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Promotional Insurrection
12.02.07 (1:58 pm)   [edit]

The attached file is my animated gif lifted from tale "The Little Angel Who Wouldn't Fly". When I realized this morning that I need to promote "Steal This Blog" on my website's home page, I also realized this devil-salesman image would be the PURRRFECT advertisement ploy.

BTW, recognize who's delicious body that is? It's Marky-Mark, back when he was this ADORABLE white punk-rock star. Now a famous actor in film, including "Boogie Nights," "Perfect Storm," and "Four Brothers". I understand he's ALSO a homophobe. Read this:

Mark Wahlberg "creeped out" by Brokeback Mountain:

Using his image for "moi" extremely GAY agenda is fair justice, don't you think? Can't WAIT till he sees it! (From the security of a safe-house, of course: my subterranean retreat in the magma caverns of Modoc County.) Talk about the "Perfect Storm"! Kickback will be APOCALYPTIC in proportion, though start small and innocuous.


First a ripple, then a bulge,
Then a hard-on (don't divulge).

Then a wave, and then a flood.
Marky-Mark will crave my blood!

The perfect body for my ad
Will start Third War,
Make people mad.

Gay-Bible censored,
Declared offensive
To every decent living thing,
From the humble maggot
And the worm in the earth,
And those god-damn faggots
Who can never give birth,

To Spurious George
Our King.


posted by: soulsought (reply)
post date: 12.02.07 (2:43 pm)

I visited Greg Hernandez' Out in Hollywood blog. My comment is awaiting approval by Greg to be posted, re: Mark Wahlberg.

In it, I pointed out that the over confident Wahlberg shouldn't bite the hand that fed him. Also, that even his name is not exclusive - there is a different Mark Wahlberg who hosts PBS' Antiques Roadshow.

So, if you want to drive him nuts, play stupid and badger any site he may have by confusing him with the antique show host. Nothing bores a celebrity more than having to explain away things that have nothing to do with their professional business.

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 12.02.07 (6:38 pm)

:D Hilarious. He can run but he can't hide...marky-mark my word! The Devil can take his soul, and me, his yummy-young cummy-hung body. Thank you for the Revelation John. FYI, important mistranslation recently discovered in the New Testament: "Mark of the Beast" should REALLY read "Marky-Mark of the Beast".

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