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Ezekiel J. Krahlin

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PASTOR DAVE (SCURRILOUS KNAVE) © 2007 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin (Jehovah's Queer Witness)
================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.09.07 (5:34 am) Here's yet another image of Jesus representing a long-suffering minority not included in your blog: tinyurlDOTcom/2a8j37 ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.09.07 (7:56 am) Reply to: ezekielk I'll let your reply stay. Let me just say that I do not place gays in the same category as blacks and Jews. One is born with skin color and race. One may be born with a tendency to be attracted to the same sex, but it is strictly a matter of choice what you do with that affinity. If you want to be gay, that's your right. I'll not go around trying to offend you. I'll certainly not point those of your persuasion to offensive websites simply to irritate. I think, if I did so, it would say a lot about my character, or lack thereof. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.10.07 (10:14 pm) {{One may be born with a tendency to be attracted to the same sex, but it is strictly a matter of choice what you do with that affinity. }} So if science came up with a pill that would turn black people white, you would then demand in the name of Jehovah, that they should all turn white, or they'll go to hell. And Jews, well, religion is not genetic, so I conclude the only reason you're excusing them, is in order to bolster your homophobic notions. Furthermore: being gay is far more than sexual actions...same as hetero. It involves who we choose to be intimate with, and who we desire to grow old with, and share our lives. Can you imagine how miserable you and other heteros would be, if your sexuality were condemned, and you had to live in fear of being bashed, just for holding hands? Now does that sound very Christian to you? The only "choice" I have is to either be brave and stand against majority tyranny (which hides behind God's robes, using his name to justify taunting and condemning a group of innocent people)...or to cower in fear by obeying fundamentalist dictates to avoid any sort of homosexual relationship. {{ I'll certainly not point those of your persuasion to offensive websites simply to irritate. }} You're irritated, because you're homophobic. My intent is not to "irritate", except that being a thorn in the side of homophobes by speaking out, is practicing the noble tradition of Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Susan B. Anthony, and...yes...Jesus Christ. {{ I think, if I did so, it would say a lot about my character, or lack thereof. }} Be that as it may, it's obvious you need a serious attitude adjustment. Don't tell me: you're one of THOSE preachers who uses Sodom & Gomorrah as a premise to persecute homosexuals...ignoring COMPLETELY Lot's offer to give up his virgin DAUGHTERS to evil men, in order to spare the angelic visitors. You tell me: isn't that a HETERO sin that Lot ocmmitted? Oh, I see: breeder entertainment includes SCAPEGOATING gay people for their OWN hetero perversions. Besides, Jesus is most likely a homosexual too, considering how intimate he was with his 12 disciples, all male. Churches have done a good job of erasing that knowledge about Christ...but the truth can't be buried forever. ONE important reason why Jesus was crucified, was for his homosexuality. And gays have been crucified over two millenia, eve since. In fact, homosexuals walk Christ's path of Via Dolorosa more intimately than any other persecuted group. It is our HONOR to be so reviled for so long, because we know this: The meek shall inherit the earth, and the last among us shall be first to enter Heaven. You are a pathetic preacher, that teaches homosexuality to be immoral. It is no more immoral than heterosexuality. The REAL reason God condemned Sodom & Gommorah, was for sexual LUST among MOST denizens, whether gay, straight, or bi. And as far as Lot giving up his innocent daughters (a blatantly HETERO sin), I'm shocked that God overlooked that, for if Our Creator is truly just, I conclude: Lot shoulda been shot. ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.11.07 (6:50 pm) Reply to: ezekielk Thanks for the reply. Perhaps this is more than a hit-and-run reply. I think we have at least two different issues here: (1) The link. You sent it. It is intentionally vulgar. It is knowingly offensive to almost all persons who take seriously the Christian faith. If you have even casually considered my site, you know I am one of those persons. And you would know that what you have sent would be offensive. It's porn. And I am pretty sure that most who are gay would consider such a picture, and sending such a picture unrequested over the internet, would be inappropriate. Perhaps you are usually a decent and kind person. I am going to assume that you are. Then, if you were to sit back and rationally consider your actions in this matter, then maybe you would agree. Now, for the second issue: You have vehemently attacked and judged me, and I think quite unfairly. You call me a "homophobe". The word is used so often and so casually that it really loses it's impact. If you knew me, you would know I am no more a "homophobe" than you are a "heterophobe". Are you afraid of people of a different sexual orientation than yourself? I hope not, because 98% plus of the world is made up of those people. You also, in rapid fire succession, throw all kinds of other insults my way: Hiding behind God's robes, scapegoater, fundamentalist, pathetic preacher. You don't know me! What you know is a four-sentence reply I gave in response to a porn link you sent me. I'm willing to discuss the nature of sexual orientation. Nature vs. nurture. Jesus was gay, you say? Upon what do you base such a belief? You preclude that I believe God judged Sodom and Gomorrah because of gay matters? I do not. I find in the scriptures a different reason for such judgment. Perhaps if you were to rationally discuss the issue, I would be able to give you my take of the matter. And, by the way, Jews are a race of people as well as a religion. One final point- it is not my business to ascribe anyone to Hell- gays or anyone else. Maybe, no most probably, you have been mistreated by Christians. Most probably, you and I have some major disagreements about matters of sexuality and faith. But I'm not your enemy. I don't hate you. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (1:26 am) {{ But I'm not your enemy. I don't hate you. }} It is only by HATRED you'd declare my link as pornographic. It's CUTE, dammit, CUTE, CUTE, CUTE. He's got more covering his lovely body than a bathing suit, and he's not exposing himself. It's barely erotic! What a cold, cold pastor you are. God please hear my prayers for the release of his sheep, who'd do far better by seeking another shepherd in their area. And if they can't, give them the energy and resources to start their OWN church! Amen {{ Perhaps you are usually a decent and kind person.}} Damn right. I am decent, kind, and BRAVE all of the time, 24/7. {{ I am going to assume that you are. }} You'd better...God's paying CLOSE attention to what's coming down here. {{ And, by the way, Jews are a race of people as well as a religion. }} That's a right-wing fallacy. Mankind is not of many races...we are but ONE race. Race means "species"...and what evolution defines as branching into a different species, is if they can no longer produce offspring between each kind. So Jew are not another race, nor are blacks, Asians, and so on. {{ Most probably, you and I have some major disagreements about matters of sexuality and faith. }} Yes. You're on the wrong side. You stand with Evil. Who am I to judge? I have a very powerful guardian angel who has checked you out and told me EVERYTHING about who and what you REALLY are. This is a gift...a rare gift indeed, when so razor-edge accurate. The gift of discernment. And I am one of God's VERY VERY best psychic detectives. What do I do in His service? I seek out evil and expunge it...on behalf of Gay Liberation. My Angel wants me to tell you his title: "The Angel of Vengeance on behalf of LGBT's everywhere" but that's not his REAL name; he's just pulling your clumsy old, hairy old, hobbling old, heter leg! I'm done pressing your buttons. There are much BIGGER and BETTER fish out there I can net. You're an insignificant minnow passing through the mesh. I seek TRUE disciples of YHVW, not charlatans...and the best way to discover a TRUE devotee is to know his attitude about homosexuals. (If even the least bit negative, a red flag goes up in my head: another enemy or, at best, a lukewarm associate a.k.a. "friendly fire." So I HAD to press your buttons to bring out your soul, that I could witness. And I'm very GOOD at that, don't you think? ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (5:23 am) Reply to: ezekielk Zeke, I think you've made your true intentions clear. No interest in conversation, the give and take within the exchange of ideas. You are interested in name calling, judging, and insulting. I am sorry that you are so afraid of me. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (5:52 am) {{ 98% plus of the world is made up of those people. }} You're kidding! You get the 2% for gays, from distorted demographics. Whether you care to admit it or not, homosexuals are ALWAYS 10% of every large population. Where you goons get this 2% from, is that is how many gays are OUT OF THE CLOSET...the remainder, 8%, stay in the closet because they are TERRORIZED by their own Amerikan neighbors, coworkers, doctors, teacher, and so on, ad nauseaum. Such skewed data intended to rain violence upon us homosexuals, is clearly UN-AMERICAN and a propaganda weapon perfected by Nazis under your leader, Hitler. The OTHER piece of DISinformation you disseminate in order to demonize gays, is that heteros are 98% of the population. Flat out absurd: there are NO MORE 100% HETEROS THAN THERE ARE 100% HOMOS. The rest (80%) are BISEXUAL, more or less. Some are attracted to women more than to men, while other bisexuals are attracted more to men than women...and some remain strictly in the middle of that bell curve of human sexuality: 50/50 bisexuals. Big farkin' deal! Ergo, MOST men who claim to be heterosexual are LIARS. They are mostly bisexuals. Which implies that homosexuality is NOT a minority issue: it is a MAJORITY issue of a type of hypocrisy that generates cruel manifestations. All this barbarity, this blood bath, this vulgar criminal lust for sacrifice of virgin men! That's REALLY gonna get you to Heaven, do ya think? Don't fool yourself, "pastor"; God's just giving you enough rope to hang yourself properly. ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (7:36 am) Reply to: ezekielk I think I understand your reasoning. If anyone disagrees with you, they: (1)hate you (2)hate all homosexuals (3)are less reasonable and intelligent than yourself (4)that person, and everything he holds sacred, is fair game for the vilest of insult Being gay is not your problem. ================== posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (12:20 pm) Dave, I know Ezekiel. His adamant stance is warranted toward phony evangelical blasphemists who believe in capitol punishment, like my shallow bigot fat cow cousin, who thinks that Skull & Bones member drunk in the White House to be the second coming. It's trash like them that drive women & men like Ezekiel to passionate revulsion of family culture. Cuz is part of a creationist fundamentalist cult. No way are they Christians. Her fat rump will blow up her anticipated rapture like the Hindenburg. My father was despicable. But I'll bet the ranch you are a kindly father whose children will want to please you. I'll wish you well in that endeavor, but please understand that some of us are totally incapable of sharing that pursuit, due to damaging history beyond our control in our formative years. On this point, Zeke is correct that our bigoted society is unjust in blaming victims for being unable to conform to their expectations. Most of my dearest associations have passed over. In all reverence, they aren't missing a damned thing here. Would love to read your response. Signed, Your fellow in the teachings of Christ. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (2:25 pm) {{ Being gay is not your problem. }} Correct. It's LIVING in a violently homophobic world that's the REAL problem. We at least agree on ONE thing. As for your preaching that homosexuality is a sin: You KNOW that's not true. It's just that preaching against gay love has been such a successful crowd pleaser/money maker since the Catholic Church held an Inquisition, every scammer, 2-time hustler, charlatan, and perverter of the Holy Word, has his finger in the queer-basher's pie. ALL you (sac)religious preachers know very well that anti-gay vitriol is simply a strawman, to rile up your (poorly educated) dumbed-down flock to shake the moolah from their pockets, as payment to PROTECT them from the Imaginary Monster of Homosexuality. You rake in the spoils of psychological war which BRAINWASHES your flock to become a REAL danger to my gay brothers and sisters. Way to go, preach! KEEP up your lies for the sake of filthy lucre and vainglory. I know which god YOU worship, and it sure ain't the One True Creator! Get behind me, thou breeder of ill winds and false notions! Spreading HATRED towards the innocent among the unsuspecting masses that frothily drool with dreams of bloodlust that YOU YOURSELF have fomented! Unrepentant knave! Scoundrel of deceit! Your words are a BOTULISM to the human spirit. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (2:28 pm) {{ Dave, I know Ezekiel. His adamant stance is warranted toward phony evangelical blasphemists }} Thank you, soulsought, you are impeccably accurate in the understanding. AND I have a sense of humor about it, to boot. Pastor Dave is not quite there yet...I'm helping him along. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (10:40 pm) My POINT (which you seem to IGNORE, then add insult to injury) is this: You did not include "Gay Jesus" with your list of faces to consider. A photo of Matthew Shepard crucified to that fence along an isolated, dusty Montana road, would be a likely candidate. By EXCLUDING the persecution of gays from your list, you deem homosexuals WORTHY of hatred, bashing, torture and murder. Of course, you'd lose a LARGE number of your flock (either existing, or wannabe), who, like most Xians, ARE homophobic. And that's the REAL reason you exclude gays...has nothing to do with ethics, everything to do with the almighty dollar and peer acceptance/admiration. Sometimes speaking TRUTH will cause you to be reviled...and THAT is one of Christ's lessons: you walk HIS path, don't expect things to always go easy. Taking a stand in FAVOR of gay rights takes COURAGE. To join the majority madness by DENOUNCING homosexuals, is the way of the coward...and the devil. ================== posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (11:14 pm) Dear Dave, I don't expect you to understand immediately Zeke's point of origin; I lived it for over twenty years, but it deserves consideration which the mainstream does not give it. His path and mine shared course for over twenty years, then mine rapidly changed. His didn't. I empathize. I know if fate didn't fall on me, I'd be in his situation totally. I appreciate the sometimes ironic contradictory implications and circumstances of our respective situations. ================== posted by: soulsoughtt (reply) post date: 10.12.07 (11:20 pm) Dave, my man, look at our IP addresses; we're on opposite coasts. Please, at least, give me some feedback. Bro, I've been celebate for a decade now, big daddy. Hope that helps. :) ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (1:54 am) Homophobic zealots like Dave (a "soft" version of this ilk, which makes him more a snake in the grass, than a screaming baboon), belived that homosexuals should be CELIBATE or we'll go to hell. Yet he pretends the wickedness in his own heart (blaspheming gays) will have no consequences. Can you say "rude awakening"? Oops, gotta of my street buddies just whistled up. Good pot, good body, good time. -- Heard of the Good Book? Well, this is the BETTER Book: The Faggot Bible wwwDOTgay-bibleDOTorg ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (6:53 am) Reply to: soulsought Sorry about not giving a reply. I seek to be diligent to interact with anyone willing to take the time and effort to make a comment on this tiny little dot of a website. And I very much appreciate your civil and rational tone. Sometimes I have to stay away from blogging or a few days because of pressing matters. And I know I get a bit too serious with this interaction. I think our friend, Ezekiel, seems typical of some who aren't too interested in coffee-shop conversation. I can talk with just about anybody. We can be very different. But I'm late in the game with learning when the other guy doesn't want to talk, but simply agitate. The best thing to do is simply walk away. I'm not good at such, as some fellow bloggers along the way have told me, but I'll probably have to practice it sometime soon. Your story sounds very tough. I've had some hard things in life, but nothing close to what you briefly describe. Who knows where I would be had I walked in your shoes. You've probably done better than I with the circumstances. I'm not going to lie about it. My views about homosexuality are most likely very different from Ezekiel and yourself. But I want to be an authentic Christian in this matter, and this process is till developing. I remember the story of a young man who came to his pastor seeking understanding and help with his homosexuality. The pastor told him, "We don't have any room for fags in our church". What a sad excuse for a minister in that instance. Respect. Compassion. Gentleness. Understanding. Yet, integrity. I'm working on these. And it seems that you are working on the same things. I have more to say. I hope you'll stay around. I think you can teach me some things. Last night, I listened to a two-hour interactive dialog between a group of conservative evangelicals and a group of pro-gay Christians. It was respecful interchange, and I learned from it. Thanks. ================== posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (8:47 am) Thanks Dave. Spiritual matters are so much more vital than fleshly ones. My heart goes out to youths under 30 because their natural lust is so great, there is hardly sufficient room or perspective for spirituality. Life's trek puts us through so many changes. If I look at pictures of my beloved deceased Mother, the only ones that don't make me cry are those of her at my present age, at her strongest. The young pre WWII maiden who deserved better than my father, or the childlike Alzheimer waif just tears me to pieces. What truly troubles me today in this ugly cliched society full of doodleheads who talk like-like (I'mlike, itslike - if an interviewee for a job drops a single "imlike", the application should instantly be torn up), is that they allow Pat Robertson's fundamentalists to represent all Christians. And that's just wrong. My fatso slob cousin thinks the GOP is the same as it ever was; but back when getting knocked up dropped her out of school, Eisenhouer warned us about oilmen running for office. I haven't the heart to tell her what I think, but when she spoke all this Bush support crap, my eyes gave me away. Dumb as she is, she knew what I was thinking. Perhaps diplomacy is a tad dishonest. Why must we live in a world of extremes and not enough moderation. (?) ====== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (11:14 am) {{ And I know I get a bit too serious with this interaction. }} Duh. {{ I think our friend, Ezekiel, }} Don't call me "friend". You haven't EARNED that right, and I doubt you will. {{ seems typical of some who aren't too interested in coffee-shop conversation. }} I am a MASTER at coffee-shop conversation. YOU are blind-sided by false Xian dogma, especially homosexuality. {{ I can talk with just about anybody. }} So can anyone else. Doesn't really mean much; it's a cheap and common talent. You certainly do a poor job in talking to me! So what do you think of Lot offering up his virgin daughters to disgusting HETERO perverts? Why don't you include a picture of an abused GAY person in your list of Jesus faces? See: no reply, no casual conversation. So much for your "gift of gab", eh? Gays don't have TIME for your ilk to spend years attending lectures and workshops about "Gay is okay", in hopes that you'll come around, eventually. We are at WAR with society NOW, and we CAN'T AFFORD to wait for new alliances to (someday) come to our aid. This WAR was instigated by the Hetero Majority, as manifest tnrough religious, gov't, and media institutions. You ARE the enemy...and by feigning SOME friendliness to gays, you undermine our forces, and keep a wedge in our ranks, through which more VIOLENT enemies can infiltrate and sabotage. This IS Judgment Day...and in Jehovah's eyes, this "day" will last several years or a little more. And it is OBVIOUS to the enlightened, that He is first judging people by their attitude about homosexuality. Do not think for even a nanosecond, that your condemnation of the homosexual act will win you a ticket to Heaven...or that you are presently taking some "classes". Yor are NOT rolling up your sleeves, and joining in the fray to defeat the Beast of Homophobia. You are not using ANY of your God given talents to speak OUT against homophobia...not your words, not your deeds, not your prayers, not your preaching. Gays are in the same situation as Jews were, in the early part years of Nazi Germany. And, just like them, we have very few allies, and MANY terrible enemies ready to send us off to Amerika's concentration camps, and use us for scientific experiments (such as new viruses for biological warfare). If you'd like, I'll leave instructions with the camp guard to send you a wallet, made from my skin. What design would you like on it? May I suggest the Amerikan flag w/swastika? ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (12:16 pm) {{ I listened to a two-hour interactive dialog between a group of conservative evangelicals and a group of pro-gay Christians. It was respecful interchange, and I learned from it. }} You CAN'T have "respectful interchange" with Nazis! Can you say "Neville Chamberlain"? Whoever these "pro-gay" Xians are, they're SELL OUTS, and only serve to slow down our liberation, our freedom from the hetero skank masses! This is like Jews in ghettos fooling themselves by thinking they can win back their freedom by civilized DEBATES with their Nazi overlords. AGGRESSIVE, OFFENSIVE, and CONFRONTATIONAL tactics are the ONLY tactics that will gain us our victories, at this late date. Did Jesus decide to debate with the temple merchants before knocking down their stalls? I don't think so! Until we see churches actually TAKING TO THE STREETS (and the media, and the pulpit) on behalf of they HAVE done (and STILL do) for OTHER oppressed folks (blacks, children, women, etc.)...we should NEVER assume that somehow, they'll come around to common sense and reason. We are FOOLING ourselves if we think that...much to our detriment, and to the bemusement of our Crocodilian Religous Leaders. Who IN THE NAME OF THEIR GOD, WHO IS SATAN, sacrifice many innocent lives to the Maws of Moloch. Laughing all the way to the bank, as well as stopping by a concentration camp now and then, to spit on those sinful, starving, tortured queers. ================== posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (1:28 pm) Dave, I was listening to your audio piece about judgement, essentially gleaned from the seventh chapter of Matthew. I wish my Creationist Fundamentalist cowpattie cousin would listen to it, but she feels the internet is the devil's work. She plays the organ in church. By no means is she as good as Jo Anne Castle. As fat, maybe. My cousin doesn't believe any negative press about Bush; however, she believes the smears against Michael Jackson, Dorothy Ramsey, etc. It's as though National Enquirer was her bible. She is more interested in being judgemental, outcasting and excluding as many as possible from the kingdom of heaven. She's no leader, no free thinker. As a widow, the only place she can be getting this from is her clergyman. I'm speculating; I don't really know. I don't fan the flames. But I do wonder what made her so bitter. She chose to see the hayseed philandering Bill Clinton as Beezlebub, when really he is a Southern Baptist who sought counsel from Billy Graham. She chooses to see this drunken draft dodger Bush (went AWOL from the National Guard) as a saint, when in fact he is a dirty killer for profit, and an enabled multi billion dollar thief (our taxes, Federal Reserve, Halliburton, etc.) It may be transferred anger. As a 64 year old free babysitting grandmother, she is under appreciated. Long hair doesn't retain lost youth when one is fifty pounds overweight. Her Nazi sympathizing grandparents (in-laws to me) left her less than cousins of hers on that side because she wasn't a "thoroughbred". She is held captive by the status quo, despite seeing the weekly congregation. Leads me to wonder how many of them might be like her. ================== posted by: rrock (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (2:53 pm) Looks like you are either failing to read what the man is saying, or you haven't the ability to comprehend it. In any case, i doubt you would be looking for support from UseNet readers if you thought you were winning an argument of any kind. On the contrary, it appears that you know that you are once again simply irritating a group of people for your own personal ego trip and are looking for support to remove the guilt from your conscience, applying some sort of "more equals better" lemming philosophy. Does this have anything to do with the topic of our news group? Nope. As usual, you feel your own self-importance outweighs that of other people in your never ending search to gain more attention to yourself and your web-site. In effect, your post is just more spam. Referencing: b771c59/26872481983c4ad2 ...change commas to dots. ================== posted by: rrock (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (2:55 pm) The prior comment was directed toward ezekielk. ================== posted by: Barnabus1 (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (5:55 pm) Do they not know we shall judge Angels?, we are certianly capable of judging homosexual activity to be immoral!!! To say it is not a sin....well obviously they hve not read the Bible!! Both Old and New testament, roundly condemns it as a sin!!! ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (7:41 pm) rrock, your pointless comment is not worth addressing, except: Why not use the free service, tinyurlDOTcom, which will convert cumbersomely lengthy URLs into short ones? I mean, if you really think your points are worth considering. Frankly, I don't see how anyone would. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (7:49 pm) {{ we are certianly capable of judging homosexual activity to be immoral!!! To say it is not a sin....well obviously they hve not read the Bible!! Both Old and New testament, roundly condemns it as a sin!!! }} The several passages used by bigots to condemn homosexuality are dubious at best, certainly wide open to interpretation. They have all been CLEARLY refuted by intelligent scholars, including those of the Xian stripe. It is only because you have been denied a decent education--and thus can't really think for yourself in any useful sense, dumb-downed as you are--that you are brainwashed by evil preachers and politicians, to believe the GROSS misinterpretation of scripture. Jesus and Jehovah are lovers, hence homosexual. They only have eyes for each other. I worship Jesus AS gay, and am dead serious about this. If you can provide the actual passages you claim denounces homosexuality, then post them here, or shut up, okay? I can REFUTE each and every one of them with solid references. Are you even EDUCATED enough to find those passages...after criticizing some for NOT reading The Babble? Just because a preacher TELLS you that The Babble condemns same-sex love, does not necessarily mean that's the case. You need to go and read it yourself, before taking some ignoramus in sheep's robes' word for it. ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (7:55 pm) Reply to: ezekielk I am going to make a request of you for respecful and thoughtful dialog. As I have previously stated, you do not have to agree. And you can have passion. But on this blog, my blog, I do not want you or anyone else using intentional insult. You go on these long, meandering diatribes. You personally, viciously, and inappropriately attack people. I would like for you to hang around and we can grow in understanding together. I will try my best to treat you with respect. And, most of us understand that does not require agreement on issues. Here's some advice. Here at t-Blog, we have worked hard to build a community of great variance, but with respect for one another. We talk. We disagree. We do not insult. If you want to have interaction around here, you must learn how to treat others. Is it possible? Now, if you want to go on these long and insulting rants, with whatever vulgarity and links you may wish, then fine- just do it on your blog, not mine. ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (7:59 pm) Reply to: Barnabus1 I'm going to ask you to ignore this person. If you feel you need to continue interaction with him, please do so with private correspondence or perhaps on his blog. He's not interested in true interaction. ================== posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (8:01 pm) Reply to: rrock Thank you for taking the time to help me understand better the intent of this person. ================== posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (8:14 pm) Barnabus1, you are the sort of person who--if you lived 100 years ago--would justify slavery of blacks, because that is in The Babble, too. I'll bet you ARE racist! Are you? Do you believe blacks are inferior? Does The Babble say that? Please enlighten me, oh Servant of Beelzebub! ================== posted by: ezekielk post date: 10.13.07 (8:40 pm) All God's Angels Are Gay Imagine this unpleasant scene: A guardian angel who loves a person so much appears before that person to make his life a living miracle. But that person--let's call him Ishmael--takes his angel's appearance for granted, being the spoiled brat his parents turned him into. So he taunts the angel, lies to hurt his feelings, even beats and kicks him whenever he feels like it, just like he does to Ol' Dawg. Ishmael keeps shutting him up, before the angel can explain to him of Our Father's Love and all the Wondrous Things that life can be if you only open your heart. So the angel pleads and pleads and pleads...but all to no avail, so that, after a number of terrible months without a single breakthrough, the angel realizes he's accomplished his mission as best as possible, and must now make himself invisible to this person, once more. Yet this terrible heartbreak suffered by this angel does not stop him from continuing his mission--albeit invisible--by pleading and pleading and pleading and PLEADING until that Day of Triumph comes, and come it will. In fact, the angel never skips a beat in his devotion to a soul...for he knows how truly blessed he is, and that it is all a celebration even in the darkest hour. For it is in that darkest hour only, that the angel can finally take center stage, and sing out his heart to God. And in so doing, create a golden chord of brotherly love that unites himself, the guardian angel, to this person. And the angel need only be yanked down once, before he uses his wings. Yep, you gotta be A-1 tiptop absolute BEST soldier to score that high! A perfect score, in fact. (And does this foolish person get pulled up with his angel, or does the chord break to leave the angel unfettered from any more pain? That, I believe, depends on whether or not Ishmael has a change of heart, and if it comes soon enough to make a difference.) Now, you're probably thinking: "Yes, that does sadden me, as I know there are all too many people in this world who are just like that nasty Ishmael!" And as if by an afterthought, you boast: "Thank God I'm not like that. I'd NEVER harm an angel!" Oh, you wouldn't would you? Before you think so smug of yourself, answer me this: "Do you like gay people; that is: homosexuals?" And your answer to that single question ALONE, will tell you for sure, whether or not you are also an Ishmael. And God shall pass His judgment upon you, accordingly. Let this parable be spoken in every tongue, in every nation, and in every home. Blessed be. And may The Angel of Justice pass you over. ================== DELETED BY PASTOR DAVE: posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (8:51 pm) {{ if you want to go on these long and insulting rants, with whatever vulgarity and links you may wish, then fine- just do it on your blog, not mine. }} The vulgarity, the wickedness, the ARROGANCE of Xians spouting hellfire and brimstone to homosexuals...and the VIOLENCE and needless MISERY and DEATHS this causes day in and day out far EXCEED any of my condemnation against those who believe that way. To say that homosexuality is immoral, is a sin...and to quote passages from The Babble that gays should be put to death, and will suffer eternal hell...well, I ask you PASTOR Dave: How on EARTH can that be taken as anything OTHER than the cruelest, most horrid way to treat ANYONE? Yet YOU regard my outraged derision of such people as something far worse! What a maroon (to quote my gay buddy from Brooklyn, Bugs Bunny). Yes by all means ignore me, Barnabus1. You are an insult and a stain on Jesus' great sacrifice, by your prattling horrid ideas against homosexuals. Remember: for every homosexual you curse, you do same to Your Lord. ================== DELETED BY PASTOR DAVE: posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.13.07 (9:43 pm) {{ I am sorry that you are so afraid of me. }} Afraid, PASTOR Dave? TERROR is more like it. In your smug condemnation of homosexuals, wherein (false) Xians preach stoning and murder of homosexuals...considering how POWERFUL are the churches...such villification DOES often lead to devastating gay lives 24/7, creating a trail of misery and danger for these innocent souls to walk from cradle to grave. And the needless DEATHS of those I love because of this. And the virtual IMPOSSIBILITY of forming close bonds with my gay brothers due to the TERRORISM of false Xianity! Yes, your saccharine presentation fools me not a single iota. You are a purveyor of Dark Evil of the blackest kind...pretending to be sooo understanding and patient, like a crocodile's smile before he traps his prey in the fatal grip of razor teeth. Boot me out if you want, for speaking pure TRUTH. I think someone ELSE you claim to worship was CRUCIFIED 2,000 years ago, for the very same reason. Yes I AM afraid of you, PASTOR Dave...and for damn good reason. But being one of God's BRAVEST and most FAITHFUL soldiers, I do not allow fear to silence me from speaking out. Psalm 23 (4): Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Psalm 35 (1-8): Plead my cause, O Lord, with those who strive with me; Fight against those who fight against me. Take hold of shield and buckler, And stand up for my help. Also draw out the spear, And stop those who pursue me. Say to my soul, "I am your salvation." Let those be put to shame and brought to dishonor Who seek after my life; Let those be turned back and brought to confusion Who plot my hurt. Let them be like chaff before the wind, And let the angel of the Lord pursue them. For without cause they have hidden their net for me in a pit, Which they have dug without cause for my life. Let destruction come upon him unexpectedly, And let his net that he has hidden catch himself; Into that very destruction let him fall. (So, do you consider my summoning the power of the Psalms against your homophobic ilk, a vulgar and insulting rant, simply because it's directed to those who ARE guilty?) ================== DELETED BY PASTOR DAVE: posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.14.07 (12:07 am) {{ Here at t-Blog, we have worked hard to build a community of great variance, but with respect for one another. We talk. We disagree. We do not insult }} Here at Pastor Dave's t-blog, being the oh-so-moral, god-fearing KKKristians that we are, we are free to condemn homosexuals to hell, and deny them their rights and safety and livelihood (and LIVES), as long as we don't use any nasty EXPLETIVES in the process. All because it is our RELIGIOUS belief to demonize gay people. But if any GAY person uses expletives to denounce our solid stand for HETERO righteosness...hey, we're all over him like white on rye. Because we have the backing of The Beast and his main servant, Prezzydent BUSH. But you'll never find us preaching racism, misogyny, least, you'll never CATCH us doing that in public. Our OWN private covens--er, circles--well, THAT's a different matter. As long as anti-gay vitriole remains the ONLY legally sanctioned form of excessive prejudice, we will exercise our gov't/beelzebub protected RIGHT to harangue, discriminate against, vilify and EXCORIATE homosexuals to the GREATEST extent possible...including the promotion to lock these godless perverts behind bars and EXTERMINATE them, that our children sleep safely at night. Government backs us up...especially since the right-wing Y2K coup out of Florida, where Satan's very own representive now sits in the Oval Office. And the BABBLE backs us up, too. Oh, the BABBLE also backs us up regarding the enslavement of black people. But until the gubbermint comes to its senses, we'll need to walk softly and wait that one out. But ONCE we got the damn QUEERS all rounded up, the rest will be a cinch. Like Judas and his 30 pieces of silver. A peace of cake. Devil's FOOD, that is. ================== DELETED BY PASTOR DAVE: posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.14.07 (1:18 am) {{ Thank you for taking the time to help me understand better the intent of this person. }} That's just plain silly. Rrock doesn't know me from SQUAT. He only knows OF me from my occasional posts to newsgroup "alt.religion.angels". He's another homophobe who RESENTS my interjecting gay perspectives into the mystical dimension of angels. So of course he'll slander me, in order to sabotage my good any anti-gay flamer. If you REALLY want to understand me, just visit my website. I'm like an open book, that anyone can read. I have NOTHING to hide. There's even a section on my site, that has links to ALL my discussions on Usenet from day 1 (the first day I got on to the Internet, back in 1997). I also have, in my writing section--besides a variety of letters, tales, essays and poems--a subsection called "Parables for the 21st Century"...which idea I first came up with in 1988. Soulsought was there, when I wrote my first parable, "The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly". In fact, he lived two flights directly above me! He has since moved to another state, some years back. My web log is ALSO a great place to learn about my ideas: my philosophy, spiritual viewpoints, political meanderings, and visions. Quite frequently, I discuss the nature of angels, including that MANY (if not all) are homosexual. They give me my stories, my philosophy, including an extraordinary essay called "NeoPositivity: a gay religion, and heart of the Final Testament". If you think the DEVIL has possessed me to write such works, you are terribly mistaken. I am probably the BEST servant of God right now, on this sorry old planet. And my time has about come, for recognition and empowerment of the messages and insight that are flowing through my soul. Soon, very soon, all the world shall know of me, and thank God for my gifts. I am a Psychic Surgeon so to speak, who deftly removes the mote from a person's eye, the stain from his one swift, invisible gesture. Shock Therapy is my main strategy, and I'm VERY good at it. The trick to my success is not let it BOTHER me that my patients become UPSET as the first reaction to my most innovative healing method. I do not heal ailments of the flesh, which are insignificant. I heal the soul, the heart, the mind. A final word of advice: Be careful about continuing to accept/allow ANY sort of prejudice against homosexuals, no matter how slight it may seem. Homophobia is a hatred that is either THERE or shades of gray in between (very binary). It is the nature of even the SLIGHTEST sort of anti-gay hatred, to rapidly balloon into EXTREME violence. And it all started--this psychic virus of homophobia--when the idea came to Cain, to kill his brother. And there you have the first crime of humanity: brother-on-brother violence. A.K.A. "homophobia'. ================== posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.14.07 (12:25 pm) Old testament passages must be taken in context, as the enlightened word of the New testament supercedes them with the enlightenment of Jesus' sermon on the mount. That doesn't necessarily mean that the scribblings of Paul were all that enlightened. Backwater churches tend to be just ignorant, as they foster libelous claims against homos. Enlightened Christians realize that the combination of "Thou shalt not kill" and "Vengeance is mine" means capital punishment is wrong. But dimwits in bigot churches don't realize this. My creationist cousin can't conceive of the notion that God the father used evolution in creating life. Yet she goes to a doctor's treatment based upon science. While she's an idiot, I don't argue with her. What good would it do? I still love her for the good things she practiced and believed before she went nut-so and joined a Fundamentalist cult. Now I know how conservative parents feel when their offspring join cults. There is absolutely nothing Christian about that ugly little monkey in the White House. ============= posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.14.07 (12:37 pm) My feelings of outrage have an anger byproduct that I must temper, in order to make my rational points. Many people are oblivious to other perspectives, unaware of the social injustice of their own. I try to realize that the deceived are victims too. For instance, I believe the Good Lord wants me to forgive my dead father for his deliberate cruelty, because emotionally and psychologically, he was not well. In my own Court of Conscience, I have to give him appeals. But the small percentage of temperament I inherited from that so-and-so makes it difficult. ============= posted by: soulsought (reply) post date: 10.14.07 (11:21 pm) Dave, those of us on dialup have a difficult time trying to listen to your audio offerings. While it's orienting to listen to a sentence or two of your voice, more of it would reach us dialups if there were a link list to each sermon/lecture in readable manuscript. Many don't have time to wait for the long download. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.16.07 (11:21 am) {{ more of it would reach us dialups if there were a link list to each sermon/lecture in readable manuscript. }} Don't you get it? "If thou lackest broadband thou shalt not access the Kingdom of Heaven...nor Pastor Dave's sermons." The best us 56kbps-ers could ever hope for is Limbo. There, we NEVER see the face of YHVH, nor hear the divine words of Pastor Dave. Nonetheless, I'd STILL think I died and went to Heaven! ============= posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.16.07 (7:07 pm) Reply to: ezekielk I'm going to risk another reply. After carefully reading the previous comment, what comes across to me is that you are far too sure of yourself. You have far too high an estimation of yourself. You are no angel. You're simply a human being- fragile, sinful, needful. And as far as your crusade against all things homophobic, crusaders do not change hearts. They kill. I will check out your website. ============= posted by: Spartakus (reply) post date: 10.16.07 (9:26 pm) Pastor Dave - long time, no talk to. We used to tangle in talk.abortion. But relax, I'm not here to flame you or pollute your blog with bad mojo. This is *your* blog, after all, and I am a guest here. I used to belong to a gay-friendly church. And over and over again, I saw the same phenomenon - young men and women who grew up in Christian families who loved Jesus, believed God's promises, but happened to be gay. (Just an aside: people do not choose to be gay, anymore than people choose to be straight.) So they are ostracized by their parents and by their church, and it breaks their hearts. Most of the time, the parents come around and there is reconciliation. And isn't that a good thing? That's what this church was about. And over and over again, I'd see gays and lesbians come to church, hear that Jesus loved them, hear that God's promises were there for them, and they'd weep for joy, or at least get all misty-eyed. The pastor there used to say on a regular basis, "Everyone, no matter what they have said or done, is an object of God's care and concern". Where am I going with this? I would like to suggest that a big reason why gays, lesbians, transgendered and bisexual people are so passionate about engaging with religious folk because those who seek God (however they understand God) on some deep existential level will not be denied *their* claim to God's promises or Jesus' love. ezekielk seems to be very full of himself. So what? Perhaps you could profit by swallowing your pride and listening. Isn't that what pastors do? ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (12:08 am) {{ ezekielk seems to be very full of himself }} I'm filled with The Spirit: it is He Who guides my brazen glory. I am burning with Truth. Victory is PROMISED me, by none other than YHVH's Dearest Angels and Lovers. NO ONE will ever defeat, discourage, or block my Great Destiny in any way whatsoever. [[ Perhaps you could profit by swallowing your pride and listening. Isn't that what pastors do? }} Thank you. Spartakus. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (12:33 am) Reply to: PastorDave {{ I'm going to risk another reply. }} How courageous of you, after deleting the THREE most important comments I've ever made here. {{ you are far too sure of yourself. }} I am SURE of myself for ONE reason only, and no other: I am sure of GOD...who has promised me fruits of my labor in this life, not after I pass. Like Job I have suffered decades of indignity, impoverishment, isolation and horrors you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. And, like Job, I ALWAYS trusted my difficult life was for a higher PURPOSE, including to strengthen my soul, sharpen my wit, and hone the intellect. Sometimes I falter, and boy does it hurt to go back into that ambience of doubt and angst...VERY painful. {{ You have far too high an estimation of yourself. }} Maybe we should take this out back, buddy. {{ You are no angel. }} I'm not, am I? How do YOU far as you're concerned, I COULD be a very advanced experiment of artificial intelligence. Disseminated perhaps by our military or someone else's (o gawd I hope it's not the muslims), or by some secret organization (Illuminati? Gay Mafia?), or by international hacker rogues. Or maybe I really AM an angel...after all, how many HUMANS do you know that can write so ELOQUENTLY on just the drop of a halo? If human, at least I am blessed with angelic talents. Singing's not one of them, nor playing a musical instrument...though I wish. You know me only through digitized words across an invisible network. Maybe I'm Zeke's Mighty Mouse Virus! Wanna learn about that...well, it's on my web site, the newest essay in fact: PEI: October Vision 2007 wwwDOTgay-bibleDOTorg/write/2_PEI.htm {{ crusaders do not change hearts. They kill. }} Jeez, for a guy who claims to be straight, you sure can be a drama queen sometimes! Besides, you're going by definition #2. See?
Noun: crusader 1. A disputant who advocates reform 2. A warrior who engages in a holy war (From my "WordWeb" electronic dictionary.)
I am a crusader by the first definition...and very ZEALOUS about it! I like to say I'm what happens when a gay activist gets bitten by the Millennium Bug! My angels TELL me to stand up and be PROUD, and toot my own horn now and then. They INSPIRE me to create a NEW character of myself, in order to perform my angel-assigned mission. They tell me to SPEAK OUT about my gay angels...and give me these WONDERFUL tales, poems, essays and letters to write. And stories to tell! EVERYTHING I've posted here thus far (and as it shall ever be), was under the DIRECT guidance and blessings of my wonderful angels. How are you SO sure I'm not an angel, simply based on electrons shooting around cyberspace? Do you have some sort of special gift of discernment, that you KNOW this for sure? Or don't REALLY believe in angels, even though they play a CENTRAL role in bringing about Jesus's birth and message. If I WERE an angel (you think), I would most certainly GO OUT OF MY WAY to prove this. How conceited! You have no idea how LUCKY you are to have my attention a while longer. Quick to judge, slow to learn ============= posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (6:39 am) Reply to: ezekielk your comments, you move far beyond what has been said. I do not spout hellfire and brimstone toward homosexuals. I do not say that gays should be put to death, nor suffer eternal Hell. You are obviously very angry. I do not have the inclination to banter with you word-for-word, phrase for phrase. I could. But such is not the kind of beneficial interaction that I seek with this blog. Here's the essence of what is going on here: I do not agree with you. I have a view about an issue, an admittedly very important issue, that differs from you. You have stated that you refuse to compromise. You refuse to respect any differing, any shade of variation. You insult. I make a couple of innocuous comments, and you have raged for days and days going far, far beyond any semblance of the original matter. When you hammer someone into silence by the shere volume of and ferocity of words, I guess you think that somehow that equates to victory in th debate arena. Instead, it is evidence that others just want to get away from you. Perhaps you could have been convincing, and even gained some understanding, if you had shown respect. Now what I do not want, in response, is a half-dozen longwinded and vicious rants. Just interact. Talk. I do not want you to take a bazooka and blow me away. Just sit across the table, and talk. If you can do that, fine, then we can co-exist in this little room. One more thing: It seems you have atempted to send out a clarion call to others of your persuasion to come here, onto my meager little home in the blogosphere, to attack. Thankfully the folks who have responded seem to be of a reasonable persuasion. What's the word for it..."flaming"? I'll talk. But I'll not get into that kind of situation. Now I'll read your other comments, and discern whether you are wanting to interact. ============= posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (6:56 am) Reply to: Spartakus Seems I remember you. Welcome. Listening is a vital part of communication. Essential. But, communication is not a long-winded speech. This guy talks, but he does not listen. I appreciate your understanding of a gay-friendly church. That church has every right to exist, without persecution. If people find meaning, purpose, and strength is such a context, then good for them. But you cannot force me to accept it as legitimate to my Christian persuasion. I deeply believe there is a better way. But we can co-exist. And we can talk. Respectfully. And listen. Who knows- maybe you will persuade me in the process. Maybe not. And if you are not interested in talking, and dialog, and listening- then surely you have enough respect to let it be known what you think and then move on? And such is what I expect from this guy. Anyhow, thanks for coming along. I've written a good bit about abortion. I don't remember getting too irritated with you. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (11:29 am) {{ It seems you have atempted to send out a clarion call to others of your persuasion to come here, onto my meager little home in the blogosphere, to attack. }} Nope. I invited both Christians and non-Christians to join I sent the invite to FOUR major Xian newsgroups, as well as activist, pagan and gay group...and plenty of pagans and activists are also anti-gay. So: wrong again. Your dark notions about gay people muddy your perception. Mote, meet Pastor David's eye. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (12:20 pm) {{ I do not say that gays should be put to death, nor suffer eternal Hell. }} Nor do you condemn those who preach that. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (2:48 pm) {{ But you cannot force me to accept it as legitimate to my Christian persuasion. }} You ARE a devious one: you attempt to confuse "my" with "Christian". YOUR Xian persuasion can be as individual as to exclude ANYONE else in YOUR congregation. So in your case, the doubtless EMPHASIS is on the word "my"...and NOT "Christian". In its pure--and therefore CORRECT form--there is no "my or "yours," "me" or "you". There is only THOU WHO ART GOD and my beloved! Ergo, Christian persuasion--without the "my" or any other personal pronoun--would indeed CONDEMN to the very bowels of hell, dragging your feet on the Gay Agenda. For YOUR "persuasion" may not be SOMEONE ELSE'S persuasion, or the persuasion of ANOTHER church that shares your faith (but hopefully, not "fate"). I have said all that ever need be said, in this thread by now, that is PERTINENT to the matter of homosexuality and the church. As one who is homophobic yourself--yet CLEVERLY portrays a mild-mannered liberal "Mr. Rogers" kind of Xian preacher--YOUR strategy now is to waste my time, that I will be stalled or at least slowed down from all my OTHER good works! You're a quarter-penny a dozen! The final strategy of a desperate criminal who knows he is about to be cornered, is to play the "friendship" card...still wielding a knife behind him (get it, "wielding," not "hiding", so hetero-ARROGANT as to only PARTIALLY hide that knife while offering a hand in peace), ready to strike at the next opportunity! And this is PRECISELY our current state of the union when it comes to progressive Xian churches--AND fundamentalist groups feigning attempts at COMPASSION--as it regards the whole Gay Marriage Thing; and thus the ENTIRE platform on which ALL gay rights stand: past, present and future. It is glaringly OBVIOUS to the intelligent of this world--including those certain recently-allied (to Gay Marriage) Conservatives, Republicans, Right Wingers and Fundamentalists (still a mere drop in the proverbial bucket)--that you homophobic churches have NOTHING but EVIL in your heart, when it comes to ANY aspect of homosexuals. At this point in contemporary Gay History, there is NO EXCUSE for any church to remain the LEAST bit homophobic. This is CLEARLY a truth only quite recently displayed in all its glory for the very first time, under the full and glorious Light of Day. As CLEAR as the bells that pealed the TRUTH Of Brotherhood for Amerika's black slaves...thus heralding The Civil War. There is NOTHING left to do with your kind: no more educating, "respectful" discussing and debating, church classes, 2 Mommies/Daddies type childrens' books, "workplace sensitivity" sessions, community bonding, neighborly gossip, or any OTHER sort of reasoning under the sun. It has ALL been done, ad nauseum/infinitum...while you scummy knaves of churches, after all these so MANY years, still REFUSE to budge an INCH from preaching VIOLENCE against homosexuals. Your latest strategy combines SILENCE on the issue (a fence-straddling maneuver, indisputably hypocritical, but which really serves to EMPOWER the Enemy-The Beast of Homophobia--the same way Sweden's neutrality empowered Nazi Germany)...and playing dumb and acting all sugary sweet, but NONETHELESS unequivocally AGAINST homosexual equality in every possible manner, including our right to EXIST (when questioned in this way; they NEVER volunteer their viewpoints). So much like a cult, I could shoot myself! (Or maybe it's that long needle you just stuck in the head of my voodoo doll effigy.) NOTHING left to do at all except... DECRY as best we can, and as often as we can, the absolute HIDEOUSNESS of MOST churches who've TWISTED and MALIGNED Jesus' story of love and sacrifice, into one of HETERO UPSMANSHIP: engineering the Xian religion into one that worships heterosexuals as "Supreme Chosen Ones" (the "Master Race") upon whose nobility depends a seasonal hunt of no less than 13 homosexual scalps, or 26 bisexual ones. This NEW AGE Xianity, is a socially-engineered melding of the very WORST and most HYPER-OBSESSED groups of fundamentalists, patriots, and football/AFW fanatics. It is JESUS ON STEROIDS a la Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky." (Like a bunch of pre-adolescent punks who act like the cocks o' the walk before they get totally creamed for the first time...certainly NOT suitable leaders of the spirit, or of any other important office.) "Jesus is back, and he means business. He's after you fags, he's all over your asses...and he won't be satisfied until he's mowed down every single one you on the planet...which, depending on whether you believe in the 2% Theory or the 10% Theory, out of an approximate total HUMAN population of 6.6 billion, gives you either 132,000,000 (the population of the Deep South + Cuba, before the Civil War), or 660,000,000 (the population of 2 Amerikas + 1 Nicaragua). So take THAT you little queers!" I am a Christian who believes that Jesus is homosexual, and whose lover is of course, God. And it is also my belief that Jesus had the homosexuality/family issue in mind, when He said
(Matthew 10:35-36): "For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in- law against her mother-in-law. And a man's foes will be those of his own household."
President Clinton's signing of the so-called "Defense Of Marriage Act" is clearly this prophecy on the way to fulfilling itself. Best prepare for the revolution about to come, and beware of family and most of your hetero buddies--for they may kill you with "friendly fire." Those who take a brave stand for defending sexual minorities are the winners. They shall inherit the earth...and the majority of them are neither Christian, Jewish, nor Muslim. They will be largely "pagan" (in the broad meaning of this word), though some will be from the Judeo/Christian/Muslim realm. Many will be refugees from these realms! A certain percentage from this realm will pull through, because they will also defend sexual minorities...but they are definitely a minority within this realm...say, at most, 20%. You can even quote Jesus of the New Testament, to bolster my claim. In the Gospel of Matthew, he states that upon his return, many will say: "Lord, have we not done good deeds in your name?" To which he'll reply in scorn: "Get away from me, I don't want to know you." This is Jesus's own prediction: that by the so-called end times, the majority of Christians will be worthless hypocrites, not even worth mulching back into the soil, for they are that poisonous. Who else could he have meant, than those Vociferously Vulgar Volcanoes of Verbal Vomit: fundamentalist churches and their ilk: evangelist, pentecostal, Baptist, neo-conservative, bible belt, and red neck or right wing (which is YOUR favorite part of the turkey?). May God have mercy on your soul. There is STILL time...though I'm afraid it's getting pretty damn close...surely NOT enough time to read EVERYTHING on my web site. Good luck, and may you be saved, and we meet as friends on the other side. But I really couldn't care less...I reserve my grieving over souls WORTH A DAMN. My gay brothers and sisters. Considering the issue of timeliness (read "URGENT"), best limit yourself to this one section of my site: my web log ezekielkDOTtblogDOTcom as it updates in real time, keeping my WORTHY brothers and sisters (which excludes YOU of course) a few steps ahead of Satan's next moves. I feel like a pawn on the Dart Board Of Life! How will I know if you "made it" in God's eye? You'll be shouting from the pulpit BLASPHEMY to all homophobes and anti-gay false scripture. And TOTALLY devoted to yours truly. Better sooner than later (to be understating the matter by a comet's shot): the ball is in your court. Just don't get your hands burned!
============= posted by: PastorDave (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (5:26 pm) Reply to: ezekielk Thank you, very much, for promising to end your thread of comments on this blog. You are twisted and conflicted in so many ways, including your ability/willingness to interact. It does not seem, at this point, that you and I are able to communicate. You are right. We will both meet God one day. ============= posted by: ezekielk (reply) post date: 10.17.07 (10:05 pm) Glad I rocked your world. ============= --finis