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Recruiting The Irish Mafia
12.17.07 (10:46 am)   [edit]

From: Zeke
To: Warren Q.
Date: 15 Dec 2007, 07:01:23 PM
Subject: Irish Mafia

Hey, Warren. Larkin Kelsey is 110% Irish, even LOOKS Irish in a most HANDSOME, handsome way! (Plus, he's six-foot four, which makes him look JUST like one of God's GREATEST Avenging Angels!)

I've begun receiving psychic messages that Larkin is a powerful member of the Irish Mafia...greatly adored, in fact. So I figure it's wise to study what I can, OF the Irish Mafia. My guardians just suggested I ask you:

Do you KNOW anyone in Boston who's from the Irish Mafia? Or have you MET any, albeit briefly? Have you ever researched them in your area? Or read/heard of their participation in ANY of your own unique adventures and/or revelations?

I am certain that the Irish Mafia numbers among the GOOD groups who have psychic powers. This fits in QUITE well with my love, my visions of Celtic and pre-Celtic British Isles. Plus, my maternal grandfather was from Scotland.

Remember also my sudden and powerful vision of Manannan Mac Lir some two years Irish deity I never knew about till right then!

I even think it ADVISABLE (if at all possible), you become ASSOCIATED with one or more powerful Irish families in the Boston locale. Though I would not at all be surprised, if a representative of theirs approached you with an excellent offer.

- Zeke

Remember to download!

From: Zeke
To: Warren Q.
Date: 16 Dec 2007, 03:37:11 AM
Subject: Re: Irish Mafia

Warren Q. writes:

{{ I was fond of the Irish countryside when visiting there, particularly Kilarney. }}

A representative will be dispatched to greet you at your place of employment.

That is my vision. Just scrolled right along, from right to left, like a mini-movie unreeling before my startled eyes, as I was in the process of responding. Remote viewing, Warren! Two gorgeous Irish mafia boys in some downtown Boston high-rise office, fighting over who gets to greet you first! They can't possibly be more than 22 or 23, they're so FRESH looking after being stashed in the crisper for three days! (Ooops, that's my Little Queer Vegan Vampire wanting some attention.)

You're a hero in their eyes!

From: Zeke
To: Warren Q.
Date: 16 Dec 2007, 02:42:26 PM
Subject: Re: Irish in Boston

Warren Q. writes:

{{ Front page article--Fireworks Erupt at Southie Parade--reports during St. Patrick's Day Parade gay Irish-Americans were pelted with fireworks, beer bottles, beer cans, rubber gloves and insults. }}

I am suggesting here that, since the article was written (1992) there has been a sea-change in certain criminal institutions regarding homosexuality...albeit covert. My scheme of queer infiltration of drug rings and mafia groups--which I've discussed on Usenet over these many years--seems to have been taken to heart by certain Irish gays born into this Celtic Mob.

Assuming you ARE approached by an Irish Mafia rep., he will make it VERY clear that they desire to dedicate their entire ORGANIZATION towards gay liberation. I HAVE CONVERTED THESE GROUPS, by the power of my digital essays!

There will be a USURPATION of the old power structures, by a highly intelligent and thought-out league of revolutionary queers inspired by my online rants, wisdom, and badinage.

The Irish Mafia will be the FIRST to publicly announce SOON, its stand for gay rights...with a most sincere APOLOGY for its homophobic roots. The ITALIAN Mafia will surrender next. It is then I will inherit the mantle of Godfather. I'm half Italian, half Scot. One foot in the Celtic Mafia, one foot in the Italian.

It is all too obvious (now that my angels have REVEALED such wonderful news) that you, likewise, have gained widespread notoriety and ADMIRATION for your acts of courage and devotion...and for your BRILLIANT political screeds.

You, myself...and I don't know how many rare others on this planet, have FOMENTED the next social revolution, via the infusion of our ideas into every culture (thanks to this new communications medium called the Internet), and years of persistance and stalwart BELIEF in our cause.

From: Warren Q.
To: Zeke
Date: 16 Dec 2007, 07:17:38 PM
Subject: Re: Irish in Boston


The IRA once urged that gays be killed. Gays are not well off in Ireland, as a rule, even though we can march their St. Patrick's Day Parade. But there is some advantage in the oppression- it is a culture that sentimentalizes rebellion and defiance. Rather long history of it ;-)

Sometimes, the deeper the oppression, the *less* is the rebellion. Cowards get scared, and hide. Sometimes, though, it fuels the bitterness of people who become fatalistically immune to fear of danger (like me). The world seems so completely intolerable as it is, that it is not even worth it, so why fear?

From: Zeke
To: Warren Q.
Date: 17 Dec 2007, 09:35:12 PM
Subject: Re: Irish in Boston

{{ The IRA once urged that gays be killed. }}

Warren, of course I'm well aware of the gay problem in Ireland. The Irish Mafia, like the Italian, Russian and Japanese mafias, ALL have been historically homophobic. But what I am suggesting, is this AMAZING turnaround my visions show, of these violent groups converting towards gay-support, and USING their muscle to gain our queer freedom! Two recent articles out of Ireland:

DUP accused of stirring homophobia

Quoting a Sinn Fein representative: "Everybody should have the same rights and protections.There is no halfway house. You cannot have rights for some people and not for others."

And once more, Sinn Fein stands up for gay equality, here:

McGuinness: No place for homophobia in NI

Quote: "Sinn Fein's Chief Negotiator launched the official programme of Derry's Gay Pride festival and paid tribute to a number of community organisations for tackling homophobia in the city and throughout Northern Ireland."

Tell me Sinn Fein ain't a facet of the "Irish Mafia"!

The sea-change I envision is for NOTORIOUSLY homophobic and violent crime syndicates--having been successfully infiltrated by gay patriots--morph into impressive FIGHTING FORCES dedicated to gay liberation. JUST as my visions foretell!

My telepathic communique w/angels indicates this time is due, and you shall very soon have a most PERSONAL encounter with some Irish Mafia types, who are ALSO gay and VERY aware of both YOU and myself. Why? Because of our political essays we've been dissemintating through the Internet for years. WE ARE REACHING THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

It is not my goal to LURE you over to my way of thinking. I wouldn't DREAM of expecting you to believe my predictions, w/o you finally having SOLID proof. As they say, "The proof is in the pudding"...and in this case, the pudding is IRISH.

From: Zeke
To: Irish Republican Army Website
Date: 17 Dec 2007, 11:26:37 PM
Subject: IRA's stance re. gay rights

I've just discovered your most informative IRA website at

I'm a gay activist of many years, using the Internet as a viable research tool for furthering our struggle for liberation. And I have a serious question that you might be able to answer.

The IRA once urged that gays be killed. But the times they are a-changin' (as Woody Guthrie once so aptly sang, but I don't recall that he ever sang out on behalf of gay emancipation. Some folk hereo, eh? HIS concern was ONLY for abused heteros, I suppose.).

What is the IRA's stance in these recent times? Do they speak up for, and defend gay rights, as Sinn Fein leaders now do?

Thank you so much for your time.


Zeke Krahlin

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From: MAILER-DAEMON@harrybritt (Mail Delivery System)
To: Zeke
Date: 17 Dec 2007, 11:26:39 PM
Subject: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

This is the Postfix program at host

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can delete your own text from the attached returned message.

The Postfix program

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