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Power and the Search for Truth
04.21.08 (9:04 am)   [edit]

Those who crave power will be drawn to religion OR science (or politics)...it's the nature of the beast. Just as much horror has been created in the name of science, as in the name of religion. Just look at the former atheist nation of the USSR, and the present one of communist China.

In fact, BOTH nations have been extremely anti-homosexual. This, regardless of many folks' claim that RELIGION is the sole source of homophobia.

And don't get me started with all the GREAT things Nazis have achieved in the name of science!

Yes, one might say my examples are not of REAL science. But that is the same cop-out "progressive" Christians use when they shake their heads over bigoted fundamentalists: "Well, they're not REAL Christians."

PURE science and PURE religion both have the same motive: the search for truth. One, via intellectual reason, the other via intuition.

It is a false construct, this war between science and religion...created by power mongers in their attempt to wipe out serious competition. God created the universe, including evolution. Period.

I just wanted to point out the sacred cow that science has become. When in reality, science can be (and has been, and IS) just as deceptive, treacherous, and violent as religion. (See: psychiatric abuse, Tuskegee Experiment, hospital fraud, Medicare corruption, shoddy health care for the poor, Chernobyl, forced medication of children, etc.) It's a matter of abuse of power, not differences in world view (which is simply a smokescreen).

Do we NEED science? Of course! But don't think for a moment that we don't ALSO need religion.

And for pretty much the same reason.


Note: The above essay was originally posted to AlterNet thread "Holding Passover as If Earth Really Matters" under my handle, "HoboHomo". OTHER interesting posts by yours truly lay wait in the bramble of that same thread, ready to pounce on your startled cerebrum when you least expect!

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