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Ding Dong, The Wicked Yellow Witch Is Dead!
05.01.05 (2:08 pm)   [edit]

Yellowtimes.org had promoted itself as an ultra-progressive online news agency. Yeah, right. NOTHING even mentioning sexual minorites could be found ANYWHERE on their voluminous site!

So I posted my query why they don't cover THE most important issue this century: Gay Rights. Know what their excuse was (and boy was it flimsy)? Here:

"No reporters find that topic relevant."

Now, this is late news for me, their shutting down, for it happened back in '03!

I only discovered this now, because I had discontinued visiting their site after their thoughtless reply. Just today I wondered if they've changed their (homophobic) tune, considering the ADVANCEMENTS of gay rights issues on the global battlefield. (Or maybe "arena" is more apropos, as I sure do feel like a gladiator surrounded by anti-queer beasts in the Roman Colosseum, these days! But I think "battlefield" is MORE precise for the situation at hand.)

So I did an "alltheweb" search for "yellowtimes.org", only to discover they'd been shut down two years ago! (Note: I do not EVER use Google's engine, as they are another big brother spy monopoly who INVADES your hard drive for very personal info like social security and credit card numbers. So far, alltheweb.com has proven itself to be a BETTER search engine. Let's hope they don't go roughshod capitalist like Google, M$, AOL etc.)

Of course, all the articles I found on this, did NOT mention their complete SILENCE on gay-relevant news. Instead, they all heaped yellowtimes.org with support and compassion for their demise. Well, this is way too TYPICAL of so-called "progressive" and "counterculture" groups:

"Ignore the faggots."

Well, see where it got them? (And their bad karma has just BEGUN to manifest.)

As the planetary power base continues to shift in favor of gay victory on ALL levels in EVERY spot on the planet, even MORE groups that have remained INTENTIONALLY silent (either through fear of being on Dubya's pro-gay list, or through their own unadmitted homophobia), will collapse.

But as this advances, it will become more and more OBVIOUS that homophobia is the self-destruct mechanism sabotaging their existence. And THAT'S a good thing. For unbridled homophobia rapidly escalates into social strife, violence, and global wars.

Well, all this homophobia has begun to dissipate from our planet...though in these early stages not at all obvious to those who harbor ANY degree of residual homophobia. But TRULY gay friendly folks ARE NOW AWARE of this shift, and already celebrating! They are a very tiny minority on this planet.

AFAICT, I am one of the souls who's TRIGGERED this process which is now sweeping the globe. It was revealed to me in some of my many, many visions, that Gaia is judging ALL souls based on whether or not they possess homophobic attitudes, and to what degree.

There is a line drawn by Our God: cross that line, and you're dead meat. It means you harbor homophobia to the degree where you fantasize a death wish and terror/torture to any and all sexual minorities. You do NOT have to be ACTIVELY persecuting queers (even just with your voice), to qualify for extermination...er, I mean "extinction".

You only have to HARBOR those thoughts...because in your own willful SILENCE (or measly, half-assed support, lip service) you ALSO contribute to the misery of untold millions (if not BILLIONS when you consider bisexuals, who compose the MAJORITY of our species).

At least ONE person on my mailing list, fits the above description. However, I am not here to JUDGE, just to give as many people a chance to rectify wrongs against homosexuals. But I DO have a PRETTY GOOD IDEA of what's in store for such humanoid skunks.

Are YOU on the winning side? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, I for one belatedly CELEBRATE the shut down of YellowTimes.org...and look forward to the elimination of ALL progressive agencies and individuals who obstinately REMAIN silent over Gay Rights.

No love lost here. No tears. Yay! Down with heteros!

Of course, I don't include those straights who are TRULY gay friendly...I just don't think they should STICK with the old words like "hetero" and "straight"; but should come up with NEW terms to distinguish themselves from the fag bashing mainstream.

And if you consider yourSELF gay friendly (and are a het), why would't you choose to do this? I suggest that some non-queer folks out there, come up with a GOOD term pronto! WE gays are sick and tired of not knowing who are REAL friends are, and thus risk being brutally bashed by the very people we love.

Happy New Passover everyone! I'm a bit ahead of the times: already treating it like history, when the event has yet to manifest. (For more info on the New Passover, click here.)

And please, no one send me accusations that I'm "over the top", "gone too far", etc. It will only highlight you like bright neon, as a clueless homophobe. Better to just cease communicating with me.

I started declaring WAR on heterosexual hegemony back in 1997. Read my FIRST declaration here.

Considering these violently homophobic times, I must conclude:

"The only good hetero is a dead hetero". But how will they perish in one fell swoop? Asian Bird Flu is one clear possibility.

Martin Luther King said that no one's rights are handed to them...they must FIGHT and TAKE what is rightly theirs in the first place.

Just be aware that Gaia is on OUR side, which means the side FOR all sexual minority freedom. You are SAFE from all harm (other than what's necessary for your life lessons), if you are completely resolved about homosexuality being a VITAL, POSITIVE and INDISPENSIBLE aspect of the human condition. And this applies no matter WHAT your sexual orientation. However, keep this in mind, too:

"Many are called, but few are chosen. So step right up for your lederhosen."

I am SICKENED and ANGERED at having to hear and see a constant bombardment of anti-gay vehemence through ALL our various forms of media: radio, TV, Internet, billboards, etc. INCLUDING right here in "Gay Mecca"...ha! For over two years, I had to walk by a billboard displaying a woman's huge JUGS, in order to get me to purchase chocolates. I would have loved to grafitti that billbord, had I the resources. Where IS everyone showing RESISTANCE to such vulgarity? There are a LOT MORE spineless people these days, than in the 60s/70s, when CONSIDERABLE NUMBERS (though still a minority) fought against outrageous violations of the human spirit. (But since MOST of these "warriors" remained SILENT about homosexuals--with some even PARTICIPATING in the bashing--I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Wait a minute: I'm NOT. What I AM is DISGUSTED and righteously OUTRAGED.

If you are straight, and have NOT spoken up for gay rights among your co-workers, family members, and gatherngs of any sort, your SILENCE is just as condemning as the homophobia loudmouths and executioners. For BLOOD is on your hands as well, by PROXY. And as I said, at LEAST one on my list, is like this.

I'm SICK of turning on my radio to hear some nice music, and 98% of it is all about how a woman should please her man. I think TRUE feminists should show a VERY STRONG participation in Gay Rights, in order to shut down THAT hetero-male-centric crap.

Yellowdogtimes.org is EXTINCT. One down, zillions to go.

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