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The Writing Is On The Wall, But Not In Your Heart
12.11.08 (11:25 am)   [edit]

On Wed, Dec 10, 2008 an acquaintance from Northern California wrote:

{{ did you send your link to this fellow? i can't wait to see the movies }}

That would be tooting my own horn, which often works against you. Better that "friends" contact such sites and say, "Here's a really kewl gay site I think will impress," or something in a similar vein. But that's most likely not gonna happen, 'cause if it were meant to, it would've occurred long before now.

What *I* get from people are remarks like: "You should meet 'blah blah blah; [referring to a reknowned gay activist or other local celebrity]."

It's always *I* should meet whoever, *I* should do this, *I* should do that. What on earth is that all about? I've already attempted contact with various people on many levels....only to have their door slammed in my face.

Why hasn't anyone who's said such things, gone to THOSE people they say I should see, and tell THEM:

"Do you know Zeke Krahlin? He's very witty and astute, with quite a unique spin on gay rights, and other issues. He's quite the philosopher, and an excellent speaker."

No, it's always *I* should, should, should. Now I turn the tables to say:

YOU should contact that person, YOU should talk to the radio hosts (like you said you would anyway), YOU should stop assuming it is me, me, me, who has to always go to them, them, them. Why tell ME all the time? Have you ever told any of THEM about me? YOU should pick up that phone, not me. YOU should contact this or that activist, not me.

For YOU have access to the elite, you come from middle class and mingle w/affluent types. THEY have the power, and are quite selective in whom they support. I don't move in those circles, and whenever I befriend a person who does, instead of introducing me to some folks of influence, or telling these folks about me, they say nary a I don't exist, like I'm a ghost. At best they say: "YOU should get in touch with [blah blah blah]." And when I tell them to make the arrangement, they come up with this or that rude excuse.

I am so over that silly the Little Red Hen. I gave up a LONG time ago, trying to get folks to share in the baking of MY bread. I am NOT interested in going to, telephoning, emailing, or in any other way contacting whoever you believe *I* should go see.

Screw 'em all! They're a bunch of snobby elite who fake caring for the poor, who barter for the fad it's become and not out of necessity. In fact, if necessity ever DID intervene, they'd all go jump off a cliff in desperation.

Truman once said a government is only as good as its people. But I ask you: What if MOST of these people are no good? What if they're rotten to the core?

In such a case, does a nation even DESERVE to go on, or does it deserve to be peremptorily dismantled? I certainly opt for the latter.

The writing is on the wall.


posted by: brush lee (reply)
post date: 12.23.08 (10:47 pm)

obama gets the big red button soon it could be all over what good is it to give america a new deal lets just sell it to lezbos.

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.25.08 (11:05 pm)

Hey, Don, great to hear from you again! I certainly agree: if we handed this nation over to lezbos we'd all be in a much better place.

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