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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(Note:  The following document was handed out to numerous
men in my neighborhood, during one of my excellent manic

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

©1997 be Ezekiel J. Krahlin

     I need twenty to thirty models to pose for a proposed
mural. The reason you hold this paper in your hand, is because
I find you to be a physically-excellent subject for my
painting.  After reading my proposal, decide if you are
interested, then contact me, Ezekiel Krahlin, at You may visit me and view some of my art work,
in order to see that my proposal is legitimate (in that I
really am an artist).  After reading this paper, you will
realize that the creation of my mural will be a team
effort...exhilarating, profound, and lots of hard work!  My
idea is as follows:

     The mural shall be painted on a canvas.  The painting
shall be the exact height and width of the wall, so that the
canvas will appear to be the actual wall itself.  (Or:  the
painting shall be divided into two large canvasses, one canvas
being twice as wide as the other. Canvasses shall be mounted
on the same wall, occupying at least eighty percent of the
wall's actual dimensions. Canvasses shall be separated from
each other by six to twelve inches of wall space.  If the
double-canvas proposal is selected, the walls in the room
should be painted some shade of white.)

     The painting shall be composed of four major colors:
metallic silver, iridescent white, bright (flat) white, and
metallic gold (with, perhaps, some glossy jet black).
Painting medium shall be acrylic, including a foundation and
surface wash of clear acrylic.

     I will need twenty to thirty male models.. half being the
"butch daddy" type, other half the "virginal boy" type.  They
must represent a good balance of racial mixes, and all be
circumcised.  The models shall pose naked before a camera.
The picture shall be enlarged to life size, and match the
exact size of the canvas(ses)...and the photo shall then be
pasted onto the canvas(ses).  I will also need a life size
picture of a stallion with lowered head, nuzzling his pony out
of a deep sleep.  The picture of the two horses shall be cut
out from the rest of the photo, then superimposed on the
picture of the models, in the far left foreground of the

     After the photographs have been mounted and washed with
clear acrylic, I will paint over the entire canvas.  The
background shall be painted bright (flat) white.  The models
shall all be painted iridescent white, with silver hair, eyes,
and other brush strokes to bring out their anatomy.  The
intended effect is to portray the models as more  spirit  than
"flesh."  I will use as many clear acrylic washes as necessary
(perhaps with a little white and/or silver), to make their
images extremely ephemeral...almost to the point where the
viewers must look twice before seeing them.  The stallion and
pony shall be painted metallic gold, with perhaps glossy black
for eyes and/or other markings.

     The intended "mood" of the painting is more "beautiful"
than "erotic", and there will definitely be nothing
pornographic about it, since any sexual act will be "implied",
as the emphasis is on "affection." I would like some of the
models to cry genuine tears during the actual photo session,
if at all possible.

     Some boys (to the right, and in the background) shall
appear as in a deep sleep. Some men will be looking over these
boys, wondering which to select for their "son" man
will be crouching over a boy, nudging him man will
be in the process of lifting a boy off the man
will be carrying a boy off in his arms...some men in the
background will be standing around some sleeping boys,
contemplating which ones to select. The intended feeling to
convey among these pausing men is "How sad that there aren't
enough fathers right now to wake up all these lovely sons at
once! .  Towards the left, partly behind the two horses, shall
be a standing man and boy...the man is facing the viewer,
looking straight ahead...the boy's back is to the viewer,
with his head turned partly to the left, so that we may see a
partial profile of his face...the boy's head is resting on the
man's chest, with his left arm extended to the man's shoulder,
in anticipation of being carried off in the man's arm.. the
man shall have his left arm around the boy, several inches
above the boy's waist...the boy shall have his right arm
around the man's waist. Immediately to the left of them is
another man and boy...the man shall carry the boy in his
arms, with the boy's back partly turned to the viewer, and his
head against the man's left shoulder...the boy's legs are
draped over the man's right arm.  The models shall be in all
different phases of erection, from flaccid to fully erect
(this I will leave to mother nature, and not to my dictates).

     I require several rehearsals for the models to get their
poses memorized. Models shall perform rehearsals fully dressed
in comfortable clothing.  I will decide the poses, then chalk
(or tape) their positions on the floor. The actual photo
session shall require the proper studio lighting, and be done
in black and white.

     I will personally select and interview each model, by
approaching each one with a descriptive flyer containing this
proposal, as well as my phone number. Anyone whom I select,
who is interested, will be selected. That way there will be no
hurt feelings as a result of being turned down for the mural.
Projected expenses:  canvas, paint, model sessions,
photographer, picture enlargement, and (of course) artist's
fee.  I will negotiate with my patron over all costs and mural
design until (hopefully) we reach an agreement that pleases
both my patron and myself.

     Please note that what I am proposing is a most beautiful
work, and that anyone who participates should be damn proud of
doing so...and have no shame of his appearance, having or not
having an erection, ability or lack of shedding tears, or
anything else that is natural in a man who walks the path of
sacrifice, devotion, and comradeship.  In order to pose in
such uninhibited style, you must feel absolutely confident
that you rate (on a scale of 1 to 10) as a 10+; and that
anyone who sees you as less than that is a fool.

     Also note that my proposal is an idea I freely share.  If
some other painter follows through with it before I do...more
power to him.  I believe that the subject matter is too
important to guard jealously until I can accomplish it on my