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Duckster In The House?
01.23.09 (10:34 pm)   [edit]
This is an audio blog.
Click on sound wave to listen.

3 minutes / 3 megabytes

Reference links:

Duckman: Once & Future Duck (Part 1)

Duckman: Once & Future Duck (Part 2)

Duckman: Once & Future Duck (Part 3)

Alfed Hitchcock's "The Birds" (in 1 min./40 secs.)

Banned from TV - Donald Duck starts smoking

Duck Tales: Sir Gyro de Gearloose

Baby Huey: Quack-A-Doodle-Doo

Darkwing Duck: Hot Spells

Tribute to Prehistoric Birds

Quasi at the Quackadero

Daffy and the Dinosaur

The Netbook That Started It All
01.15.09 (3:42 pm)   [edit]
I had the excellent fortune several evenings ago (at the Church Street Cafe), to meet this woman who actually owns the original netbook...created by M.I.T. geeks for the poor children of this world. She was more than happy to oblige me and my mini-camcorder.

Reference links:

Parable of the Laptop Billionaire

Big Plans For A Tiny PC

Netbook Accessories For The Discerning Geek

One Laptop Per Child - OLPC

The Demise of OLPC Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Riding BART
01.14.09 (4:45 pm)   [edit]

No, not that Bart!

Total 11 videos, ranging from 12 seconds to 3-1/2 minutes. My typical escape-from-San-Francisco mini-vacation of sanity. First I hop on the Metro just a half block from my "home" (actually just an SRO) all the way to the Civic Center, where I transfer to BART ("Bay Area Rapid Transit"). Whisked away to Berkeley for most of the day: my little piece of heaven on earth.

Could You Give Birth To Science?
01.12.09 (5:16 pm)   [edit]
This is an audio blog.
Click on sound wave to listen.

7 minutes / 7 megabytes

Hailey's Comment
01.03.09 (8:30 pm)   [edit]
This is an audio blog.
Click on sound wave to listen.

2 minutes / 2 megabytes


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