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Name: sweetyir
Location: Switzerland
Home page:
Date: April 1, 2007
Comments:Very nice site! I really enjoyed it and I am pleased to have come across your site. See you soon again.
Greetings from Lugano, Switzerland!

Name: Tim
Location: Occidental, CA
Date: March 25, 2007
Comments:I find all this very intriguing, but find if hard to feel any one group of people will escape the down fall of this nation. I'm a gay man who isn't very bright and a low IQ. What little I have to offer are gifts given from our Creator. One of those gifts tells me this nation is the whore of Babylon and will be destroyed. I hope to never see it, but soon I fear is this nations demise. I only know what I read in scriptures and it says all who are righteous should run from the shores of that country. I know that includes gay people as well and I really am in no shape to pick up and I wait...and watch...and feel so sad that this nation so full of hate has caused it's own distruction. As a man living with AIDS and so many other afflictions and being very poor I can only stand by....with a sad heart.

Your little brother,

Name: Frankxc
Location: USA
Date: January 31, 2007
Comments: Great resource. Keep it up!! Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information! With the best regards!

Name: lindavids
Location: USA
Date: December 30, 2006
Comments: Hi all! Thank you for your site, and Happy New Year.

Name: NickySS
Location: USA
Date: December 24, 2006
Comments: Hi! Nice info, big thx.

Name: Peter Lovegrove
Home page:
Date: December 6, 2006
Comments: I came upon your site quite by accident. I was doing a google search for an image of a bible for a website that I'm putting together for a house group associated to an MCC church here in the UK. I got to reading about your letters to the Marines and the news articles in the B.A.R. I was compelled to start to explore the rest of your site and have thoroughly enjoyed reading your pages (although I have not yet read them all). I must say though, that you appear to be completely mad. I have to add though, that not having the opportunity to meet you in person, I cannot confirm nor refute this comment. Please do not take offence, as none was intended. Maybe eccentric is a better assumption. However, I wish you well in your work, life and dreams. All the best?

Name: Norm Cocharen
Date: November 15, 2006
Comments: NOT JUST SODOMY. I know you don't want to hear this, but you know when the bible speaks of sin, it's not talking about gay sin per-se but all sin concerning sodomy which anyone can commit for God is not a respector of persons in that sense. More heterosexuals engage in sodomy simply because there are more of them, but the one's screaming loudest about immoral sin are the one's commiting the sins themselves.

Location: the Faith-Based States of Jesusland
Home page: Society of Christians for the Restoration of Old Testament Morality
Date: November 1, 2006
Comments: A man isn't supposed to marry another man. According to the Holy King James Bible, marriage is the sacred union of one man and one or more wives and concubines (II Sam. 5:13).

Name: Carl210
Date: October 27, 2006
Comments: I came across your site and thought it has a really nice design, keep up the good work.

Name: Studphish
Home page: bjornlinks
Date: May 18, 2006
Comments: Give em hell! Er, Heaven. It's about time someone put those damn breeders in their place. You have my vote.

Name: Michael Gunter
Location: San Francisco
Home page: Number1Man
Date: January 13, 2006
Comments: Zeke, we love you man.

Name: Mark Watson
Location: Tampa
Home page: Paris Hilton
Date: July 24, 2005
Comments: Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity :)

Home page: Le site du Jeuxs
Date: July 5, 2005
Comments: Hi thanks for this page....i recommend to my friends and another persons :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D...its very good and i like...its interesting, really...good bye

Date: May 26, 2005
Comments: Very good!

Name: Prakash Ramkisson
Date: March 24, 2005
Comments: Hi! Zeke, please send me a nice boyfriend from heaven. (To read my reply, click here).

Name: pruehallywellbeaty
Date: July 1, 2004
Comments: My love I am need one person to play with me

Name: Vicki
Date: June 29, 2004
Comments: *This* is what a secret WHOIS database is supposed to protect??? Where's your gay holocaust, imminent as of over four years ago? You've been working on your presidential platform for four years? This website is pathetically designed and the content is haphazard at best. I would even venture to say that this kind of website (and spamming) is why we *need* WHOIS. (To read my reply, click here).

Name: fonzy1959
Home page: Realm Of Conspiracy
Date: June 24, 2004
Comments: This is an outrage! I can't believe what is permitted on line! This is an abomination! Christ and Homosexuality do not go hand and hand. This is heresy in its most brutal form! Congratulations to you for further perverting society! Sometimes I really hate what the 1st Amendment protects! May God have mercy on your lost, blackened souls! (To read my reply, click here).

Name: Zebsurfer
Date: June 20, 2004
Comments: I'd like to speak out against your derision of the show, Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict. First off if you think the Taelons, the alien species depicted in the show, is a representation (and as you say, a misrepresentation) of homosexuals you are wrong. (To read the rest of this message, click here. To read one Taelon's impassioned reply, click here.)

Name: Jeff
Date: May 14, 2004
Comments: Eh? What's this?

Name: Flaming Moe
Date: May 14, 2004
Comments: hahaha what a dumb website

Gay bible? Yup, you're going to hell.

Name: Haters of Heteros
Date: April 6, 2004
Comments: African and islamic countries are homophobic. So when AIDS, earthquakes, wars and other calamities strike them, don?t help them. Let them die. Let heteros die because by helping them, you will help your enemies and your oppressors to oppress you more. You will save your oppressors and give them the chance to attack and oppress you more and again. Therefore don't help them. Let heteros die. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: Mike Vore
Date: April 3, 2004
Comments: Love the site. I found it quite by accident when searching for (can you believe it) Mighty Mouse. Love it, love it, love it. You GO, Zeke!

Name: Rodieen
Date: March 31, 2004
Comments: hi i like to receive daily religion thoughts thank you

Name: Heterocide
Date: January 18, 2004
Comments: Homophobes are like dictators. Homophobes like to select only certain passages (written by persons who were bad or not model of goodness) that suit their purposes. The passages that are detrimental or demanding to them are ignored by them. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: mben
Date: January 16, 2003
Comments: I am new to your belief, but open to different views.

Name: Jehovah
Date: August 8, 2003
Comments: Heterosexuals are Unnatural and Deceitful If heterosexual people care so much about procreation, then they should not use contraceptives. Contraceptives destroy the process of life creation. If they consider sex is only for procreation then contraceptives are unnatural because they nullify the purpose of sex. Therefore heterosexual people using contraceptives are being unnatural. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: Edna
Date: July 17, 2003
Comments: I was very affended by the picture that you have of allah. it said allah is good allah is gay. please take it off. thank you

Name: Eric Gray
Date: June 15, 2003
Comments: I think you are on the right track to create a new word for a gay man/boy. I don't think Thracian is it but I agree that a Grecian word might be a great fit. I also recommend a Space Man type word.....Andromeda is the Galaxy next to the Milky Way. Maybe there is a word in there. I want to help create new gay words also including one for a heterosexual friend of a homosexual. It's up to us to create our well being harmonious with society. Thanks. -Eric

*Another potential word....Grecco

Name: Joe, Aba, & Naija Mgbada
Date: June 14, 2003
Comments: I love this page. Keep it up.

Name: People Disgusted by Heterosexuality
Date: May 18, 2003
Comments: The New Revelation to Mankind: The Crime of Heterosexuality: Reasons to hate heterosexuality. We hate heterosexuality because: heterosexuality is vicious; heterosexuality is criminal; heterosexuality is dirty; heterosexuality is disgusting; heterosexuality is nauseating; heterosexuality is repulsive; heterosexuality is bestial; heterosexuality is sick; heterosexuality is sinful.(To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: Robert
From: British Columbia
Date: March 25, 2003
Comments: I cannot believe this is happening.... The end of the world is almost here.... Jesus Christ, the son of God is coming back to earth and if you people don't change, you WILL go to hell. I am obviously a Christian and I think that homesexuality is WRONG! Just being one is wrong...but interfering with the Holy Bible? You WILL go and burn in the lake of fire if you don't change! I will pray for you... This better go up in the guest book because it says "Your message will be added to my guestbook in a day or two. No one's viewpoint is censored. - Zeke Krahlin" By the way this is not my viewpoint... this is the truth so please don't ignore it! I will pray for you... This is not a joke! E-mail me.

Name: Joseph
Website: Fred Cherry (homophobe)
From: Chicago
Date: January 5, 2003
Comments: Thought you might enjoy the page I've linked to, about Homophobia at its silliest. Having looked at your page, though, I see three problems headed your way. "Hellene", "Thracian" and "Neo- Christianity" aren't new words. "Hellenic" has meant "Greek" for quite sometime (a "Hellene" is a Greek); a Thracian is a resident of Thrace, now a province of Greece; Neo-Christianity is a family of modern Christian "heresies". Hellenes, Thracians and Neo-Christians alike will most likely object to your co-option of their names, regardless of what they might have otherwise thought about your cause (which I don't know much about, yet, but this merited an immediate reply).

Name: Tara
Website: The FairyWeb
From: Atlanta
Date: December 8, 2002
Comments: It's taken me far too long to visit since your invitation came a year ago. I apologize for that. Thank you for your candle - although I'm sure it was heartfelt, my illness hasn't gotten better, but worse. I hope that the fairydust I sent into the universe with thoughts of your Randolph reached him, and you. The opening page almost scared me off, for although I am "straight not narrow" there was something about the site being for the "hellenic community only". Too be perfectly honest, I wasn't sure what you were talking about. But I ventured forth anyway, wanting you to know that although I arrived late, I did arrive. You're right about so many things...not the least being that the Electoral College is a scam. But I was a bit put off about what looks like an attack on heterosexuality. I'm hetero, married, and happy about it.

Too much to say in a Guestbook. Fairydust to you and yours. I'll seek peace by refusing to turn my back on anyone who needs help. Rod McKuen has a great saying that taught me much..."It doesn't matter WHO you love, or HOW you love, but THAT you love".

Name: Sarah
Date: October 17, 2002
Comments: I saw your rant about homophobia in the Castro and while I agree that homophobia is a problem, perhaps you should get your facts in order before going off on things you don't know about. The person you refer to as a homophobic "crazed street person" who was killed by the police last week was actually a gay man who lived in Oakland with his mother. I didn't know him personally but I know his boyfriend and he is going to terribly missed by many people. His funeral is happening this afternoon. Yes, he apparently was having mental problems but don't you think people with problems need help rather than hate? (To read my impassioned reply, click here.)

Name: Carolyn
Website: So There Ya Go
From: Australia
Date: August 19, 2002
Comments: Good karma upon you. If I could vote for you I would (But I'm Australian, so I can't).

Name: Virginia Slim
From: Iowa City
Date: August 17, 2002
Comments: Jesus Christ. I should be wearing Depends. I love it. All of it. Fabu.

Name: William Artz
From: Wichita, Kansas
Date: August 17, 2002
Comments: Your site is a wonderful breath of fresh air, and a respite from xtians and the evil right-wing society we live in in the United States.

Name: Pamela Heterophobe
Website: God Hates Heterosexuals
From: Planet Heterophobia
Date: July 4, 2002
Comments: As the civilized world is waging a war against terrorism, a war against heterosexual terrorism must also be waged to eliminate all those hetero terrorists and hetero bandits from this world. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: Nehi
Website: Wolf Cross v5.2 - Bad Ass Werewolves
From: Southern California
Date: June 27, 2002
Comments: Ahh, so I finally get to talk to you! I found your story during a Google search, and so I took the liberty of posting it. I loved it so much that I thought it more than deserved a place at Wolf Cross. :) Not only does "Brian & The Werewolf" cover very well what it means to be a were, but it also addresses the larger issues of the gay community, and humanity in general. Although I have a self-admitted addiction to women myself, I have many wonderful gay friends, and I have been first- hand witness to the harsh & brutal treatment gays receive at the hands of the ignorant. I only hope that your story not only gets a wider audience, but the message gets across, as well. It's a good story about how the wolf can give strength in times of adversity, and I think that's a message that can easily apply to everyone.

*howls* -Nehi

Name: gege
Website: Hecate's Domain
From: detroit,MI
Date: May 19, 2002
Comments: well i made it!! i think this is a real comfy place....i especially liked the poems,and the gaybible:} i think the crist was a little,well maybe not a little...:} but i do believe he was a pagan! as far as your other critics are concerned,baaa!! on them.they have only closed minds and do not like change of any kind!

Name: Willy Thomason
Date: April 15, 2002
Comments: YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON!!!!! You might have been dropped on your head at least twenty times. Our guns, tanks, bombs, intelligence (which you defiantly lack), planes, nukes and good old American (spell the country correctly) wit will defeat your (snicker) weapons of Arms of Joy, Arms of Devotion, Arms of Humor, Arms of Flowers, Arms of Smiles, and Armfuls and Armfuls of Boys. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: John
Website: Animated Paradise
From: Berkeley
Date: March 22, 2002
Comments: Saw you last Thursday in front of Badlands. With your hat on backwards and your green bomber jacket talking to a longhaired younger friend. Was passing through the neighborhood in a car with a friend whom I asked to stop, but she said there was "No time". So I've got that backyard refurbished garage/cottage arrangement like Helen DeKay had, just blocks from Telegraph. I'll be here a few months for the duration of my temp. job. You never come over here anymore. I don't like Frisco. I told Vinograd she had honorary mention on your site. She didn't recall who you were, despite description and reference. (?) Maybe we'll meet one day at the Med.

Name: David Herman
From: San Francisco
Date: February 26, 2002
Comments: We met briefly, I do not know if you remember me, but I checked out your website and thought it was great. Just wanted to say a few words and that it was pleasant to have met and talked with you on the MUNI.

Name: Zach Callear
From: Orofino, Idaho
Date: February 12, 2002
Comments: Is this really a gay site or is it just a joke, cus some of it is pretty messed up like the poem about the gay bible. Just curious.
PS. Death to Fags!

(Follow-up msg. Feb 14:)

When I said "death to fags", I wasn't serious. It was a joke to get a reaction, which I did. I do not believe homosexuals should be killed, but I do believe that homosexuality is immoral and parading it around next to Christianity is even worse. I seriously will pray for you all.

Name: Mark
Date: February 4, 2002
Comments: Enjoyed the site,keep it "cummin".

Name: Peggy Branson
Date: January 3, 2002
Comments: Thanks for sharing. I've always considered myself a gay Christian here in Greenwich Village. My co-tenant is a male model who was surfing gay guy sites, happened upon yours, and said "Hey Peggy, you're not the only one". Your site offers much food for thought. I like your re-direct URL, an ideal solution for the memorable title problem. But how do you promote such a URL? Can you simply apply to search engines to be listed, or do they insist on knowing your initial confusing URL? I realize your configuration is very thorough and doubt very much that you would allow yourself to be hemmed in by the limits of the "banner exchange". On the other hand, you may know how to promote effectively within those limitations. I'm intrigued.

Name: Jonathan
From: Ohio
Date: November 23, 2001
Comments: Dear zeke, I am a fag. Are you gay or are you a bisexual? I read your story "Brian and the Werewolf", and I think it sucks ass. Seriously!!! I hated it!! Now I am sure you can do better than that. But don't get me wrong; I am totally gay! And the ending sentence of the story:"and if you are one to spit upon my people:beware!" That's not very threatening!! But I am gay!!! I live in the wonderful city of Detroit, and I am very strong and very muscular. Plus, I am black. Write back.

Name: Polyonymous
Date: May 24, 2001
Comments: I used to post in The New York Daily News Opinion forum but I have taken time for a couple of weeks due to constant barage of EXTREME homophobic rants (To read the rest of this message, click here.)

Name: His Kid
From: Ohio
Date: July 31, 2000
Comments: Hi, I am a Christian in my mid 20's. Yeah I know, everyone builds up the defenses. I'm not writing to bash anyone and certainly not to offend, but I would like to know why you think being a homosexual is ok? This isn't a question to provoke anything other than an answer that has not been given me yet. I obviously don't agree with homosexuality, but I don't hate those who engage in the lifestyle. In fact, I love them because someone living that way is just as important in Gods eyes. I will share more with you later, now its your turn. Show me why its ok. I'm not leaving my email address because I don't want to be hit with too much from others who would see it. Thanks, His Kid.

Name: Bobby
From: Georgia
Date: June 11, 2000
Comments: why do you choose to make this site avaliable only to the homosexual men and women? What does the Bible have to do with this site? Unless the navigation is just plain bad, I haven't found much info on the main topic here.

Name: Bart Fatima
From: Aveh
Date: November 28. 1999
Comments: Those little scrolling things in the taskbar are rather heterophobic. Spreading hate doesn't combat hate. Can't we accept all God's children, the straight as well as the gay. After all it is the "breeders" that give birth to gay children, without them, you wouldn't exist. And regards the "Peenuts" controversy, fair use allows parody, not licensing agreements. If you left it as a parody comic, it would be OK, but trying to make money off of "Peanuts" does require a licencing agreement with the original creator.

Name: imnotafag
From: new orleans
Date: November 23, 1999
Comments: im not at all afraid of what im about to say b/c i stand behind it 100%. i hate gay people. not exactly the ppl but the whole idea of it. your little "bible" theory is crap. God shuns you and finds you repulsive unless you remain abstinent. he only loves you little faggots b/c you are his sons and daughters. unfortunately i have no tolerance for ppl who purposely choose to have sexual relations with their own sex. if i ever had a child who was gay i would disown them just as probly about half of your parents did. i dont pity you but i pity you family for the heartbreak youve caused them.

Name: Andrea Handoko
From: Miami, FL
Date: September 23, 1999
Comments: What a marvelous website! I also read--with great amusement- -some comments in your guestbook by supposedly-liberal heteros (such as one "Naomi"). My, my, is that woman full of herself! I am 100% hetero, too, but I have no problem with what you promote on your site;which is gay equality, and outrage against homophobia. You do NOT promote violence, as Naomi and some others claim. This is just their way of trying to shut you up. Well, keep on hollering, you have something important to say, and you say it well, through stories, poems, art and contributions.

Name: Ron Adams
Website: Queer Psychic Forum
From: Colorado
Date: July 3, 1999
Comments: Zeke: I find you to be a powerful speaker. You are a Word Smith. I think that you are a Master Thracian Teacher and Entertainer. If others out there, gays who are questioning the militancy approach, think again. Ezekiel has something very important to say with his "Righteous Stand", and you would be wise and better off in listening. Don't let tough talk make you wimp out. There is a place for it, as well as peace and harmony, and it is finding out how they can exist side by side is a major component of our Gay Liberation Struggle and Movement. All My Kindest Regards, Comrade in Arms Ron Adams
Name: Kim
From: My mothers womb
Date: July 2, 1999
Comments: I just surfed in after reading a forum peice you wrote on 4/29/99 via soc.culture.kashmir, regarding Gay Islam. I have to say I don't know if I should pity you or be outraged. (To read the rest of this message,
click here.)
Name: BC
Website: The Netzero Mailing List
From: Phoenix, Arizona
Date: June 27, 1999
Comments: Hi, Zeke, I see that the website is still going strong. Lots of stuff to read here. You've gathered together an impressive amount of information. Keep up the good work.
Name: Stan
Date: May 12, 1999
Comments: I was reading your entry on the net0 hero board, and followed your link to your homepage... very funny! While i am not gay myself, over half of my friends are bi, if not outright gay, and i get to be the one who listens to their woes. I am sending your page to them. They will be highly amused. again, thanks for the belly laugh.
Name: Nancy Morat
Date: April 27, 1999
Comments: I am Jewish, and I cannot accept any blasphemy against God, whether called YHWH(Jehova), Allah, God, or anything else that signifies His Glorious name. Blasphemy against Him, is something I cannot accept, as I guess you would not accept anyone commiting blasphemy against gays. I agree with your open minded personality, but you also need to stop being rude on people's religions. If you want people to respect your views, respect theirs first. It appears many people call you psychotic, I don't call you that, but I would call you a person who is very negligent of the emotions of people. I don't think I can respect you though I try my best, while you disrespect others. I would personally respect gays, but with your blasphemy, I cannot respect you. Please change your ways and do not disrespect people, if you want respect in return.
Name: Naomi
Date: January 10, 1999
Comments: I've seen your sig for your website on a mailing list that you & I are on. It caught my interest. So I checked it out. I am a pretty open minded person and have no problem with someone's sexual orientation. However, your website is offensive, crude and frankly beyond belief. (To read the rest of this message, click here.)
Name: joseph elster
Website: Radically Saved Elster Page
From: earth
Date: January 22, 1999
Comments: I, like Nicole, saw your off color posts to the netzero list and decided to see for myself. Although I am not as open-minded (on this issue) as Nicole, I would have to agree with her totally. I would consider you to be the gay version of the Christian hate groups your people are always spouting about. It is obvious you have a hatred toward heterosexuals by your page. And leave Charlie Brown out of it. You guys will do anything to make a buck.
Name: David Brazelton
From: Columbia
Date: January 1, 1999
Comments: Excellent!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Screw You
Date: December 5, 1998
Comments: A classic Paranoid Schizophrenic. Go take your medication and stop spamming people with your psychotic delusions.
Name: Human Being
From: Earth
Date: December 3, 1998
Comments: This site of yours is just chock full of psychotic, paranoid bullshit, isn't it? I'll have to point it out to some of my friends (who come in all combinations of gender and sexual preference) so they can have a good laugh. (And for your information: they'll *all* be laughing *at* you, and not with you) Why don't you start a series?! Start attacking other groups: why limit yourself to "breeders"?
Name: Jay
From: new orleans
Date: November 14, 1998
Comments: hi....just wanted to compliment you on your site! great job!
Name: Steven Anderson
From: Flint,Michigan
Date: October 7, 1998
Comments: I like the Web site. Very new ideas, refreshing. Or is it just me? I guess you have to be gay to like it. Thank god I'm gay and can live to tell about.
Name: Robert Fishbein
From: Miami,Fla.USA
Date: September 6, 1998
Comments: Although you are quite intelligent, artistic and funny, your comic strip is a copywrite infringement only if you seek monitary gain from its use. Satire in and of itself is self explanitory and guaranteed under the first ammendment.You may benefit from some type of professional phychiatric counselling, as you seem to be slightly phychotic about this whole gay thing ( changing namesto helenic etc. and going on about surveys of expatriate gays and sending gay literature to somalia), get a grip man!
Name: Darthi7 of Borg (T'Pring)
Website: Hetero Girl for Gay Rights
Date: September 2, 1998
Comments: Hey Zeke -- 's me, from (Gotta plug it somewhere.) Annyywayy, cool websites, and I very well might be borrowing some material and/or writing a review -- though I'm going on a trip, and I won't be back for a week or so, so my site stagnates for now . . . *sigh* Anyway, I find your teminology fascinating . . . (*damn* have I been reading too much Spock fanfic or what. It'll all be archived soon at Area51/Nebula/5883 . . . )
Name: Cliff Hammond
Date: August 1, 1998
Comments: I thoroughly enjoyed your website. We think alike on many issues - not all. Your art work is super and I enjoyed your use of music to enteratain while they load. Also I want to say that after reading your posts to A.P.H. and some of your work here, you are quite a gifted writer. Keep up the fine work.
Name: Ken Layne
Website: Tabloid
From: San Francisco
Date: July 1, 1998
Comments: well, you have not only pissed off the bisexuals, but some of the gays as well, you know, militant attitudes like this give EVERYONE a bad name... and where do you get the Hellenistic/Thracian stuff from? look, if you don't like bisexual people, then stay the screw off of their newsgroup, it is that simple. I mean, what if I came on the and said that all queers needed to grow up, that it's just a phase? you'd tell me I was full of shit...well, so are you. please feel free to look at my site, I'm sure you'll either find it entertaining, or completely ofensive...either way, it's purpose is served.-----A concerned lesbian
Name: jens e. jesau
Date: May 5, 1998
Comments: just had a look at your homepage. found the url on the suse mailinglist and was interested what is up with your Hp. Yes, really cool,i like it. stay the way you are ,i _like_ tough (spelled it right ?) guys (and gays =;-)) like you !
Name: axlsham
From: malaysia
Date: May 8, 1998
Comments: love ur page
Name: Joan Borgos
Website: Resources For Large-Sized Women
From: Northampton, MA
Date: March 24, 1998
Comments: Nice web site! I welcome people to visit my site.
Name: John & Kathleen Stewart
Website: Love, Joy, Peace Forever Ministry
From: Orlando, Florida
Date: December 23, 1997
Comments: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. Romans 1:27 And the people, when they knew it, followed him: and he received them, and spake unto them of the kingdom of God, and healed them that had need of healing. Luke 9:11
Name: WolfWalk
From: Kansas City, MO
Date: Sep. 27, 1997
Comments: While I don't agree with all that you say (i.e., dissing all straight people as "breeders"), I do believe that you say a great deal to our Hellene brother/sisterhood. You have one of the most thought-provoking gay websites I have come across (and there seems to be no end of them). I predict that sites such as yours will move us closer to a day when we can be judged by who we are, not by our sexual preferences. . .just one part of a whole personality, after all. Keep up the good, if somewhat controversial, work. The Gay Rights movement needs more productive gadflies like you, Ezekiel. By the way, loved your parable "Brian and the Werewolf." It was truly touching.
Name: Jjones
Date: August 30, 1997
Comments: Hi, I am a young gay guy who has read a lot of gayhate material and man it gets me down to have to believe what I am reading, that someone could believe such things about us. I believe that we are among the most passionate and caring people in the world. I really admire what you do and give you 100% support. Kick butt but never lick it!
Name: Rannie Vernon
From: Lancaster, PA
Date: July 27, 1997
Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed your homepage and am very impressed with your art. Best of luck.
Name: April Romo de Vivar
Website: Romo de Vivar Studio
From: Arizona
Date: July 25, 1997
Comments: Saw your entry on the Happy News page and thought that I would check out your page. I enjoyed most of it tho' some offended me somewhat, and I'm just assuming that you're young and that's why you're not as tolerant as you want us "others"(those who breed,I believe you call us) to be. Many of my forever friends are gay and I've lost a few to that disease which chews up hearts and worlds. I welcome everyone as a friend until they prove unfriendly. Your page could be a little more welcoming, especially since you brag of your Somalia effort at mind changing. I liked some of your artwork very much. Loved your musical choices. Keep Growing long and prosper.
Name: Teresa Weaver
From: KS
Date: July 24, 1997
Comments: Just got here. Very well designed page, I am jealous as yet to set up my own home page.
Name: Bill Long
From: Beautiful Downtown San Francisco
Date: July 13, 1997
Comments: Very well done Zek...kep up the good work...
Name: C. Henry
From: L.H. CA
Date: July 13, 1997
Comments: HI I don't know what I'm doing.I'm just looking for a gay friend to take to
Name: kirsty brooks
Website: umm, can't remember.
From: netsurfer digest,oh, and south australia
Date: July 8, 1997
Comments: am just reviewing your site for NSD, great so far, congratulations
Name: jim
Date: June 17, 1997
Comments: I like the little running commentary at the bottom of the page.
Name: Christoph
From: Germany
Date: May 17, 1997
Comments: Hi. I found your home page. Very nice.
Name: Christian Molick
Date: May 15, 1997
Comments: The statements you write about yourself are false. You are an egomaniac confomist creep, just like most of the inhabitants of San Francisco. You are interested only in your own glamorization, not other people. You personify homophobia, and there is no such thing as a "queer power elite"--only your ridiculous paranoia. And your web site sucks. Humility is one of the most important things you could share with others, and you have none at all.
Name: P_A_U_L_
From: SF,CA.
Date: May 13, 1997
Comments: Nice self-portrait; reminds me of Vincent Van Gough.
Name: Greta Klungness
From: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: April 23, 1997
Comments: Loved it! Am still exploring......
Name: Kathryn
Website: Hearts and Souls unite across the Miles
Date: April 21, 1997
Comments: Ezekiel, I came and saw your site as promised. You have done a great job putting your thoughts and ideas on this site. Thank you for inviting me.
Name: Billy Russo
From: Dillard, OR
Date: April 20, 1997
Comments: Zeke's vision moves us towards a positive future, away from the self- serving leadership we've had to endure for so long.
Name: Sean Coyle
From: Massachusettes
Date: April 18, 1997
Comments: I just wanted to tell you how much I loved 'Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly'. It was off-beat, irreverent, hysterical, and touching all at once. I am currently working on a surrealist novel, and I love that someone else believes in the potential for both humor and poignancy in this form.
Name: Dark Air
Date: April 18, 1997
Comments: Well done, old boy! I have read a few of your essays, and this post reinforces my opinion that you are one of the most intelligent people alive and still working for a cause. I'm only 18, but I agree with essentially all the points you have hitherto made. I hope one day I'm able to make as much of a difference as you seem to be doing. Keep up the great work.
Name: Daniel
From: Sydney, Australia
Date: April 14, 1997
Comments: I do have friends who are lukewarm and ambivalent, as you say, but I do also have some that are truly understanding and passionate. But you are right, the overall picture is that such people are too few and far between. The population overall is still pretty ugly, and worse, they are still too far gone to have much clue as to how ugly they really are. At least with racism, the country has general acceptance that racism is real and that it's a major problem, not a major virtue. Homophobes, little matter how gross they may be, can still get away with pretending to be the high ground. We must pursue all avenues of change.
Name: fuzzdap
From: a womb
Date: April 18, 1997
Comments: Just read your tale, "The Seven Forbidden Numbers", and it left me with one vital question: What's the area code?
Name: Ron
Date: April 18, 1997
Comments: Greetings, I have just finished browsing your www site. I was especially blessed by the packets you sent to Somalia. What a wonderful and selfless thing to do. You are an inspiration to me! I saw a posting on one of the newsgroups that led me to your pages. I will be checking back often to see what the marines' responses were. Take care. I plan on coming to San Francisco for Gay Pride this June. I would like to meet you then, if possible.

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