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For the Record
01.30.08 (12:08 am)   [edit]

(The following declaration is an ADDENDUM to a thread I insitigated in "alt.pagan" newsgroup, entitled "Under Attack".)

This missive is addressed for the few in this thread who DO have ears to hear...NOT to these homophobic idiots attempting to SKEW my statements in a similar fashion to the distortion and lies by those researchers and media outlets in question. (Seamus, Midwinter, root, sarchasm, Medusa Slox, Stacey Weinberger.) For the sake of Socratic dialectic, this article ADDRESSES the culprits listed between those preceding parantheses. Missive ALSO addressed to any FUTURE readers of this piece, which I will soon post to my blog, and web site.

Please note that TWO of the above listed may not have ATTACKED me, but their participation in NO way involves any support of my viewpoints. And in so refusing to acknowledge my significance, they become partners in crime.

Midwinter et al:

Your IMMEDIATE reaction was to jump all over me, as if whatever's put into print MUST be truth. NO ONE is that stupid. Ergo, I conclude that your TRIVIALIZATION of my viewpoint is BECAUSE I am specifically a GAY activist, and you INTENTIONALLY mocked me. You WILFULLY played into the SF Chronicle's OBVIOUS defamation of gay people. You are part of the CONSPIRACY, which is REAL, which is UGLY. You can bellow and rage all you want, accusing me of being deluded. You just CAN'T get the black tar of maliciousness off your baby mentality.

Ergo #2: YOU are a homophobe.

When balanced news reports finally came in (thanks to the dedicated reporters of GAY media, FYI, NOT hetero, no, not a one), they clearly and accurately REFLECTED my conclusion on three out of four counts re.: (1) skewed data, (2) vainglorious researchers (willing to ravage an ALREADY sorely persecuted community for their own greed), and (3) INTENTIONALLY HOMOPHOBIC news reports (beginning w/the SF Chronicle). While none of the truth-speakers went so far as to suggest (4) CONSPIRACY as I surely have, everything ELSE I claimed was CONFIRMED by numerous and RELIABLE accounts. Even the NEW YORK TIMES apologized, fer chrissake!

It's not that I believe everyone (or anyone) MUST agree with EVERY premise of mine...but once the EVIDENCE poured in, favoring THREE of my FOUR major claims: any DECENT person (one who is also not homophobic), would not hesitate to admit my veracity. And therefore, even if they have strong doubts about an actual CONSPIRACY behind these SUSPICIOUS events...they would now CONSIDER that possibility, due to my success correctly interpreting 75% of my surmisals.

But did YOU (and cronies) care to acknowledge wherein I was right as rain, and that (to put this politely) you reacted too summarily...that maybe you should have HELD OFF your attacks for a day or two? OF COURSE NOT. And why is that? (C'mon everyone, sing along!)


You (et al) PERSERVERED in your anti-gay skulduggery as if NO accurate corrections followed via balanced media sources. You CONTINUED your outrageous attack upon me, accusing me of being overly reactive, and giving a bad name for gays. Such deliberate OBFUSCATION is indeed the strategy of anti-queer breeders. It NEVER fails. And because they believe they can GET AWAY WITH IT, these foul bullies continue the persecution!

Further: you and your ilk totally IGNORED the various comments of SUPPORT and AGREEMENT I received in this same thread. AS IF that never happened. As if! Now for a rundown of the support I received herein:


"In the minds of many amerikans it doesn't matter whether or not anybody implied it at all. Just hearing it under the terms of 'higher- rate by this much' is enough to make a lot of really stupid people think even more idiotic thoughts than they did a few moments before."


"So far, I am indeed of the opinion that the original article was presented in a way so as to imply without explicitly saying so, that homosexual men are responsible for the outbreak of a new 'bug' which has the potential to endanger society as a whole."

"Jim" :

"Besides there would be no modern druidry if it were not for the gays."

Truth Inc.:

"You'd be an extremist too with that kind of hatred against you."

"Finally, hospitals are breeding grounds and exercise gymnasiums for such things."

You, Midwinter (and cronies) have been ZEALOUSLY deriding me, in an OBVIOUS maneuver to DERAIL and OBFUSCATE the truth I've presented. As one who specializes in gay issues, as I have for MANY years, I have developed keen INSIGHT and superior deductive REASONING. Which reasoning has become so ADEPT, I can (like Sherlock Holmes) deduce MANY conclusions from a single thread left in a carpet. I do not EXPECT even my greatest allies to possess this remarkable gift...but I DO expect those who are truly non-homophobic and PROGRESSIVE, to give me DUE respect and consideration...even to ideas which upon FIRST presentation, appear OUTRAGEOUS. YOU do not, thus leading to my precise deduction that YOU (et al) are definitely biased AGAINST gay people. While of course, PRETENDING to be queer friendly.

Nazi tactics all the way! Infiltrate and obfuscate. Sabotage and camouflage. Boink the masses and diddle there asses. Screw the faggots, treat 'em like maggots. BETRAY the truth with tongues so loose! For WHATEVER reason, I am the SOLE remaining gay activist in AMERIKA that has NOT sold out to breeder terrorism. I take NO dollars, NO public fame, NO empowerment from the hands of you HETERO LIZARDS.

After YEARS and years of studying gay and anti-gay reports, it is CLEAR to me, there is a social-engineering style REAL conspiracy, using GAY people as the main scapegoat. I am NOT afraid of being labeled CRAZY, realizing that is ONE of the CURSES I must suffer, in order to bring TRUTH into the light of day. In THAT sense (and ONLY in that sense), you BREEDER culprits are my angels too, who willingly play the role of ENEMY, that I may become HERO. For the Buddha says, "We have no enemies, only teachers." So THANK YOU for being such breeder ASSHOLES, in order to portray my GREATNESS by contrast.

There is NO WAY to uncover the truth--that anti-gay actions are a result of consciously organized CONSPIRACY--withOUT accusing certain factions of complicity. And NOT being hesitant to say so in public venues (such as Usenet), for fear of being regarded LOONEY. For here is ANOTHER truth I now toss your way (for I believe that pearls, even when tossed before swine, do NOT lose their luster):

If you don't bother to CHALLENGE these beasts, get folks riled up, we'll NEVER discover the truth. And THAT attitude is but ONE of various ways to ACCURATELY determine who and who is NOT homophobic...and to what degree. I am MORE than willing to throw myself on The Sword, in order to get to the BOTTOM of things. Obviously, this includes exposing HETERO SCOUNDRELS such as:

Seamus, Midwinter, root, sarchasm, Medusa Slox, and Stacey Weinberger.

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