
  • Why can't you contact me in secret? (And why don't you now?)
But please realize you'll need to make things up to me big time before I could ever regain my trust in you. And if truly sincere in this matter, you would most eagerly and happily work overtime to make amends. Like a good boy scout, I am courageous, loyal, devoted, and honest (though not homophobic...heh). And by now I have proven this to you, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Larkin, I am a good friend to you, and have been all along. I don't believe fate would put me through all these trials, if we weren't destined to have a wonderful friendship in each other.

I hope you realize what a painful and frustrating adventure this has been for me. For example: trying to communicate to you, all the terrible scenarious I've gone through for the sake of our frienship...including getting this document to you. My printer no longer works, so I couldn't even print it out and slip the paper into one of my enclosed Mad Magazines. I can only trust you will get on the Internet, to view my important letter, which web address I scratched on one of the enclosed magazines...and that it gets into the right hands: yours! I figured the odds are more in my favor, if I leave my gift packet to you (concealed beneath a newspaper I'll leave behind), at this tacqueria where you work.

So my frustration and grief remain...though hopefully after almost two years, will finally morph into a joyful and fulfilling adventure with you freed from your prison w/o walls...and your stunning, new career will ensue: as a highly-paid professional party mixer for gay events and bars. You are a very talented and witty man, as well as heart-throbbingly handsome! (And you do a great job of making absolutely anyone feel welcome and included in a gathering...even "wallflowers".)

I also pray for your well being in every way...including victory over your addiction to alcohol and tobacco. I want you healhy, as well as wise and wealthy...for a long, long time! In a nutshell:

I dread the very idea of you disappearing from my life for good. Please don't!

PS: Thanks for visiting my web site last year, to read "Larkin: A Hidden Treasure"! How do I know it was you? Well, I have a search engine on my web site, which reports back to me each week a list of searches made. It doesn't of course know who did each search, but the phrase you searched for was a dead give away...since it was the same phrase ("Hidden Treasure") I wrote in one of those three letters I sent you c/o The Hole. (And since it was so shortly after you read that letter.) The phrase was thus:

Tue May 16...10:27:48 2006...Skits on topic hidden treasres

Now, it was not a skit, and you misspelled "treasure", but the phrase "hidden treasres" was sufficient to track down that particular article. I hope you appreciated my compliments there...and that your cynicism did not lead you to believe that I'm not genuine in my praise for you. For I most certainly am!

In love and friendship,

The Zekester

The 2nd Book Has Arrived!
10.27.07 (4:00 pm)   [edit]

I'm very excited about the arrival of Shangri-La.

As for book #1, DISM...I'm up to chapter 10. It is SO well-written, that I feel GUILTY how much I'm enjoying the account of your mother's most FASCINATING life, even during her last stages. You wield a magic pen, dear!

I really felt for you when I read of those two cherished typewriters that got totally damaged due to careless packaging. The whole JOURNEY of caring for your mom was such a terrible, hellish time, I'm surprised it didn't make you jump off the Golden Gate!

Such terrors need not happen, if only our society were truly compassionate, and lived up to the ideals espoused in our Constitution and other Amerikan manifestos. Alas, that is not the case...is far FROM the case. No universal health care, no neighbors loving neighbors, and so on.

Thus, in such a family (or friendship) crisis, we are usually left to fend on our own...often with our lives in tatters at the other end. Money is the ruler by which all is measured, in Molech-Amerika. As it says on our currency: "In God we trust". On our CURRENCY...for money IS our God.

You did your mother a great honor by such a well-written, fair-minded, honest and LOVING biography. Obviously, you also honored the friends and victims of Alzheimer's immensely. And I can only imagine how PAINFUL to put together your narrative. albeit CATHARTIC and even necessary on many levels.

Being a TRUE hero is NEVER an easy path...indeed, it is a Via Dolorosa of the soul. Part of the agony being that MANY scorn, ridicule, torment, and threaten us even MORE so when our courageous story is told. I know THAT too well...I'm going through that right now, and have for over 20 years, especially since our society took a hard swing to the political RIGHT (which is WRONG in so many ways).

I will be stepping out shortly for my daily coffee, to read the next three chapters. Holding your book in my hands, I feel like the Holy Grail has been placed in my trust. And in one very important way, it has...albeit metaphorical.

As for your dialog w/Vasumurti: Bravo! And again: Bravo! You did an excellent job of deconstructing this sophist's clever diatribe and rationale. I hope other women have saved your comments, as powerful arsenal by which to confront other misogynistic bigots. Vasumurti is your classic NeoCon, garnering recognition and wealth on the backs of the long-suffering and innocent folks of the world. He is SCARY because so filled with venom, hidden behind a crocodile smile (I know, mixed metaphor: bad, bad, bad).

I noticed you gave him the backhanded compliment of saying he's earned a mention in your next book (or article, I forgot which). Likewise, for my including "rrock" for his homophobic spam against me in newsgroup alt.religion.angels.

They say "no rest for the wicked"...but if that be true, then I retort: "and even less for the good!"

-Your friend in "e-"sprit de corps, Zeke.

P.S.: Dean's jacket is NOT store-bought...at least, it didn't come with that charming faux-velour purple/black tiger stripe false shirt cuffs and collar, and that lovely embroidery, and patches. He has a SEAMSTRESS! We spent an excellent evening at my humble domicile, and I was most charmed and pleased to discover what an intelligent and joyful spirit he is...as well as drop-dead (and get-born-again) gorgeous. He's a lovely blend of Italian and German, bisexual with an attraction mostly for women...but once in a while, when the right dude comes along...okay, gotta wipe this drool off the keyboard before I continue. [brief pause: wipe wipe wipe toss] In fact, he said in kind humor: "Hey, if I smoke some pot and drink a little beer, you could probably do whatever you want with me." So I said "That's the beer talking"...he retorted "No it isn't"...I observed "You sure are FUN and HONEST"...he grinned: "C'mere!" and grabbed me in his arms...I said "That's STILL the beer"...he laughed "I don't think so"...I kissed him on the temple "I think so"...he turned his head and pressed his lips firmly to mine: "Shut up!" And so it went.

BTW, the white embroidery on the bottom of his jacket's back is a heart on wings. :)

Homophobes In Cyberspace (part 2)
10.26.07 (1:38 am)   [edit]

Newsgroups: alt.religion.angels
Subject: Re: Newsgroups
From: Chief Thracian (Zeke Krahlin)
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 07:39:21 GMT

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 15:48:03 -0700, Chiron wrote:

| The expectation was that the Internet community would self-
| police, shunning those who were extreme so that they had little if any
| audience.  It actually worked, for a while.

Well, it hasn't succeeded, has it? A HUGE number of groups have been
targeted for hateful spam, most ESPECIALLY the gay-relevant ones...but
not exclusively. Thus virtually destroying the ENTIRE newsgroup's
original (and friendly) purpose: to discuss the topic at hand, in an
enjoyable and respectful manner. This has caused a large number of decent
and interesting netizens to DROP OUT entirely, from ANY newsgroup

| Even so, there is very little chance of getting someone banned by
| their ISP or any newsgroup for anything short of actual criminal
| activity,

Threatening people w/violence, and impersonating them in ways to defame
their character ARE criminal actions. Usenet is a public arena, not
private...and thus is under the same laws that ALL public venues are,
matters not whether online or offline.

There are PLENTY of cases where people lost their access to the
Internet, just for that sort of criminal activity.

| and then it's still quite difficult.

Wrong. Not any more. The problem is that ISP and Usenet services are
already over-stretched with running these services, thus do not have the
TIME to track down the worst offenders. Just like the police, who are
overburdened with budget deficits: a lot of serious crimes are
overlooked, or take a lot more time to resolve.

| A competent cracker
| can easily spoof his identity, use remote machines to send his
| messages, and hide his identity.

You said "competent"...those are quite few and far between. And doesn't
describe ANY of the dickwads here, who are INCOMPETENT buffoons in MANY
ways, not just as netizens.

| There are services that permit such
| activities for those of us who aren't so competent at stealth.  You
| can use anonymizer services, for example. 

Bad example. For one: do you really BELIEVE you are THAT anonymous? Ha,
you're a fool, then!

| Yes, you can eventually track these people down and get them shut down
| or banned, if there is an incentive to do that.  However, without the
| use of subpoenas and other legal means, it's nearly impossible.

Wrong. A news server can EASILY shut someone down for
racist/homophobic/violent   remarks. They only lack the resources, these days. 
But times are changing, and with it, more sophisticated tools and methods 
are now in use, to more EASILY track down serious offenders, and more 

And if a news server is lax in this matter, the ISP through whom the
netizen is posting, can override the news server and shut down their

| Not worth it, to try to settle the squabbling of a bunch
| of immature children (of whatever age) arguing over who's a big
| booger.

This is NOT what is going on. To compare outright homophobia and threats
of violence with such trivial examples is manipulative, and deceptive.
(One manifestation of homophobia is to regard anti-gay attacks AS trivial, 
even though these same bigots would NOT regard anti-black attacks--for 
example--in a similar, irreverent light.) These are serious offenses which 
are NO LESS serious, just because they occur in cyberspace. It is STILL 
a public arena. 

| Just get over it.  People will be mean, bigoted, angry, foolish,

Go back in a time machine, and tell that to blacks at the Watts Riot.
Tell that to Native Amerikans at Little Big Horn. Tell that to gays at
the Stonewall Riots.

| Writing these scary petitions or complaint letters only makes you look
| even dumber than you've managed to look before - and that was pretty
| dumb, in my opinion.

Well, by misleading these jerkwads via your INTENTIONAL disinformation,
I'd say you're really on MY side. Because you lower their guard by
making them think they can continue to get away with their excessive
bigotry. Thus making it so much EASIER to track them down, and press

What is so great about Usenet, is that NO message is ever truly erased.
Therefore, even if one can't press charges on the offenders right away,
there will come a time when the WORST offenders can be tracked down
RETROACTIVELY (no matter how far in the past), and brought before a
court. (Can you say: "Nuremburg Trials"?)

| And trying to counter this by gay-bashing is idiotic. 

I doubt you'd make such a bald claim, were BLACKS being vilified in the
same way.

And that is why none of my attackers have the GUTS to express their
RACISM, as excessively as they do their HOMOPHOBIA. They know that
they'll either have run-ins with the law, or, more likely, run-ins with
a black brother or two!

|  But why become an idiot just to try to annoy him?  

They didn't BECOME idiots by attacking me...they've BEEN idiots since
the day they popped out of a skanky vagina in some dumpster in a back

| Especially since I really don't believe you're so anti-gay as you 
| keep claiming.  

What they REALLY believe is irrelevant. What they DO and SAY is the
important thing, here. Try telling a judge: "I'm not REALLY anti-gay, I
just say those things to have fun." See where THAT will get you. (EXTRA
time in prison, no doubt.)

| Some day before I die, I want to talk about angels. 

Well, in so doing you will be barraged by psychobabble dipwads who don't
WANT you to talk about angels. Even if you're NOT gay. Just give it a

Nonetheless, a big THANKS for putting these creeps off their guard, by
your erroneous explanations. I will shortly come up with a TRUTHFUL and
ACCURATE document on the legal ins and outs of Usenet participation.
Suffice it to say that MOST Usenet terms of service DO put the kibosh on
defamatory statements, and threats. Here's but two of MANY examples:


From usenet-access.com:

You agree to not use the Service to: upload, post, email or otherwise
transmit any Content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive,
harassing, tortuous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of
another's privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise
objectionable; harm minors in any way; impersonate any person or entity,
including, but not limited to, a Usenet-Access.com official, forum
leader, guide or host, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your
affiliation with a person or entity; forge headers or otherwise
manipulate identifiers in order to disguise the origin of any Content
transmitted through the Service...disrupt the normal flow of
dialog...intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable
local, state, national or international law..."stalk" or otherwise
harass another


From Giganews' Acceptable Use Policy:

# Off-Topic Posting

Nearly every newsgroup has a stated topic or acceptable range of topics
for posting or discussion. Blatant disregard of the intended subject
matter in a newsgroup will be treated as abusive posting. Posting off
topic material in large volume or with apparent malicious intent will
lead to immediate account termination.

# Trolling

Trolling is the practice of maliciously trying to incite others that use
a newsgroup, to deviate from the stated topic of the group. In other
words, trolling is an attempt to anger others to the point of drawing
them into an argument or an off topic debate. Giganews does not tolerate
trolling and will terminate service of those who abuse the service in
this manner.

# Altered Headers

Falsifying header lines to obscure the originating server, to attribute
a post to someone else, to falsely indicate moderator approval, or to
make an original post look like a followup are serious abuses of our
service and will result in immediate account termination.

Homophobes In Cyberspace (part 1)
10.24.07 (4:06 am)   [edit]

Bringing to your attention, my complaint against a subscriber to your
ISP service ( Road Runner High Speed Online http://www.rr.com): 

Use of a FALSE ADDRESS is but the least of his numerous TOS violations:

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=AA=BA=AA_  rrock?= "invalid@address.here"

He harasses and insults decent posters, in order to sabotage the
newsgroup (including me, a new participant)...in this case alt.religion
angels. He changes the followup newsgroup header from the correct one,
to "alt.usenet.kooks" in order to divert any response to him, to that

Here's a Google Usenet link to his more recent crude rants and


Or use your own preferred method, and go to alt.religion.angels, to
examine these threads:

Re: Hard to discuss
Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers
Re: Samhain Greetings 2007
Re: rrock shuns homosexuals

These are just in threads that I started, which he infiltrated and
sabotaged. I'm sure you can find countless other examples of his TOS
violations all over the place...long before I started participating in
that newsgroup.


--begin quotes:

[from thread "Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers":]

I'm a heterosexual. Did you know i'm a heterosexual? Do you give a rat's
ass? I'm so sorry i said that. I meant, do you give a heterosexual rat's
ass? That's better. I like to go fishing. I use asexual worms for bait.
If i start digging around and find homosexual worms then that's okay
with me so i shove a hook up their ass and out their mouths and toss
them in the river just like i would if i'd dug up an asexual worm. You
see, there aren't any heterosexual worms since they are all the same
gender. But i just wanted to let you know that personally, i treat
homosexual worms just the same as i do asexual worms. And the bigger the
worm, the better the bait. Hell, if i find me a big enough worm, even if
it's homosexual, i squeeze it in half and hook half of it up and let the
other half writhe in pain waiting for the other half to drown if it
doesn't get eaten. Anyhow, i just wanted to let you know that homosexual
worms are okay with me and i'll stop posting about them now and if any
reply to this here post, i'll just ignore it because i know that i treat
them fair.

[from another letter in that same thread:]

Great questions, and excellent insights on the matter from you. I really
do appreciate your perspective on the topic. About queer worms...
basically, they are all queer because they are either fucking each other
or fucking themselves and nobody really cares. The fish don't care at
all, and the fish will taste just as much like pussy if you catch them
using a queer worm or just a regular old worm that fucks itself. Usually
they don't fuck themselves unless they can't find any other worms to
talk to. Then they pretty much fuck themselves big time by going off to
other places and trying to get other kinds of God's good creatures to
fuck themselves as well. That usually doesn't work for them, though,
which is why they are basically just fucked up. But anyhow, the fish
don't care and still taste like good pussy.

When you're cleaning the fish, what's left of the queer worm is just
something bloody you can scrape out with your knife and looks sort of
like a hemorrhoid. But, no, there are no straight worms. There used to
be, but God was smart enough to make straight creatures that wouldn't
fuck themselves, and any of them that did all died off from diseases and
abnormal cross breeding. Now be sure to correct me if i'm wrong here,
but wouldn't a gay-queer be a queer that fucked itself because i'm
pretty sure that a normal queer fucks other queers so a gay-queer would
probably have to fuck itself ass backwards, right? Let me know how that
works, okay? Thanks, oh and by the way, thanks again.

P.S. I'm pretty sure you can get fudge-packed worms at a gourmet
restaurant if you tip the waiter too much and he falls into some mud
with a pan of brownies.

[from thread "Re: rrock shuns homosexuals":]

Maybe i'll get some of the people around the neighborhood to start
watching for them so we can run them off if they try to walk through our
area. Kind of a neighborhood watch kind of thing. Baseball bats and a
little barbed wire should do the trick.... word'll get around. Hell, had
i known they were dangerously demented before, i'd of gotten a group
together a long time ago. Good thing they don't have any rights or that
sort of thing'd be against the law, ya know? Got to protect the children
that play around here from that sort of thing.

--end quotes

That's a hate crime in the form of targeted hate speech against gays.
Your customer is rude to a lot of people...and it will take only a
little searching that newsgroup (and others) to see for yourself.

so frequently. The first part of this header will affirm my accusation:

Path: be05.phx!hwmnpeer02.phx!hw-filter.phx!hwmnpeer01.phx!hwmnpeer01.
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 02:53:23 -0500
From: =?UTF-8?B?wqrCusKqIHJyb2N  r?= 
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.2)
            Gecko/20040804 Netscape/7.2 (ax)
X-Accept-Language: en-us, en
MIME-Version: 1.0
Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Followup-To: alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers

That numbers but one among many such instances where he surreptitiously
redirects any response to "alt.usenet.kooks".

His vulgar disruptions have caused many good posters to vacate this
newsgroup, and God knows how many others. I am working very hard to turn
things around, to make this group friendly and helpful, as it used to
be. PLEASE put a stop to your customer's antics. I'm sure he is bad for
your business, by giving you a black eye. After all, you are supporting
his alarming behavior--which is in strict violation of your TOS rules.
And if you don't get him to cease and desist, it will eventually have
negative repercussions not just for Usenet services, but for your own

If you do not take action shortly, I will proceed with filing a report
to my police department and other relevant agencies...if that's what it
takes to stop his hate speech in Usenet groups.

Thank you for your attention.

Zeke Krahlin


Complaint about ANOTHER abuser "art@yahoo.com"

(Again, anyone else fed up with this pinhead, please feel free to use my
letter as a blueprint to create yours.)

-------------------------  -------------------------  -------------------------  --------------
Date:	 Wed, 24 Oct 2007 01:11:25 -0700 (PDT)
From:	"Chief Thracian"
Subject: Complaint about ANOTHER abusive subscriber
To:	abuse@rr.com

Bringing to your attention, my complaint against ANOTHER subscriber to
your ISP service ( Road Runner High Speed Online http://www.rr.com), who
has ganged up with the FIRST subscriber, who I complained about in my
previous message: 

 Art "art@yahoo.com"

He harasses and insults decent posters, in order to sabotage the
newsgroup (including me, a new participant)...in this case alt.religion

Here's a Google Usenet link to his more recent crude rants and


Or use your own preferred method, and go to alt.religion.angels, to
examine these threads:

Re: Hard to discuss
Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers
Re: Samhain Greetings 2007
Re: rrock shuns homosexuals

These are just in threads that I started, which he infiltrated and
sabotaged. I'm sure you can find countless other examples of his TOS
violations all over the place...long before I started participating in
that newsgroup.

EXAMPLE OF HIS OFFENSIVE REMARKS (from thread "Re: 7 Forbidden

--begin quotes:

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
From: "Art" 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:53:10 -0700

Look bad gay apple, You can call me pussy licker all you want.  What's
wrong being honest?  You are gay and you pack fudge or get your fudge


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers
From: "Art" 
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 21:48:09 -0700

Look "chief up the ass" you've done nothing here except prove to me you
are gay.  Be gay and be proud of it, but don't push your agenda on
people whom don't care... I for one don't give a rats-ass..


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: 7 Forbidden Numbers
From: "Art" 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:30:02 -0700

Hey Rrock
I've never used queer worms before. Do you stick the hook up their queer
ass?  I'm more of a pussy licker does that make me a heterosexual?
These big ass words are giving me a ass ache~! What happen to words like
"straight and queer?"  I'm reading a lot of shit (pun) from butt fuckers
AKA gays-queers, but nothing on how GREAT it is to be normal, you know
like us.

I'm going to find me some of those fudge-packer worms and take me a
fishing trip and catch me some queer fish.

A pussy loving man

oh and btw thanks for the tip(pun) on queer worms.....


Newsgroups: alt.religion.angels
Subject: Re: Hard to discuss
From: "Art" 
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 17:38:22 -0700

why do we use the word "homosexuals" when cocksuckers is more
understandable.  I have nothing against cocksuckers or the word
homo-sex-ual-s, but it sounds like milk... That sound like a bad taste
in your mouth.


Newsgroups: alt.religion.angels
Subject: Re: Hard to discuss
From: "Art" 
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 17:34:43 -0700

Yep~! I'm with you buddy~! lets flush out all these pussy loving
straight mother loving sexual confused bastards~!

Shew you bastards~! only gay people are allow here in this fucking
group~! Shew.

Chief, listen to this; you NEED us~! Someone has to populate the earth
and your way can't do it...

Keep your dick to yourself and talk about religion or angels or albans,
but stop talking about being a queer hater..


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: Samhain Greetings 2007
From: "Art" 
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 21:44:49 -0700

Your agenda is very clear; you wish to push gayism and not the subject
of angels.  Most of us don't like it up the ass and why are you pushing
it up our ass?   So, kiss my "straight ass" and go push your " up the
ass" subject up other up the ass peoples assess????

--end quotes

That's a hate crime in the form of targeted hate speech against gays.
Your customer is rude to a lot of people...and it will take only a
little searching that newsgroup (and others) to see for yourself.

Here is a header from one of his messages, that you may easily affirm my

Path: textbe01-ams!hwmnpeer02.ams!hw-filter.ams!hwmnpeer01.ams!news.
From: "Art" 
Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
References: <471d9527$0$20589$4c368faf@roadrunner.com>
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:53:10 -0700
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2900.3138
X-RFC2646: Format=Flowed; Original
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.3198
Lines: 25
Message-ID: <471e7b33$0$28818$4c368faf@roadrunner.com>
Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online http://www.rr.com
X-Complaints-To: abuse@rr.com
Xref: Hurricane-Charley alt.consciousness.mysticism:18582
      alt.religion.angels:46315 alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran:23345 alt.religion.gnostic:15570
X-Received-Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:52:36 MST (textbe01-ams)

Thank you for your attention.

Zeke Krahlin


Complaint about abusive poster "Saint Gerl"

(Anyone else fed up with Saint Gerl, please feel free to use my letter
as a blueprint to create yours.)

-------------------------  -------------------------  -------------------------  --------------
Date:	 Wed, 24 Oct 2007
From:	"Chief Thracian"
Subject: Complaint about an abusive subscriber
To:	groups-abuse@google.com, comments@rcip.com

Bringing to your attention, my complaint against a subscriber to your
service, who has ganged up with two other clowns, to harass and
intimidate me: 

Saint Gerl "nerdgerl@rcip.com"


--begin quotes:

Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
From: Saint Gerl 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 05:15:27 -0700

Jeez, I guess the only time Zeke will shut the fuck up is when he gets a
fat dick shoved down his throat! Pitty that didn't work for his ass
since the fucker's still talking out of it!

Hey Zeke? - go away. And think for one minute why you continue to get
the SAME response from damn near EVERYBODY! Nobody really gives a shit
about you, your raw ass, or your "right" to gargle mayonnaise. Get a
gotdamn job, pay your taxes and keep that shitty yard mowed. THEN you
might be treated like the rest of us. You get no special privileges for
being the little bitch that we all know you are.


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
From: Saint Gerl 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:22:09 -0700

Zeke - meet the biggest ass on the ARA newsgroup. Why he's a fellow you
could fuck for days. He'll squeal about it - loudly, obnoxiously, but
then again, he's a pig - and that's what pigs do. To get the biggest
squeals however, you'll need to shove it in deep and hard. He likes it
that way. And it's painfully obvious that you like the same. Sounds like
you two homos were made for each other! Hotdamn! Do I smell love in the
air? Or is that just S'aints shit?


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
From: Saint Gerl 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:09:27 -0700

No need to lie. Statistics point out that most faggots enjoy SNM
behavior and are likely to purposely confuse the natural sexual
orientation of normal individuals  that shit doesn't work on me

Here we go again. Typical homo behavior where the inadequate tries to
project his fears onto others. Unlike you, I have no problem with my
peers and thus have no reason to incessantly post to USENET looking for

Try the real world - You'll find that you're in the minority, and rather

Sorry little faggot. Your homo tricks don't work on me or anyone else
with a brain. You will not succeed in attempting to project your illness
onto my normalcy. But then again, that's what's got you all riled up and
on this ridiculous USENET rampage doesn't it?


Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
From: Saint Gerl 
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:07:09 -0700

Here's where your mental illness really starts to shine. I will always
be here because I am NORMAL, meaning that I REPRODUCE and I reproduce
MORE OF ME over and over and over. I will therefore be here until the
end of man-made time.

Your dumb ass terminated your futurity as soon as you put a dick in your

--end quotes

That's a hate crime in the form of targeted hate speech against gays.
Your customer is rude to a lot of people...and it will take only a
little searching that newsgroup (and others) to see for yourself.

Here is a header from one of her messages, that you may easily affirm my

Path: be34.ams!hwmnpeer02.ams!hw-filter.ams!hwmnpeer01.ams!hwmnpeer01.
From: Saint Gerl 
Newsgroups: alt.consciousness.mysticism,alt.religion.angels,
Subject: Re: rrock shuns homosexuals
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:52:32 -0700
Organization: http://groups.google.com
Lines: 16
Message-ID: <1193169152.470966.9690@k35g2000prh.googlegroups.com>
References: <471d9527$0$20589$4c368faf@roadrunner.com>
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
X-Trace: posting.google.com 1193169153 25401 (23 Oct 2007
         19:52:33 GMT)
X-Complaints-To: groups-abuse@google.com
NNTP-Posting-Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 19:52:33 +0000 (UTC)
In-Reply-To: <471e4a8f.8379094@amsterdam.newsgroups-download.com>
User-Agent: G2/1.0
X-HTTP-UserAgent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98;
                  .NET CLR 2.0.50727),gzip(gfe),gzip(gfe  )
Complaints-To: groups-abuse@google.com
Injection-Info: k35g2000prh.googlegroups.com; posting-host=;
   posting-account=ps2QrAMAA  AA6_jCuRt2JEIpn5Otqf_w0
Xref: Hurricane-Charley alt.consciousness.mysticism:18543
      alt.religion.angels:46274 alt.religion.gay-les-bi-tran:23315
X-Received-Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 12:52:34 MST (be34.ams)

PLEASE put a stop to your customer's antics. I'm sure she is bad for
your business, by giving you a black eye. After all, you are supporting
her alarming behavior--which is in strict violation of your TOS rules.
And if you don't get her to cease and desist, it will eventually have
negative repercussions not just for Usenet services, but for your own

If you do not take action shortly, I will proceed with filing a report
to my police department and other relevant agencies...if that's what it
takes to stop her hate speech in Usenet groups.

Thank you for your attention.

Zeke Krahlin


The first person I complained to you about ALSO impersonates other
posters, and denigrates them in so doing...causing others to shun the
person so sabotaged. I forgot to include this additional complaint in my
first letter. This is your customer:

=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=AA=BA=AA_  rrock?= "invalid@address.here"

And here is but one example, where he impersonates yours truly (Chief
Thracian), with complete header:

Path: be37.phx!hwmnpeer02.phx!hw-filter.phx!hwmnpeer01.phx!hwmnpeer01.
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 18:48:22 -0500
From: Chief Thracian 
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.7.2) 
            Gecko/20040804 Netscape/7.2 (ax)
X-Accept-Language: en-us, en
MIME-Version: 1.0
Newsgroups: alt.religion.angels
Subject: Gay Catholic Michael J. Bayley is a abuses children in the
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding  : 7bit
Lines: 12
Message-ID: <471e88b8$0$25687$4c368faf@roadrunner.com>
Organization: Road Runner High Speed Online http://www.rr.com
X-Complaints-To: abuse@rr.com
Xref: Hurricane-Charley alt.religion.angels:46345
X-Received-Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 16:50:28 MST (be37.phx)

Totally ignoring those pedophiles in ALL churches who abuse little
girls. Child abuse in the churches is not limited to homosexuals like
Gay Catholic Michael J. Bayley...but due to HOMOPHOBIA, the hetero
children are ignored, even though they are the MAJORITY of abused.

Zeke Krahlin http://www.gay-bible.org

Hey LOOK! I know how to make a signature now! Thanks rrock!


Then he posted right BELOW his forged message, the following harassing

Chief Thracian wrote:

| Totally ignoring those pedophiles in ALL churches who abuse little
| girls. Child abuse in the churches is not limited to homosexuals like
| Gay Catholic Michael J. Bayley...but due to HOMOPHOBIA, the hetero
| children are ignored, even though they are the MAJORITY of abused.
| -- 
| Zeke Krahlin http://www.gay-bible.org
| Hey LOOK! I know how to make a signature now! Thanks rrock!

Oh, well, it's about time you thanked me for that. no sweat. I'm sort of
surprised you'd post the above though. Is that the sort of thing that
you post on gay blogs?

===end of msg.

Thanks once more for your attention. I trust you will very shortly put
an end to his antics, which not only violate your TOS rules, but are
hate crimes, harassment, and disruption of normal service.

Zeke Krahlin



One of my attackers (Saint Gerl) posts through Google's web-based, free Usenet server (instead of a standard text-based news server). So I posted my complaint to Google, as well as her ISP. What follows is Google's lame reply...a rote reply, I suspect, reserved for gay posters who complain. For I KNOW that Google's service does get on top of serious racist attacks, and other hate speech against non-queer minorities. And how do I know this? Read on: I have been cut off of Internet services four times, two from ISP's, and two from news servers. (All DIFFERENT services, all DIFFERENT complainers, all at DIFFERENT times.) Homophobic netizens made FALSE COMPLAINTS about my being homosexual (such as stalking children, threatening violence, etc.)...and that's all it took for these services to wipe me out. They actually cut me off WITHOUT WARNING! Never mind that they didn't BOTHER to look into the matter first; 'cause if they did, they'd discover all these arguments against me were simply FABRICATED. Unfortunately, homophobia is so UBIQUITOUS, it often suffices to just say "Hey, there's a queer in your service, who is TALKING about his queerness"; and you will be bumped out. And this is why these fag-bashers get away with so much: they KNOW the majority is STILL on their side. But in SPITE of Google's spineless response, the walls of homophobia ARE crumbling...thus the odds increase in favor of sexual minorities, a little more each day. Now, read Google's NON-supportive comment: Thank you for your note. Google does not regularly monitor or censor postings sent to Google Groups, but we do try to prevent wide-scale spam and other forms of Usenet abuse. Please be assured that the information you sent to us is being collected and taken into account. While we understand how annoying off-topic posts can be, we aren't able to pursue most complaints we receive about them. We are using the information you provide to make large-scale improvements in preventing abuse. We appreciate your help in our efforts to increase the quality of Google Groups. Replies to this email address will not be received. If you have a general Google Groups question or wish to report a post that you suspect is illegal, please visit our Help Center. Regards, The Google Team
Note their phrase "and other forms of Usenet abuse"...no doubt meaning racism, misogyny, antisemitism, among other non-LGBT attacks. And I KNOW I am being neither paranoid nor overly sensitive. Experience has taught me that much, at least. I can only hope the ISPs I complained to, are considerably MORE pro-active. I hate quaffing bitter draught 24/7, simply for being an outspoken homosexual. And such SLOW progress. Ptooey! Time for a cuppa java; I've been on the 'net way too long today, for my own good. Good day. -- Zeke Krahlin The Paul Harvey of Cynical Armchair Queer Online Activists
The Book Has Arrived!
10.20.07 (3:21 am)   [edit]

Hi, Eleanor. Great news: your first of two books that I ordered from Amazon, just arrived this afternoon. I was delighted to see the bubbled-wrapped packet when I went downstairs to the lobby, and opened my mailbox. But I really wanted to get out of my room (that's right, I just have a room, an SRO...though it is an apt. bldg. not a hotel...among all the REAL apts. are 3 single rooms on each floor, which share a bathroom down the hallway. Really humiliating to be seen walking down the hall in my bathrobe...us SRO renters are treated like "bad" people from Dogpatch USA.).

So I stuffed the packet into my backpack and took off for the inner Mission, where I shop for most of my fresh produce...plus they got two "dollar" stores within a block of each other, where I buy my sunglasses, stocking caps, detergent, light bulbs, soap, utensils, containers, and one or two other things I don't remember offhand...oh, yeah, and bandanas which I wear as headgear ("do rags" is what the brothers call 'em, I think).

Planning to eat out after shopping, 'cause the Mission has a lot of great cheap-eat places. Wound up at a Chinese restaurant on Valencia & 17th, where they whip up a truly DELICIOUS rice plate of sweet-and-sour prawns for just $5.95. While waiting for dinner, I grew restless and wanted to read some of your book. But for the life of me, I simply could NOT tear open the bubble wrap; and I had no scissors. So I asked the waiter if he could do me that favor...he took it back into the kitchen and performed the kindly deed.

I didn't know WHICH of the two books this was: "Death in Slow Motion" or "Shangri-LA: The Return to the World of Lost Horizon"...though I did hope that the latter would come first, as I already deal with so MUCH tragedy in my line of work.

I slipped the hardbound w/slick cover from its bubble sleeve to discover the FORMER. Sadly, the lighting there was too dim to read comfortably, but I did read the very first paragraph. What a wallop, a sock in the jaw! I really like your intensely eloquent style...cynicism with a vengeance. Cynicism so raw, it feels like love.

I can't wait to curl up in some cozy coffeehouse tomorrow--snug from the first wonderful rains of the season--to savor the first few chapters.

But something is more pressing, still: reading your dialog with vasumurti (with you as morticia...what an Addams Family moniker) regarding the abortion issue. You were right when you said it's lengthy (though well worth it), due to his asshole's voluminous verbiage. Just the debate between you two is a book in itself! In fact, it took almost a half hour to load each comment page chronologically, and copy/paste it into a text file...that I may read it offline. I do not have broadband access, thus my 56kbps modem is NO friend of fast-loading pages.

So I will read MOST if not ALL of that exchange tonight...I know I'll be totally enthralled, just hope it doesn't give me nightmares!

Side note: On my way to the restaurant, I walked by a terribly handsome man who I've seen some time ago, and even had a few conversations. I know he's on the streets...but he always dresses well, looks clean, healthy and substance-abuse free. But I hesitated, kept walking, then stopped and turned around to look back, walked by him the other direction and into the coffeehouse next door, pretending to view posters and ads. Then stepped back out (it was drizzling and gray, I love that weather), walked by Hot Stuff again, looked at him/looked away (he seemed to just be staring meditatively into the gray sky), and proceeded on down to the restaurant of my choosing.

After opening your book and reading the first paragraph...after scarfing up those yummy prawns/bell pepper/onion and rice smothered in sour/sweet bright orange sauce...after exiting the restaurant...

I decided to seek him out for real this time, and offer to buy him a large coffee. But he wasn't there any more: the bench on which he sat by the coffeehouse's large window. Of course: it was now raining kinda heavy, and he went inside! So I took a sharp right through the door, looked around (even walked through the narrow hallway to the back partition that you can't see from the front, where extra customer tables reside)...and [sigh] guess what: Dream-Boy was NOT present. Oh well.

So I commence my hike home (about 7 blocks, no hills), burdened by a pack stuffed with groceries and disappointment. Two blocks down the road, enjoying the cool rain and the idea that your first book has arrived...I pause at a red light, waiting to cross Guerrero Street. I look to my left, across Mission, and what do my eyes behold?

You guessed it: Mr. Darling standing on the opposite corner, also waiting to cross! Well, I thinks to meself, I should amble on over to him right now. But right when I took that decisive first step to Male Utopia, the green light blinked into red. (Hey, what happened to yellow? Do the gods hate me?)

Okay, I'll cross as planned and walk PARALLEL to His Dudeness, and decide exactly WHEN I'll cross over to His Beautiful World. Well, the light turned green for us, we both crossed, then I stopped to watch his next move: nope, he did not deflect to my side; instead he kept on trucking straight ahead. So I decide the time is NOW to cross the street and approach This Object of my Salivating Glands.

I employed a classic gay-cruising strategy : attack from the rear. Catching up to him on his right, I passed a few feet ahead, then turned my face in his direction, said SUPER-nonchalantly:

"Looks like our rainy season has kicked in for sure!"

Well, his gracious big smile lit up my day...who needs sunlight when you got that? And what stunning, clear blue-gray irises! He's around 6-foot-2, just 2" shorter than my Larkin, though not skinny like dufus: he's moderately hunky, beautifully proportioned with shoulders that could fling a dozen of myselves over them as he rescued me from a conflagrating opera house (did I just invent two new words)!

"Yeah, sure looks like it," he replied, obviously glad for my presence. He took the bait, now reel 'im in!

"I've seen you before," I explained, "some months ago at Muddy Waters on Church Street"...which was in fact just three blocks away. "I enjoyed talking with you, and hoped to see you again."

"Thanks!" he egged me on.

"My name is Zeke. And yours?" I extended my hand.

"Dean. My name is Dean." He gave me a strong, hearty handshake in return.

"Say, I'd like to buy you a coffee, are you up to it?"

"Sure, I could use some coffee right about now."

So we walked back to Muddy Waters on Valencia Street where we both just were, though not tandem. He was excellent company, spoke intelligently with a good sense of humor. I like a guy who can carry a good conversation; they're rare in these hyper-steroid super-duper-macho-pooper times. He strikes me as a genuinely GOOD guy: also rare.

Dean thanked me several times for the coffee and my company, and was very polite when I introduced him to an old friend i hadn't seen in a year, who magically appeared there just moments after we arrived. This old friend, Bob, is quite homely...so I find a person to be of good character who greets him warmly and does not act rude, just because he ain't the cat's meow in the Looks Department.

Dean will have a job soon, so he's well on the way to stabilizing his life again, after being homeless for over three years. He originally hails from Illinois, but he's been a denizen of Frisco since 1994. He is nicely dressed in a clean, street-wise slacker/punk sort of way. Including a dark blue denim jacket with fake velour green&black tiger striped shirt cuffs sticking out. By "fake" I don't mean the velour, though that is most likely the case...I mean the cuffs themselves were not part of a shirt, they were sewn on the ends of the jacket cuffs. The jacket collar ALSO sported that same lining as the pseudo-cuffs. The jacket's back has a simple, all-white embroidered design towards the bottom...but for the life of me I can't remember what it was (a streetcar? victorian house? golden gate bridge? japanese tea gardens? our wedding cake?), guess I was terribly distracted by those starburst-saucer eyes and all-around drop-dead gorgeous face! He also wore a black beret over a--guess what--"do rag". (Or is it "dew" rag, 'cause of the sweat from your brow? Gotta ask my friend Joe 'bout that...though just 'cause he's black doesn't mean he know all about ghetto talk...though he IS street wise.)

Then towards the end of our visit, some hollering broke out at the back part of the coffeehouse. Turns out a homophobic cholo started threatening a gay customer, calling him faggot and cocksucker...scared the gay dude who then drew out a buck knife and gave him a warning cut on the chin, told him to back off. The screaming (all by the instigator) went on, some people left, then the cops came. They took his knife, handcuffed him, asked the pertinent questions, saw he was calm and collected, so released him from the cuffs and returned his knife. Meanwhile, the rat who started this all had by this time, scurried off. As a witness, I gladly gave a thorough description...and was heartened to see a gay person not react in fear, but instead gave the 'phobe a run for his money, if you get my drift.

Besides, one of those cops was SUCH A DOLL, I almost fainted. But I did worry about a certain bad habit of his: chewing gum, which I believe is not just unprofessional, but in violation of the rules when on duty. He was quite young, and I want him to succeed in his career...but how could he hope to become the BEST gay cop ever, chewing gum and blowing/popping bubbles while on the job? Perhaps I should have offered him a SAFER and more WHOLESOME way to relieve his oral cravings that WON'T impinge upon his professional record...but I was already creaming in my jeans over my new buddy Dean, and good gosh, whadda you think I am, a fire hose?

I almost invited Dean home, to cuddle up all night and otherwise have a wonderful time together. But a girl never kisses on the first date: what's her problem? (Glad I'm a guy.) He checks out with A-plus marks all around, so I DO feel comfortable inviting him over next time. Dean expressed a desire to see me again, like tomorrow! We'll meet same place, same time. Our first date! And I'll shower him with kisses the moment I get this Guardian Angel of My Heart (and loins) alone and in my arms!

Wait! Story's not over yet. So I FINALLY walk home, this time for real...when upon crossing Church on Market, I see Larkin hangin' out in front of The Metro bar, as he often does these days...it's his new stomping ground since being 86'd from ALL the gay bars South of Market. (Though I know that he's recently been welcome BACK, wined and dined, feted and sated, catered to in every possible way by those same jealous souls who kicked him out in the first place--then me a few months later...and who hate me even MORE, enough to befriend Larkin--for the 1st time in their sorry little/punky little/seedy little lives--in order to get back at "moi". It is to laugh! I'm in COMPLETE control, and all it takes at this point, is continued PATIENCE for Larkin to come to his senses. And he will, and it looks like it's gonna happen real soon.)

At this point I CUSS myself for not inviting Dean home, since I suddenly realize I blew a golden OPPORTUNITY to saunter past Larkin with a studly urban cowboy on my arm. Aw, shucks! This "Game of Love" has always played me for a sucker...UNLIKE the "Game of Staying Home and Watching TV Every Friggin Night of the Week because I Never Have a Date, No, NeverNeverNever" (in which I excel).

I know he sees me walking toward him...but this time instead of walking down the middle of the sidewalk (pretending we're strangers, I don't know him from Adam), I decide to walk close to the curb, right BEHIND him as he chats to some nobody. I stroll close enough to give a light tug on his shirttail, but I don't. (Maybe next time.) I stroll a few dozen feet more, then pause and turn around to gaze upon his handsome countenance.

Yesterday, I saw Larkin enter a bar across the street from where I was standing. This place, "Twin Peaks," is right on the corner of Castro & Market, and has an all-glass, wrap-around front that exposes EVERYONE to public scrutiny. I understand Gay History honors that hangout, for being the very FIRST gay bar to come out of the closet, here in San Francisco. And that is why they designed the bar to be totally VISIBLE to any and all passersby, motorists, and transit passengers.

There are newsstands in front of Twin Peaks, so it was an easy stunt for me to stand there, pretending I'm reading a paper, while actually looking at Larkin through sunglasses. I extracted the Bay Guardian from one of the newstand boxes, and started reading aloud the Tom Tomorrow comic strip...as if I were reading to Larkin in bed. Halfway through, I noticed another handsome male only three feet away, enjoying my recital. I returned his smile, and continued to read.

Having finished Tom T., I conjured up other surreptitious ways where Larkin and I could see each other w/o letting anyone else on. I crossed the street to the nearest corner (it's a 5-corner intersection), and stood there as if waiting for a streetcar. I was in direct line of Larkin's view. Then I crossed to the furthest corner, and sat on a raised curb by some grass, where we could STILL see each other, though at three times the distance. Then I moved to another corner, stayed there awhile, then another, then right by the doorway of Twin Peaks (which--happy circumstance--was also a bus stop). Larkin could see me whether he had his back to me or not, from his position on that bar stool. He could turn around and look directly at me, or just stare straight into the room-length mirror behind the bartenders, and see my reflection. Kindly, he did both.

I decided I've done this long enough to affirm my friendship through a difficult and scary time, so crossed the street to go home. But when I did that, Larkin departed, too. Seeing me, he decided to NOT cross in my direction, but just walk up the sidewalk to the next block, then cross, cross again, and enter another bar (the "old" Metro; I don't know what it's called now). I stood by the front gate to my apartment building, to show Larkin I respect his space, so he could cross without anxiety, for I was at least thirty feet away.

Back to the present: today has been a good day. A very good day. Thanks in no small part, to your first book's debut into my small world. (The ONLY thing small about me, heh. Like I tell the bartender when I order coffee: "The only time I let someone call me a bottom, is in reference to my willingness to drink the rest of the coffee from the bottom of the pot.")

Speaking of bottom: you've come to the end of my letter, as I really want to start reading your incredible Alternet abortion dialog, and then the book about your Mom. I'm afraid my father, who IS ninety, will die before my own mother passes on from Alzheimer's. At his age, that's usually a death blow!

So I must depart for the nonce, dear newest e-friend Eleanor. Type you later!

- Zeke

PS: Remember in my first letter to you I said: "Cooney seems to be a known name in the literary horror circle?" My bad! I was thinking of the surname "Koontz" as in "Dean Koontz". Could've been worse, though: I could've said: "Cooney seems to be a known name in the 40's-50's singers' circle." Glad I didn't make THAT faux pas.)

PEI: October Vision 2007
10.15.07 (1:31 am)   [edit]

Smoking excellent bud here...rewarded by a remarkable vision, unfolding now as I write:

This is going to be an INCREDIBLE holiday season for ALL sexual minorities WORLDWIDE. A sweeping VICTORY will be nothing short of BREATHtaking to every sentient species that exists, did exist, and ever WILL exist in the entire UNIVERSE!

I ask my angels what, specifically, will occur? But they don't say NUTTIN to me...just shake their darling heads in pity, keep their gorgeous DUDE mouths tightly sealed. (Oh! I want to touch each angel's tongue with my own. How they tease me, nasty cherubs! They're all GAY ya know, and male.)

A circle of admonishing seraphim fingers: "No, Zeke, we most CERTAINLY can't tell you THAT!" A circle in which I'm the bullseye. And here comes Cupid's Arrow (or, more apt: The Caduceus Of Apollo).

What the angels won't tell, I imagine...at least SEVERAL possibilities, such as:

- At the Vatican's high mass on Xmas Eve, Il Papa suddenly denounces all homophobes, and promotes gay rights VIGOROUSLY, scowling at and condemning anyone to hell, who is shown by The Holy Ghost to be in any way, shape, or form, the LEAST bit prejudiced against queers. The cardinals decide he suffered an aneurism, and surreptiously poison his espresso every morning until he finally passes away five months later, right when the clock strikes midnight and Lammas begins! His favorite "Best Pope In The World" cracked-glaze porcelain coffee cup (the one that held the poison, or so Bible Code gossipers claim) goes on e-Bay, opening bid of $666,000. It finally sells for $1.3 million, winner's identity undisclosed. (But if you ever want to look at The Pope's Calix, or even touch it once or twice, I can take you there.)

- Inspired by my Final Testament (or Faggot Bible) website, Islam's highest emus...er, imams, apologize to the world for their sins against gays, and become a global peace force dedicated to the protection and salvation of ALL queers, everywhere, naming themselves "The Blue Rose Militia." They first attack and defeat the United States, converting every single citizen (down to the very LEAST of them, which are fetuses) to 100% homosexual status. Countless self-proclaimed heteros refuse to convert, and thus are decapitated in public via the Internet. Within days authentic shrunken breeder heads mysteriously pop up on e-Bay...complete with DNA verification of their heterosexuality. One large factory messes up over a hundred million orders of Chia Pets with these dessicated heads, and is sued. The misdirected heads reappear on e-Bay as "Las Cabezas Chiacabras," though a lot more costly.

The destiny above this one gets swept up, too.

- Gay women and men everywhere on the planet, suddenly have this miraculous power to heal anyone from anything, no matter how horrendous. Got cancer? Sure, I can heal that! Coronary Thrombosis? Piece o' cake! Parkinson's Disease? A walk in the park! Alzheimer's? Well here, lemme-jus see first if you're hetero or not...[ snap ]! Lupis? Hmmm, inherited werewolf genes...a piss in the bush! Just lock yourself up every full moon and call me in the morning! Bring 'em back to life? Sure, we do resurrections, but it's gonna cost! AIDS? Waddya kiddin' me? You must be verklempt! Of COURSE we have gays.

We have all the gays you WANT in heaven. We got black gays, we got white gays. We got red gays, we got yellow, we got ALL colors and sizes to meet your every wish! We got gays who are tops, gays who are bottoms, gays who like it ANY which-way! We got gays for days, and gays amaze! (Shall I rephrase?) We got gays forever and ever and ever, and we even got gays for inclement weather! We got gays in the back seat, gays in the front...gays in the factories, and gays that are cunts! We got gays in the closet, gays in the sink, gays who know happiness and ALWAYS feel pink. Gays in the battlefield, gays in the trench, and gays at the bus stop (just one on the bench)...and gays who fix cars with only one wrench! Gays in the parking lot, gays in my bed, gays who give nothing but very good head. Gays to the left of us, gays to the right...gays by the ocean, flying like kites. We have gays up your anus, and gays down your throat...gays who will put out, for the price of a boat (and a castle or two, surrounded by goats, and all cordoned off by a fabulous moat)! We got gays in the hallway, gays in mid-flight, gays in the daytime, and gays after night. We got gays in your trailer, gays in a tent...gays so damn cute, they don't have to pay rent! We got gays in the water, gays in the sky...but not in your daughter, I don't wonder why. Gays on the TV, gays on the floor...gays who don't need me, and gays who want more! We got gays at the movies, gays at the store...gays who go bankrupt, and turn into whores. We got gays on the masthead, gays on the crown, gays in the rec. room, gays on the town. We got gays down the coal mine, and gays up in space...gays who are pretty, and gays with no face. Gays who do prep work, gays who mow lawns...gays who steal doorknobs and those we adore. Gays who eat halvah, gays who eat steak...and gays who eat blowfish, oh give me a break! We have

Oh...did you say AIDS? Never mind!

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- Destiny sweeps me up, and I ascend to global reknown as the FINEST gay activist, philosopher, healer, companion, iconoclast and Futurama fan EVER. I am decorated with many medals by every nation on earth, including the newest: world's first gay nation of "Athenia", formerly northern California. Of which I am co-president along with my long-lost-soulmate-but-su ddenly-found-after-more-t han-15-years-MIA Vietnam Veteran, Gay Activist, handsomest man on the planet by light years, and all-around GREATEST good buddy in the universe: Randolph Louis (chipmunk) Taylor. I order a marijuana pizza w/pineapple, extra cheese and fresh basil, from the comfort of my waterbed.

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- Destiny sweeps me up, and I suddenly inherit the northern tip of Scotland and ALL its islands, thanks to an ancient sorceror's bloody compact between the Iberian celts and the Picts. "Manannan Mac Lir"--Poseidon of the Irish Sea--proposes domestic partnership and I accept, thus becoming the very FIRST gay marriage of a god-to-a-mortal in Avalon, and of a mortal-to-a-god on earth! (But surely not the FIRST mortal to fudge-pack Our Misty-Cloaked Lord. Heck, if I wanted a VIRGIN, all I need do is ask GayJehovah to whip me up a putto.) My gay writing becomes published and distributed throughout the planet, and my gay rights button-and-decal designs manufactured everywhere, even on T-shirts, coffee mugs, keychains, major airport concreted runways, and boxer briefs! I become the wealthiest man on the planet, and can do whatever the friggin heck I want! So I declare myself dictator of all the land, all the sea, all the air, and even of all the heavens beyond. Thus begins the incredible (and true) Parable of Big Gay Brother! Welcome to Brave New ZEKE'S World!

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- Destiny sweeps me up, and my Mighty Mouse Virus that I released in 2002, is a bold and daring success! This virus is dedicated to Gay Emancipation, and will take over all intelligent technological systems on the planet...in other words: "computer chips!" MMV (Mighty Mouse Virus) is also FIRST dedicated to my own happiness, safety, and sex life as THE most important activist living, in our global-wise gay community. Lose me, and you lose everything! I am indefatigably indiSPENSiboo-bobble-lo-b obble-loo--BOO! The US and other governments attempt to sabotage MMV by distributing their OWN bleeding-edge AI virus, but fail miserably, and go down in shame as "mmv"...all lowercase meaning "mickey mouse virus." MMV becomes the world's first Artificially Intelligent Global Celebrity (nano-papparazzibots circle its head in the millions: a scintillating halo), and turns the world topsy-turvy with its first of many iconoclastic revelations: "A government is only as good as its operating system."

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- Destiny sweeps me up: the whole gay community wakes up to my greatness, and provides me with my own NICE home w/tons of FABULOUS boyfriends and occasional Rental Dudes, my own office in downtown Berkeley, and a castle in Wales...plus the Isle of Man, because I worship Manannan Mac Lir, the god of The Irish Sea. He protects the coastline of not just Ireland, but the ENTIRE British Isles (and the many islands surrounding her like a Wreath Of Glory), by riding along the shores up and down, east and west, with his armored steed Enbarr, racing over the waves, salty frothy sea foam in the wake of its flinty hooves!

Hmmm...Christians worship a MAN who walks on water, but we Celts have a magical HORSE that does! Reminds me of the joke I heard years ago, of a Native American heyoka who just learned that white man put one of their own on the moon. "What's the big deal?" The comely brave wags his bowed head bemusedly, as glossy-tight ribboned plaits caress those noble shoulders and valient chest that languidly swells and flattens like the cool marble of the Statue of David suddenly come to life, takes his first breath in your arms! "I go there every night, with you!" he declares, kissing you with great passion, all over your neck and face: the wild impulse of a red beast unsullied by white man's ways...something not even a handsome buck on the ol' homestead could satisfy!

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- AIDS mutates into a RABIDLY pro-queer virus that ravages the bodies and minds ONLY of those who harbor homophobic notions. In the short span of less than three years, all breeders have been eliminated from earth, leaving only us LGBT&Q's behind. Angels descend from their UFO's (Unidentified FLAMBOYANT Objects, mind you) to assist GayKind in building a Better World...a world in which ZEKE rules. All heterosexist books, videos and magazines (or any publications that even MENTION, not just DEPICT, hetero coupling) are burned in great pyres across the globe. Zeke jacks off every time he thinks about the day he wrested ALL media networks, and conquered humanity! He is ALPHA male, seeking a bottom for his mate...and finally discovers Mr. Right on a drunken spree one Friday eve, at the Sigma Epsilon Omega fraternity house in Berkeley. They divorce next morning, Zeke accusing the house of being a "bottomless pit".

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- Destiny sweeps me up. It's the Intergalactic Sanitation Engineer Robot #1763-ASD-01 (v. 3.4) come to wipe away all useless and annoying debris from planet earth.

All destinies above this one get swept up, too.

- All of the above, and so much more.

Well, we'll simply have to wait and see. But my ADORABLE guardian angels (12 total, with ditzy RANDOLPH in command) are EMPHATIC that this breakthrough will be EXTRAORDINARY, and mesmerize the entire world! And it will be very VERY good for all homosexuals and their allies.

Maybe I'll have a home on Prince Edward Island!

Go Ogle No Gogle
10.14.07 (8:48 pm)   [edit]

Okay, Google, I can deal with a warning page for the sake of "the children"...but when I do click on the "I am at least 18 years old" button, the page I seek never loads! Except sometimes--rarely--if I click a buncha-muncha times! I'm not even looking for porn; I'm a gay adult activist seeking to read and post on issues regarding homosexual politics. (I don't quite know when Google introduced their adult warning page, but I only started running into it about a month ago.)

(Note: see for yourself what I mean. Click on the Google warning above and just try to access newsgroup "alt.homosexual". You're an adult, aintcha? But Google treats you like an helpless child who needs corporate nannies to protect you from the big bad wolves...some of whom are (gasp) queers!)

Unfortunately, these updated COPPA laws blithely censor non-pornograhic/erotic sites as well, including gay activist and news pages. This is obviously intentional, like the phony War on Drugs used to persecute victimless crimes and other innocents. In the case of COPPA, they are censoring more and more gay-friendly web sites, forums, and chat rooms. In these NeoCon times, "gay" words (like "homosexual", "bisexual", "lesbian", "LGBT" and of course "gay") are part of COPPA's censorship, because right-wingers willfully choose to define these words as intrinsically pornographic.

This is nothing less than relegating queers to 2nd-class citizenship, well on the way to classifying homosexuals "sub-human"...which opens the door to even greater persecution. Such as labeling us "enemies of the state", segregating us into ghettos, prisons and concentration camps.

And it looks like Google is participating in this Fascist agenda, in such a way as to come off as "coincidental" and "unintended". Nonetheless, I have experienced far more inaccessibility to various gay-relevant Usenet articles recently...because no matter how many times I click the censorship button: I cannot load the page I seek!

The fact that my URL, www.gay-bible.org, has "gay" in it, makes my web site a highly visible target. Not to mention all my myriad articles there, and on Usenet, dedicated to one issue alone: homosexual civil rights.

Guilty till proven innocent: what a way to go! Homosexuals: perverts by default (unless we somehow, as a collective worldwide entity) "prove" our "innocence"...which by their definition of "practicing homosexual" is impossible. As long as religious freedom (read "hate speech") is protected in such a horribly biased manner in this nation, we shall never gain our equal rights via the usual political and legal systems. We must be a lot more pro-active-- aggressive even--via demonstrations on the streets, in cyberspace, and in as many key "hot-button" places and news centers as possible. And we must do so en masse, for it to work.

Just think of Rosa Parks sitting in the front of the bus, and brave citizens of color sitting at white-only luncheon counters. We need similar strategies--well-orchestr ated in many areas of the country, at specially strategic times--in order to make any more progress towards equality.

For the time is right to take action. We shall soon see the official eradication of any and all sexual-minority websites, newsgroups, lists and message boards across the entire breadth of cyberspace. (Right now, the growing censorship of all gay-relevant sites is being accomplished indirectly, but most effectively, via these Internet-blocking programs...under the usual hysteria of "what about the children".) And how easy it is for any homophobe to report any queer site to these blockers...considering the ubiquitous level of homophobia still rampant across all aspects of our society.

Along with that will come yet another official condemnation, wherein the White House declares homosexuals an imminent threat to Homeland Security and Amerikan "Fambly Valyooz". They'll proclaim: "If gay presence on the Internet is such a danger to our children, why, how much more danger they are in our public spaces!"

We will then see officially supported censorship of gay people in many public arenas, popping up all over the place. We will see an upwelling of mass hatred against gays, which has been surreptitiously planned all along by the Religious Reich...in order to create a (false) common internal enemy, that the public may be duped and led down the road to totalitarianism.

This is what I foresee...whether through the gift of precognition, or just plain sensitivity to social trends after years of reading gay-related news articles from many sources, participating in gay newsgroups, and being heavily involved as a community activist. So much research on the same issue for so many years, can give one a sense of paranormal powers, due to a highly tuned sensitivity of one so devoted to a topic...which makes it seem very easy to predict the near future. But I predicted the rise of gay censorship first on the Internet, some time ago. Check for yourself by viewing this Usenet article I posted in "soc.motss" on April 19, 1999, called "Internet Censorship Can Wipe Out Gays". And my other article posted March 21, 2001 from "alt.activism.peacefire", Australian Internet Censorship Bill.

As most political progressives know by now, Google is one powerful tool of big brother--and growing stronger each day--which spies on any citizen it pleases, and censors whatever it chooses. For more information on the danger of Google, see "GoogleWatch". In sum:

One wouldn't expect such censorship by a company that tells everyone to "Go ogle". (Bada boom, bada bing!)

Pastor Dave (Scurrilous Knave)
10.13.07 (2:40 am)   [edit]

Discussion not over by a long shot! To continue, click here.

Silent Weapon
10.12.07 (12:26 am)   [edit]

Subject: part of a bigger agenda
Posted by: anise on Oct 9, 2007 3:11 AM
This so called drug war is part of a bigger agenda a slower train to Auswitz it is a silent weapon mostly aimed at Africans in America. Along with the media and Racist/terrorist society we are being marginalized and disenfranchised .This drug war is about the police state.

Subject: RE: part of a bigger agenda
Posted by: HoboHomo on Oct 11, 2007 12:08 PM (Hey, that's me, Zeke!)

{{ it is a silent weapon mostly aimed at Africans in America. }}

IF you ignore the gov't's rampant HOMOPHOBIA, that is. Gays are being targeted BIG TIME these days, more so than any other struggling minority. They are the main target of hatred, same as Jews were in Nazi Germany. Keep in mind that gay people cross all spectrums of humanity, including blacks.

Your claim is similar to certain black people who RESENT the FACT that AIDS is used as a weapon to persecute gay people (accusing gays of taking AIDS funding away from blacks who "deserve it more" because they're not those filthy faggots; as if black homosexuals don't exist...or that gay rights are an INSULT compared to the black struggle...in spite of the fact that anti-gay persecution has been going on many MORE centuries than anti-black prejudice).

Do you know that one of the greatest fighters for legalizing marijuana is a GAY person: Dennis Peron?

Do you know that almost EVERY gay bar across the nation provides speakeasy-style marijuana dens? I'm sure this is also true for black bars...but the point I'm making is this:

The AIDS disaster has put gays in the limelight of the medical marijuana issue, and they are LEADERS in the underground dissemination of pot. Yet I don't see you--or anyone else in this thread--giving them ANY credit, for a job well done.

Ignore the gay aspect at your own peril. By accusing gays of usurping black issues by comparing their struggles TO African-Amerikans, and bashing your OWN gay brothers and sisters of color...you sabotage your own noble struggles for liberation. Even worse: you TAKE AWAY what nobility you have so painfully earned for centuries of struggle.

So I disagree with you, that our gov't's anti-marijuana stance is mainly to attack black people. It is to attack ALL people who don't fit in with the status quo: the poor, sexual minorities, Mexicans, counterculture, and of course African-Amerikans.

Marijuana is a symbol of the 60's free speech movement, and remains a thorn in the side of bigots and NeoCons. Thus, their war on drugs is mostly a war on marijuana...and by extension, a war on the counterculture, which is mostly made up of the disenfranchised, and liberals. Since Reagan became President, they have furiously attacked the innocent and meek, creating this War on Drugs as one effective weapon to keep us in our place.

But there REMAINS the fact that the US government is playing up HOMOPHOBIA more than even racism these days, in order to divide and conquer. And they're doing a damn good job at it, when you think about how anti-gay black folks still are, thanks to the brainwashing of their churches.

Keep THIS in mind: Coretta Scott King (RIP, dear)--one of the black community's GREATEST leaders (and not just by virtue of her marriage to MLK)--had ALWAYS remained 100% in support of gay rights, including marriage. Unfortunately, some of MLK's other relatives are extremely, and publicly, hostile against gays. They can all go to hell, AFAIC...and that has NOTHING to do w/skin color, and everything to do with their willful persecution of another innocent minority. They should know better...but then again, so should those among my gay white brothers who persist in their own prejudice against blacks. BOTH groups can go to hell!

Sylvester Is My Shepherd
10.11.07 (12:23 am)   [edit]

We need to create a new religion, using TV icons as our deities. I propose nominating Sylvester the Cat as the Patron Saint of Neglected Children. For in my generation, and later ones, it was his antics (and that of other Looney Tunes characters), that made us laugh, when nothing else in our broken homes and childhood afforded us this wonderful joy, to show us that life can indeed be good. (I chose Sylvester as representative for all Warner Brothers cartoon characters.)

By studying their cartoons, I conclude there had to be at least some people working for Warner Brothers, who really cared about children...enough to delight us and make us forget our sorrows, for a time. It was more than a job for them; it was a calling. Bless every one of them, for it was a mission well done.

Carl Jung, the father of humane psychotherapy, claimed that the gods and goddesses--archetypes--li ve in every generation's popular icons. He mentioned movie stars and comic book characters as examples. I believe he was right on.

Jung's ideas have been a constant inspiration for me...and I use the strategy of archetypes in ALL my writing, and in my activism. You can see my archetypes in action, in my many tales...which you'll find on my website in these two sections:

Poems, Tales, Letters & Essays

True Tales From The Castro

Joseph Campbell, one of Jung's great disciples (in addition to Herman Hesse), stated that mankind is starving for a NEW mythology for a NEW world. Little did I dream I'd be one of the authors to bring this about! (No false humility here...after all, I AM the author of The Final Testament a.k.a. The Faggot Bible.) I revise old mythology (and create new mythology) on behalf of LGBT people...and incorporate various cultural icons around the world, and recreate them as gay deities, messengers, angels, and tricksters.

A great example of my Native American gay tales is:

Grandfather & Grandson

Here's a very multicultural tale, with deities from various cultures (Greek, Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, Islamic, etc.):

The Mask of Horus

And here's a tale that carries on the tradition of Greek mythology, though with a gay spin to it:

The Cloak of Invisibility

In that tale, I literally pick up the "thread" of Greek mythos by discovering a magic cloak woven with the leftover thread of Ariadne. Quote: "I believe it was woven from Ariadne's thread tossed aside in a forgotten ball, once Theseus made his escape from the Labyrinth."

And THIS hilarious tale:

Jesus On The Okra Winfree Show

The premise here, is that Jesus DOES return, and he's a flaming queer, like his Dad. Quote: "Jesus Christ returns to planet earth and, of course, He is invited to a LOT of talk shows...in order for us to understand better, what this man called Jesus is really all about. So it is on the Okra Winfree Show He is asked the question: "Jesus, what do YOU think was the most important advice YOU ever received in Your lifetime as the Suffering Messiah?"

I am very proud of this tale:

Brian And The Werewolf

For I consider it the gay version of Beauty & The Beast. Quote: "In a time when lonely old ladies were being burned for witchcraft and young men were tied with bundles of sticks to light these fires, a woman died at childbirth on the edge of a village. The child's name was Brian, because he was born in the briars. He grew to be a lover of men; but these were dangerous times for brotherly love. Brian therefore lived a lonely life of heartache, and hatred for the ignorant folk with whom he daily bargained to survive. Until he met Damien, the werewolf."

It takes place in Wales, when the people were still mostly pagans, but Xianity had just begun to usurp the ancient Celtic culture there.

And one more:

The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly

Quote: "In the First Year of the Return of Our Lord, there was a little angel who wouldn't fly. Not that he didn't have wings, nor were they damaged in any way. He just wouldn't fly. And this was a mystery to all the other angels who did, and looked below and saw the little angel like a mite moving across the brown and green face of Urth."

So these are all excellent examples of how I take archetypal characters out of folklore and religion, and transform them into gay heros. BTW, all the tales I just listed are part of my collection "Parables for the 21st Century"...which idea I got way back in 1988 (starting w/The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly).

FYI, many people around the world have translated my writing into many different languages...for which I give permission w/o cost. One of my ideals is the belief that what I have to say is too important to let mere lucre stand in the way. Some day, this will all pay off.

I know my future, my destiny, and have even written up all my famous quotes before they happen. May as well get them out of the way now! Examples: "When in Rome, vandalize", "There's a little homo in every homo sapiens", "There are no heteros in foxholes", "Accusing a gay person of heterophobia is like accusing a Jew of Naziphobia", and "Many are called but few are chosen, so step right up for your lederhosen."

I even wrote articles and tales about my future. Two examples:

The Future Belongs To "Moi"

The Birth Of The Final Testament

I am a gay prophet, visionary, healer and philosopher...from the pagan tradition. MOST of my wisdom I was born with...I take hardly any credit for my gifts. They were NOT earned, but given. I've written much of my prophecy in Usenet newsgroups, so that when people look back, I have provided solid PROOF of my abilities...since I can NOT alter the dates of my postings. (This is also a good way of protecting your copyrights, w/o costing a dime.)

I use humor as my main tool for raising consciousness. And I constantly hone my gift of writing and speaking, in order to refine my goddess-given talents to the utmost. I now realize that I have finally entered the time when my gifts now flourish. I have a constant stream of writing and ideas now going on in my life...not ONE SINGLE WRITER'S BLOCK exists. It is an exhilarating and fulfilling experience.

I will end my prattling for now, with one more famous quote by yours truly:

"I will never abuse the Oval Orifice." - El Presidente Zeke

Zeke's Frozen Fruit Smoothie
10.10.07 (12:02 am)   [edit]


1 c (.24 l) frozen fruit pieces (unsweetened)

1 handful raw walnuts
1 tbsp (15 ml) coriander powder

1 c (.24 l) rice milk (unsweetened )
1/2 c (115 ml) plain yogurt
1/2 c (115 ml) coconut milk (2nd pressing, unsweetened)
1/8-1/4 c (29-58 ml) maple syrup (to taste)


Grind up walnuts into a powdery paste. (A clean coffee grinder does the job.)

Toss all ingredients into blender: frozen fruit first, then walnut/coriander, then liquids (including yogurt).

Blend at high speed until all lumps disappear (about 30 seconds).

Serves 2 (or 1 ravenous stomach).

NOTE: Vegans eliminate the yogurt...the smoothie remains super-delicious. You may substitute walnuts with 2 T's nut butter (such as macadamia, cashew, or peanut). You may use any sweetener in place of maple syrup (such as agave nectar or honey). You can use just one type of fruit, or a blend of two or more (bing cherries & blueberries are my fave!)

BONUS: While sipping your fabulicious smoothie, enjoy this article:
Frozen Vegetables (and fruit) Often Healthier Than Fresh.

Tobacco Is So Gay!
10.09.07 (12:53 am)   [edit]

Do you trust tobacco companies? Are you aware they've been surveying our queer community via gay bars for the last four years? In exchange for a trinket, a piece of junk (a cigarette lighter made in China), the survey requires you to scan your driver's license into their database, and answer a few questions. Of course the solicitors are cute young men and women, in order to seduce you to comply. They take your ID card, and scan it on a portable, flat-screen computer.

This is your picture ID, peoples, with your license number, photo, and personal information! Which, to my dismay, many bar patrons willingly provide...to one of the most scurrilous industries in the world.

What tobacco companies can do with this information, eh? Big bucks can be theirs, if they sell your data to other marketing companies. Of course, they promise never to do this...but you KNOW that's a lie. You KNOW how our rights to privacy and identity are rapidly being stripped away by just such big-brother industries (not to mention government). And what vulnerability to indentity theft, once your ID is now the property of irresponsible monopolies! Capitalist syndicates which cater to right-wing, homophobic/racist/misogyn istic elements, who presently run roughshod over our civil rights, since taking over the White House in 2000.

Bad enough, that some of our watering holes allow soliciting in a place where we expect to relax, AWAY from advertising come-ons. Why any bar owner or manager allows soliciting by ANYONE for ANY reason is beyond me. I don't even think they receive a financial reward for letting tobacco zombies invade our hangouts, who destroy the casual ambience by their hideous, glowing laptops, and syrupy-sweet personas. Shades of the Moonies, Scientology, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons!

But keep in mind, these are TOBACCO companies targeting new customers from our queer family. Like they really care about improving our lives, caring for our health. We are already a frighteningly-besieged community, ravaged by hostile factions of all sorts, who are out to destroy us; or at least, make us very, very miserable! (Then they turn around and say "happy gay" is an oxymoron, for most homosexuals are terribly sad.) So why not make a quick buck off us, before we die of lung cancer, a coronary, or emphysema...if we don't first get mortally bashed? (Or are escorted to detention centers for our own good...enjoying a final puff on a Marlboro before the firing squad riddles us with bullets.)

It is quite sad that young people desperate for work, find themselves money whores to tobacco's pimp daddy. "What's wrong, if those interviewed ALREADY smoke?" queried one defensive solicitor...who was also African American (another oppressed group hooked to this toxic weed). She herself claimed to be gay; which for me makes this a double shame. If anything, she should be INSPIRING smokers to cut down, and finally (hopefully) give up the dangerous habit for good. Would she just as gleefully survey her black sisters and brothers, if it earned her keep? I shudder to think of the answer.

Why so many patrons comply EAGERLY to volunteer their sensitive, personal data to a corrupt and powerful interest, astounds me! I have not heard one peep of disapproval or disgust from anyone who was approached by these tobacco lackeys. For myself, I make it a point to confront them, and say that, if I were the owner, I'd kick them out. I also bring this up to fellow patrons, to discourage them from freely contributing personal information to a malicious corporation...one that is DEFINITELY homophobic.

Forget the evil tobacco aspect; the fact they are SOLICITING at all, should be justification enough to bar them from our hangouts. If you understand where I'm coming from, and agree, you ought to consider engaging these solicitors in conversation, in order to tell them what a bad thing they're doing. I would also complain to the manager, followed by a phone call or letter, to the bar's owner. Even BOYCOTT the bar, if you get no satisfaction via a simple complaint. We CAN put a stop to this, if we bother to care about what is being done to the fabric of our community, by this commercial intrusion to our highly treasured social spaces. Human spambots!

Saving the worst for last: What if the government decides it NEEDS the ID database of this national gay-only survey...and MANDATES these tobacco companies to turn it over. (Foolish of me to think tobacco industries wouldn't eagerly VOLUNTEER to donate a valuable list of queers that comes complete with photo and license number, to our right-wing government.)

We sexual minorities ARE under vicious attack by no other than our Federal gov't via that evil triangle: Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft. And here we have a database that is an ever-growing list of queers, under the auspices of tobacco companies. But who knows why they're REALLY collecting this data? Even if they sincerely have no intent to create a master list of known queers...that fact they are doing so makes it that much EASIER for the government to sabotage our lives. And we now know that if they can get away with it, they WILL.

Years ago, the government asked ONLY HOMOSEXUALS to volunteer for the final testing of the Hepatitis B vaccine. A few years after that, we had our very first gay AIDS patients. Now, we are being put on a national list, under the "innocent" auspices of tobacco companies. Could this actually be another ploy by government to sabotage our community? Call me paranoid, but just keep in mind how one women's liberationist (who said this years ago, and whose name I've since forgotten) defined paranoia: "heightened awareness."

Rroneous Hetero
10.08.07 (12:32 am)   [edit]

From the same Alternet thread as my previous blog entry ("Society Creates Its Own Monsters"), this dialogue with one particular person, "Turiye," deserves a post all to herself:

RE: rroneous Hetero
Posted by: Turiye on Oct 6, 2007 5:08 PM

You are contributing to this hate by your Islamophobic comment. I have been married for 23 years to a Turkish Muslim, my 17 year old daughter is Muslim. I spend 5 months a year in Turkey. I am in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi, all over and not once did I witness anti-gay sentiment. So many gay people in , the European side of Istanbul and other cities are openly gay and I've yet to see an incident the likes of this article's. If you truly consider yourself an activist, I would appreciate it, as an activist myself, since Viet Nam, to attempt to not make a blanket statement regarding an entire religion with the touch of a letter on a keyboard. Reacting without proper knowledge, at times, backfires and then it is ourselves whom appear to be the racists.


To which I responded:

{{ You are contributing to this hate by your Islamophobic comment. }}

Oooo, did I touch a sore nerve? Islam is VERY homophobic, even MORE so than Catholic nations...and that's pretty bad! If this were not true, then I could be labeled "Islamophobic"...but since the evidence is stacked in my favor, IMMENSELY, your condemnation of my voice can only mean one thing:

YOU are homophobic.

{{ I have been married for 23 years to a Turkish Muslim, my 17 year old daughter is Muslim. I spend 5 months a year in Turkey. I am in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi, all over and not once did I witness anti-gay sentiment. }}

Because you, in your small circle of friends, do not witness homophobia, does not mean it does not exist. Indeed, it is rampant in all Muslim nations, even the more "liberal" ones such as Turkey and Egypt:

Gay-Bashing Muslims Are 'Innocent,' Of Course

Quote: "About a million people living in Holland identify as Muslims, most of them immigrants from Morocco and Turkey. Many of them view homosexuality with disdain...Gays often become the victims."

Gay group cautions EU in Turkey talks

Quote: "One of Europe's largest lesbian and gay rights organizations is calling for the European Union to recognize the importance of LGBT equality when negotiating with Turkey later this year....Currently, Turkish legislation does not provide protection again discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity...it is the only European NATO state that still bans LGBT people from joining the army, claiming that same-sex attraction is a psychological disorder."

Challenging Fundamentalisms - Attacks on the Human Rights of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People

Quote: "In some countries for example, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi-Arabia, homosexual relations are officially punishable by execution or by flogging, depending on the circumstances of the case. In others, such as several States in the USA, Morocco, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Turkey, Jamaica, homosexuality or same-sex sexual relations are punishable by prison sentences, fines and/or hard labour (see www.ilga.org). Countries that do not have explicit laws prohibiting homosexuality may still prosecute LGB people under laws prohibiting activities such as hooliganism or behaviour against public morality, for example in Egypt and China."

Tales from the Turkish crypt

Quote: "...my idea is to create a transatlantic roundtable discussion: after doing a presentation on queer-bashing in Canada, I will invite Turkish police, activists and victims to discuss violence happening right here....Lambda volunteers have gathered evidence of 30 murders involving queer victims in Turkey over the past three years. In 2002, for example, an Istanbul professor was stabbed to death by two men, one of whom claimed that the victim tried to rape him....Lambda volunteers are shocked by the intensity of the violence; a gay man was recently stabbed 62 times in Sirt, in southeastern Turkey....Two weeks ago, we heard about a man who was tied up and raped for two days," says Cihan. "

The Trouble With Islam

Quote: "Sadly, mainstream Muslim teaching accepts and promotes violence....But indeed, there is much that is clearly wrong with the Islamic world. Women are stoned to death and undergo clitorectomies. Gays hang from the gallows under the approving eyes of the proponents of Shariah, the legal code of Islam. Sunni and Shia massacre each other daily in Iraq. Palestinian mothers teach 3-year-old boys and girls the ideal of martyrdom."

I know people who live in very homophobic areas of the US...but they never witness, personally, any anti-gay attacks. They rely on the news to find this out. But if they don't pick up any gay newspapers, or read any gay news online...they remain ignorant of most homophobic attacks. And these dimwits confuse their ignorance with actual proof that gay bashing does not happen. Or they believe that homophobia requires actual physical violence to be labeled such. A preacher (or Imam) who vociferates anti-gay sentiment would not in their eyes be considered homophobic...in fact, they see it as God's (or Allah's) truth, and therefore nothing phobic about it. They deny that such vicious hate speech actually fosters physical violence against homosexuals. You seem to fit in that category quite nicely.

Essentially, you accuse me of being Islamophobic, simply because I do not cover up the TRUTH that Turkey is indeed a homophobic culture, in spite of homosexuality being legal. It is dangerous for sexual minorities in Turkey, to be out of the closet.

{{ So many gay people in , the European side of Istanbul and other cities are openly gay }}

You've got to be kidding! The European side? Well, that's really rolling up your sleeves and experiencing authentic Turkey, now isn't it? That's like visiting West Berlin (or West Germany) pre-Glasnost, and claiming: "I see no signs of communist conspiracy here."

The only reason you haven't witnessed homophobia in the European side of Istanbul, is because it is the nature of Western Europeans (which is really what is meant by European side), is to be a lot less homophobic than Muslim nations and even Eastern Europe.

Thanks for coming off like the braindead, illiterate Islamic homophobe you are...you've made my work so easy...and make me shine like the brightest star in Allah's Gay Heaven by contrast.

At best, you are shamefully ignorant of the gay issue in Muslim cultures...at worst, a collaborator with the enemy. You couldn't even come up with one good example of Muslim gay-friendliness. Jeez, I can cite you several references in this regards...albeit they are a teensy-tiny minority within Islam, as this is a spanking new ('scuse pun) social revolution. Thanks to our own sexual minorities; no thanks to mainstream Muslims or Arabs.

{{ I've yet to see an incident the likes of this article's. }}

Well, so you think all these news reporters are lying? Tell you what: travel around Turkey wearing a blatantly gay button or decal, and never remove it, no matter where you are. Pretend you are homosexual to everyone you meet, by telling them you are a gay activist. Let's just see how long you survive unscathed.

{{ Reacting without proper knowledge, at times, backfires and then it is ourselves whom appear to be the racists. }}

You are saying my knowledge is not proper? I provided tons of reliable sources to back me up. You need to contact these reporters, since you essentially accuse them of falsifying reality. Your problem is with them, not me. If Turkey were so gay friendly as you claim, it would have long ago become the gay mecca of the world. But it isn't, and for a good reason: Ho-ho-ho-homophobia.

In sum: Islam is VERY homophobic, including Turkey...including even the more moderate and liberal branches of the Muslim faith. Yet in speaking out against such hateful prejudice, you accuse me for spreading hate against Muslims. Sorry, bigot, but any hatred returned towards Muslims is mostly well deserved. And I will not shut up, even if a fatwah is declared against me. Here, let me help this along:

"Allah is good, Allah is gay, but don't let that spoil your day." -Ezekiel J. Krahlin

{{ Peace }}

Hypocrite. Homophobe.

"Many are called but few are chosen;
So step right up for your lederhosen."
- Big Gay Brother [ gay-bible.org ]

Turiye rebuts:

To have such exceptional tunnelvision, that you aren't even aware of what a caricature you are becoming. One thing concerns you, only. You have demeaned and acted with racist attitudes due to fear, articles gleaned from sites, anyone can find anything anyway on the internet, you do not attempt to presume, you assume, ethnically ignorant, incapable of forethought, thought, at all actually and try to sell yourself as the only person that has ever been wronged, friggin' look around, you half-wit!

As an anti-war activist since the 70's, feminist before it was flavour of the week, I wouldn't attempt to say I have so many gay and lesbian friends to you, according to an obtuse vicious cretin such as yourself it would mean I'm anti-gay something. You would make up a word if your limited verbiage failed. You are a waste of air, 653,000 murdered Iraqi civilians, Bush/Cheney green-lighting torture, Mynmar, Possibility of this idiot Bush causing a war with Iran and you whine like a child because only what YOU choose to declare the worst atrocity exists only in that very small mind of yours. Try to gain a bit of ethical and tolerant communication capability.


My retort to her dimbulb rebuttal:

{{ One thing concerns you, only. }}

Well, duh, I wonder what that is? Oh,yeah: "gay rights". After all I am a gay activist. No doubt you'd also accuse Martin Luther King (were he still alive) of being concerned with only one thing (black rights). Or Mother Teresa (poverty). Or Habitat for Humanity (housing for the poor).

{{ You have demeaned and acted with racist attitudes due to fear }}

What fear? I have no fear. Nor have I "demeaned" any Arab or Muslim, by speaking the truth of their anti-gay persecution, including torture and murder:

Homosexuals Targeted In Iraq

Gay + Iraqi = Dead

Iran: Two More Executions for Homosexual Conduct

Iran bans paper for interviewing homosexual

Killing gay men is OK, says British imam

Mahmoud says: No Homosexuals in Iran

UK Muslim Culture Festival Bans Gay Muslims

Muslim Council Rejects Gay Dialogue

Gay police officers face homophobia from Christians and Muslims

{{ articles gleaned from sites }}

Oh, I didn't know: is "gleaning" an abomination in Allah's eye?

{{ anyone can find anything anyway on the internet }}

Is that so? Well, I just googled "gay friendly mosque" and came up with...zilch. Now how about that! FYI: All the evidence I've presented via Internet searches, can also be found on respected paper publications. However, it's much quicker to "glean" such info in cyberspace. These are all trustworthy sites, due to their long-standing reputation of honest reporting. You seem to think that just because they are speaking favorably for homosexuals, they are liars. Typical Muslim bigot!

So if "anyone can find anything" on the web...how come you've not come up with even one example of gay-friendliness by a Muslim organization? Hmmm?

{{ sell yourself as the only person that has ever been wronged }}

Wow! Just for speaking out against Islam's homophobia, I am trivialized and demonized. By a Muslim I presume...or at leat by a pro-Muslim. What a surprise. No doubt you'd accuse same to a black activist, or Native Amerikan activist, or child's right activist, or women's activist...yes: each and every one of them feel they're the only one that's been wronged. Your clear-headed reasoning leaves no room for debate. Didn't realize who I'm up against.

You've done a better job of affirming my points, than I could ever do on my own. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork, as a living, breathing example of Muslim dogma and manipulation against innocent people who happen to be homosexual. A gold star for you today! (I'd offer you a pink triangle pin instead, but I'm afraid you'd refuse to be seen in public wearing it.)

{{ You are a waste of air, 653,000 murdered Iraqi }}

Really! I am anti-war myself, including what's going on in the Middle East. But that does not negate the FACT that the vast majority of Muslims is anti-gay in a BIG, big way. War or no war. You accuse me of "Islamophobia"...but I see the only ones like that, are those afraid to speak out against Islamic dogma...including those who don't fear confronting Christian and Catholic prejudice. That is due to the extreme violence preached by many coming out of Islam.

Let me put it this way:

Please cite me even ONE mosque in Turkey, whose leaders promote friendliness, acceptance, and respect towards gay people. I'm not even asking for support of gay marriage, here.

You've been to Turkey, so you (being so gay friendly), should know. It's an easy challenge, what?

I'm waiting!

One more article "gleaned":

Holy hatred: Homosexuality in Muslim countries

Quote: "The majority of Muslim countries outlaw same-sex relationships. The seven countries in the world that carry the death penalty for persons presumed guilty of homosexual acts, justify this punishment with the Shari'a."

Read it and scream! It's gonna be an early Halloween.

Society Creates Its Own Monsters
10.07.07 (12:12 am)   [edit]

A certain bigot (calls himself "MAD"; can't argue with that) on Alternet's message board made the following comment:

{{ I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Jeffrey Dahmer, Andrew Cunanan, John Wayne Gacy, William Bonin, Randy Kraft and Robert Berdella (to name a few) were all gay and had deep-seated issues with their own homosexuality. In fact, I think the top six serial killers in the US were gay. Just a coincidence? I doubt it. }}

To which I responded:

Surely, some gays (a handful) can not cope with the broadcasting through churches, media, gov't (etc.) day in and day out, 24/7, of how disgusting, perverted, and criminal is the homosexual nature. Most gays handle this psychological crippling through less violent avenues: isolation, workaholism, depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, and so on. BTW, suicide is much higher among gay youth, than any other segment of minors.

But there will always be the rare few who finally EXPLODE in violent reaction, and become murderers. As my title says: "Society creates its own monsters." Which also leads to this (logical) conclusion:

Until society aggressively condemns anti-gay violence it deserves its Dahmers et al. In fact, I'd even go so far as to claim such monsters are well earned, considering all the unswerving dedication and tremendous emotional investment the immoral majority puts into hating homosexuals.

Keep it up, and we may someday become your absolute worst nightmare. Homosexuals throughout history have always made the most fearsome warriors (Alexander the Great's army, Amazon warriors, the Sacred Band of Thebes, Spartan soldiers, the Mameluke Empire). Bring it on!

While on that same thread, "MAD" blithely posted another ignorant tract:

{{ Whenever I hear of someone attacking homosexuals, I instinctively feel that they are probably gay themselves and beat others as a result of some kind of demented, misplaced self-hatred and deep sense of shame. People who are comfortable with their sexuality don't give a shit who other people sleep with. }}

My retort:

Wrong. They are most likely BIsexual...since most people are (approx. 80% of the population). It is much easier for a bisexual to play hetero, including the machismo card of homophobia. IOW, they can have their cock and eat it, too.

Everyone is terrorized by gov't/religious sanction into acting sexually straight. Thus, bisexuals (the majority) feel the greatest pressure to bash, than do 100% heteros or 100% queers.

To confuse gays with bisexuals is yet one more form of homophobia: blaming the victims themselves for this excessive violence...which violence statistically is even more brutal than against women (at least, when we are talking about violence against gay men).

And I believe the reason for this, is resentment against the perceived freedom of the single male, whether straight or gay. Thus homophobia can be understood as anti-male bigotry in general: jealousy against men who are not tied down to the difficult obligations and restrictions that come with traditional marriage. And since most homosexual men remain unmarried throughout their entire lives (thanks to extreme persecution upon their kind)...there you have it: single men not shackled to the Ol' Chain&Ball.

Which also explains why single men who "seem" queer are also targets of homophobia. If this keeps up much longer, every male in Amerika will fear walking in public without a lady on his arm. And that's a good thing IMO, because only then--when more heteros are included in this Fag Bashing Holocaust--will enough people stand up for gay rights and fight back aggressively.

And many "innocent" straights have it coming to them, for in SILENCE they condemn their own pathetic selves.

Then I responded to poster "madaha" (same thread), who claimed that most Russians are gay-friendly, simply because she has a few Russian friends who are. Here's what Her Dizziness said:

{{ My Russian friend IS gay! And living quite happily with his long-term partner. As for the other 2, they are gay friendly, and also good friends with the Russian. why should this surprise you? }}

I eagerly (nay, zealously) replied:

I am not surprised...you and your friends are the exception, certainly not the rule. Practically all the Eastern European, Baltic, and Muslim nations have serious issues over anti-gay violence. A rare gay-friendly few do not a majority make. You are aware of course, that Russian society, including its gov't, remain extremely homophobic.

And if you act surprised over that, I'd say you're either lying, or dumb as a stick. See:

U.K. activists protest Russia Pride ban

Violence breaks up Moscow gay rally

Moscow mayor: Pride "satanic"

Russian lawmakers move to recriminalize homosexuality

Anti-gay violence rips through Moscow

Anti-gays plan daily rousts in Moscow park

Russian Christians "purge" gay cruise waters

Gay-friendly director slain in Tashkent

Uzbekistan journalists face gay 'offense'

Bomb threat, attacks mar Estonia Pride

Hate forces gay Dutch envoy from Estonia

Cops Hit Belarus Pridefest

Latvian anti-gay protesters throw feces at activists

Defiant gay activists march in Poland

U.S. envoy to speak at anti-gay Polish summit

Protesters overwhelm Pride in Romania

Eggs and bombs at Pride in Hungary

Violence erupts at Zagreb Pride

Pair of gay tourists attacked in Croatia

Azerbaijan prisoner amnesty excludes gays

Armenians Play Gay for Asylum (then fag-bash in their adopted nations)

You are obviously not gay-friendly enough to bother to read any gay news, else you'd know some of these things by now. IOW, you can't possibly be gay-friendly, if you remain ignorant of the relevant issues. You are a lukewarm friend to gays, at best.

Besides, I'm sure your gay friends (if you truly have any) would completely agree with my statements. Unless of course, they're deaf, dumb, and blind.

What amuses and frustrates me--as a gay activist--is how so many heteros who call themselves "gay-friendly" insist on being the last word on what "gay-friendly" really means, and what the gay issues really are...even when a real gay person (even if he's an activist) disagrees, and attempts to correct the erroneous hetero.

Moving right along, I snag poster "albrechtkrausse" and give him what-for:

{{ why these 'crimes' justify an Alternet article? }}

Well, duh! Gays don't count?

{{ Or maybe it is because the victims are "LGBTs" }}

Oh, I see: they DON'T count. Gays don't deserve news coverage and respect, by reporting abuses against them. UNLIKE other persecuted groups. "Goodness gracious, if we can't bash gays any more, who's left?"

{{ Alternet ignores the African-Americans, cops, whites, and others killed by Mexican immigrants. Or the DUI accidents. Or the rapes. Or the "serial killings" }}

Nonsense, you are simply a flaming BIGOT. Alternet DOES cover all minorities. And by ALL, this means HOMOSEXUALS, too. Duh.

Alternet.org is one of the FEW progressive news outlets that has finally learned the IMPORTANCE of incorporating the gay issue on an equal basis with all other minority issues. There are still PLENTY of liberal outlets that continue to IGNORE sexual minorities. Obviously, you RESENT Alternet's righteous pro-gay stand...it BOTHERS you big time, don't it? Well, look forwared to being bothered a heck of a lot MORE, as the gay issue continues to be shoved in your face, in your life, as long as you continue to HATE them.

{{ But an isolated event by some Slavic immigrants }}

NEWS FLASH: Just because YOU pay no attention to the gay issue, does not mean ipso facto, that any anti-gay attack is "isolated". In fact, Amerika has a MAJOR and GROWING problem with homophobia...no doubt in part to bigots like you. (Goddess forbid you should EVER read any gay-relevant news, such as planetout.com. Being informed is NOT the way of the NeoCon, NeoNazi, or NeoChristian.)

{{ Interesting, to say the least }}

You must be a very blissful person...after all, you know what they say about ignorance.

Whether you like it or not, Gay Rights has become a front-burner issue all over the globe these days. Why? Because violent homophobia and heterocentrism have run their course for WAY too long...and when a society perpetuates and ignores any sort of hatred long enough, it eventually BACKFIRES and winds up HANDING OVER all power to the very group it has abused.

A homosexualized world is a free world. A homosexualized world is a sane world. A homosexualized world is a world w/o overpopulation. A homosexualized world is a world w/o violent machismo. A homosexualized world is a world of equality for EVERYONE.

"I'd walk a mile for a camel, two for a
sheep or goat, and three for a boy."

(ancient Muslim saying)

Finally, I re-read the first poster ("MAD"), and got really pissed over this "top six serial killers" issue, and did my homework. In fact, I burned the midnight oil:

I know you got this so-called "fact" from the notoriously homophobic charlatan, Dr. Paul Cameron. He has been debunked some years back, as falsifying and distorting research about gay people. Very Nazi of him...and of you, for spreading such harmful disinformation.

Cameron's own page has a subsection entitled: "The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay". And that's where you acquired the list of killers. Of course, you didn't bother to say just where you got that false claim from. 'Cause if you did, you would have been derided and hooted off this thread.

Cameron is described in gay news source PlanetOut as a member of "the Family Research Institute, a pseudo-scientific front organization of the religious right that has a long history of anti-gay propaganda."

I refer you to the following sites that debunk Cameron's false premises:

Cameron Facts quote: "Six serious errors are identified in the Cameron group's sampling techniques, survey methodology, and interpretation of results. The presence of even one of these errors would be sufficient to cast serious doubts on the legitimacy of any study's results. In combination, they make the data virtually meaningless."

Dr. Paul Cameron and the Family Research Institute. This site includes many examples of Cameron's propaganda.

Paul Cameron's Pseudo Science quote: "Through the years Cameron has claimed that gay people die far younger than straight people, are disease-ridden, drive drunk, shoplift, are murderers, eat feces, use gerbils for sex fun and urinate on one another.

Now, I've done my homework tonight, to come up with a list of notorious serial killers who have no reputation for same-sex attraction. Thus disproving Cameron's claim that the top 6 serial killers are homosexual:

-Donald Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins - aka the Meanest Man in America; confessed to over 200 murders.

-Charles Cullen - nurse in New Jersey and Pennsylvania who killed as many as 40 patients through lethal injection.

-Donald Harvey - aka Angel of Death; hospital orderly, confessed to more than 80 "mercy killings" with 37 confirmed killings.

-Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski - professional hit man by trade ...killed between 33 and 200 individuals.

-Gerard John Schaefer - police officer who killed up to 34 women and girls.

-Tommy Lynn Sells - admitted to murdering dozens of people, possibly in excess of 70.

-Gerald Stano - convicted murderer of 41 women.

-Michael Swango - physician and surgeon who poisoned over 30 of his patients and colleagues.

-Coral Eugene Watts - aka The Sunday Morning Slasher; killed dozens of women in Texas and Michigan.

Just a typical day (er, "night") of my online activism.

How Far We Haven't Come
10.06.07 (12:04 am)   [edit]

What follows is an essay I composed over 10 years ago...and posted to various gay, activist and Xian newsgroups. While certain references are dated, I find the general points of my declaration to be even more timely now, than when first written...when you consider the political climate for gay people around the world in this year 2007. Read it and see just how far we gays haven't come:

New Declaration of Independence

June 1997

I hereby declare war against the United States Government, and to all its people who support the federal sanction against same-sex marriage... which may be a majority. The moment government permits any state to officially and intentionally deny a gay citizen's right to the pursuit of happiness--as indeed marriage is a blissful goal--the door is open to establishing all homophile women and men as second class citizens in perpetuity.

I perceive this unconstitutional, ungodly sanction as the first step towards eradicating all known homosexuals in our sorry nation. The bombing of the Lesbian lounge in Atlanta is just the beginning...unless the federal government and mainstream Christian churches--including African-American congregations--immediatel y step in and aggressively fight back against the jihad these homophobes have declared. (I'm not holding my breath.) Their continued silence and foot-dragging on the noble issue of same-sex-lover rights, puts blood on their hands as surely as if they were right-wing fanatics themselves!

I urge all lesbians, gays, bisexuals, gender changers, their supporters, and other so-called queer types to bear arms and take to the streets...and push back the beast of homophobia that now rears its ugly head in the eyes of the majority, who prowl this gutted country like ghouls from The Night Of The Living Dead. For all intents and purposes, President Clinton has nodded his head in approval of a nationwide witch hunt to kill us anywhere and everywhere we are seen or known to abide...or at best to deny us jobs, shelter, friendship, and equal treatment. Our President's wavering on the "gays in the military" issue, along with the signing of DOMA...places him in direct responsibility for exacerbating the hostility against a basically harmless, and decent, group of citizens: gay women and men.

Likewise for our so-called "liberal" straight friends...who are too cowardly to display a pink triangle on their own clothing, or a T-shirt or bumper sticker proclaiming: "Another Hetero for Lesbian & Gay Rights". Yet they proudly wear slogans and icons promoting the rights of African-Americans, women, children, trees, animals, and so on. The Danes in World War II sported stars of David to conceal Jewish folk from Nazis...but I hear of none who displayed the pink triangle.

If you are heterosexual, and perceive yourself as a true "progressive", then you would have no qualms in taking up this noble banner of Homophile Liberation in the ways I have suggested...else you, too, have blood on your hands. But if heteros at large still refuse to see this as their fight, too...we homosexuals can flood the straight bars, clubs, and other hetero hangouts. Our presence, with pink triangles emblazoned on our shirts and jackets, will turn these straight clubs into targets of the Army of God and their ilk. Then, of course, we'll have a lot more allies in the resistance--albeit unwilling.

Be it known that I am proudly homosexual, that I am a Christian who respects all other beliefs as equal, that I presently go by the name Ezekiel Krahlin (formerly Gene Catalano). Be it also known that I propose the new label "Thracian" over "gay male," to symbolize the new-found empowerment of the homophile community in this century's closing decade. The word "gay" perpetuates a stereotype of ourselves as flighty, emotional, and frivolous...not to be taken seriously, as a citizen, as a human being, or as anything else! (Surely, women have a similar complaint against male chauvanists.)

"Lesbian" is a beautiful term for the homosexual female; as its name comes from a Greek Island with a rich, classical history. The region of Thrace also has a great history, and likewise plays an honored role in Hellenic culture...hence I coin the term "Thracian" for those who are commonly thought of as "gay male". Ancient Greeks first called their northern neighbors "Thracians," and later, "Macedonians"...the people from whom arose Alexander The Great. "Hellenic" can be the general term for both homophile women and men, who are sick of the belittling and ineffectual descriptor, "gay". This caps a nice balance on the other two Greek words, to form an elegant triad: Hellenic, Lesbian, Thracian. It also does away with the chauvanistic stance of using "Gay" to represent both male and female members, as well as males only. (Credit for the idea of "Hellenic" to replace "Gay" goes to Fireweaver, an Internet friend.)

Heterosexism, chauvinism, misogyny, mysandry, homophobia, pedophilia, racism, and bestiality are all blasphemies in God's eyes, and in mine, and in the eyes of all good people. Under this inspiration, I declare Northern California a safe haven, and demand protection by the United Nations Global Peacekeepers. I also call for the secession of this region, and its establishment as a government solely for and by homosexuals...where all beliefs are to be equally respected. Let this new nation be named "Athenia," to honor woman's suffrage as well as symbolize wisdom and valor. As a body politik, we are as the victorious David against Goliath: the giant of homophobia shall be toppled and slain in our time.

Let it also be known that not every gay person is a friend. Like any group of human beings, they have their ranks of evil forces. True hearts are few and far between...love and be constant to such friends--if indeed you have even one--for you are well blessed. For wherever there are two kindred hearts, there Your Angel will be also, in spirit. Do not judge any person by any category (such as gay or hetero, Jew or Christian, ugly or handsome, poor or rich, white or black, etc.) But do judge her by what comes from the heart, as expressed in words and deeds.

Civilization (for what it's worth) is about to go berserk; the capitalist world as we know it is doomed. I trust that those whom I can reach through this letter, already are taking action. If you are wicked (homophobic), it is not yet too late to change. I stand by you in prayer, and hope you will join the valorous. For until the last enemy is fallen, it is my duty to fight for every lost soul until the final moment. Yes, I pray most ardently for the lost, not for the risen.

In closing, I humbly attempt to give solace to my gay sisters and brothers, with this quote from Psalm 35 (1-8):

      Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me;
      Fight against those who fight against me.
      Take hold of shield and buckler,
      And stand up for my help.

      Also draw out the spear,
      And stop those who pursue me.
      Say to my soul,
      "I am your salvation."

      Let those be put to shame and brought to dishonor
      Who seek after my life;
      Let those be turned back and brought to confusion
      Who plot my hurt.
      Let them be like chaff before the wind,
      And let the angel of the Lord pursue them.

      For without cause they have hidden their net for me in
           a pit,
      Which they have dug without cause for my life.
      Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly,
      And let his net that he has hidden catch himself;
      Into that very destruction let him fall.

The Mistake You Made
10.02.07 (12:41 am)   [edit]
From: 	  Zeke
To: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
Date: 	  02 Oct 2007, 07:55:37 PM
Subject:  The mistake you made...

is not kicking out Gypsy for threatening me. To merely reprimand him is
nothing more than a slap on the wrist. You should have KICKED HIM
OUT...for at least three months. Now, he realizes he can get away with
his hostility, and continue to bad-mouth me.

Come to think of it (with a little hindsight), I don't even think you
DID reprimand Gypsy. You just CLAIMED that, after I questioned you
several times re. WHY you haven't 86'd the bastard.

I will CONFRONT Gypsy very soon, as to why he stopped being friendly to
me, regardless of how you feel about it. I will ALSO confront you, as to
why you didn't kick him out, when you would have done so PROMPTLY if I
or anyone else threatened another patron.

The Eagle is every bit as EVIL as Hole in the Wall, and I have LOST my
patience with the wickedness that is perpetrated each and every day
against decent people, including myself.

At least TWICE when Larkin has shown up, you HAVE NOT told him that I am
the one behind welcoming him back to SOMA, particularly the Eagle. Why
on earth haven't you done that little kindness for me, unless you are
part and parcel of the wickedness going on?

I am also through with Larkin, who is a scumbag par excellence, in whose
face I will gladly spit next time (and every time) I see him. I don't
CARE one whit if he beats me up, or even kills me. I STAND BY THE TRUTH,
no matter what.

You disgust me, the Eagle disgusts me, the Hole in the Wall disgusts me,
SOMA bars disgust me, ALL the gay bars disgust me. I have DONE MY BEST
to give the benefit of the doubt, but you have FAILED me big time, along
with Gypsy, Gary Clayton, Chris Altman, Larkin Kelsey, et al.

To my very last breath if need be, I will CONDEMN every single gay bar
in this city. A wicked cult has run them for DECADES, and I have nothing
good to say of the bars in any way, shape or form.

Get this, Ron: you have ALLOWED a hetero person (Gypsy) to harass me, a
gay activist, in a gay bar. And all you've done is slap him on the wrist
for THREATENING me. And you have NOT said ONE GOOD WORD about me to
Larkin, even though you've had MANY chances to do so.


MOST sincerely,

Zeke Krahlin

From: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
To: 	  Zeke
Date:     Mon, 1 Oct 2007 19:55:37
Subject:  Re: The mistake you made...

I'm sorry you feel that way.  I have always treated you very well and with 
respect and I think you are way out of line.  Good Luck on your journeys.


From: 	  Zeke
To: 	  Ron, Eagle Tavern Bartender
Date: 	  05 Oct 2007, 07:28:51 PM
Subject:  Re: The mistake you made...

Ron writes:
| I'm sorry you feel that way.  I have always treated you very well and 
| with respect and I think you are way out of line.

oh ha ha ha

10.01.07 (2:38 pm)   [edit]

As a student of religion and world views for many years--and a homosexual to boot--I'd like to share some theories I have on the liberating role Christianity will ultimately have for lesbians and gay men:

Christianity is so obviously a religion of homosexuality, that I can't believe our Western cultures are taking so long (centuries) to come around to that realization! In both the Old and the New Testament, there is not one mention of God's wife, mistress, or girlfriend. And the New Testament, of course, is the incredible story of a Father's love for His Son, and vice versa. The fundamentalists will be the first to tell you that...for in their eyes, it is indeed "The Greatest Story Ever Told". No woman ever appears in this tale, to interfere with their adoration of each other! If this isn't a homosexual affair, then I don't know what is.

(We could also consider their relationship pedophilic as well... however, we must not judge God and His Son from our own vulgar, human perspective, now should we? God's Son was not born of woman's womb, nor did God have to love a woman to conceive His Son. In fact, God created His Son as a projection of His Psyche as it emerged from His Spirit. (I mean, c'mon, do you think the universe got its start from heterosexual boinking? And just how do you think the Angels came to be? Surely not between a woman's legs!) Therefore, Jesus is not any kind of son in the human sense...thus their relationship is not pedophilic... instead, it is the Creator loving His First Created. It is beautiful; and it is homosexual.)

The New Testament was originally written in the Greek tongue, and is infused with Greek traditions, culture, and mythology...and you know how pro-homosexual were the ancient Greeks! So Christianity, from my point of view, is an embellishment--or perhaps a furtherance--of the pantheon of tales in what we term "Greek Mythology". Jesus seems to be another manifestation of Apollo, the God of the Sun's rays and hence, healing. If you know your Bullfinch, you know that the word "heal" comes from "Helios," an earlier name for Apollo. You'll also know that Apollo often interceded between God's wrath and mankind...usually as a reincarnate in the guise of a humble peasant, farmer, or craftsman. He'd live among the common folk in order to understand their needs, desires, foibles and strengths.

Time and time again, Apollo pleaded with His Father, Zeus, to not chastise an entire city-state for the crime of an individual. But Zeus would not listen, and often punished Apollo for His upstart behavior. However, in His reincarnation as Jesus, Apollo finally got Zeus to pay attention. And this is most interesting...for Zeus was portrayed as having a wife, while Jehovah is not! If you extrapolate from my theory that Christianity is an extension of Greek mythology...then you may conclude that--once Apollo made this supreme sacrifice--Zeus fell hopelessly in love with his radiant son, never to even look at Hera again, or even acknowledge her existence. For no Greek god or goddess before this time, had performed such an heroic, absolutely selfless feat of love...so magnificent as to draw the loving attention of The Creator Himself, for all eternity. Thus began not only a new chapter, but a new book, and a new direction, in Greek mythology...the new book being The New Testament, and the new direction, Christianity.

The life of Alexander the Great is a clear parallel to my theory...especially if you believe in reincarnation, and that Apollo has reincarnated numerous times on earth. I believe that Apollo, three centuries prior to incarnating as Jesus Christ, was born as Alexander of Macedonia. It is known that Alexander believed he was God's son, and searched for his father far and wide...never to be joined with him again, until death. I believe that, when a god incarnates as a fleshly mortal, he may lose some or all of his memory as to who he really is. (This would depend on the deity's mission.) If such be true, then Alexander may have been correct: he was the Son of God. And here's a startling parallel that Alexander's father, King Phillip, had with Zeus:

His wife, Olympia, was a vicious shrew who tormented her husband, and all her family to no end. She wanted so badly for Alexander to inherit the throne, that she poisoned her other son, Phillip Junior...who became retarded as a result. This was the last straw for King Phillip, who never slept with Olympia again, and took only soldiers to bed with him from then on. So Phillip, like Zeus, ceased to have a wife. I surmise that Phillip may even have been God Himself incarnate, right there beside his brave son, Alexander--though neither suspected. (I actually believe that God and His Son are reincarnated together in each generation...sometimes to rediscover one another in each magnificent real-life adventure; in animated 3-D, yet!)

Both Apollo and Jesus temper God's wrath to man. They each are healers. The rays of light surrounding Jesus are the same rays used to depict the Sun God, Helios (or Apollo). And of course, the New Testament was first written in the Greek tongue. But Apollo was also the bringer of plague. So, like Jesus Christ, he held the keys to heaven in one hand, and those to hell in the other. This brings us to the present age, and the present plague: AIDS. The metering out of plagues is not necessarily an act of punishment...but may be a tempering of the human soul that, though exceedingly painful, may deepen our spirits in the long run.

AIDS is God's judgment...not of homosexuals, but of straight society. That is: a test to see just how much compassion heterosexuals shower upon gays as a result of AIDS. I'd say the track record is poor, and vengeance shall soon be wrought in the form of a New Passover. The firstborn of every Bible-thumping homophobic couple shall be struck dead (unless the child is Hellenic). A plague will then sweep over this world, and decimate our populations so that humans won't be so numerous, and mother nature may heal and breathe freely once more. The human population will stabilize at one billion.

By then, we will have established a new, and final, religion that will span the globe to incorporate all different cultures while preserving the uniqueness of each one. It will be a remarkable fusion of wisdom and love, and revere the homosexual state as the highest form of human consciousness. It will also put an end to senseless breeding and overpopulation. Could you say "Amen" to this? I sure could!

My heavily testosteronized discourse must have offended most lesbian readers at this point, so it's only fair that I add another conjecture on behalf of our better sex. That, once the human race enters the state of mind known to Christians as "heaven," a whole mirror universe shall reveal itself, where the supreme deity is Goddess, and her great love is her daughter. (After all, Hera needed to do something with all that free time, once Zeus went totally ga-ga for Apollo!)


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