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Thank you for your positive strength
05.31.08 (12:23 am)   [edit]


Thank you for your positive strength, for those rare moments when I stumbled. And especially for honorably accepting Goddess's request that you and daughter Julia deflect Randy W.'s growing hatred towards me (as deliberately and painstakingly cultivated by 1 Carl B.), by taking on that burden. Which in the short run added grief and anxiety in your life, but in the long run resulted in Mr. Webb's expulsion from our world and in forging your soul into a stronger (and far better) steel.

A tremendous victory of optimism's conquest over nihilism, freeing Ezekiel from Dark Bondage which was his fate of many years (23 actually) in order to ultimately LIBERATE countless lost souls. Both you, Pegala, and your most excellent daughter Julia, should be awarded the Purple Heart of Spiritual Devotion from Goddess's own hand, and none other!

I have not forgotten brilliant Emily who humbly kept my awareness of her loving support (alongside yours and Julia's) on the back burner of my conscious concerns...but nonetheless not a single whit LESS powerful and sacrificing of spirit.

So my gift for Memorial Day is to REMEMBER who my true friends are, and what great sacrifices they've already made for my well-being, w/o my awareness of all but a scant few.

And to THANK them for this.

- Zekester


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