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100% Whole Wheat Vegan Belgian Waffle By Zeke
07.27.05 (6:49 pm)   [edit]

(No animals harmed or even inconvenienced in the production of this item)

2/3 cup 100% whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

1/2 cup water
1 teaspoon light vegetable oil
1 teaspoon white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Sift dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.

Mix together all liquid ingredients in a measuring cup.

Heat up waffle iron.

Add liquids to dry, stir batter to blend all. You want the batter to be more doughy than runny (add a tad more water or flour, if needed). Let batter sit while waffle iron heats up. This gives the vinegar and baking powder time to react to form bubbles which will lighten the waffle. (It is these two ingredients that replace the traditional beaten egg whites that make the waffle rise...and the vegetable oil replaces butter: Voila! No animal products whatsoever!)

When waffle iron is hot enough, pour in the batter. Also cooks great in regular waffle irons.

Instead of the scent of "buttery/eggy goodness", your nostrils will delight in the wholesome fragrance of toasy whole wheat wafting through your home. (Or should I say "waffling"?)

Top with fruit, syrup, butter, or whatever whets your appetite. I use Smart Balance, a truly healthy (and inexpensive) anti-cholesterol tub margarine, sugar-free maple syrup, and wild blueberries preserved in their own juices. Also goes great with ice cream!

The waffles keep well, like biscuits. Since they contain no sweetening, you can even serve 'em up as a savory biscuit: pizza or cheese or sandwich spread toppings for example.

You can freeze 'em, too. Pop in toaster oven to reheat.

Dear Aunt Terry (Part 2)
07.22.05 (12:59 pm)   [edit]
To read Part 1, click here.


July 17, 2005

Dear Aunt Terry,

Enclosed is a general rundown (in two news articles here and here) of what this country is in for, with an unlawful President backed by Christian fundamentalists and Nazi sympathizers. Of course, the gay issue is totally ignored in these authors' appeals for sanity, even though we ARE the main target these days of gov't and social oppression...and remain the most widely hated and persecuted than any other minority. If truth be told, homosexuality is NOT a minority issue, it is a MAJORITY issue, since MOST people are naturally born BISEXUAL.

So what we have is a VAST MAJORITY of humans pretending to be 100% hetero, who are MOSTLY bisexual (approx. 80%). And it is precisely THIS hypocrisy which is the ROOT of much violence in the world...and underlies most other violent matters, such as wars fought over oil, land, water, etc.

It is a SHAME that you still vote Republican, after all the information I sent you...especially how the GOP is out for our gay blood! And the ONLY reason you gave is "They're good with my money." For one, Democrats and liberals are not "bad" with citizen money...in fact, they are a LOT more responsible with seeing that taxes go back to us in the form of universal health care, decent housing, jobs, etc.

I am NOT saying you ought to switch to the Dems...as they, too, are selling out us homosexuals who are brave enough to NOT go back in hiding...and believe me, there are FEWER and fewer each day. Just be an independent voter, is my strategy. But for Chrissake, how can ANYONE with a compassionate bone in her body, remain Republican these days?

It is ALSO a shame that money is valued over the well being of citizens who are NOT affluent, like myself. This has led to my being denied health care, jobs, decent housing, etc. I have concluded that your attitude strongly suggests that you DID know the atrocities perpetrated by Hitler's gov't, and simply deny that. But I can say with CERTAINTY that you DO know what the present gov't is doing re. persecuting sexual minorities...but regardless, you still support a party which is virulently anti-gay, as well as racist, anti-democratic, anti health care, and so on.

If that's "being good with your money", I'll have no part of it. I do NOT want to associate with ANYONE who has voted for Bush...which is mostly a Republican stance. I consider our association over. I don't want to touch any money coming from YOUR hand.

MOST sincerely,


(I really did send her this letter; still waiting for any response. Hee-hee.)

My Amazing Birthday
07.17.05 (11:45 am)   [edit]


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