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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

©1998 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(cried the little black sheep),
"I have secrets I can no longer keep!"

Let truth be known, though it ap-
Pall, for there's a
Bone to pick (the tip of an icy
Berg)!  Imposter Saul had the gall
(Along with consort "oo-la-la!"),
To vilify a loyal servant in the
Noble cause against AIDS,
By stabbing their knives in his
Back:  tongu-ed blades!

Betrayal of trust, non-payment for
Work; implications of theft, deceit
   ...turned eyes on The Innocent,
As they would on a cheat!

What kind of leaders are these men:
Breeders/farters of ill wind?
I think they don't deserve their

Enough has been said.
Bleat, bleat!