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© 2007 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(Jehovah's Queer Witness)

Reverend Benjamin Reynolds

Gay people are the only minority without the stalwart support of either family or church. No other civil rights movement in Amerika (or the world, for that matter) has ever succeeded without the support of both.

In similar irony, homosexuals are the only minority where public vilification, segregation and violence are sanctioned (even encouraged) by church and state across the airwaves, newspapers, books, and cyberspace. (So much for separation of the two, eh? They may as well be Siamese twins!)

It is a shame and a CRIME that in these modern times, anyone need suffer egregious prejudice simply for being honest and upfront about one's sexual preference. Sad to say, black people still fail miserably in the light of their two greatest heroes, Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ, when it comes to brotherly compassion and societal respect towards their own LGBT brethren.

I applaud Rev. Benjamin Reynolds' courageous declaration in the face of bigotry by his own African-Amerikan congregation.

This is precisely what needs to be done by gay people of color in leadership positions, who've kept themselves deeply hid in the closet all their lives. By remaining so, they become partners in crime to these terrorist thugs who happen to be colored same. White racists pee their pants over the idea of black-on-black violence. And this black church-ordained fatwah on black queers is a big contributor towards driving white bigots rabid with joy.

It is unfortunate (and quite an eye-opener) to realize:

Where are gay black activists speaking out in their churches, peacefully but stridently disrupting their preachers whenever they deride gay people from the sanctity of the pulpit? (I doubt that white activists would be anywhere near as impressive...for obvious, albeit ludicrous, reasons.)

I believe this would be a most effective form of civil disobedience so badly needed to wake up black congregations across the nation. And I therefore suggest that the good Reverend Benjamin take up this call, as leader of this movement. Which I'm sure will take off like wildfire once a brave and outraged gay black (whoever that will be) takes up the torch.

MLK had a dream. I have a vision: That one day (and I believe it will be soon) black gays will rise up in all their churches and demand the same respect and equality that they so righteously demand from white folk. And whichever heroic soul of color chooses to lead the way will gain tremendous respect and adulation in the long run. This could be you, Reverend Benjamin Reynolds...and I hope it is! (Why not me, you ask, considering my forthright comments herein? Simply because I am not a person of any color at all, just plain ol' vanilla-white.)

As far as Pastor Cleveland's anti-Christian claim that his homophobic stand is a "biblical position," I have only this to say:

"I have a position for you, Pastor Cleve: BEND OVER."