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My Words Take Wing
11.28.07 (2:55 am)   [edit]

I have just released this missive below, to the following newsgroups (good copyright protection if nothing else):

ba.motss, soc.motss,
alt.arts.storytelling, alt.creative.writing, rec.arts.prose
alt.funnytown, alt.humor, alt.jokes, rec.humor

Subject: Gay Activist & Psychic Detective Reveals Skulduggery

I invite all interested and curious parties to recent revelations of criminal activities here in San Francisco's gay community. South of Market bars, The Castro, the SFPD, homeless scags, and corrupt residents in my apartment building. Also therein are various HONORABLE citizens too...especially ONE who stands out a TRUE HERO among all others: Larkin Kelsey.

I am releasing TWO non-fiction novels simultaneously:

1. The Larkin Chronicles (or "How I Earned My Wings As A Psychic Detective")

2. Friendly Ghost Detective Agency (or "How I Earned My Wings As An Angel")

The second book is a work in progress. The first four chapters are done, and I expect the book to be complete at 7-8 chapters. In fact, I have made available the UNFINISHED chapters, that viewers may enjoy witnessing the author's progress.

I am taking great risk here (including possible violent attacks, and being sentenced to prison for my unabashed honesty) for the sake of putting an end to a cult-like organization that holds the entire US gay community in its terrible grip! The Disciples of the Zodiac Killer.

These chapters are TRUE tales. The characters I encounter seem to have stepped out of a Damon Runyon book, only with a gay spin.

You will learn how my angels guide me in my actions and resolutions. Though a very SPIRITUAL endeavor, my stories all come out of a PAGAN perspective, as opposed to Christian.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will be infuriated at times. But I ASSURE you that my amazing TRUE tales will take you on the Roller Coaster Ride of Your Life! (Has NOTHING to do w/your own sexual persuasion, and EVERYTHING to do with my sacred gift to totally CAPTIVATE and CHARM those who read my scintillating revelations, confessions, and unapologetic accusations.)

Anyone is also WELCOME to download the ENTIRE two books (plus the unfinished parts) in a handy zip file, and enjoy them offline, as well as press them to CD or DVD, and disseminate them anywhere you'd like. A link is provided on the main menu, just for that purpose.

Click on the image below, and you'll have instant access to all contents just mentioned:

Your Name:

Your Comment:

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