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Note: Before June 11, 1996, my name was Gene Catalano. Here's legal proof of my name change. (Some articles and letters on my web site antedate my new name, Ezekiel Krahlin.)


Here's a job I decided not to return to...31kb

So what was this all about anyway? Well, two weeks after being hired--and working with an excellent manager--the company shuffled departments, and I got stuck with "Buster"...a dumb dude who hated me because I wasn't that big-tit lady he wanted to hire instead. So he kept sabotaging my reputation, keeping me on probation after refusing to train me for my job. (I managed quite well however, figuring this all out on my own; which just made Buster even more resentful.)

Well, I worked intimately with two co-workers: Susan and Mark. We were discussing one day during a break, metaphysical matters, including what dreams and visions mean. I mentioned how angels come to me in my dreams, and always give me good advice, or take me on adventures. Susan liked to decorate her desk with spiritual drawings and cards, while Mark fancied himself a bit of an anarchist, and personalized his work station with books by radical authors. One day, I commented on a book there, about the Paris Commune Uprising, joking that we ought to take over this company.

Apparantly, Mark had joined Buster in slandering me, and twisted our conversations by describing them to administration, as signs of delusion and mental disturbance. Administration said I claimed to see angels, and threatened to take over the business...all quite out of context mind you. How did I find this out? Well, I went to see my psychiatrist, whom I've been friends with for years. He called PC World, asking what's up, making them believe I wasn't with him when he called. They spilled the beans...ha! If only I had the gumption back then, to sue the hell out of PC World!

But that wasn't the end of the intrigue coming out of that nest of snakes. Two years later, a news article in the S.F. Examiner announced that PC World Communications and the Glide Memorial Methodist Church were working together to create a new program designed to train the indigent for computer operations. Now, I remember when I was still working there, that PC World had an incentive program, that rewarded an employee $300 for coming up with an idea they could use. They left a suggestion box to collect any of their working stiff's bright ideas.

So I contributed my idea, which was to open our offices off-hours, in order to train disadvantaged poor folk, on computers, to help them get good jobs. I figured that PC World could also get a hefty tax write-off in the process. Well, no I never did receive recognition or moolah for my idea. So I wonder who *did take credit? I know I had mentioned my proposal to Mark; and I don't recall if I ever mentioned it to anyone else. I am so glad I had the good sense to walk away from that abusive workplace! Talk about being set up!