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My Three Muses
12.08.07 (1:51 pm)   [edit]


I haven't been able to get on the Internet for almost three straight days running! Before that, I couldn't get on for almost two days...then I managed to connect for half a day. Frustrating! I don't even have a working CD to burn my writings for backup! Must I REALLY resort to floppy diskettes and SneakerNet deployment? Oh Information War! Thou has knocked me down from a lofty perch w/my High-Tech GPS Infrared TriOculars and BodyGuard 3000 by Irish Spring...into this mucky swamp where NOTHING gets accomplished except in a despicably sluggish, tedious and rudely convoluted tryst. (And my TriOculars. Lost forever in that muddy morass; can barely lift my own feet a single inch for each Sisyphean step.)

But at least I can write, still. Yet to what purpose, if no one gets to enjoy my marvelously TRUE tales, parables, poems and snot-blasting hilarity? There IS a distinct possibility that my ISP has received complaints--albeit deceitful--and have taken a self-protective stance by cutting me off this CyberLifeLine. I telly phoned them yesterday af, still waiting for their response, if any.

ALSO possible is SURPRISE arrest and confiscation of ALL my writings, including my computer's hard drive and peripherals. Hence, unless or until I can resume Internet connectivity, I'm dropping off my latest creation of wordly mischief and robust flimflammable-erry, to my Three Trusted Muses down the hallway: Peggy, Emily, Julia.


Diskette enclosed *sigh*

UPDATE 12/7/07

I'm back on the 'Net. Yay!


posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.12.07 (3:10 pm)

From: Zeke
To: Peggy C.
Date: 12 Dec 2007
Subject: Re: My two latest blog entries: HOT!

Peggy C. writes:

> can't use the floppy on my laptop

If I drop an enclosed floppy through your door's mail slot, it's because I can't get on the web, and that floppy is my BACKUP in the event I am ARRESTED and hauled away! I didn't intend it for PERSONAL it doesn't matter whether or not you can actually play the floppy yourself.

This time around, I'm caught up with my latest work, and don't need you to hold onto that floppy. But in future:

Should I feel the need to droppy a floppy 'cause I'm all mad-hoppy that I can't get on the 'net...KEEP THE DAMN THING, IT'S MY INSURANCE THAT IN THE SCARY EVENT I AM DISAPPEARED, YOU WILL SEND IT OFF (along w/any printouts also enclosed) TO THOMAS K. !!!


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