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Wired For Paranoia
01.11.08 (2:57 pm)   [edit]

Exposed phone wires in basement.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 01.11.08 (9:15 pm)

You can make calls on neighbor's lines when they're at work. LOL

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (9:09 am)

AND get free electricity for minor appliances, radio/TV! Though since living in an SRO, all my utilities are FREE, I need not concern myself w/such matters. But once I finally move into a DECENT apartment, flat or home, believe me, I'll be concerned BIG TIME. Screw solar power, I'll just take it from the nay-borz!

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (5:52 pm)

Soulsought: Remember the Imp from 207? The one who tapped our phone lines, and set up his own personal visitor bell by running a long wire down the hallway? I vaguely recall he was a small guy, a shrimp in fact. Do you remember his name, and any other interesting details? I'm doing a piece that brings him up.

posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (5:53 pm)

207: Room and bath. (?) don't remember who lived there.
307: Mikey the speed dealer, Jay Leonard, and a different AIDS casualty.

Burtie was from the Bronx. Upon Mark evicting him, we sang Bye Bye Birdie.

Was it Puerto Rican Burtie with the big dogs who lived in 409 after Edna went
to the nursing home? He used to freeze the place out opening all the windows
because of the odors he made, making crystal methamphetamine.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (5:54 pm)

Of course, Mikey. I thought 207, when it should've been the next floor up. I'm surprised you didn't catch that, when I described his phone tapping and setting up his own doorbell by running a wire along the baseboard, through the hallway, down the stairs and to the front gate. (Or was the wire raised along the wall to the ceiling somewhere between the stairway and the gate?)

Well, I gotta correct the room number, for the sake of hysterical accuracy!

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (6:05 pm)

Still haven't heard a peep from my buddy Joe. Was hoping he could also find out how Eagle bartender Matty got his arm broke. Our paths crossed about two weeks ago, of course neither spoke to the other, but we each gave a head-nod in passing. His right arm was in a cast!

Joe was a real nuisance w/his cell phone. Almost every time I called him, we'd talk a few minutes, then he'd say "Someone else is on the line. Can I call you right back?" or "How long you gonna be home? Can I call you back in an hour?" He'd NEVER call me back! Yet he's otherwise a good guy, and I value his observations of The Cult, in places I can no longer visit. Does he treat ALL his friends like this, re. phone calls?

So I figured a polite way to put an end to his telephone rudeness, was to make up a (believable) story about my telephone being tapped. It is ALSO quite possible, just the same. But I'm afraid he may have a bruised ego, and that would explain his sudden lack of communique. At first, he posted two excellent e-mails, but since I put the kibosh on our telephonics...it's like he disappeared off the planetary mug!

Considering the SERIOUS import of my situation, Joe's withholding of information that could spare me further violence and misery, is more than selfish. It's downright VULGAR. And gives question to what sort of friend he really is!

Well, eventually our paths will cross on the street, and I shall learn what's up with Joe.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (6:22 pm)

Larkin.zip has just surpassed the 7mb mark! Were I able to access my checking account, I'd buy myself dinner to celebrate. But Washington Mutual seems to have DELAYED my new debit card, it was supposed to arrive by today at the latest. (Perhaps the post-hominid dropped my new card in the WRONG mailbox...known to happen with irritating frequency.)

Good thing I can write CHECKS at Park's Farmers Market on 5th Ave. & Irving withOUT having to show ID. The ONLY place in the WORLD I can do that. It SUCKS to be low-income...Amerika treats our kind like TRASH. There will SOON be hell to pay for elitists! The last laugh is MINE...forever!

If you haven't downloaded Larkin.zip recently, please do so now, thanks!

posted by: Warren Q. (reply)
post date: 01.12.08 (6:23 pm)

Touring India gives one a perspective on poverty. In the worst American ghettos, people are materially well-off, compared to India.

In India, you see kids begging, and you can tell- they might not live more than a few weeks, if they don't get some food. You see no road-kill, because it gets eaten by other animals or humans. You see starving animals, as well as people- living skeletons, dogs with mange. You see almost no normal construction- dirty tarps on sticks. You see weird diseases in train stations, where don't even know what it is- elephantitis, deformed, limbs. A woman will come up to you, and show you her baby, covered with blotches.

Yet, people often seem happier than Americans, and seem more good-natured. It is part of the fondness that one develops for India.

The real key to what you are saying, I understand, is the lack of the respect, the attitudes, the put-downs, not the material issues. I have always pointed out, how Southern whites sometimes tried to justify slavery by claiming that blacks were *materially* better off in America, as slaves, because they had more consistent food, shelter. I have always said that the material aspects were irrelevant- the sheer inequity, the sheer dehumanization justified Civil War- the very idea that one human being could "own" another, is not a technicality, - it is unacceptable.

I have also always said that gays have been *worse* off than slave in terms of human regard. Slaves were regarded only as "animals" at worst. Gays have been regarded not only as animals- a term frequently used, even by blacks- but as enemies of God, spawn of Satan. Blacks were never put to death institutionally, as gays were in the colonies.

American sensibilities cannot comprehend the magnitude of their crimes against gays, because of an utter lack of perspective. It is why I think that blood will have to be shed and people will have to die, before this can ever be finished - not because we are violent, but because they are too calloused, too indifferent, and too accustomed to this madness as if it were something normal and right.

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