Rumors Of My Death Are Queerly Exaggerated

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Rumors Of My Death Are Queerly Exaggerated
01.01.08 (8:19 pm)   [edit]

egarding the likely scenario of my faked demise and re-emergence in secret guise, that I may further infiltrate this Zodiac Cult in manners wise:

nce my appearance and voice have been drastically re-made, announcement of my passing will appear on B.A.R.'s obit stage, accompanied by a most sensational article (front page) writ by yours truly, Queer Sage!

ingularity or legerdemain: whatever works to bring myself and Larkin together again, unbeknownst to mine enemies (evil reign)!

rased memory now re-awoke towards all the fools who've made me their joke, I'll slam each one into the poke: San Quentin, Folsom or Holy Oak (and where they'll go, no mistletoe)!

reathlessly I'll make arrests, my badge returned upon my breast (within a wallet hidden there, sure beats that other place, my derriere)!

nfortunate day for all my foes, all the while beneath their nose, embedded myself in deceptive clothes and face of beauty divine!

on't worry 'bout me, for as you can see, "Rosebud" buried in my obit, so friends wll know 'tis just a skit, that I'm alive and fine!

Devilishly handsome I'll appear
Sweet sixteen right to the year,
Though ID says I'm 1-plus-20,
Larkin shall gaze upon my phase
With heartbeats, tears and hugs aplenty!

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