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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2001 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

From: Ezekiel Krahlin
To: Lucky
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 13:04:44
Subject: How's my favorite leprechaun?

Hey, Lucky! Thinking of you with great affection and concern,
of course. This is only the fourth day after you left my
place, but I already miss you terribly, and want to tell you
some important things that come straight from my heart:

One is, of course, that I do love you with a great passion,
which is of the spirit far more than of the flesh. While you
need to give me a decent apology, before I'd feel comfortable
about letting you stay overnight...this does not mean in any
way that I do not consider you one of the most beautiful and
amazing men I have ever met (if not *the most beautiful and
amazing). I believe you were testing see if when you
throw a small temper tantrum, whether or not I respond
cruelly, possibly with violence.

For I know the abuses you suffered as a kid for many years,
involved such terrors. But now you know that I'd never raise
my hand or voice against you, nor threaten you. So while you
can't stay overnight until you apologize, you certainly can
visit, and use my place for storage. I would also be glad to
hang with you outside, and show you a nice time.

You are so much like an angel of my dreams, who manifests
before me, to my delight and astonishment. I am that grateful
to Our Creator, for bringing us together. I told all my
homeless friends that you are one of the most wonderful and
decent guys they could ever meet...and our temporary parting
is not a sign of any bad thing from you.

It is very sad and hurtful to not have you in my arms each
night...but that must be my price to pay, in order for your
spirit to grow into a man. I have come to bear your cross with
you, my beloved leprechaun. It is my great honor and treasure,
to be the one to bring you home to God's heart (and mine).
Without you, I sleep with your Teddy Bear William, who still
bears some of the scent of your lovely hair. I miss you so
much: I miss your "Pikachu!" exclamation; your beautiful hazel
eyes; those sexy eyebrows and valiant smile; your fuzzy belly
and chest; your laughter; your sweetness; your soft breathing
beside me in bed, while my head rests on your tummy, listening
to your gentle heartbeat.

I miss nibbling on your juicy joystick through those black
denim jeans; peeling off those sexy boxer-briefs and diving
for your luscious basket in the twilight mist of early-early
morning...and feeling your gorgeous dick grow large in my
mouth, and rock-hard in seconds. I miss licking on your fuzzy
belly and chest, your so smooth like the finest
candle wax, electric and salty on my tongue. (Perhaps the wax
dripped from the wings of Icarus when he flew too close to the

I love everything about you, and all your lovely parts. You
have a great ass, and waist, legs, arms, shoulders! A face to
die for, that even angels would envy! Can you really wonder
why I long to kiss you on your lips, to part them and press my
tongue against yours, in sword-play, and taste the sweetness
of your saliva, trickling down my throat? Can you really
wonder why I yearn to shower your handsome mug with kisses;
for you are so blessed with beauty wrought by God, that I so
honor you?

I dare not hide my love from you, in any manner...for it would
be blasphemous to do so; as your beauty of spirit and form are
stamped with Heaven's dignity, deserving no less than selfless
admiration and praise. And I am proud to humble my own self
before you in this way, for the honor of your presence touches
my heart with such powerful and benevolent magick. Surely, I
am infinitely blessed to have held you in my arms, even for a

Wherever you are, know that I shower you with kisses and hold
you warmly in my arms, each and every night. When you are in
danger, I will appear to stand between your enemies and
you...and drive them all away.

I am writing this letter, in case we remain out of touch,
because you actually did leave San Francisco...and this is the
only way I know to contact you. I want you to know how dear
you are to me, and to assure you that my affections for you,
Lucky, will always be on fire with a passion as great as God
for His Own Son (to put a Christian spin on it).

Here's a poem just for you, good buddy:

     by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

     whatever happened to:

          the sweet man whose kisses
               lit up my night of nights
               like a swarm of fireflies?

          the brother of my soul whose embrace
               surrounded my heart like a fortress
               against all enemies?

          the compassionate guardian whose gentle touch
               chased away my every misery
               like a can of raid to cockroaches?


		Semper fidelis,


LUCKY IN LOVE © 2001 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin I am so much in love, the heartbreak is total. The beauty of this boy surpasses all imagination! How can I not rejoice? For Allah has come to me, and loved me. Allah is good! Allah is gay! Oh Great Adonai, you are the apple of my eye. Oh, Lucky, I know who you are! You are God's own Son: Lucifer! Allelujah, for Gay Liberation has finally sprung! Celebrate, oh my sisters and brothers, whom I lovingly call "Hellene": for I, the Angel of Justice do strike down your enemies with the sword of truth, my tongue, which honors the man who types this prose: Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin. Remember him well, for He is the Savior we chose for you! So be joyful, for your Liberator, Ezekiel, is 100% devoted to our highest ideals! And through his hands shall come our offerings of peace and eternal life to all our suffering Hellenic children! For as YHVH freed the Hebrews from Egypt, by slaying the firstborn of every Egyptian family... He will now strike down the firstborn of every gay-hating hetero! And when this New Passover has fulfilled its mission, there will remain not a single homophobe on the planet. And YHVH--who is Randolph Louis Taylor in this life-- shall marry his son--who is Ezekiel Joseph Krahlin. It will be announced in the National Enquirer first... but when it finally dawns on the mainstream media that the Enquirer has just published their first true story... news of their marriage will spread like wildfire into every household of Amerika! No milk carton will go untouched by a picture of young Jesus's butt with caption: "Have you seen this boy"... nor half of those by a picture of YHVH's wanger, with caption: "Have you seen this man". Yes, folks, Jesus and Daddy are back, back in a Big Way... and we Both say: "Screw those fuckin' heteros!" So our mission is cut out for us, and we expect every soldier to do his duty impeccably, and without a twinge of fear. In the name of all that is most sacred, most pure, most divine: Strike down the demons at the root; separate the chaff from wheat. Soon the bodies will pile up; then the big rats feast! --- Pennsylvania Dutch Gay Jesus says: "Throw the hetero over the fence some hay." -Zeke Krahlin, Chief Thracian ---finis