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12.05.07 (2:46 am)   [edit]
From: Zekeopolis Headquarters
To: My E-friends
Date: 01 Dec 2007
Subject: Another Update, E-Mate!

Important update for Download here (4.3 mb):

The same contents unzipped can be viewed online here:

That's so you can share my tales with any interested parties, if they don't want to download and install the zipped version. You can see how I've established the remaining chapter titles and numbers for "Friendly Ghost". You'll also see how much more I have to go, if you open the "in progress" Parts 5-8. I'll be lucky if I get it all complete by Xmas. Then again, I consider myself The Luckiest Man On The Planet Already, based on what I've accomplished thus far!

BTW Eleanor, feel free to post as normally done before I was under such pressure to complete the most vital evidence, and guarantee its release and unstoppable distribution in the event MY life gets stopped pronto. Now, I'm off the hook (in the good sense of that phrase, I assure you), and can once more relax and enjoy conjuring up the remainder of my Ghoulish Opus. Resume communique w/o situation is no longer Code Red! (Still, Code Orange is not too comfortable either, but what's a Renegade Gal to do?)

Factoid for hilarious speculation: One of my "impossible" goals has been to become WORLD FAMOUS and a GREAT LEADER (and start the Next Free Speech Revolution with Queers In The Driver's Seat instead of kneeling at the back of the bus) while still on disability funds and occupying my crummy 2306 SRO. Or at least, that's been a standing joke among Me, Myself and I for some years now. Well whaddya know, I think it's gonna happen. REALLY! (This can be scary if you think about it much.)

I include a photo of myself at the very, very END of the very, very LAST part, which is numbered 8. Abby Hoffman published "Steal This Book" on conventional bound paper. My version is a contemporay, electronic equivalent 'cause on the web or CD. Hence this title for my 2-volume MasterBatePiece:


Zeke Krahlin

========================= =================

From: Zeke
To: My Fab E-friends
Date: 02 Dec 2007
Subject: update

Another whole article has been added to Chapter 6 ("Letters Germane"). I trust my e-friends to now download each evening any time after 8pm. I wouldn't ask you to download so frequently, but for the high (Code Orange) possibility I could be sabotaged at any moment, thus losing the latest IMPORTANT update. (Further revelations of corruption and other valuable insights/clues.)

Since all but one e-friend have high-speed access, downloading every 24 hours is expedient, a minimal intrusion. John H., assuming you still use a dialup modem like myself, I don't expect you to download so frequent, or at all.

John H.'s Animated Paradise

Today, has grown to 4.4 mb. That is likely to double when complete, or maybe even go as high as 15 mb. Latter amount still a peace o' cake for high-speeders, but a real DRAG for slow-mo's.

Thank you again for your considerate cooperation. Your are all mentioned as heroes in Friendly Ghost. Which means that once I become world renowned (AGAIN, heh...what a deluded megalomaniac I am), all heroic characters will become fabulously famous AND wealthy by association. I therefore consider downloading daily a VERY small price to pay, in exchange.

TWO more wonderful parables have just occurred to me today, which are definitely grist for my writing mill. What an amazing outcome my life has taken! Wait'll you meet this Larkin, an AUTHENTIC archangel sent by Randolph Louis Taylor, to avenge and protect my widdle Tweety-Bird self!

- The Zekester

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