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The REAL Matrix
12.27.08 (1:28 pm)   [edit]
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posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.27.08 (3:29 pm)

About mainstream evil descending into a cult - my fundamentalist 65 year old cousin thinks she belongs to a big, powerful, established conservative church. I lit her fuse when I told her she was merely a "fat cow from a fundamentalist cult". She takes umbrage on the fat, swearing she can lose it overnight anytime (ha ha), and it really upset her that I "accused" (pointed out) her of being a part of a small, off-the-wall minority. These a/h's actually believe their numbers are growing.

As to Whatsizname in Washington, he's in an ivory tower. Why not target the speaker of the house? Now, there's a San Franciscan home grown turncoat who SOLD OUT. Remember when she campaigned to represent your district and your interests? You can flood her with e-mails, you know. I've e-mailed her and asked her what happened? What hold have they got on her? How did they buy her out?

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.27.08 (6:29 pm)

I have no faith in our politicians, thus see no point in contacting them with my opinions. Let them come HERE and listen to ME. How do we accomplish that? Hmmmm...instead of sending Pelosi your point of view via e-mail, why not tell her about ZEKE, and why it's so important for the dems to hear me out. Flay them with my URL, like the sword so proudly displayed as the main page. If you don't know what I mean, go there now, scroll up and down the entire length: you will see the broadsword, with gem encrusted hilt at top, ending in a pink triangle point, and hovering over some sort of pagan altar.

When I say main page BTW, I don't mean the home page (that's just the book cover). You need to click ON the unicorn seal depicted at the top, to get to this main page that is arranged like a sword. (Readers: get to my home page by clicking on the "Don't Tread on MOI" logo at top of this page. There, you'll view a most radiant unicorn, upon whom to click. Be gentle!)

Tell them the ELVES declare war upon a homophobic government, as Obama has so clearly underlined it to be by his selecting R. Warren. That's ELVES mind you, NOT fairies! Or faeryes.

Or ferries.

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.27.08 (8:41 pm)

Well, your Unfaith in them is certainly founded. I have yet to receive a reply from her. This, after I reminded her that I was the guy whose fourth storey window faced big bad Market Street in her district's busiest block, and my showing her sign in the window definitely got her a lot of votes. I've told her that the heads of the administration on its way out have committed egregious crimes against the constitution and have culpability (I believe absolute) in the domolition of the towers, should be brought up on charges, and should in no way be allowed to pardon themselves. None of them ever served in the military overseas. But I don't think she and the new executive orator are going to pursue this. Where is the justice?

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.27.08 (9:48 pm)

The dems are complicit w/the rethugs, as a result of their attempts to sweep 9/11 under the rug, refusal to ban religion from state affairs (as exemplified by homophobia as official gov't policy, among other matters such as abortion and sex education), denying many Amerikans decent health care and education...within a larger list of major offenses. Our gov't's unbridled terrorism from BOTH parties has gotten way outta hand...but I see little that the donkies want to rectify regarding GOP skulduggery (such as the Patriot Act, torture, elimination of habeus corpus, and invasion of citizen privacy on many levels).

The game is over, Amerika's dead...and I say good riddance for that, it never was a very nice country all along. BOTH parties obviously want to continue scapegoating gays for their own wicked motives. Yet since most folks remain homophobic, they think nothing of THAT, and in fact participate in the bullying. We are a nation of Nazis. May Amerikan go down in infamy as a great shame of this planet.

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.30.08 (12:45 am)

The REAL Matrix: a Reptilian Plot!

Directing you back for another look at blog entry "The REAL Matrix", to see what images I finally settled on. I bumped up the original photo--taken from a CNN video frame of Obama/Warren--to my most recent entry entitled "Obama is a Fool." It is obvious to me now, that this pic was intended for that article, all along.

So this new image is a fusion of two i found while image-searching for "matrix" and "obama". The greenish background is a set design for some scenes in "The Matrix," and the eye is Obama's, lifted from the most colorful of his posters (as well as the most renowned and memorable). Thus, you have Obama--as representative of the shadow government--peering out at us through this matrix technology. Very lovely way these two images fit so well in a striking way, almost like an optical illusion! But not until after twenty or so times staring into that 2-pic collage, did I realize the amphibian-like scales suggested by that Glaucus background...with the eye in the center: A lizard looking down at us, real close up through some fantastic microsope.

A reptilian!

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.30.08 (9:42 am)

I go regularly to a UFO awareness meeting in a posh suburb of universities near Philly. The leader/speaker, a 70 year old black man, says the same thing of Obama. He says he is a reptilian hybrid of the copper-based blue blood of the 13 family illuminati bloodline, a cousin of Cheney's, and not for blacks at all. Interesting discussions. He also claims Obama is in Zbigniewski's pocket and a war with Russia is in the works.

posted by: zekeblog (reply)
post date: 12.30.08 (12:01 pm)

ROTFLMAO. That explains why Obama seemed so smug when responding to public outcry against his selection of Rep. Warren ("Rep." as in "Reptilian"). If any of this is true, it's gonna be a most interesting four years! Obviously, I'd rather go underground, than be subjected to slavery by some alien race that lays eggs!

Perhaps that pic I intuitively put together was a subliminal command to provide a window into the lives of anyone who gazes at it from their own computer screen. Any Reptilian can peer down into it, and see all the silly people staring back.


But one particular moment gave me the clue that Obama is up to something: he awkwardly stumbled over every word of his claim that he's a fierce advocate for gay equality. Did you see the video? Just log onto Youtube and search for the video entitleed:

"Barack Obama's choice! Warren's 5000 years of marriage".

I guess every tourist visiting Washington D.C. these days, needs to carry a snake-bite kit! What with the Reptilians now in power and all. :]

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