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First Letter
12.07.07 (11:36 pm)   [edit]

November 7, 1985

Dear B.A.R. editor,

As a member of San Francisco's gay community for over 12 years, and holder of a key position in two AIDS organizations, I feel it is time for me to speak up.

I never wanted Harvey Milk for supervisor: his "political" accomplishments never mounted to more than filling in potholes and scooping dog dirt from the sidewalks. He is a sacred cow that should be toppled if the gay "community" really wants to move ahead.

Regarding Dan White: I bow my head in shame whenever I hear a gay brother speak of "justice" and "what goes around comes around". I'm glad that Dan White's blood is not on my hands. Had we shown forgiveness, it's quite possible that today Dan White might very well be fighting for gay rights.

I, myself, forgive the gay community for all the discrimination and prejudice it has dumped on me! Countless times I have asked guys out for dates, and brought them gifts and flowers; yet not one single man has ever had the kindness and decency to bring me flowers and/or gifts. For the most part, these "men" stabbed and twisted knives in my back every chance they got. If I were really vengeful, I'd publish their names, addresses, and phone numbers right here in this letter! But I am man enough to forgive them, and continue my fight to liberate my gay brothers...not just from their petty, vicious infighting among their own gay brothers (and sisters -- oh, the misogyny among gay men!). I have the balls to forgive my own brothers; so let's see them forgive Dan White. Ha!

Long before the onset of AIDS, there were many gays with syphillis or gonorrhea who went to the baths without any concern whatsoever about spreading their diseases. If it takes the threat of excrutiating agony and death to change a person for the better, then woe to the gay community, which should have learned its lesson about compassion without drastic tragedies, for we have been persecuted down the ages far longer than any other minoirity group that I know of. Of course there are good apples in the barrel--but who wants to stick his hand through a ton of fruity mash to find that good apple?

The suffering that gay men have dumped on each other is incredible, outrageous, and inexcusable! And very very sad, for how often they have rejected amazing opportunities to know the fine love and compassion possible between (or among) gay men. I do not criticize lesbians (gay females), for they have their act together! If we don't learn our lesson(s) from AIDS, then what good are we at all? It is not enough to point our finger at straight society, but to look within our own "subculture" and question our true worth, before leaping to conclusions. Can we not set an example to the world by reaching out with compassion to all peoples, regardless of the crippling, tragic curse of AIDS (which we can turn into a blessing if we fight the good fight)?

Knowing only too well the nature of San Francisco's gay "community" (the word is sour on my tongue, and I have to spit it out), I do not expect this letter to be published in the Bay Area Reporter, member of the supposed "free press" in our "democratic" society. So I am also sending this letter to the Chronicle, the Examiner, and many others. And, when and if my letter does get published, I expect the gay "community" to rise up in hatred like a flock of ruffled hens who will attempt to tear me down...but they will not succeed. For those who really understand my point of view will rise to my protection with great grattitude.

I am not only proud to be gay (through it all), but likewise bursting with pride to be an individual, anti-capitalist, 100 percent socialist, free-loving Utopian member of the Universe. May God, in whatever form you worship (or degrade) bless you with abundant life and the new wisdom that comes with entry into the New Age!

Zeke Krahlin
San Francisco

That was my very first gay-relevant letter composed for ANY newspaper. And it got published...BOO-YAH! One could say this marked my presence as a bona fide (though self-made) ACTIVIST for the queer cause. Though I've been an activist for many years prior, both my PERCEPTION (as Dedicated Shit-Packing-Fudge-Stirre r) and DRIVE, ratcheted up a Brobdingnagian notch. That same year I had flown out to Washington D.C. in order to stand by the side of another activist who shot himself at the Vietnam Memorial ("The Wall") and SURVIVED.

That was Randolph Louis Taylor, with whom I fell deeply in love, and remain so to this very day. Despite his sudden disappearance in 1992. You can learn more about this Greatest Hero Of The LGBT Subculture in my website's section: "The Somalian Affair". It is my goal to honor Randolph with inclusion in our Gay History Archives, as Our Most Outstanding Liberator (albeit w/some hindsight). And I believe the upcoming notoriety of my Friendly Ghost tales will do the trick. (But why ISN'T he included already, considering how FAMOUS he became, and how IMPORTANT his message? Again, Zodiac Cult intrigue...they've infiltrated our archives and rewrite Queer History to suit their own diabolical scheme.)

I've come to realize that Randolph is actually my guardian angel whose dramatic appearance in my life at age 34, catapulted me into a Stupefyingly Awesome Spiritual Odyssey, which will NEVER end. He brought incredible Larkin to me, I know that now: yet one more bodacious, vivacious, loquatious and divine-acious Angel Of My Dreams.

Astute Observation: have you noticed the increased POPULARITY of the Hostess Twinkie, ever since Dan White's "Twinkie Defense"? Why would people be so cruel to gays, to take this cheap confection that has become the very SYMBOL of anti-gay violence, and turn it into a junk food icon? Is it simply this egregious social psychosis that is homophobia...or is it something else in ADDITION?

And what about good lesbian Dianne Whipple? Shortly after her fatal demise (viciously mauled and eaten to death by TWO large, brawny-jawed and toothed fighting her own apartment building), I noticed a sharp increase in Presa Canario, pit bull, Rottweiler, mastiff and Doberman owners, here in the Castro and throughout the city. And I KNOW it's not simply my awareness being raised to notice what already exists! Perversely, the media-sensational account of Diane Whipple's case seems to have directly inspired the current popularity of large/aggressive dog ownership here in San Francisco. Including my own LGBT community! What does this say about the character of my gay brothers/sisters, and of The City at large? A shiver goes up my spine: this is not good. Homophobia runs a deep, wicked streak. I have only RECENTLY (less than a month ago) had my suspicions confirmed. Quoting from web article "Canary Island Fighting Dog":

Since the killing of Diane Whipple, there has been a surge of interest in this breed. Breeders report people calling specifically stating that they want a dog "like the one that killed the lady in San Francisco." Experts feel that a rapid surge in popularity for this breed will result in individuals of poor genetic stock and consequently more prone to serious, unprovoked attacks on people.

I am CONVINCED now, that Ms. Whipple was selected for attack precisely because she was gay, perceived as a disposable commodity for hetero amusement. (A toy doll. A raggedy Diane.) Terrorist dog owners Knoeller and Noel needed to test their darling pets' fighting prowess, so why not kill two birds with one stone (as the saying goes)? ELIMINATE an undesirable from our mostly-hetero apartment complex AND try out the dogs.

Do you get it yet? WE QUEERS ARE A JOKE to the rest of society. So a gay or lesbian or tranny or butch...or WHATEVER...gets killed, hopefully mutilated first, while still conscious. Why, that's just so damned very PRECIOUS. We're the toy puppets in their arsenal of Dark Magic paraphernalia! (Get ready for the Gwen Araujo dolls.)

Evil Hetero Ones feed off the energy of our LGBT spirit...they are psychic vampires employing a powerful form of TELEPATHY to drain us of our ghostly fuel, our SOULS!

But if truth be known: these aren't actual HETEROS, for the most part they are BISEXUALS intimidated, brainwashed, cursed, terrorized into playing The Straight Agenda. MOST people on the planet--that is: 80%--are born naturally bisexual. Some more hetero than others, some more homo...with the vast MAJORITY gravitating around the center. So what IS going on then, if gays--when you count bisexuals and place both groups under the "Queer" umbrella--are actually the overWHELMingly dominant homo sapiens populace, at least number-wise? Is it really HOMOPHOBIA or something much greater in wickedness, in which homo hatred is but a FACET of this Hopeless Diamond Of Greasy Spark?

Capitalism is The Devil's Tool, among His most effective. You need to sacrifice a certain MINIMUM number of souls in the form of human flesh and misery every year, to keep profits accumulating and the numbers of wealthy (or even reasonably well off) DOWN. Our blood...our lovely AIDS-tainted pink blood fashioned in the labs of the MAIN chosen body count for This Molech Of Moolah. These Disciples of the Zodiac Killer number in the millions now, after all these years incubating behind closed doors and minds.

These Bona Fide Vampires take advantage of our queer misfortune as Chief Underdogs to the Beast Of Hetero Dogma, and PIGGYBACK onto our community.

Our HELLA shell-shocked, devitalized community is too WEAK to shake them off...a weakness that is due SOLELY to lack of awareness and/or disbelief...for once awareness has taken hold, your ticket to freedom (and theirs to Hell) is guaranteed! The Zodiac Cult FEEDS on our sorrows so long-cultivated and aggravated BY these ghoulish lost souls. The more TRAGEDY in our lives, the better fed THEY are, more GOURMET their plate...these Succubus and Succubi Sexuals!

AIDS is their hydroponic blood farm. These Zodiac Revenants infiltrated the military in the late 60's, and experimented on another group of humans pereceived as "disposable" darkest Africa. Once The Virus was perfected, the military called on sexually active GAY men only (not hetero or bi), to volunteer for the final stage testing of the Hepatitis B vaccine. A few years after the shots were administered, the first cases of AIDS showed up among queers in those same two cities where the tests were implemented: New York and San Francisco. You know the rest of the story. My excellent ally Thomas Keske is well studied and researched on legitimate AIDS conspiracy matters. Any sincere person would GREATLY benefit by reading his essays...which are on my website, with convenient newsgroup links to ALL his works:

I predict that Mr. Keske will some day SOON become regarded as one of our LGBT community's most outSTANDING heros, philosophers, and angels. I am so CERTAIN of the outcome that--should for some weird reason I'm proven incorret--I'll eat Tina Turner's Ben Wa balls in Liz Taylor's gourmet colostomy-bag sauce! (Back to the topic at hand.) If my suspicions are correct (as they ALWAYS are, 'cause really psychic insight), the Dan White and Diane Whipple cases are NOT just textbook examples of society's rampant homophobia. Here is MY conclusion, which I think any intelligent person ought give serious consideration:

I charge those inspired to glorify the Hostess Twinkie, and Knoeller/Noel, as conspirators in evil under the direct mandate of This Zodiac Cult!

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