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Cafe Mediterraneum in Berkeley, was a main schmooze spot for those free-speech activists in the 60's. Also, Allen Ginsberg (gay poet-philosopher and vanguard of The Beat Movement) hanged out there when he composed his infamous "Howl". And I composed my own "Faggot Bible" there, in year 2000. Wheeee! Espresso yourself!

Now here is a view from Cafe Med, looking out. I'm seated in my favorite spot on the balcony. (Maybe this was Allen's spot, too!)

Looking rightward from the balcony, I gaze upon a hideous picture that was put up almost 10 years ago. (It's 2002 as I type this.) Oh, please, please, please, please remove it for once and for all time immemorial...puLEEEEaze!

This handsome waiter is much nicer to gaze upon, than that hideous mural. (I know what I want for dessert...yummy!)