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I'm Afraid Jeff May Have A Bum Ticker
06.30.08 (1:42 pm)   [edit]

He showed up two eves ago, looking handsome as ever, dressed real nice like a hot date...that's how much he likes me. He asked me to cut off the wrist band he got from a visit to Davies Hospital's ER...attached to it, an EKG patch. I asked what's up, he replied, "Oh it's minor, I don't need to talk about it." (Later that night, I discovered he also had five more of those suction patches on his person: two below each shoulder placed over his pecs, and one on the left side of his waist. He asked if I could pull them off, so I did, joking about being the first guy I ever slept with, who had six nipples.)

It was so noisy that night of the gay parade...what with the revelry, then even louder street cleanup stretching into the wee hour of 4am...we couldn't even enjoy watching a movie, let alone get a good sleep. Jeff is very stable emotionally, and remained in a good mood, regardless.

But I suggested he come back the next night, to make up for the lack of sleep. It was wonderfully peaceful, but Jeff was not in his usual kind mood, he was obviously upset and saddened about something. Next morning did not bring me his usual sweet smiles; he was bummed! (Not mean or short tempered, just quiet/depressed.)

He said I won't need to be bothered by him any more. I replied, "Why? You're welcome here, Jeff, you are not a bother. We are friends, and if you need to talk about anything, I'm here." Anywayz, he wasn't in a hugging mood (which is NOT like him at all), and he departed...we wished a good day to each other.

So I returned to my desk, to muse over this less-than-joyful situation. Then it dawned on me: Jeff has a bad heart. He mentioned a few months ago, that his brother died several years ago at 48, from cardiac arrest. Seems that his family are short-lived, and heart problems run in the family. So I think he doesn't want to burden me, and has gracefully bowed out.

However, I do hope he returns. Don't know what I can do for him, besides being a friend and giving him a happy place to hang out and get a good sleep, 2-3 times/week. He is such a sweet man, and it is clear we have an excellent "best friend" affair going on. Though I understand if he really wants to disappear from my life...and were I in his shoes, I might do same.

It's my birthday tomorrow...I'll betcha Jeff will show up. After all, he did for Gay Pride Day (and I didn't expect that), which day I usually keep to myself, as I do birthday, Xmas and New Years. He's a great blessing in my life, and I make that abundantly clear to him every time we're together.

I know my friends will put best wishes our way w/o my asking, so thanks immensely!


posted by: Morticia (reply)
post date: 06.30.08 (11:00 pm)

If you can find out details, let me know. I'm pretty hip to natural heart tonics and remedies, being an athlete myself. Find out if it's an arrhythmia, valve prolapse, congestive heart failure or what--there are a lot of different ways for hearts to malfunction, and lots that can be done. How old is he?

posted by: ZekeBlog (reply)
post date: 07.02.08 (10:19 pm)

Jeff's Okay, whew!

No heart trouble. He suffered chest pain, so went to Davies ER for an EKG...everything checked out alright. Probably just a slight muscle cramp or gas. What a relief! He's here w/me right now, kicking back.

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