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Lovely Berkeley Halloween
11.01.08 (12:46 am)   [edit]

Well, I had such a nice time today, first at the Berkeley Library with my fabulous Asus netbook, riding the cyberwaves on wi-fi. Then closed my sub-notebook and strolled up Shattuck two blocks to Amanda's healthy-eating restaurant for a tasty veggieburger.

An enjoyable stroll towards Telegraph Avenue, where I peered into Cafe Med a moment, then walked down the street to Peet's Coffee directly across from the Shakespeare bookstore. Peet's is new...and they provide free wi-fi...big picture windows to people watch, and a great cup of hot chocolate. I watched twilight come while tapping on my elegant pearly keyboard.

Then for the evening, I meandered up College Avenue, where I stopped for some eats at Trader Joe's, including a snack of peach kefir and Snapea Crisps.

There was a nice wooden L bench on the sidewalk nearby, sheltered by a large leafy a moderate rain fell while I happily munched. You could hear the BART trains arrive and depart from the elevated tracks barely a half-block away.

Oh, almost forgot the high point of my stroll: somewhere between Telegraph and College, I came across an orderly collection of free boxes filled mostly with literature. Among those sundry works were three booklets by Julia Vinograd...ha, ha! Berkeley's Halloween gift to one of its devoted admirers. Also, I got a neat carry bag out of those boxes.

Perfect for my netbook.


posted by: Constance (reply)
post date: 11.01.08 (2:36 am)

"Berkeley"I love that town been a long time since I've been there,never been to the liberary though,I used to hit the flea market,thanks for a blast from the pass...but hey we've got a new born this rainy Halloween Lola had one little pup,so little both Mom and child,I hope they are OK don't know why the pup's got read feet...Luv ya,Later,Constance & Don Ray XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 11.01.08 (9:53 am)

Hey, Constance! The Berkeley Library is just a lovely place to be! Their high tech upgrades have not in any way diminished its classic PWA architecture and setting.

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 11.01.08 (12:20 pm)

It's been a dozen years or more since my last Berkeley Halloween. Here in the Phillyburbs, only private parties, none of which included myself. Stupid paranoia fueled by the NSA, I suppose. Then the local PBS gave us the sequel body snatcher movie with S.F. in the 70s, not the original from the 50s. Why does mediocrity prevail?

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 11.02.08 (10:58 am)

{{ Why does mediocrity prevail? }}

I have no idea. But we SHOULD strive to bludgeon it into oblivion for once and for all.

posted by: Windsor (reply)
post date: 11.03.08 (9:00 am)

Saw your recent laptop post on the BUUG list. Dang, I wish I could find one of those bags abandoned on the street. It's a cool style, there was a similar one (same style but in brown) for sale on Ubuntu's web site a while back. Awesome find!

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 11.03.08 (8:36 pm)

Thanks Windsor. It's a very nice carryall, designed w/the laptop user in mind. The logo is really cool, and you can read it clearly, by hovering your mouse cursor over that pic.

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