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Courage Is a 7-Letter Word
11.26.07 (2:29 am)   [edit]
From: Zekester
To: All my e-friends
Date: 26 Nov 2007, 12:16:46 AM
Subject: Preparation for the worst


As of yesterday, I have uploaded revelations of skulduggery here in S.F. including photos and full names of actual people who have harmed me, or threatened to harm me...some of whom are hard drug dealers/runners. Some of whom are members of the San Francisco Police Department. CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence only, as MOST threats were performed w/o any witness...or what witnesses were there are certainly NOT on my side, and would ENTHUSIASTICALLY bear false witness against me.

In the event I am arrested and sent to jail or prison, or badly beat up and sent to hospital, or (goddess forbid) murdered, I want you to contact the following trusted friends:

- Peggy C.
- Eleanor C.
- James D.
- John H.
- Joe N.
And also my brother Vincent who will, when push comes to shove, fight for my liberation.

This message has been bcc'd to all the above-listed people, for my own protection and salvation. Anyone who needs to catch up with my present intrigue should read ALL chapters in the following two books I have uploaded to my website:

The Larkin Chronicles

The Friendly Ghost Detective Agency

I also suggest you download and PRESERVE my latest update to this intrigue in:

Which includes not only The Larkin Chronicles, but my latest chapter of "Friendly Ghost" with notes on the remaining three or four chapters. (It's a work in progress...should be complete w/7 or 8 chapters total by Dec. 15.) It is only 3.8mb large.

Should I be confined to jail, prison, or other high security confinement, or disappeared in any other way (wiped off social records as if I never existed), I trust that my allies will do their best to locate me, and start a fund raising venture to cover legal expenses. As well as CONTACT me to ease the loneliness of isolation.

Not to mention drumming up media interest in my plight, and starting a "Free Zeke" mailing list.

Hopefully, none of these negative scenarios will come to pass, but it's good to have my ass covered, considering the risky stand I've decided to take.

Nonetheless, I want you to be COMPLETELY ASSURED that I am firm in my stance, and totally at peace. I feel GREAT to be so magnanimous in standing up against terror in any form whatsoever, regardless if it results in my imprisonment or death. I am perfectly calm in my righteousness. There is NO WAY I could ever keep silent, when witnessing so much corruption that has been brought to my attention (whether I like it or not). Fear for my own life and well-being is trivial in comparison. I am that ethical.

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