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In Defense of Arthur Evens
03.24.09 (2:44 am)   [edit]
Responding to Gary Virginia's tacky put-down in last issue's letter, "Get a Life, Arthur":

I haven't yet had the honor of meeting Arthur Evans, but it seems he has been residing in San Francisco almost as long as myself: since 1973. Such long-term residency often gives the edge for community activists, as opposed to those recently blown into town. (By the way, Gary, are you "recently blown?" You sure sound like it.) Mr. Virginia: no need worry about Evans' social life...for it is well known that even whistle blowers have a varied and fullfilling existence. Your strategy to trivialize Arthur's astute contributions, only serves to mask ongoing corruption. Whether by intent or small-mindedness, such an attitude does not convey a good purpose.

While San Francisco life and politics on the surface seem to be the usual bumpy ride, the corruption that bubbles underneath is far more extensive and horrific than many yet realize. For example: the gay bars are, each and every one of 'em, cesspools of hard drug rings, dysfunctional alcoholic intrigue, wicked back-stabbing, and even shady violence. (Some even wind up murdered, bartender and patron alike.) Yet these venues remain the very heart of our community, and a major fund-raising windfall. There's something truly pathetic and even frightening about this, for it implies that our very politics and financial resources are entrenched in a corrupt foundation, riding on the backs of substance abuse and a violent underworld.

Our gay neighborhoods (especially the Castro) run rife with homophobic street thugs who threaten residents and tourists alike, trash our environs, and wander the night like graveyard ghouls. Not a pretty picture, to say the least. Our police force--what remains of it--does little to staunch this alarming condition. (They did show up in force on Halloween, thank you very much, but that was just one day out of 365.)

If not so ethically polluted, our community would have evolved out of that mucky swamp long years past. This sort of corruption bears the earmark of a cultish origin whose roots go back several decades, and may have something to do with the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and Mayor Moscone, by one Dan White.

By the same token, similar corruption and elitism run a thread through all aspects of American society, which obviously includes the so-called SF gay community and its political "allies". There is no participating in this elite circle of politicians and their wannabes, except for being well-heeled with concomitant poodle pedigree. It is thus no surprise to me that those newly minted district politicos who appear all sunshiny and honest on the surface, may conceal a different stripe underneath. Also no surprise there are those who exist, such as Gary Virginia, to readily pounce upon the few courageous truth-speakers who raise a finger in criticism or even (gasp) alarm.

Mexican meth
wolves at our door!

In that same letters section of the very same issue, also appeared Arthur's latest contribution titled "Drug Cartels & Politicians". Thank you Arthur, for a most excellent bellwether regarding the intrusion of Mexican drug trafficking into California and, more specifically, good ol' (corrupt ol') San Francisco.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 03.24.09 (9:23 am)

Arthur Evans.

I don't know what was posted prior by Virginia et al, but thirty to fifteen years ago, I knew Arthur. Arthur was on one hand a sensible practical man with mechanical expertise and drive enough to open up a business - a repair shop for Volkswagens called "The Buggery". I cannot remember how many years he was in business. We used to know Arthur by his nomme de plume "the Red Queen". Arthur was very conscientious in his commentary in reference to individual rights and civil liberties.

After the Dan White verdict, I had repeated the aspect that read "if you're white it's not called murder", and Arthur adamantly told me I was missing the point. He was right. Establishing truth came first; make the point - deal with the diplomacy and feelings later. If he comes on strong, it's not defensive hostility, but conscientious conviction. He is open minded, but firmly grounded in his principles.

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 03.24.09 (9:27 am)

Ezekiel, if you meet Arthur, in the back of your mind his face will ring a bell. He was frequently in our company a few stools down at Andy' Donuts. He combs his hair back now like a middle aged man, but it used to be a Herman's Hermits type mop.

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 03.24.09 (10:56 am)

Thanks for the background, John, very nice. I do know what he looks like, our paths cross several times each year, though we've never associated. He certainly doesn't know me as Zeke, may remember my letters as Gene Catalano. Anywayz, his name is linked (above) to an excellent biography, with his e-mail addy at bottom. I just posted him a simple message that just contained a link to this blog entry...and was titled the same as this article. We'll see!

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