Free Me From This Bond (the sequel)
a real-life gay fairytale of divine proportion that just won't quit

Copyright © 2014 by Zeke Krahlin
(San Francisco gay street activist since 1983)

Chapter 1: Ultimatum

Chapter 2: I'll Push You Back

Chapter 3: Letter to Joseph

Chapter 4: Ahead of the Curve

Chapter 5: His Name is Love

Chapter 6: Unknown Things

Chapter 7: Fear in the Heart

Chapter 8: We are in This Fight Together

Chapter 9: As Each Day Passes

Chapter 10: I, Too, am that Soldier

Chapter 11: Destiny's Tongue

Chapter 12: My Room's a Dump

Chapter 13: Emergency Triage

Chapter 14: Tumor is the Rumor

Chapter 15: Hitting Bottom

Chapter 16: Please Don't Eat the Daisies