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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

SIGNING OFF FOR NOW (A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!) © 2002 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin July 23, 2002 My good friends all: I desperately need a break from my activism and computer chores. Instead of recreating an entire letter from scratch, please read the following I sent to the various queer mailing lists to which I belong. What I said to them, applies to you, too, and anyone else with which I have an Internet relationship: Signing Off For Now I'm gonna have to sign off this list for a while...I'm really burnt out on all my hard work as a street activist for so many years, here in kwazy san francisco. The ball is now in your court (LGBT community), take or leave of my ideas what you will. This little bundle of butch power *sorely needs a vacation. You SHOULD know that I am utterly THRILLED to have been invited into the Queernet easy accomplishment for my sort of poltergeist! It is a wonderful thing to witness my beautiful labor of love blossom in cyberspace, whose fragrance shall spill over into reality's air, to waft across this most bless-ed city. So I'm leaving this list (and all my other queer lists) for an indefinite time, knowing that the community remains in good hands. I want to stroll around my lovely, bedraggled, accursed-blessed city right across the bay from where I'd REALLY love to live ("Berzerkely" as my homeless friend Tony likes to say...who, by the way, has ginger hair, ginger eyes, is 40, suffering pneumonia on top of HIV/AIDS (and wears a full set of dentures)...geez it would REALLY be nice to see him finally in a cozy room not alone, but with some of our dedicated sisters and brothers. He's the one who says when I squeeze his butch biceps: "Those are MUS-kels"--kind of like Popeye). I'll be enjoying this gracious/awful city, strolling around, hanging on the streets and in cafes...mostly here unless I can get over to Berzerkely withOUT riding BART, since I could never bring myself to go underwater again via public transit since September 11, but right when I was finally gathering up the courage to go (not knowing whether I'd be able to stop and PEE halfway, which was my pleasure in past, more innocent times) BART admitted that it wasn't really earthquake proof for going under the bay. (Though this all seems to have been brushed under the carpet by tons of OTHER legitimate, real problems that nonetheless pale by comparison.) I need to unwind, and decondition this soldier's body and brain and soul, as this unravelling process of PTSD goes into its second stage of recovery. I am a wounded soldier in this latest Battle of Armageddon that we call Life. Carried back to the hospital in the arms of a trusted Marine, I lay wounded half-dead as they administer triage. (You don't know this, but I am also dealing with a MAJOR lawsuit against my landlord--me and 11 other folks--and my mom's possible death; she's 86 and in hospital suffering from pneumonia back east in N. Fort Myers. My Dad is alone there; but has good friendship support. body says "give it a rest" by threatening to bring up those tennis-elbow / carpal-tunnel twitches and pangs. Thank my Father Jehovah, Oh Gay and so Heavenly, My beloved Guardian: oh how kind You have been to me...for the pain is but mild...though I must respect what my Father suggests, for He has only my best interests at heart. As He does for you, too. But He cares not how you envision Him: as a ghost, a void, a nothing, a man, a woman, a flower, black, white, green, gold, brown, yellow, and just plain mellow, even your hottest lover of all time! Ahhhh, coffee! So you guys know what to do, it's no more anyone's secret. My plans are just to kick back and watch all my Goooood Karma come cashing in. Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching-a-ring-a-ling... it's for Gay Civil Rights we sing, plus we'll ALSO take women's issues under wing! And you know where you can find me, whenever. Just keep asking for Zeke, and you shall be led to me. Blessed be! Of all the tales I have writ, I am especially proud of my "Brian and the Werewolf" parable...for it is the gay version of "Beauty and the Beast". Wouldn't it be great to put that into animation? Any takers? Oh, well, I already put everything up on my website...with complete instructions on all my gifted plans of strategy for securing our liberties forever. I got it all done ahead of time-- being the efficient Wizard that I am (some would say "anal retentive")--for I had complete faith in my visions. But how could I have become so blessed, without the visions of so many who came before me, and inspire the greatest in us all who live today? I didn't. Sincerely, Ezekiel J. Krahlin --- Lavender-Velvet Revolution ---finis