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The Gay Quran?
04.22.08 (9:11 am)   [edit]
Did you know that Muslims have an affectionate name for their holy bible, the Quran? It's "Final Testament".

But *I* didn't find that out, until at least FOUR YEARS after establishing the official title for my own web site which is (coincidentally) "The Final Testament".

FACTOID: If you Google the title "Final Testament" my own web site will appear second, third or fourth from the top of the very first results page! (And I don't even advertise.) But Numero Uno always turns out to be a link to the Quran.

So, my question to you dear e-friends is this:

Should I (1) KEEP that title and take some of the burden off Salman Rushdie's courageous shoulders, (2) RENAME the title and all references to that title from my web site, or (3) CHANGE my appearance and identity and go underground forever, an anonymous ghost (or angel) who fell to earth between the cracks (and hope that ONE of those cracks belongs to Brad Pitt)?

Waiting for your vote(s) on bated prefrontal lobe! (Use the comment box below.)


Salman Rushdie is well-heeled, and well-connected: part of the international community of wealthy elites. Whenever he needs to go into hiding due to his incredibly BRAVE stance in favor of free speech, all resources for doing so are at his fingertips.

As for yours truly (the Zekester), I have no real connections, family or otherwise. I'm low-income, unpublished, and expendible. Why, should I be disappeared this very MOMENT you yourself would not suspect skulduggery until WEEKS (or even months) pass. That's just how UNconnected I am! Scary, no? I am TOTALLY vulnerable to Islamic retaliation.

Not to mention gov't suppression by my own country. Which can mean a court (or Homeland-Gestapo) order of silence, a ban against my even getting CLOSE to a computer or Internet relay, house arrest, imprisonment, or even forced suicide.

Alright, enough of worst-case-scenario obsessing! It is my blatant HONESTY and CHALLENGES regardless of my own safety, that gives me POWER. Which power of course DOES protect me from any serious attack. (And the BEST way to hide a treasure, the old saying goes, is to display it right in front of the world's eyes!)

So I become ipso facto, living PROOF of the spirit, through my actions in FAITH. If one chooses the atheist world view, then one may perceive me as being very in-tune with social trends and manipulation (albeit for benevolent motives). IOW: social engineering on a personal scale. Like bringing the atomic bomb to the masses, only I gift you with powers from the mind (or spirit world if you like).

I therefore harbor an archetype of the most classical tradition: Prometheus. MY fire is a spiritual fire. Like Chiron before me, who freed Prometheus from being shackled to a cliff where an eagle plucked his liver each eve, I wilfully sacrifice my life to free CHIRON from his deep, deathly sleep. But I am also like the phoenix, who rises from my own ashes.

Thus, in lieu of a curse from this or that God (as was the fate of Prometheus and of the centaur Chiron, I am blessed with incredible good fortune. The curse is finally broken. AND Chiron is resurrected at last! WithOUT my needing to die in the process, or even sacrificed to a curse.

Whatever the origin of this curse, and the reason for it. THAT part eludes me still! Probably, it resides in the marrow of our very DNA.

Power and the Search for Truth
04.21.08 (9:04 am)   [edit]

Those who crave power will be drawn to religion OR science (or politics)...it's the nature of the beast. Just as much horror has been created in the name of science, as in the name of religion. Just look at the former atheist nation of the USSR, and the present one of communist China.

In fact, BOTH nations have been extremely anti-homosexual. This, regardless of many folks' claim that RELIGION is the sole source of homophobia.

And don't get me started with all the GREAT things Nazis have achieved in the name of science!

Yes, one might say my examples are not of REAL science. But that is the same cop-out "progressive" Christians use when they shake their heads over bigoted fundamentalists: "Well, they're not REAL Christians."

PURE science and PURE religion both have the same motive: the search for truth. One, via intellectual reason, the other via intuition.

It is a false construct, this war between science and religion...created by power mongers in their attempt to wipe out serious competition. God created the universe, including evolution. Period.

I just wanted to point out the sacred cow that science has become. When in reality, science can be (and has been, and IS) just as deceptive, treacherous, and violent as religion. (See: psychiatric abuse, Tuskegee Experiment, hospital fraud, Medicare corruption, shoddy health care for the poor, Chernobyl, forced medication of children, etc.) It's a matter of abuse of power, not differences in world view (which is simply a smokescreen).

Do we NEED science? Of course! But don't think for a moment that we don't ALSO need religion.

And for pretty much the same reason.


Note: The above essay was originally posted to AlterNet thread "Holding Passover as If Earth Really Matters" under my handle, "HoboHomo". OTHER interesting posts by yours truly lay wait in the bramble of that same thread, ready to pounce on your startled cerebrum when you least expect!

Healing the Healer
04.19.08 (12:19 am)   [edit]

(My recent participation in an Alternet thread, regarding psychiatry's intrusion into pharmacopeia.):

RE: I don't take pills when I have a headache. Try meditation for 5 minutes.
Posted by: HoboHomo (Zeke) on Apr 17, 2008 9:07 AM

{{ Big Pharma has been NUMBING America for decades ever since outlawing truly harmless but helpful plants. }}

Thank you for your VERY sane take on this matter. I receive social security for mental disabilities: bipolar, borderline schizophrenia, anxiety attacks. Until four years ago, I was able to have a therapist who'd accept Medicare in exchange for non-drug, TALK therapy.

But since he retired, I have NOT found a shrink who'll take me on UNLESS I start popping one of those psychiatric pills. I refuse, 'cause I know better. Thus running the risk of losing my disability funds, and becoming homeless.

If it comes to it, I'll take this to court and speak out against psychiatric abuse via needless medication. I'll speak out for those who cannot, or are too afraid.

Wholistic style care is the BEST way to go, 'cause humane and effective w/minimal toxicity. But does Medicare/MediCal cover that? Nope!

I've developed my own therapies: multi-vitamin/mineral supplements, exercises (hiking, yoga, weights), meditation, diet of wholesome foods, volunteer work.

RE: I don't take pills when I have a headache. Try meditation for 5 minutes.
Posted by: e rice on Apr 17, 2008 5:13 PM

You are, whatever your mental disabilities, a brave and tenacious person--and an example to people supposedly mentally 'well'.

RE: I don't take pills when I have a headache. Try meditation for 5 minutes.
Posted by: HoboHomo (Zeke) on Apr 17, 2008 9:02 PM

{{ You are, whatever your mental disabilities, a brave and tenacious person--and an example to people supposedly mentally 'well'. }}

WOW, did you make my day, "e rice"! A million thanks. That compassionate reply is worth a million-trillion antidepressants!

I do take my medical problems as challenges to learn how to heal. Then, I share this wisdom with my homeless buddies and other disadvantaged. Here is a recent example, in a letter to the editor I just got published:

Keep That Clay Handy

My letter's the very last one on that page. It concerns an end to MRSA and other horrid bacterial infections, via the ancient and shamanic application of earth's clay as potent healer.

I've also recently come down with RSI in both forearms (carpal tunnel) and in both hands (focal dystonia). But with some intense research, I've learned how to heal myself w/little expense. Once I successfully conquer this, I can than help others who cannot afford conventional care. If you'd like to know the treatment, go to my two articles, here:

Preventing/Healing Carpal Tunnel

and here:

CTS: healing nutrients

Also, my web site is dedicated to the liberation of all sexual minorities, and contains many inspiring and healing stories, essays, and poems.

Again, THANX! May your goodwill come back at you 3-fold!

RE: I don't take pills when I have a headache. Try meditation for 5 minutes.
Posted by: e rice on Apr 18, 2008 7:36 AM

I should wait until i stop crying, but if i do I'll think better of making this so public.

You are more than welcome. if i helped in the slightest way, i am more than glad.

Thank you for reminding me, and, with luck, informing others, that, even today, there are still courageous, generous, kind people working for others.

I don't know where you get your strength, but may it last you.


My three articles referenced above are reprinted below with some embellishment, in case the links eventually disappear.


My online research (as gay activist and healer) re. MRSA has resulted in this fortuitous outcome:

French Clay Can Kill MRSA And 'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria (quote:)

"There are very compelling reports of clay treating infections...The clay developed by UB researchers has been very effective in lab testing...studies show that when we mix a bit of our modified clay at very low levels into sewage sludge that contains all kinds of bacteria, the modified clay kills everything...Nothing will grow in it."

Could Clay Block MRSA? (quote:)

"Researchers at Arizona State University have found three minerals in certain types of clay that target MRSA, antibiotic-resistant E. coli, and other bacteria."

Searching In Clay To Treat Disease-Causing Bacteria (quote:)

"For thousands of years, people have used clay to heal wounds, soothe indigestion, and kill intestinal worms...one clay killed bacteria responsible for many human illnesses, including: Staphylococcus aureus, methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), penicillin-resistant S. aureus (PRSA), and pathogenic Escherichia coli (E. coli).It also killed Mycobacterium ulcerans, a germ related to leprosy and tuberculosis that causes the flesh-eating disease Buruli ulcer."

Antibacterial Protection Right Under Your Feet (quote:)

"By figuring out just how the clay fights these powerful types of bacteria, we can learn new ways of killing some of the bacteria that plague humans. The clay could also provide antibacterial protection in air filters and sewage treatments."

Clay That Kills: Ground yields antibacterial agents (quote:)

"The researchers found that the clay, which they refer to as CsAg02, is strongly alkaline, with pH ranging from 9.4 to 10. It's also rich in a chemical form of iron that gives it a characteristic green color. But many other clays have similar properties, says Williams. To assess the effects of the clay on different microbes, the scientists incubated a variety of bacterial cultures with either CsAg02 or a similar clay. CsAg02 completely stopped the growth of Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhimurium, common causes of food poisoning, and of various strains of mycobacterium that lead to skin infections and ulcers...inhibited the growth of both normal and antibiotic-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, the most common cause of staph infections."

I surmise that including French clay in your personal apothecary will be a great boon, for yourself and those you love.

Purchasing Healing Clay

This last site seems to be an excellent resource w/additional links. We need to find which of these clays is CsAg02 based or equivalent. There is a "healing clay" mailing list on this site, to which I just subscribed.


While carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can make you eligible for medical cannabis, it is nothing to ignore.

How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How to Use Physical Therapy to Recover From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

How to Use Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Exercises that Work

Touch Typing - keyboard exercises to reduce CTS

And, more generally:

Great Exercises to do at Your Desk

I also STRONGLY advise wearing wrist splints whenever using the keyboard...for PREVENTION as well as treatment.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Vitamin B6 (quote:)

"Current treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome should include...vitamin B6 [200 milligrams] per day.'"

(BTW, if you take ONE B vitamin, you need to take all the OTHER B's, to balance out. So if you take a MEGA dose of B6, you need to take a MEGA dose of all the other B vitamins.)

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (quote:)

"B vitamins are essential in nerve function often affected by carpal tunnel syndrome....Somewhere around 90 percent of carpal tunnel cases can be cured by B6....'If you have severe carpal tunnel, the vitamin B6 isn't really going to reverse it,' says Dr. Bernstein. 'But if you catch it early, when you're just starting to have pain and tingling, and if there's no weakness and it bothers you at night but not during the day, you'll do extremely well.'"

(I don't even have pain, just the tingling/numbness, and I match the other two qualifications for early-stage CTS.)

(That page listed above also includes a concise list of OTHER beneficial nutrients for healing CTS. Fatty Acids, Coenzyme Q10, Multi-vitamins, Aloe Vera, Vitamin A, Zinc, Grape Seed extract.)

Opening Up to Relief (quote:)

"Even though over 100,000 carpal tunnel surgeries are performed each year, doctors who prefer a less drastic solution are slowly beginning to add vitamin B6 to their treatment regimens. "

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (quote:)

"Vitamin B6 is now the most frequently used and well-known nutritional treatment for CTS. However, vitamin B-6 is not an overnight cure. Studies show that CTS will improve after taking 100mg of B6 twice each day for two to three months."


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