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Lord Of The Drug Rings
12.26.07 (1:30 pm)   [edit]

Latest blog entry. Something about living on razor's edge, not knowing if you're gonna live to see the next day, that stimulates my literary epiphany.

I have absolutely NO pain whatsoever, am healing nicely. 1/3 of my skull remains numb, no swelling or infection. That must be the endorphins kicked in, to spare me any ADDITIONAL misery.

Several people are granting me GREAT respect, as witness to my fearless courage. There are DOZENS of bicycle thugs, so the streets may be too DANGEROUS for me to step out. If such be the case, there are those who will bring me food and basic sundry items.

Until said time Larkin or another beloved ally arrives to cart me off to Safe Haven. I have PAID the price to become THE most powerful drug lord in ALL of Athenia. I will soon have my finger on the pulse of ALL drug traffic flowing both IN and OUT of my region. ALL dealers must assume PERSONAL responsibility for the well-being and SAFETY of their clients. NO tainted, toxic or otherwise BAD drugs permitted. Any dealer who breaks that RIGID rule shall be put to death STAT. No delay, no trial, no hearing. Nothing, nada, zilch, GOOSE EGG.

Today's drug network will be tomorrow's pharmacy!

Why? Because most EVERYONE in Amerika is rapidly losing their medical insurance...or what care they can still afford (barely) is inferior compared to 20 or so years ago. Drug dealers will soon profit ENORMOUSLY from this overwhelming tide of need for healing medicines. In addition to the standard street drugs, dealers will soon provide all other medications required by the needy and suffering...as a result of our own present system's voracious greed and intentional CRIPPLING of the populace. HERBAL formulas will also become readily available, as the FDA clamps down on citizens' growing desire for alternative health treatments. IOW:

I will turn our drug dealers into drug HEALERS!

By which they will profit like never before. Even though their fees will be drastically REDUCED in order to accommodate the POOR and lower classes. The poorest among us shall be provided healthful medicines at NO COST. The majority of dealers will eventually morph into PREVENTATIVE (as well as alternative) Medicine Men. So there you have a return to the ancient ways of shamanism...which have arisen from our Collective Unconscious to save mankind from its own foolish self.

A big chunk of profits will go towards housing the homeless. Universal health is of equal import, as is MEANINGFUL labor at a LIVING wage. This will also herald my dream to open loving, fun and wholesome HOMES for severely disabled GAY war veterans.

To honor My Randolph, whose love, long suffering, courage and WISDOM have made this MIRACLE possible!

R ivers of kindness course through your heart,
A rtery of God's messengers.
N ewborn child in the valley of
D reams-Come-True, listen to
O rpheus sing your name as
L ilies of the field bow their heads and
P urple heather underneath your shoe travels
H omeward where I sit, by a candle.

A significant number of dedicated scientists will align with my ideals, to develop HARMLESS versions of heroine, smack, coke, meth, etc. They will contain healthful additives to heal the immune system, and reduce dependency by at least 5% each time you inject, smoke, or swallow your "poison" of choice. Increased dispersion of QUALITY marijuana will play a major role in PAINLESSLY easing substance-abuse victims from addiction to formerly illegal drugs...which shall be DECRIMINALIZED by my orders. Gay bars will be morphed into marijuana-&-herbal-tea infusion/concoction and smoking outlets. A cut of the profits shall benefit no-to-low income patrons.

Is everyone with me here, on the same page? If not, that's kewl. You can even think I'm kinda NUTS...'cause in just a little more time I SHALL be VINDICATED, and ALL those who once thought me deluded will be utterly AMAZED and convinced of my veracity. INCREDIBLE! I hereby declare yours truly to be The Luckiest & Most Blessed Humanoid On The Planet.

Anyone dare CHALLENGE me?

From: Zeke
To: My_E-friends
Date: 26 Dec 2007
Subject: Lord of the Drug Rings

Latest blog entry. Don't be deceived...while lifted from one of my recent letters to you (my beloved e-friends), besides the added images and links, there is also a POEM.

Now, I need to take my shower, dress, and track down all those who WISH my death or ATTEMPT to kill me. I'll have them runnin'. THEN I march on down to the offices of the S.F. Bay Times, show them my ugly WOUND, and demand they take my photo, and INTERVIEW me. That I may EXPOSE the scumbags, and invite all concerned to LEARN about this cult via Steal This Blog!

What a day this is turning out to be!

Larkin.zip has now grown to a little over 6 megabytes, BTW.

Remember to download Larkin.zip!

Warren Q. writes:

{{ Ezekiel, please use caution - these types are no doubt very dangerous. Hope you can recover with no problems. }}

I ALWAYS am cautious, Warren. But when called to blow the whistle, sometimes one must choose COURAGE over caution. I couldn't live w/myself, if I remained silent. That would then make me a partner in their crime.

As you should already realize, I am TOTALLY vulnerable, living as I do in a poorly secured apartment bldg. INHABITED by several cult members as well. And I have NO other place to stay...praying for Larkin or other ally to provide me w/safe harbor.

Should I go to the police? Nope. They are NOT to be trusted. The Zodiac Cult has DEFINITELY infiltrated them.

Further: if I am to become a vital leader of our family, my bravery needs witnesses. It is CLEAR to more than several, that I am willing to sacrifice my life for Our Cause...if it comes to that.

I now have them, after all these years of courageous stunts withOUT any recognition. These photos go on my ZekeBlog in a moment.

MORE bad news: I phone-contacted the SF Bay Times, spoke with Kim Corsaro, their chief editor. She said, "We don't cover that sort of story. Perhaps you should go to the police."

Obviously, the cult has them, too. I know for sure that the Bay Area Reporter has been infested by cult members for many years. But I HAD hoped the Bay Times would give me credence.

My recovery is swift. Thank you.

John H., you tell me if my forehead wound is in the identical location as L. Thompson's. Is it also the same shape? You seem to have a much better memory than myself, regarding 2306 intrigue and characters.

Hopefully, Larkin will be at the Metro this eve. Assuming no permission to speak, I'll stand some yards away and remove my hat, that he can get a clear view of my injury. I'm sure he already knows what happened (he's telepathic), but I need to be CERTAIN...as I'm NOT yet as psychic as he.

ADDENDUM: The suspect who pilfered my wallet, also enjoyed purchasing junk food via my debit card.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.27.07 (12:17 pm)

No; Thompson's was on the opposite side of his forehead, a bit more central in location.

One funny thing about the pompous Larry Thompson - he insisted on wetting his hair with Vitalis and combing it up into a high pompodour, exposing not only the dent scar but also his aging furrowed lines. He could have appeared much younger had he gone for the "dry" look and shagged it down a bit. But I guess being tall and goofy and hailing from the days of wine and roses, he was as rigid as Dagwood Bumstead.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.28.07 (11:44 am)

My ideas regarding a revamped drug network to create a QUALITY life for all citizens make ME the BEST candidate for the position of Lord of the Drug Rings.

We can NOT count on gov't to implement this ingenious and most BENEVOLENT solution to a seemingly intractable travail that only threatens to get worse.

That's why I'm sure I have YOUR vote for World's First Gay Prez in 2008.

(Or dictator, whichever is most readily accessible.)

posted by: Warren Q. (reply)
post date: 12.29.07 (10:35 pm)

You might want to be careful that he could accuse
you of threatening him, even if you are right, but
can't prove it. It is part of how this unfair world works.

Of course, if it is your decision to take the chances
and face the dangers - both legal dangers and
illegal, criminal retaliation on his part- that is always
a prerogative that can make more sense than many
people would realize- of simply having dealt with
far too much for too long, and not really caring what
happens next, because all else ceases to matter.

I think that if gays want to make progress, as a general
rule, they will need to be pushed to that limit- where
they just don't care anymore, even about safety.
If they worry about safety, they will be rendered
politically impotent, because they are too easily ignored,

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.29.07 (10:41 pm)

{{ he could acccuse you of threatening him }}

Understood. But my conclusion is he's got TOO many fingers in illegal pies, to make such a bold parry.

{{ Of course, if it is your decision to take the chances
and face the dangers }}

Exactamundo, Warren! You hit the U-lock on the cranium! (Like my updated metaphor?) I am PISSED-OFF and FEARLESS. You've iterated numerous times that when one reaches a certain age as a gay activist, one MIGHT decide to pull off a RADICAL maneuver to shock and challenge society's hypocritical homophobia. Just such an opportunity has OBVIOUSLY fallen into my hands. The PERFECT and GOLDEN opportunity.

{{ I think that if gays want to make progress, as a general
rule, they will need to be pushed to that limit }}

I stare DEATH right in the face, Warren. And you know what? I feel FANTASTIC. To stand up to such ugly monsters w/o flinching is such an EXHILARATING sense of pride, it goes WAY beyond life or death, comfort or unease. But at the same time, I feel intuitively ASSURED of sweeping victories from here on in. You just need to reach a certain emotional critical mass...that can only come from a series of bold and righteous steps...before it ALL "clicks in", like the last piece of a 3-D plastic jigsaw puzzle.

I know that you feel an OBLIGATION to advise caution. That is one of your roles (albeit among the LEAST of them). But I know full well in my heart, you are MOST impressed, cheering me on in hopes of VICTORY, and fervently PRAY that no harm shall come to me in my quest for queer justice. And I ALSO know you are struck by the BRILLIANCE of my manipulations upon each new twist in this real-life plot.

Well, am I wrong or right in my assumptions? Or would you prefer "no further comment" in this stage of The Game?

- Zekester

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.02.08 (8:04 pm)

soulsought posted:

{{ Thompson's was on the opposite side of his forehead, a bit more central in location. }}

That comes as some relief. Nonetheless, eerily similar, being that I have a DENT in my forehead of similar shape. Though in my case, the injury looks and feels like it will heal smoothed over of any dent.

What a remarkable adventure God has embarked upon yours truly!

Thanks for your EXCELLENT mockup of mock-worthy Thompson!

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 04.27.08 (10:57 pm)

Warren Q. writes:

{{ I think that you are quite right. }}

Thanks for your provocative insights!

{{ In the larger scheme of things, I would not even waste time with a small-time drug dealer, but deal with the heart of anti-gay hatred. }}

Your suggestion that I am limiting myself to a small-time drug dealer galls me no end!

I thought it was OBVIOUS to you, that I am infiltrating a most important weak point of this cult, whereby I can infiltrate and overtake. This cult has its fingers in local SF gov't which holds a broad sweep over northern California.

I am absorbing their sorrows and need to be healed, after all their years of skulduggery that OBVIOUSLY (and righteously) has backfired!

Even the WORST drug dealers and murderers will come to realize that I, Zeke Krahlin, am their only salvation!

My plan (if you haven't figured it out by now), is to have them bow to MY demands...which are HEALING. I will leave the rest for you to figure out for the nonce, as mine enemies continue to make it a painful uphill crawl, to just even convey the most simplistic curative notions.

I WILL NOT live under such contradictive conditions. FUCK the power elite!

{{ Sorry- I guess it wasn't obvious. }}

It IS obvious, as proven by my latest writings. However, I'm sure that due to your OWN busy schedule and holiday distractions, it sort of went over your lovely head.

{{ If you could go after any of the true hidden forces behind drug profiting, that would truly be a service to humanity. }}

My first step is to secure this druggie bicycle network to serve MY goals, instead of their shallow, selfish and paranoid plans. ONCE that happens, we will see an almost-INSTANTANEOUS and VAST improvement of my neighborhood's safety and enjoyment (which is of course the Castro).

This will garner me INCREDIBLE respect and recognition. ('Cause my new-found bicycle buddies will BEAT UP anyone who gossips against my success and devotion to worthy ideals.) Which will THEN open up the NEXT tier of power, which is local gov't a.k.a. "San Francisco". I will PUSH ASIDE the old regime, and become the NEW ruler. Whether ANYONE likes it or not.

What was once just fantasy, The Gay Mafia, will become REALITY, with MOI standing in for Godfather. Thanks to Larkin's courageous dedication in paving the way for my CONQUEST.

Tier #3: ALL of northern California. Actually, the top 2/3, 'cause I'll have control all the way down to Santa Cruz County.

Sometimes, bothering with "small time drug dealers" as you say, CAN result in ENORMOUS repercussions, if you pick your enemies wisely.

Next time (if there IS a next time, and I hope not) you accuse me of dabbling in trivial matters, I'll SLAP your sacred wrist!

Somehow, I think you know better, and in your elegant sense of humor, GOADED me to get pissed off, and berate you!

Job well done.


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