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I took "shrooms" (psilocybin mushrooms) for the first time in my life, with Johnny...who knows the proper way to identify and collect them. We gathered some in Golden Gate Park under a tremendous rainstorm that lasted all day, dumped a whopping 10.5 inches of rain on San Francisco (30 December 2001)! It was also my great (and missing) soulmate Randolph's faery synchronistic! (Randolph knows how much I love rain, so he often precludes his visits-in-spirit with a storm; or whole string of Thor!) So on this wonderful day, Johnny and I bonded in affectionate friendship. Eventually, I will tell the whole adventure of that incredible day! Suffice it to say that now, Johnny is a MOST beloved buddy of mine, and always will be. We passed many acid tests with each other ('scuse pun).