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Oh What A Tangled Webb!
02.08.08 (1:58 am)   [edit]

From: zeke
To: peggy c
Date: 07 Feb 2008, 05:51:42 PM
Subject: Re: Witness to harassment

Peggy C. writes:

{{ thanks, Zeke. I can print it out if you like. }}

No need. That is not the official complaint. It's too flippant. I just wanted to back you up pronto, to alleviate needless anxiety. That's how the cult operates: they FEED on negative emotions (grief, fear, worry, anger). They are PSYCHIC VAMPIRES.

I'll compose it this eve (Thursday), and e-mail it to you. I just bought more ink for my printer, but NOW it refuses to work. Says the driver has errors. Uninstalled and reinstalled driver several times...no luck! Sure wish this problem occurred BEFORE I emptied my wallet!

Well, that's poltergeist for ya. An aspect of shaman warriors is they go through testing on a regular basis...one such test being that of FRUSTRATION, suddenly BLOCKED from an important mission that MUST be carried out...but with the added misery of an unexpected, additional WEIGHT on one's shoulders.

The weight in this case, being a non-functioning printer AND loss of moolah that could have been spent on things that work.

I coughed up ink money not because of A-hole Randy Webb (a.k.a. "Baby Face Nelson"). But because I want to snail-mail a letter w/printouts of a few tales, to my Spanish adviser from my years at university. My latest blog ("Thank You William & Margaret") explains further.

So happy to have more ink, thinking of what I'll send to Margaret Peden, and to Larkin. What a letdown! I'm sure though, that the poltergeist will release their grip momentarily, considering I'm not gonna sweat or lose sleep over this.

Tomorrow morn, I'll go to the Mission Police Station to pick up several copies of the complaint form. For myself, and anyone else who wants to add their 2 cents.

Important that Randy witnessed our cool, collected demeaner. We were a double-barrel shotgun! We hit an ARTERY of the Cult, now they bleed...and they won't be able to STAUNCH the flow. A stake in the heart, we got 'em where they "live"!

You noticed how EVERY thing Randy said was totally off the wall. NO ONE'S that dumb. I suspect we were going through a TEST. He INTENTIONALLY set himself up for a fall. Remember, the Buddha says we have no enemies, only teachers. Ergo, even our enemies are angels...only in the guise of evil, for they are TOUGH task masters. We aced the test with frying crullers (yummy)!

That does NOT mean we should actually treat Randy et al as friend, we must keep our guard UP and pursue the demons to the very ends of the earth if need be...or until they DROP their frightly mask and RADIATE their angelic spirit. We will KNOW when it's appropriate to drop our metaphorical swords. No need to guess, it will be CLEAR as a bell. You'll see!

The worst is over BECAUSE we both stood brave and proud against The Darkness. Now, as for Carl Betza (heh):

I will continue to play "friend" with him. I've already planted the seed of animosity against him, in Baby Face Nelson's pea-brain. And for good reason, 'cause I spoke TRUTH! (In fact, I finally got to tell Randy everything I've been wanting to, since more than two years ago. Tried to speak with him several times over that span, brushed me off like a gnat.)

Then I plant that same seed in Carl's lizard-brain. Like so:

"Carl, SEVERAL residents are so enraged at Randy, there's no stopping his demise. The SMART thing for him, is VAMOOSE, move to parts unknown. UNLESS he enjoys a formal eviction and a miserable day in court. ALL complainants have filed police reports against him, and sent certified letters of grievance to Arikat. AND they now have an attorney."

I will NOT mention any names. Should he query, "Oh, who?" I'll just retort: "The usual suspects."

Though Randy may have told him what I said, thus Carl will become invisible to us, lurk in the woodwork so to speak. They can hide but they can't run! A certain mutual friend of ours w/cute little doggie I consider JUST as culpable as Randy, for his gossip in the past, which caused at least TWO residents to fear and hate me. Which added FUEL to the fire, putting my life in further danger.

Even if you-know-who has CEASED his gossip. Though I would NOT be surprised to discover he's contributed to Baby Face's Anti-Zeke Paranoia. IF this goes to court, Randy will have to testify under oath, and he WILL be questioned by prosecution, if any resident has poisoned his mind against me. By revealing the culprits, Randy will be seen as more of a VICTIM than instigator...and of course he'll seek the lightest judgment possible.

ONCE the gossipers' names have been listed in court, I can then open a SECOND case against them, for WILFUL intent to create anxiety and grief in my life, and even do me bodily harm. They USE emotionally vulnerable/disturbed people as their agents of mayhem and murder.

And if it DOESN'T go to court--which it very well may not--there's still my Friendly Ghost book, which shall bring JUSTICE to all parties involved. Through the HIGHEST court ever: Judges of Mount Olympus (Hera being chief justice). My prayers, my pleas for retribution and unshackling (from their witchery) are made manifest in that wonderful novel. Which Baby Face labeled a "gossip site". Gossip? Isn't gossip based on LIES. How can my accounts be gossip, if true?

Didn't he realize I'd also type an account of his threatening behavior toward us? As Bugs Bunny loves to say: "What a maroon!"

They would SILENCE me! So they can FREELY continue their debauched ways. But it's TOO LATE, even if I'm eliminated. My book is out there, w/permission to distribute wherever, whenever. We don't need no stinkin' court. Or attorney. Or police. Seeing as the system is so CORRUPT and SLUGGISH (and costly), no matter how urgent the situation! Thus, I've come up with ANOTHER way to nip this Evil Cult in the bud. I think all good folk need to become INVENTIVE, as society's moral pillars crumble. (I finally know who my REAL mother is: Necessity.)

They get away with skulduggery beCAUSE our legal system works ONLY with mostly hard evidence, as opposed to circumstantial. And beCAUSE of all the little white-lie crimes so many folks commit daily...upon which Cult Disciples piggyback to commit GREATER crimes without suspicion or visibility. It all snowballs!

I concluded many years ago, that some of the worst crimes people commit are those that fall between the legal cracks. This includes scenarios where YOU are the sole witness. Then it's your word against theirs, and YOU'RE outnumbered. Liberal use of false witness is but ONE of their modus operandis. Also, TERRORISM. Toxic drugs. Media manipulation. And of course, GOSSIP.

However, if one has the Gift of Deduction, one can analyze circumstances w/o hard evidence...and once they pile up, you can then take action against the suspects. An AUTHENTIC psychic detective always pulls this off, because in time, the angels DROP more and more proof in her lap! Easy as pie!

Circumstantial: some residents gossip wicked things behind my back, in hopes it will lead to bodily harm, or wear me down from stress. Or both. Proof: Randy spills the beans. And a former resident (or two or three) who witnessed this gossip NUMEROUS times testifies on my behalf. Bingo!

How culpable are Arikat Realty and previous managers? BIG TIME! Managers actively participated in exacerbating hatred against me. Absentee property owner does not employ responsible management, 'cause that would lead to less frequent turnover in renters. Which equals lower profit.

My chapter "The Tricks at 2306" can serve nicely as backup evidence for any resident who cares to press charges.

Well, gotta go and compose The Complaint, my latest addition TO this chapter!

From: zeke
To: peggy c
Date: 07 Feb 2008, 11:27:12 PM
Subject: My printer works again. Yay!

What'd I say, Peggy? The poltergeist who sabotaged my printer did so, in order to test me. And I did not suffocate myself with undue angst, thus they returned me to my usual, efficient mode. Shaman warrior did well!

You don't need to print out my letter. But if it's not too much trouble, could you please pay to mail my letter to Arikat CERTIFIED (or registered)? I'll slip it through your door's mail slot in the morn.

DO let me know ASAP if you'd like me to alter any of the contents therein.


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