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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2003 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

From:    Ezekiel Krahlin
To:      Rubee Hearsay
Date:    Fri, 14 Nov 2003
Subject: Address the issue!

So Jackass knocked on my door, to ask me to watch his place
while he's gone till Tuesday.

Then he asked if Terrorq has moved, 'cause it's been quiet for
the last two days. I said I'm not sure, but that might be so.
Then, Jackass added:

"That's why the bathroom's been messy, it was Terrorq's
underpants and other clothes he left in there. You thought it
was me."

Then he started to walk down the stairs...but I stopped him
and said:

"Oh, no, it was your mess all the while. Terrorq just added to
it. The problem IS you, and your leaving personal items in the
bathroom, and not cleaning up when you leave the tub dirty.
MOST of it is your creation."

He then seemed surprised at my accusation, with his eyes wide
open. So I added:

"The only way for the bathroom situation to be improved, is if
management finally decides to assert authority, and demand
that no one leave items there, and that each person cleans up
any mess he creates. When that happens...if that
happens...then the bathroom will become habitable again. I am
certainly NOT going to clean up your messes for you."

Seems to me, Rubee, an easy thing for you to do, is to
confront Jackass, firmly though friendly, and set your foot
down. He'll comply, I am sure. But until then, he will
continue to scapegoat me, and insult my intelligence.

I am disappointed (though not really surprised) that you
continue to use a flimsy excuse to allow this needless (and
undeserved) stress to continue, which affects me more than
anyone else, sharing that bathroom. This is the same setup
Muck has allowed to incur; and I have had to live with this
inhospitable disregard for years now. And, sadly, it seems
that you have decided to continue this unkind tradition.

I throw up my hands (and just plain "throw up"): and hereby
relinquish handling the recycled garbage, for you to assign as
you deem fit. Until this stupid bathroom situation is cleared
up, I withhold any and all free maintenance of our building.
As far as I'm concerned, I am only living here in body;
certainly not in spirit!

You have chosen to draw the line that leaves me, still, with
disregard as second-class citizen in my own building, due to
continued classist ideology. It's an old, old game...when
landlord and lackies create and maintain ugly setups that pit
tenant against tenant, when the real problem was created by
the owner/management.

As Bugs Bunny likes to say, "What a maroon!" And I don't mean
just the two who share the bathroom...which I can't even use
any more, thanks to management's continued, and intentional,
disregard! You have NOT been checking the bathrooms on each
floor daily or regularly, as you purported so recently. And
when I decided NOT to check my bathroom for your list, you
claimed to not have the key to it.

Well, I don't believe you. So I RETURNED my own key, so you
wouldn't have that excuse again. The issues you wanted were
things like "grout" and a few other things that will NOT in
any way, resolve the more serious issues at hand, regarding
the bathroom. Why should I care about GROUT, when the issue of
dealing with BULLIES continues to stress me out... when you,
as management, can EASILY resolve the issue. But you
CONSCIOUSLY choose not to, and even make flimsy excuses, which
are really LIES...and an insult to my integrity.

Lavender-Velvet Revolution


From:    Rubee Hearsay
To:      Ezekiel Krahlin
Date:    Fri, 14 Nov 2003
Subject: Re: Address the issue!

Here is my answer to your complaint that I am not concerned
with your health or well being and that I have not kept the
bathrooms clean to your expectations.
Zeke, I am one person. I do NOT walk on water. I know you
think I have neglected you but you have no idea of the other
stuff that is happening here.
My hands have been busy with even more serious stuff and it
will be dealt with, but you will not make it go faster by this
method. And it is not because I don't care.
Of course I care about your safety. However, I do not think
Jackass intends to attack you. By your own statement he is
gone for now. I hope to have much done toward a better
building in place by the start of the new week. I do think
there is a problem with the bathrooms. Right now I am trying
to close down access by certain people to other even more
serious situations.
As for doing the recycle, I can do it if it is not something
you want to do.
I hope to have answers for you soon. You do understand that I
am not officially the manager, don't you? I am caught in the
situation of not being actually a given a job description so
don't have any guidelines for what needs the "permission" of
the former manager and what I may initiate on my own. This was
brought home when I called for elevator repair and found they
had been called and told just don't respond to her at certain
Now I can only do so much and I feel I am doing plenty. You
just can't see it all yet. If you have to do something about
that, well, I am powerless to stop you. I can only say I am
trying. I have spoken to all parties on this matter in hopes
that it could be resolved and that all persons would clean up
after themselves. I have spoken to Jackass as well. I
certainly do hope this can be resolved and that all will
proceed in an adult fashion by all.
If you do not intend to use the second floor bathroom, I will
keep the key. However if at some time you wish to get it back
you need simply ask.
Since you are not using the bathroom, and Jackass is gone,
there should be no immediate problem but rather a possible
future problem. I do not mean to imply that you should not use
the bathroom on 2nd and I do not mean to imply that nothing
will be done but instead do mean that all problems for the
building will be solved as quickly as I can do it in order of
priority. If I am considered inadequate by you, then you will
have to bring that up with the owners or Muck or the lawyers
you have representing you. I repeat I can only do what is in
my authority to do.
I am neither a caretaker, mother or maid here but I will do my
best to help keep this bathroom clean, But some of it is out
of my control and I do have other jobs to do.
I am sorry you feel this way. I had hoped for more support
than just recriminations from you. You must think I have loads
of extra time on my hands.
Rubee Hearsay

From:    Ezekiel Krahlin
To:      Rubee Hearsay
Date:    Sat, 15 Nov 2003
Subject: Re: Address the issue!

11/14/03 4:27:40 PM, Rubee Hearsay wrote:

> I am sorry you feel this way. I had hoped for
> more support than just recriminations from
> you. You must think I have loads of extra
> time on my hands.

Those last sentences from you are loaded with intentional
misconceptions, a.k.a. "cop outs". Not only are you WRONG in
what I think about you, you KNOW you are wrong. You are NOT
sorry I feel this way (as if "feelings" had anything to do
with my wish to finally put an end to harrassment against me).
The support I have given you over the months is MOUNTAINS
compared to one incident of recrimination towards if
you've received ONLY recriminations, and no credit or praise.
Ha! You hypocrite, you! And, I do NOT think you have loads of
free time.

There were SEVERAL times when you could have addressed
Jackass's ugly behavior, with no skin off your teeth; and
which would have nipped MOST of this problem in the bud. TWICE
you witnessed his vulgar behavior towards me, including a
veiled threat... yet you did NOT even show any disapproval for
that behavior. Instead, you treated it as if his attitude were
partly my saying "Now, you two, no violence."

Your lack of doing so, I have concluded, was INTENTIONAL, not
a slip-up. Nothing to do with whether or not you're REALLY the
manager...for nonetheless you are now the recognized AUTHORITY
for this building ("resident manager").

But forget the "manager" issue: as a human being with SOME
authority over our building, you could EASILY have ended
Jackass's continued attempts to intimidate me, and mess up the
bathroom. And he would have likely complied with EVERYthing.
But without even that bit of authority, I could do nothing
more, but continue living under this needless stress.

This situation with both Terrorq and Jackass, should be
regarded as high priority, for it is intimidation, harassment,
defamation of character, and even attempts to terrorize a
resident--by another, new occupant. Yet, you place GROUT
higher on your list, than the great discomfort of a resident
who is suffering unjustified harrassment.

I could go into how you could have EASILY cleared up the
bathroom situation, as it regards Jackass's bullying. But you
KNOW this already, you are no dummy. Yet you give patent
excuses to continue letting the situation drag on. It is
BECAUSE I know you know what you are doing, that I see NO
POINT in further discussing or making suggestions in this

A few firm words from you, to Jackass, is all it would have
taken. This is neither rocket science, nor does it come with
any risk to your person, or position as resident manager. But
the ongoing intimidation by a new resident is a serious matter
equal to any of the most important duties on your list.
Considering how LONG you have allowed this to go on, I can
only imagine how low on the list I am...or if I'm even on that
list any more!

You are hiding behind flimsy excuses, just taking me in
circles. Therefore, no point in fooling myself that you need
to understand my situation better. You have easily confronted
more serious sitituations in this building...even withOUT
being an officially ceritified I first assumed
that my particular complaint would be easily cleared up. I was
only asking you to use a small portion of your chutzpah you
have used a few times so far, in dealing with some other
difficult person. You CAN do, and CAN have a positive effect
by nipping in the bud. You CHOOSE not to...and which has
NOTHING to do with whether or not your are the absolute

Simply, as a human being alone, you could have cleared up the
ugly impasse with NO harm to you. You did not. So be it. You
have chosen your direction. Far be it from me to suggest a
better path. Been there, done that.

Lavender-Velvet Revolution


From:    Ezekiel Krahlin
To:      Rubee Hearsay
Date:    Sat, 15 Nov 2003
Subject: Re: Address the issue! ADDENDUM

I had the courage to send a signed letter to the owners,
regarding Terrorq's vulgar antics. In so doing, I backed you
up big time...and took considerable risk of retaliation by the
owners, as well as by Terrorq. His animosity against me is

Yet, the situation with Jackass is far less complex, with
minimal risk on your part. So, uh, yeah, Rubee...thanks for
(doing) nothing!

Lavender-Velvet Revolution


From:    Rubee Hearsay
To:      Ezekiel Krahlin
Date:    Sat, 15 Nov 2003
Subject: Re: Address the issue!

Zeke I have talked to Jackass, told you that the dirty stuff
is not his. He said it and I believe him. The hair on the
clothes is Terrorq's and is from his shaving his head. I
agree, it is disgustiing and I would not like to live with it
either. Unless Jackass changes hair color at night, it belongs
to Terrorq.
I could just clean it up. Yes. But that is what Terrorq
wishes. His statement was that I am the employee and he is the
tenant so my job is to clean up after him. This is not the
only mess. Now I have been to the owners about this. I have
been to Muck about this. I have had pictures taken. I have
confronted both him and Jackass about the mess. If I have to
clean that bathroom, all will be thrown out. Everything! And
then there will be even more fighting.
I know it is not your mess and so you have not been hearing
about it. BUT as much as you are attuned to the happenings of
this building, you are not knowing the whole story. I have had
at least three talks with Jackass and every one included the
discussion of his comfort vs. leaving the bathroom tidy for
others. He did say he would work on it. He did admit that the
books were his. He did admit that he does take baths and took
part of the blame for the dirty tub. His statement was that
since he has to clean the tub before he uses it, he should not
have to clean after he uses it.

I think that is the way he put it but frankly I was paying
more attention to the fact that Terrorq has used consistently
every vacant room for his personal use as well as the boiler
room for cleanup of himself. Jackass says that when Terrorq is
forced to use the bathroom he is peeing in the tub so he does
not have to use the toilet. I know that I am cleaning toilets
in the vacant rooms over and before  getting them rented. I
also know Terrorq is making messes on purpose. He has admitted
it. He and Bliss got into a huge and very loud fight over me
as he is determined to get even with me for his problems.
Now I am not making light over any problems you have with
Jackass. I would like it resolved. Jackass said he would like
it resolved. I think that is why he brought up the "hot "issue
to you. But it seems to me that we have had this discussion
before. You want me to be the housekeeper for the jobs you
refuse to do because it is beneith you to clean up after
Jackass and Terrorq.

Just a question here. Why is it OK for me to clean up after
any of you and not OK for you? You are all adults. I believe I
answered my perception of that in the last note.You don't have
to answer that one. I really think that if I can get the
Terrorq issue dealt with, the other will go away. Jackass is
not unreasonable about it. He has said he will work on it. But
all suggestions short of you getting exactly what you want are
rejected by you. It all seems so black and white. Have you
weighed the possibility of some of the problem being Terrorq?
The second floor bathroom has three unit to use it. You,
Terrorq, Jackass. On two occasions the larger mess was made by
Terrorq who leaves dirty clothes and paper on the floor.
Jackass leaves books and toiletries laying about. You come in
and it is a mess. Now just look at the different rooms and see
the different people who use them. The bathrrom is an
indication of the way they live in their rooms. If you have
time, I would like to show you some other things about the
building. Zeke we are not on different sides and your saying I
am a snob or equivalent is just idle name calling. And I know
you know me better than that. You are just frustrated and I
don't blame you. I am too and maybe more. What should be just
a simple thing here in this building aways becomes a huge
undertaking. I am not sure why but it is really frustrating.
Now I realize that I am not talking about the issue of the
violence and harrasing of you. That I take as a separate
issue. The two  may be tied together but are not the same
issue. They do take different form and do take different
action. Just as Terrorq talks to me in private, makes his
threats in private, and gets agressive in private, so may
Jackass. I simply don't know. The times I was there for
meetings of the two of you, there was an under currant of
something but nothing was open enough to call on. You were
more loud that he was.

He was laughing on one occassion. There may be stuff I don't
see but I cannot act upon an accusation without any evidence.
This has nothing to do with you or your credibility. It has to
do with setting a precedent. I have many accusations to deal
with right now. I do think I can take care of the Jackass
messes once I get this Terrorq issue cleared up. I have had
slow success, I admit but just as you have your issues and say
these are easily cleared up, they should take top priority, so
do most of the other tenant with their problems and particular
As to the statements about grout. You will not die from books
in the bathroom as irritating as they are, but you could die
from mold or bacteria if it would be allowed to gather in the
ungrouted leaky bathroom. Both 3rd and 2nd floor are to be
fixed soon. then the sloppy behavior will be dealt with.
I feel any direct action will not help until Terrorq is not
allowed to cause any more problems. If you doubt my statement,
just take a look at the "new" floor in 212 or the toilet. You
are right about the problems you see but I think you are
looking the wrong way about some of it for some reason unknown
to me. It is probably because you have not been shown some of
the other things I am talking about.
Now I am willing to meet with you or talk to you about this
but I do not tke kindly to your threats. They work on the
street but not with me. Making me afraid or making me feel
pushed just doesn't work. I will do what I can because of
caring about the outcome or results or even for the tenants,
but not for any other reason.
Please let me get this all sorted out. Many of the problems I
am dealing with have been here for years and now everyone
wants them solved (their problems first) in one day.
Zeke I do appreciate your help of past and do value your
statements as you know but I cannot work in a vacuum nor can I
make people behave... as much as I would  like to.
We have some real problems here. I talked to a perfect
stranger the other day who asked about the building. He said
it was a hard building to manage because most of the tenants
are drug addicts and the building has a reputation. Surely
someone like yourself, who says they go to bars, hangs out
with street people and addicts and who says they can deal with
the violence of the streets can hang on long enough for me to
get into this.
I see things a little different from you and we have accepted
that. I find it hard to see the lack of concern, from all,
about some of the issues that in another part of the country
would cause tenants to be thrown out or even jailed.
I have never been San Francisco, never dealt with meth users,
never seen the lack of concern about living that I see here. I
also have not seen any place where the individual wants come
totally before the concerns of the whole.
As I told Muck and you, if I am claimed to not be able to do
this, I would not protest. But let me say I am trying to make
things better. That includes making all tenants feel welcome,
comfortable and safe.
If your letter is to tell me I am not doing what you want or
to say I am poor at this job, so be it. I am doing what I


From:    Ezekiel Krahlin
To:      Rubee Hearsay
Date:    Sat, 15 Nov 2003
Subject: Re: Address the issue!

11/15/03 8:11:05 AM, Rubee Hearsay wrote:

> Zeke I have talked to Jackass, told you that
> the dirty stuff is not his.

My complaint never WAS about Terrorq's clothes. This is why I
am so irritated at KNOW what Jackass has done to the
bathroom, and witnessed his nasty attitude towards me...along
with his blatant deception.

You KNOW the issue is not Terrorq's clothes...that was just
the latest offense. You PRETEND ignorance, even after I
described and demonstrated all the evidence necessary, so that
you would not just have to take my word.

Continued feigning of ignorance does NOT win any gold stars,
in my book.

> If I have to clean that bathroom, all will be
> thrown out. Everything! And then there will
> be even more fighting.

No there won't. Not if management does it. Just dump all the
books at Jackasss' door. Along with his soap, wash towel, etc.
Throw away the stupid stand, too. Jackass will NOT get
belligerent with you see, he never has. He ONLY
witnessed that you will NOT do anything when he is belligernet
to ME, even when you are right there, and could have SAID
something to nip this crap in the bud.

Again: pretending I thought Terrorq's clothes were the fault
of Jackass, is playing the same mind f*ck as Jackass. I had
already told you ORIGINALLY that my complaint isn't with the's with all the OTHER stupid stuff Jackass has
done to the bathroom, and to me...which STARTED weeks before
Terrorq moved in.

I'd say Terrorq's clothing is but 10% of my complaints about
the bathroom... and 90% is Jackass's fault.

So you and Jackass go ahead and play "screw with Zeke". Games
like that ALWAYS backfire.

Lavender-Velvet Revolution