They’re Reptilian!

From: Zeke Krahlin
Sent: Tuesday, February 18, 2014 5:43 PM
To: My E-frenz
Kansas declares open war on gays

As homophobia rears its ugly head across the globe, more and more US states shall join the side of evil. Don’t think for a moment that any blue state is a true ally. Fasten your seat belt, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

From: Carlyle
To: Ezekiel
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 17:15:31
RE: Kansas declares open war on gays


Kansas is after all Fred Phelps’ state.

When we are not in Kansas anymore, someone ought to go after a hate-spewing , big-mouth bully-boy like Limbaugh. Literally, physically go after him. The country has been begging for things like that. Just like the vision in “The Night Larry Kramer Kissed Me.” Maybe will turn out to be a prescience.

Regards, Carlyle

From: Carlyle
To: Ezekiel
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 11:10:07
RE: Kansas declares open war on gays

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 5:15 PM, Carlyle wrote:

{{ Kansas is after all Fred Phelps’ state. }}

Agreed. But I do not see Kansas as any exception to the rule. They are no more homophobic than the rest of the country. IOW: plenty of homophobia to spare, even in the so-called “blue” states. Even right here in San Francisco.

Russia’s anti-gay pogrom has emboldened gay haters across the globe. And this is how the war shall start: with sexual minorities being stripped of their rights in one state after another, in one region after another. Civil disobedience will flourish, including riots, arrests and shootings from both sides. In a nutshell (and which I’ve already posted on Twitter):

Homophobes are to gays what Mussolini was to Italians. And they shall meet the same fate.

But the tide will turn in our favor based on the hacking of major databases: military, gov’t, financial, etc. We will wind up in total control of every media outlet in the world. We will create “gay friendly” viruses to automate a strategy that shall cause all power and resources to flow into our hands. I’ve already described such a destiny years ago, in my cyberpunk tale:

Security Matters & Anti-Matters (or) The Mighty Mouse Virus

The strategies I devised, and distributed throughout the world via cyberspace, require not one bullet nor a single drop of blood be spent in order to own the planet. Or as I like to say (and have said various times on the Internet):

He who owns cyberspace owns the world.

also this:

Guns won’t save us,
Hacking will.
They have nuclear,
We have IQ.

These are but two examples of my meme strategy…memes being a highly effective form of social engineering that has been used to great success by our enemies. Sometimes, fighting fire with fire is the best way to go. I may also have originated the phrase:

Zero tolerance for homophobia.

And now I see it being used by pro-gay spokespeople on mainstream news outlets. I also see various /other/ methods I’ve espoused, being implemented on an international level by LGBT forces. So it is obvious at this point that my words have indeed had major impact, seeds now breaking through the virtual concrete as my ideas grow into mighty oaks. This also bodes well for your /own/ writings, Carlyle!

These invisible minds that guide us toward victory: they are indeed real, and have been guiding/evolving the human race for eons. They are shape shifters too, so can appear as anyone or anything they desire. ..such as my beloved Larkin Kelsey, hero and “guardian dragon” of my first published novel.

But their /original/ form (before adventuring beyond their home planet and terra forming other worlds) is that of a dragon. Or you might call ‘em “winged dinosaurs.” IOW Carlyle (and hold onto your seat for this one):


But they certainly are /not/ the evil type portrayed in sci-fi tales…unless some of them have become renegade, though I doubt this. Simply their sense of humor to inspire Hollywood in that direction.

They do not reveal to me (via telepathy of course) exactly /which/ orb is their home base…but they prefer I call them “Andromedans.” For they have long since come to populate the entire vast stretch of our neighboring galaxy. They’ve done away with heterosexual genotypes as a prerequisite for interstellar exploration; so the Andromedans have been gay for a /very/ long time. Certainly, well before they planted the first single cell organisms on this earth, I might add.

And how do /they/ reproduce? As you might well imagine, Andromedans possess an extensive range of artificial insemination techniques. But they don’t even need to go there any more: they can simply /think/ a new being into existence. Seeing as they evolved from reptiles, they do prefer to manifest each birth as an egg. They are raised of course, in hatcheries.

Now this all sounds terribly absurd and hilarious. But have I not made it clear yet they also harbor the most incredible sense of humor you could ever imagine? Or as these scaly messengers like to say:

Which came first, the Andromedan or the egg?

Again, I repeat one of the Buddha’s sagest observations:

We have no enemies, only teachers.

And it is precisely this idea upon which I have meditated for nigh unto 20 years, that has allowed me to peer through life’s illusory veil and into mirthful reality. And why I see this impending global war against queers as but a Shakespearian comedy for the elevation of homosexual independence.

Jerk wads like Limbaugh are /not/ our demons, but merely those angels who play the role of enemy. That we LGBT’s may play the hero. Thus, this incredible scenario unfolds where I, Zeke Krahlin, become the world’s Big Gay Brother…an immeasurable honor to be so chosen by Reptilians. And that you, Carlyle Lambourne, get to play an equally awesome role as (perhaps) Royal “Inqueersitor”: one who judges the damned.

Thus you may indeed exercise your option to detonate certain locales as a warning towards homophobic power mongers. Or manifest whatever other bloody messes you devise, as an expression of judgment, justice and Jedi jejunity.

For all the world is but a stage,
and we the steely actors.
So don’t forget within your rage
Lie mitigating factors.

The Andromedans shall see to it that not even a single blade of grass will suffer injury, let alone a human being. While at the same time you may fulfill your dream to crush these homophobic scum suckers to kingdom come. Even should you employ atomic holocaust upon every single friggin’ city, town, burg and domicile on the planet, that harbors homophobic notion. No harm, no foul, no injured owl.

And that is why Homoland Security has targeted neither you nor myself, in spite of our myriad and brazen e-communiques since way back in 1997: we are protected and adored by These Wily Wyverns From Andromeda. Surely you must agree that the contents of our online mail contain /many/ key words that would set off alarms on their /own/ computer mainframes. In fact, I’ll bet our conversations have alerted their guardian-bots so many times, they’re utterly /exhausted/ keeping up with all the system crashes!

But I also conjecture that you, yourself, are yet one more Reptilian who guides and tests this humble queer earthling. /No/ coincidence that I discovered your noble words in cyberspace. I was /led/ to you by Andromedan telepathy, that My Greatest Adventure may ensue. I’ve already challenged your presence as one such, to which you unsurprisingly put up a wall of denial…though in friendly fashion.

As recently did likewise Eleanor Cooney (another close e-friend) and Braden (a regular at Howard’s Cafe who “coincidentally” knows Larkin via the same SF gay bowling meet ups). Of course you’ll all deny my outrageous accusation. For part of this game being played on me is that I discover this Dragon Truth on my own. Not that you, et al, have not dropped the occasional clue to keep the mental saliva flowing. But I assure you, Carlyle:

No denials you continue to hurl across cyberspace in my direction will change my conclusion at this point. So have a /great/ day, always wonderful to hear from you. And:

Save an incubating egg in the brood for yours truly…I want my /own/ Reptilian son!

– Ezekiel

From: Carlyle
To: Zeke Krahlin
RE: Kansas declares open war on gays
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 21:09:05


Yes, I agree, it has all been done before. Mussolini literally fell on his knees in front of the Pope, because he knew that he needed Catholic Church blessing. The new Pope is at least not as rabid as the previous couple, but has a long way to go. I don’t think that the Catholic Church will be capable of admitting in the foreseeable future that homosexuality is not a sin AT ALL, or that the rational grounds for that viewpoint are equal or superior to religious mythology in terms of what ought to make social policy.

I think that the Senate didn’t give final passage to the Kansas bill that had passed their House. What if they hadn’t, though? What if we lived in the world where Fred Phelps was the Governor, the Congressman, the Chief of Police, the President. The media doesn’t want to admit: the language might be nicer, but the Catholic Church “teachings” are not fundamentally different than Fred Phelps. That God does not “approve” of us. I think that the Catholic Church once used the line that we “were not even remotely part of God’s plan” and that violence against us was “not surprising” because we demanded rights to which we had “no conceivable right”.

Yeah, like equality in federal job and housing discrimination laws to prevent scenarios just like Kansas. Of course the Catholic Church is “sensible” compared to the real hot tamales like the Baptists, evangelicals, Islam, or the Russian Orthodox Church. The comparative “good guys” are perfect little monsters much of the time. And proud of being unchanging in that, which is what points to the necessity of war, which would be no different for us than the centuries of religious wars all down through history.

Regards, Carlyle

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2014 19:08:37
Re: Kansas declares open war on gays
From: Zeke Krahlin
To: Carlyle

Whoa! What an inspiring reply! I will include your message in my latest chapter to Book 3…using your pseudonym “Carlyle Lambourne.”

You are a loyal friend to me, and to gay people everywhere. I am terribly blessed to know you, even if through email only.

- Ezekiel

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