Fisher And Visitors Smell After Three Days

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Fisher And Visitors Smell After Three Days
12.16.07 (12:39 am)   [edit]

NOTE: Both Jackson and Brian (referred to in the e-mail below) have long since moved from my building. The OTHER two (Betza and Webb) unfortunately remain. Mark Fisher, FYI, is a large, flabby overwheight white guy about 6 feet tall, approx. 325 lbs. (But don't hold me to it, I'm a really BAD weight-guesser! Let me describe Mark succinctly: BIG and FAT. He is accompanied by a lovely, sweet little dog who IS my friend: a papillon named "Skellington III".

To: Mark Fisher, apt. 201 (down the hallway from me)
From: Zeke
Date: 15 December 2007
Subject: You're a rotten neighbor

I have informed our mutual friend Peggy, of your deceptions against me, with trying to turn both Jackson (that gay cracker in 210) and Brian Gamboli (VERY handsome man from 207) against me, with some WICKED gossip on your part. In fact, you said such AWFUL (and totally FALSE) things against me, as to drive Brian INSANE for a while, and give him a nervous breakdown...I have to say you are BASICALLY a very evil man, EQUIVALENT to the insanity of one Clinton Wagonner! Peggy has her defenses up, I ASSURE you.

You have also brought bedbugs into this building, as a result of your tryst in Turkey. I have already INFORMED the manager Jim of this, to THWART your scapegoating me of this potential HELL you've brought upon this building.

You have NEVER thanked me for the MANY risks I've taken, in order to protect residents of this building from various TRAGEDIES that could have occurred, but for my intervention.

You CONTINUE to treat me like a PARIAH, never saying ONE SINGLE NICE THING about me to ANYONE in this building.

You are every bit an accomplice to attempting VIOLENCE and DETRIMENT to me, as OTHER vulgar occupants of 2306, such as Carl Betza (308) and Randy Webb (307).

[ Carl gossips about me to residents of our building, and the homophobic homeless, in an attempt to get me evicted, beat up or even killed. He's been doing this for years, definitely an ex-friend...with a BIG "X"! Carl's quite an old man now (in his 70's), looks dirty, dresses dirty, has a sparse, sloppy white beard. His health is rapidly deteriorating, dodders around like an arthritic...NO WONDER! His karma's catching up to him! Randy's lover just died...after getting him back on speed last year, to accelerate Rob's demise in order to collect INSURANCE MONEY! He's milking for sympathy like there's no tomorrow. His PREVIOUS lover also died of AIDS (presumably...HA!) And, Carl's gossip has influenced him to glare in hatred whenever our paths cross. I tried to talk to him a few times, warn him about Carl's manipulations, but he REFUSES to accomodate me. He's been somewhat BELLIGERANT towards me, several times in the past year. Scary situation for me...which is EXACTLY what Carl planned. Randy's a short guy (5'5"?), shaved head or crewcut, his face reminds me of Baby Face Nelson. There's a pic of him here. We got some REAL loose cannons here in Crystal Palace! ]

You HARDLY talk to me, let alone invite me over for comradely conversation over tea...after all these years.

BTW, Brian Gamboli recently CONTACTED me, apologizing for his crude behavior towards me...explained WHY, and WHO gossiped so wickedly against me, as to cause him SERIOUS mental anguish.

WHO do you think I'm talking about dear?

Since you CONTINUE your ARROGANCE and PREJUDICE against me, I can only consider this WAR. You have ONLY TWO CHOICES:

  1. Cooperate with me to bring a peaceful, safe, and sane resolution to 2306 Market (and the neighborhood, by extension)...or

  2. Fall FLAT on your smug face, and be FORCED to move out unless you want MISERY as your companion.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.16.07 (2:19 am)

God, I really screwed up that e-mail delivery. Sorry, peoplez! But I personally LOST the first half of that letter! So I have to suffer through typing it ALL out again, hoping I've caught everything. The Agony and the Ecstasy!

Here's the URL to my latest blog entry:


Peggy does NOT know about this blog entry/letter. That's simply the BEST way I know how to play my cards at this moment. Her behavior in the last four months sometimes causes me to question our friendship. Hugging Randy last week to give him solace, whilst just two months BEFORE, Peggy had slapped an RO on his boyfriend Rob, because he THREATENED their lovely daughter Julia! (She's only 17, I think.) Peggy hangs out a lot with Mark...going out for coffee or meals, visiting at each other's apartment.

But truth is truth, and I could NEVER live with myself, if I KEPT this to myself, no matter the risk. You are to WITNESS my courage in these early stages of my rise to world dominion. For some unknown reason, I have been created for GREATNESS in a big, big way. I'm not obsessing over why...I don't necessarily WANT to find out, it might be alarming! But I'm sure as heck learning how to have FUN with it. The Twin Towers Collapse was but a clumsy tot's knocking over a wall of alphabet blocks. And Thomas K. it seems, did a similar number on the jets crashing in Pennsylvania, and the one that plowed into the Pentagon.

Are we having fun yet?

My angels tell me I'll be moved to a lovely, SAFE home base secured by the finest bodyguards seraphim can buy! (Hey, aren't they LESSER angels when compared to ARCHangels? You sure I'm gonna get my money's worth?) Visions have shown me several years ago, an underground city built into the lava caverns of Modoc County (northeast corner of Athenia), deep beneath the surface! It was devised and constructed by the most talented gay architects and hackers on the planet! And will comfortably house SIXTY THOUSAND citizens in spacious, sunlit, woodsy surroundings! Best of all, it will be the CAPITAL of Athenia, named "ZekeOpolis". Yaaa-aay, My Kinda Town! Except it's underground.

Maybe Larkin already has a room prepared and waiting for me at the "Lark Inn"! I plan to see him at the Tacqueria this Monday, to drop off another pile of data beneath a greasy newspaper. And he'll READ this blog entry for sure...I'll put it right at the TOP of the folder pages. And I HOPE he'll give me the Key To Sanctuary when I DO show up. Oh, please be there,'re such a mischievous little angel at times, you LOVE to hear me pray "Uncle"! Ohhh, if you are not at work Monday as you usually are, I'll be sooooo DEVASTATED! But I'll love you no less.

Yes, this letter to Fisher will be smack dab on TOP of the folder's right-side pages. The folder with that gracious TIGER design. And I AM a tiger...born in the YEAR of the Tiger! Grrrr!

Enjoy your front-seat row to my RAPID climb in the Drug Kingdom Hierarchy, to become Drug Lord Superb. I want--and will GET--complete control over the flow of drugs AND their quality. Dealers MUST be responsible for their products, that they do no harm, and especially don't KILL. Any dealer proven to allow a customer to perish as a result of shoddy product, will be EXTERMINATED stat!

That's the ONLY thing these guys respect: a taste of their OWN violence. A bully's a bully's a bully. (And you can't pull the wooly the woolly the woolly over my eyes any more!)

Know this is a new world now, and for whatEVER reason, I'm about to gain COMPLETE SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY over all of Northern California! I hereby declare a NEW nation, seceded from the old, carved out of California. Northern border: where it is now. Eastern border: where it is now, but if my buddies wanna grab a CHUNK of Nevada, they're welcome to it! Western border: where it is now. Southern border, down to and parallel with the southernmost tip of the southern border of Santa Cruz County.

And we shall call it "Athenia", to honor Lesbian Pride and Women's Suffrage!

And I shall be--along with my Randolph (okay, Larkin, you can join us, too, you're too BEAUTIFUL to refuse)--co-president of Athenia. Marijuana as a cash crop will make us flush with currency! How can I accomplish this, when OBVIOUSLY the US gov't would NEVER allow it?

My angels tell me, there will soon be civil war raging out of control in EVERY state. Amerika will collapse, be divided up into NUMEROUS nations. I'm gonna get me a PIECE o'that Miss Amerikan Pie!

I guess I've just become the Godfather of the Gay Mafia, eh? Boy, is Santa GENEROUS or what? It helps that Larkin is also of Irish Mafia stock. In fact, he's a POWERFUL leader of The Underworld, greatly adored by the Irish. You can learn more about this Sterling Archangel by learning about Manannan Mac Lir, god of the Irish Sea.


Understand Manannan, you understand My Man In Larkin.

(And I'm smokin' some pretty DAMN good pot I bought off Dexter, one of the RARE street buddies who really loves me. He's even stopped playing "straight" so much, and VOLUNTEERED to tell me he's bisexual. Very lovely rogue of a dude! And I'll bet his SAUSAGE is a lot more than a mouthful! Randolph could lick one side, and I, the other. Or Larkin. They're my interchangeable dolls!)

Oh goddess, I just made myself blush.

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