PONerology or PUNerology?

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PONerology or PUNerology?
03.04.08 (3:31 pm)   [edit]
Ponerology = the study of evil (according to the author cited below).

The origin of evil!

Some time in 1995, one Laura Jadczyk (from Alberta, Canada) releases the following book on the Internet: "Political Ponerology (the Genesis of Evil)" by one Andrew Lobaczewski. Several years down the line, Zeke stumbles upon it in his own online research. Shelves it in a corner of his mind. Then, comes upon it again, today. And is STRUCK by the relevance of the statements contained therein, as regards his revelations of the Zodiac Cult. Such as this passage:

The ultimate cause of evil lies in the interaction of two human factors: 1) normal human ignorance and weakness and 2) the existence and action of a statistically small (4-8% of the general population) but extremely active group of psychologically deviant individuals. The ignorance of the existence of such psychological differences is the first criterion of ponerogenesis. That is, such ignorance creates an opening whereby such individuals can act undetected.

Incredible! (The URL for that quote is ponerology.com/evil_2b.html.)

The origin of cult behavior!

This brings to mind Zeke's mini-masterpiece "Disbelief: The Weakest Link" as the perfect example of this cult's dark machinations as mirrored by poneroligical theory. Though there ARE other ZekeEssays equally perfect, such as "I Don't Trust Roman: Here's Why" and "There's a Succubus Born Every Minute". Both of which dexterously probe This Cult's methodologies (as does "Disbelief").

Some chapters are available to read online, otherwise you'll need to buy the book. Which I DON'T recommend, as it's rare and thus, expensive. Best price offered through Amazon.com: $35 plus shipping. Next best price: $80! We're just talking PAPERBACK here, yow-ee!

The book may ultimately be a ruse, but does seem to contain SOME valuable pearls of insight. I think because wisdom has a way of manifesting whenever need be, regardless of the compost in which its seed was planted. Think also: "sense of humor" in the vast, universal scheme of all things. I will return to this ponerology site this eve, to gather all wisdom I can, like a fisherman casting his net.

But is too cheap to cough up the permit fee.

The origin of
fishy smells!

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