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(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2007 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

Spencer Gray. He's 22 years old (I think, maybe he said 21). A mere TADPOLE in humanity's pond! Just discovered his bizarrely FANTASTIC paintings, drawings and collages at Church & Market, during my evening patrol of the Castro.

Formerly homeless, now volunteering to help other youth still on the streets. Born and raised in Frisco, on-and-off homeless since the age of twelve. Wow, I wonder what kind of dysfunctional family THAT has to be! (But I'm not here to judge, I'm just here to pack some fudge.)

Intelligent, gracious and (obviously) TALENTED. Says he's been doing this kind of artwork nigh onto seven years. Before that, he never cared to SHOW any of it to ANYone. He said that with a silly grin.

VERY compassionate man...the rare hetero who is unabashedly gay friendly. And DEFINITELY a bona fide starving artist. It cracked me up when he told me his monicker is Spencer. For just last night, I had come across a pic of another lovely young man that I added to my hard drive's "Cute_Guys" folder, making the total thus far, nineteen. Said image INSPIRED me to write a piece all ABOUT my collection of handsome dudes downloaded from cyberspace. And his name is...guess.

So I decided to help his career take off. Seeing as I'll soon be IRRESISTAB0B0BALLY FAMOUS thanks to "Steal This Blog," then it only follows that anyone sponsored via ZekeBlog has an excellent chance of becoming Celebrity Hisself! Spencer presently has NO phone number, e-mail, or stable location through which a potential purchaser or agent can get in touch. But he is all over the city, selling his Magical Wars on this or that street corner.

Anyone interested in this fine man's exposed-raw-nerve style artistry, is welcome to post me a note. I'll do my best to track him down. Spencer DOES have my phone number AND e-mail, BTW. It is quite likely he'll contact me soon. I couldn't pin him down as to OTHER specific locations where he hawks his recycled-wood canvasses. Just shrugged his shoulders, said "Dunno. I'm everywhere!"

No wonder he's starving!

posted by: soulsought
post date: 12.22.07 (11:09 pm)

I'll bet he's first generation Frisco. His parents probably were youths from somewhere else escaping to the land of milk and honey that turned sour.

It's tough to face, but so many of our boomer peers who became parents couldn't follow up responsibly. Oh yeah, maybe it was drugs. Or maybe it was just this messed up system where major crooks like Roland Arnall, billionaire owner of Ameriquest, the mortgage refinance loanshark who contributed to Bush and got let off of predatory lending charges. This snake was rewarded with the job of Ambassador to Holland.

In east L.A., there's a place called tent city. These are people who were foreclosed on. Poverty, disease, death. Bush and Arnall laugh all the way to the bank.

posted by: soulsought
post date: 12.22.07 (11:17 pm)

This blog is concerned over liability and they don't want to risk links.

But you can google Roland Arnall, and one of the first retrievals is an excellent wikipedia account with his lecherous self absorbed picture.

posted by: ZekeBlog
post date: 12.23.07 (10:30 am)

I went straight to Wikipedia:

"In the 2003-2005 period, Arnall and his wife raised more than $12 million for George W. Bush's political efforts, including $5 million for the Progress for America Voter Fund, a self-proclaimed conservative issue advocacy organization dedicated to keeping the issue record straight."

My God, this guy's a MONSTER.

posted by: ZekeBlog
post date: 12.23.07 (11:27 am)

Oh, the links issue: I had that turned off some months back. In fact, I had ALL commenting turned off. Due to small-time bizarros sabotaging my blog. Now that I have comments turned back ON, I can't locate the option for doing same w/linkage. I'll take another look-see. There IS a manual workaround: spell out DOT for the period, and peel off the standard prefix "aych tee tee pee colon slash slash DOT dub dub dub DOT". Like so: