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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


©1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Dear David,

I believe my talkativeness was only a small part of why you
are so upset with my behavior...and I write to you, only
because leaving this bag of tricks hanging in my hands is not
fair.  There are important points you brought up, but did not
give me time to process.  Here they are:

1)  It was obvious that you preferred to be alone with have some quality time with your mate, and no
    visitors.  Your household has always had streams of guests
    running through, mixed with household refinishing,
    employee duties, and pet care, cleaning, shopping and
    cooking.  But this time around, I saw the stress level of
    all these activities maxing out.  Having a housemate does
    not make things any easier...for you never truly can have
    the house to yourselves.  I think it would be great if you
    two dropped everything, shut off the phone, and spent
    quality time with each other for a solid week or two.
    Forget "obligations" of any sort.  I realize this may not
    be possible regarding job duties...but you could just put
    a halt on any and all visitors for a stretch of seven
    days, minimum.  Perhaps this year, for a change, you could
    celebrate the holidays with each other and no one
    else...and let family and friends fend for themselves this
    time around.  (Maybe a second honeymoon?)

2)  Your attack on me over the "10 per cent quota" issue is
    not your style...unless I am mistaken, and you intend to
    vote FOR prop 209. You sounded like a Dole
    supporter...whose ilk demeaned and belittled an
    intelligent, important contributor to political justice,
    Lanie Guinier (sp?), by labellng her as "Quota Queen."  I
    was pointing out the horrible ignoring by the media, of
    the existence of homosexuals in our society, on every never including them in regular shows, on any
    basis that one would call sane and reasonable. This, I
    said, should be approximately 10 per cent of the time, as
    it is in real life.  Remember when blacks had no
    visibility on television? I'm sure they often made annoyed
    remarks about nothing but rich whites on the tubes.  Well,
    in that fashion, I remark about nothing but heteros all
    over the airwaves.

     You justified this media whitewash by saying that heteros
     are the majority, so what can I do about it?  I'm sure
     that white closet racists thought the same thing about
     black Americans, in the fifties.  Our country's
     constitution and declaration were specifically designed
     to protect lesser groups from the "tyranny of the
     majority".  That's the whole point of democracy, in its
     ideal concept.  That is also Ms. Guinier's very vocal and
     eloquent stance.  But you know that, already.  You are a
     closet homophobe. Or let me put this another way:  you
     fancy yourself a progressive in every way, but have
     forgotten that to remain so, one must continue to grow
     and change with new insights.  Most people in our society
     are homophobic to some degree...even gay men!  It is so
     deeply ingrained in our culture, that just about everyone
     carries around some streak of homophobia in his
     character.  I'm not saying you are more than somewhat
     homophobic...but it's there, obviously. Clean it up and
     move on.

3)   In my household, friends come before television.  So any
     conversation holds precedence over the tube, no matter
     what is showing.  It's very irritating when someone
     starts a conversation with me, then abruptly cuts me off
     because of television.  But it soon became obvious that
     not only did you cut me off to watch something...but you
     had no desire to let me pick up the thread, in order to
     finish my reply.  That's playing dirty.  I thought you
     were better than this.  I can visit any red-blooded
     all-American (read "homophobic") household, at any time,
     to be treated that way.

4)   I had no idea you're the last word on Ultimate Reality!
     Excuuuuuuse me!  Your rational, empirical world view is a
     paragon of scientific angels, no ghosts, no
     dream visions, no spirit world...just pure intellect.
     But I'm not impressed.  If your intellect were really in
     tune, you would at least quickly have grasped my
     complaint over the lack-of-gays-on-TV issue.  Even the
     purely rational stance has become passe some years
     ago...when it was oh-so-chique to scorn and snarl at
     anyone who claimed to have any kind of spiritual
     knowledge of any sort.  Even the sciences have begun to
     incorporate extrasensory exploration and theory, as part
     of new understandings via Quantum Physics.  For examples:
     the application of acupuncture into western medicine, a
     closer examination of endangered jungle cultures for
     their lore of spirit knowledge as applied to health and
     personal achievement.

5)   I certainly am NOT preaching to the choir--as you
     claim--as long as you come up with such upset reactions
     to my perceptions of society's sickness as it relates to
     gay people.  There are many homosexual folks who also
     snarl at my ideas.  But that is because they also serve
     the Beast of The Status Quo...believing they are still
     progressive (or liberal), when they have actually sold
     out to the system (sacrificing their dreams, too) a long,
     long time ago. They regard me as totally irrelevant, as I
     do not have a job--let alone a statusy one like them--and
     therefore have no right to speak up! Society needs me,
     and others like me, far more than it could ever realize
     at this point in time.  But things will soon change.