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Happy Gay Halloween
10.27.05 (5:15 pm)   [edit]


In a time when lonely old ladies were being burned for witchcraft and young men were tied with bundles of sticks to light these fires, a woman died at childbirth on the edge of a village. The child's name was Brian, because he was born in the briars. He grew to be a lover of men; but these were dangerous times for brotherly love. Brian therefore lived a lonely life of heartache, and hatred for the ignorant folk with whom he daily bargained to survive. Until he met Damien, the werewolf.

Damien was a special werewolf, for he loved Man, and longed for a maiden to bear a pack of frisky pups. But most people are stupid, and fear all creatures of God's design that they cannot tame for their own selfish needs.

It was, of course, on a night of the Full Moon that the howling began. The townfolk bolted their doors and did not set foot outside their cottages--except Brian, who loved adventure. On the third Full Moon of the Howling, Brian hid himself in the forest where he last heard the werewolf's cries.

Brian's patience was rewarded, for there in a clearing under the brilliance of an August Moon, appeared Damien. "What a magnificent creature," thought Brian. "His fur glistens with resin, and he steps around the little blossoms."

Now, the werewolf has a sharp sense of smell and keen ears; but Brian was crouched downwind in the nettle, possessed by the stillness of all creatures of the wood before the werewolf howls.

Damien raised his face to the moon and pierced the night with the cry of a soul that is damned. Tears sparkled down the canine face, and Brian quietly wept.

The howling only ceased when the moon hung low in the sky. Then the werewolf sat on a rock and sobbed, covering his wet face with large, soiled hands. Brian wanted to surrender himself to the werewolf, but he knew it was not the time. When the werewolf vanished into the forest again, Brian stepped into the clearing and sat on the rock, and thought. Then he picked some clover, placed them on the rock, and went home.

On the fourth Full Moon there was no howling, and the villagers rejoiced. Except Brian. He crouched all night in the nettle, but the werewolf never returned. The clover was gone, however. But it could have been washed away by the rain, or blown by the wind, or woven into a nest. Brian placed another bouquet on the rock; and cried, and slept, beside it.

When he awoke, the werewolf lay beside him. "You were shivering," said Damien. Brian trembled in the warmth of the werewolf's arms, and his heart leapt for joy. He nuzzled his face in the werewolf's chest, and the scent of cedar filled his nostrils. But when he tried to kiss the werewolf on the nose, it leapt from their bed of rotting leaves.

"I brought you some breakfast," said Damien, and scooped some quails' eggs from the ground. When Brian began gathering sticks to light a fire, the werewolf grabbed his arm. "No. Just eat them," said the werewolf, who cracked open an egg and licked the gooey substance from the cup of his hand. Brian smiled and ate quails' eggs until his stomach could hold no more.

This is how Brian learned to live in the forest and find shelter, food, and companionship, without bargaining.

"Damien," said Brian one day as they rested in a meadow of dogwood, "I pray every night that God will turn me into a woman, so our love would be complete."

Damien looked down at his companion whose head was resting against his thigh. "Our love is complete," said the werewolf, caressing the brow of his only friend.

But Brian longed to please the werewolf in more than a filial way--and the werewolf understood. For each in his agony had found a place in his heart to love the other.

The villagers lived without fear of the werewolf for five, peaceful years. And Brian learned many mysteries of the ways of nature from the tender wisdom of his friend.

Every evening, as the sun slipped below the hills of Devonshire, Damien would sing songs on the lute that Brian carved for him out of birch wood:

"When I saw you sleeping in the briar,
I knew you were dreaming of me.
We live in the dale of Clover-on-rock,
Beneath the cherry tree."

And under the veil of night, deep in the forest, they embraced. Brian would whisper himself to sleep: "My dear, beautiful, wolf friend."

One day, when Brian was gathering rosebuds for tea, he heard Damien's howl. It came from the village.

By the time he got there, it was all over. The ignorant folk had captured and killed the werewolf. Brian returned to the woods and watched, all night long, the village festivities around the bonfire to celebrate the death of his gentle friend.

Where the blood had been spilled, now grows Wolf's Bane. And for a hundred years after the murder of Brian's beloved friend, the townfolk bolted their doors against the fullness of the moon, and the howl of a werewolf on the edge of the forest.

What I'm Up Against
10.20.05 (9:39 pm)   [edit]

I strongly suggest a FULL reading of the following article:

How 'Gay Rights' is Being Sold to America

I can't help but admire the wickedly CLEVER psychological strategies to literally HYPNOTIZE or seduce readers into an emotional froth. They're GOOD. They're masters of sophistry!

sophistry n. < 'sâfistrE >: 1. The art or process of cunning, often fallacious reasoning. 2. The practice of a sophist; fallacious reasoning; reasoning that is sound in appearance only.
The author of this particular piece of anti-gay vitriol, is one David Kupelian (see his photo above). Here are sample quotes that convey his blind bigotry and false claims:
"Deep down, people of conscience know homosexuality is neither an innocent, inborn 'minority' characteristic like skin color, nor a conscious choice to become evil and to corrupt others."

Phrases like "deep down" and "people of conscience" are prime examples of sophistry; for they are not backed up by any evidence. They are, however, persuasive memes to the poorly educated, which includes most Americans these days (thanks to the dumbing down of our public education over the last 30 years). Also, Kupelian's tacit assumption that homosexuals are intrinsically "evil" and "corrupt", without presenting any evidence whatsoever, begs the intelligent reader to write him off as a genuine homophobe. Bingo! - Zeke

"Simple case in point: homosexual activists call their movement 'gay rights.'...describing their battle from the get-go as one over 'rights' implies homosexuals are being denied the basic freedoms of citizenship that others enjoy."

The very real threats of being bashed, fired from a job, and rejected by one's family--just for telling folks you're gay--is indeed a CLEAR denial of one's basic freedoms. No question.- Zeke

"Even more outrageous was the suggestion by openly 'gay' New Hampshire Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson--a comment he quickly retracted after a firestorm of protest--that Jesus Christ was a homosexual!"

So what if Jesus is homosexual? Why would this suggestion generate a firestorm, unless those so outraged are brainwashed from birth to blindly hate gay people? Many blacks honor Christ as a negro; myriad Asians celebrate Him as oriental. As a Gnostic Christian myself, I prefer to worship Jesus and his Father as homosexuals. And that should be respected as my right to religious freedom. And shame on Gene for retracting his honest surmisal! He did gay rights no favor by waffling.- Zeke

"And make no mistake, the 'gay rights' agenda, which includes indoctrinating kindergartners with pro-homosexual propaganda and legalizing same-sex marriage, is extraordinarily subversive to America's foundational values and institutions."

It is in childhood we're the most susceptible to ideas, including prejudice. Teach them at an early age that black people are human beings, too, and you'll have less problems with racism. Is that "indoctrination"? Teach them about the humanity of all minorities, and you'll have less prejudice in society. Why should homosexuals remain a target of hatred? (Blood lust? Pact with the devil?) "Mistake", "indoctrination". "subversive": all buzz words for sophists to stir up hot, irrational emotions among those already strongly prejudiced. - Zeke

"As you no doubt already know, the establishment press is oriented far to the left of the American mainstream, as study after study for the past three decades has documented beyond rational dispute."

"No doubt already know"? What a rude assumption, putting words in our mouths! When in fact, mainstream media has been sold off to major corporations now largely owned by right-wing organizations. "Study after study"? Yet he can't even cite ONE! "Documented beyond rational dispute"? Oh, I get it: anyone who even so much as makes a peep against any of his (false) claims must be (ipso facto) "irrational". Mr. Kupelian simply REEKS of sophistry! In truth, mainstream media is mostly right-wing these days, as it is run by large global corporations for whom profit is the bottom line. (See "Exposing the media bias hoax" for an honest appraisal.)
- Zeke

So this is what we're up against...what I'M up against, quite literally! And a handful of bless-ed others, not the least of which is my dear e-friend Thomas Keske.

We need to out-clever, outwit, out-brilliant their OWN writers and speakers! We cannot PERMIT the enemy to rule this planet, or all is doomed!

Are you scared? I'm not. Do you fear we won't even come CLOSE to answering this call to Victory? I don't.

For I am CONFIDENT in my angels: that they supply me with whatever weapons necessary for each situation, and with whatever skills necessary to utilize these weapons. And my greatest weapon, my Excalibur, IS the spoken and written word!

And even were I the only good guy so gifted (which of course I'm not), my FAITH in Our Creator is such that our Victory is STILL guaranteed!

So stun yourself with the wicked and clever tongue of the Religious Reich, by reading that article in full: you WILL be shocked. And know that this sort of homophobic smut is being WIDELY DISPERSED through all the various forms of mainstream media. Can you say NAZI PROPAGANDA? Kupelian's article is from a major Religio-Fascist zine called "WorldNetDaily.com".

Just have no fear:
Zeke is here.

But it wouldn't hurt to buckle your seatbelt.

Thank You, M.I.T.
10.04.05 (10:22 pm)   [edit]

I posted my "Parable of the Laptop Billionaire" back in March 5 of this year:

tblog.com/templates/index.php?bid=ezekielk&static=4 12459

It is a tale about a fictional billionaire in the near future, who decided he could make this a better world by giving a free, high quality laptop to every destitute person in the world. (This, after receiving over many months, unending pleas by e-mail to help the starving children of Africa.)

I also posted this parable to pagan, shaman, and other spiritual (and gay) newsgroups (same date). Click here to view one such article via Google.

This will verify the date.

Well, yesterday, Oct. 3, the SF Chronicle's technology section published a news article entitled: "MIT Team prepares $100 laptop for children across Third World" (page F2). (I live in SF, and read the local newspapers daily.)

Unfortunately, I can't find that particular article in their online news archives, so I'll have to refer you to a couple of online sources:

MIT's $100 Laptop for Kids in the Third World (Bostonist - Sept. 29)

MIT rolls out $100 Linux machine (Techworld - Sept. 29)

The first reference (Bostonist) includes an illustration similar to mine...that is why you should view my Laptop Billionaire tale on my weblog: to compare their image with mine. Theirs shows a laptop with Third-World children's hands reaching out in the screen. Mine shows a Third-World child's face holding up a scratch board with binary numerals.

This is no coincidence: I am a prophet, whose angels have assured me some years back that my prophecies would be increasingly affirmed and proven to a larger and larger audience across the world. (After many years experience all this in private: a most frustrating experience, however wondrous...just goes with the turf of being a queer shaman).

Thus, I bring attention to this latest revelation. Certainly good news for gay people, and all other persecuted souls...and pagans, for that is the tradition which I follow most reverently.


Zeke Krahlin
(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

P.S.: Click here to read a discussion of this topic in newsgroup "alt.consciousness.mysticism". It will be worth your while. Promise!

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