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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin


© 2004 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

December 9, 2004

WE THE PEOPLE FOR A SANE WORLD officially declare 100% support
for gay marriage, as a civil right and a birthright. Those
religious institutions that condemn such partnerships are in
flagrant violation of the US Constitution's first amendment,
which states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion." Furthermore, said institutions
often encourage attitudes of hatred and promotion of violence
against sexual minorities in many other ways, and have a long
history of such. And these "godly" organizations remain, as
they have for untold centuries, the major and sole cause of
virulent homophobia.

Amerika would not tolerate such ugly behavior by a religious
group towards any other minority, in our modern day. And it is
one important tenet of so-called activist judges, to protect a
minority from the tyranny of the majority.  Especially when
such a minority is more universally hated than any other; as
are homosexuals, transsexuals and bisexuals. In fact, as
oppressed as many minorities remain, most of them still cling
to backward and hateful notions against even their own
non-hetero brethren.

The issue of gay marriage has become a glaring example of
dangers that arise when church matters are not kept separate
from those of the state. Indeed, it has become The Great Test
Of Today's Amerika regarding the issue of individual rights
versus majority prejudice. And if we keep moving in that sorry
direction much longer, we are likely to see a full-blown
holocaust against these long-suffering people.

But progressives of all stripes must also share considerable
shame, for sometimes participating in homophobic actions (at
worst), or looking the other way too often (at best). To
rectify this, we stand with other responsible liberals and
moderates, who take up the cause of gay equality starting with
marriage, in brave and aggressive manners. Even some churches
are finally joining in, thus answering to their savior's
message of compassion. I hope this will mark a sea-change in
attitude regarding our sexual minorities.

We stand with good folks like Assemblyman Mark Leno, with
good organizations like Marriage Equality California, and with
good media venues like Air Amerika (and KGO) Radio...and
demand an apology from politicians such as Senator Diane
Feinstein,  for suggesting that gay marriage is directly 
responsible for the Election Fiasco. We denounce Senator John 
Kerry, for stating in a presidential debate that he is Catholic 
and against gay marriage. We curse former president Bill 
Clinton, for his signing of the Defense of Marriage Act and the 
destructive policy coined Don't Ask Don't Tell. Lest we forget: 
we also condemn queer-politico turncoats like Congressman 
Barney Frank, who likewise blames gay marriage for Kerry's Fall 
From Grace. We also acknowledge that none of these four 
examples are Republicans; in fact they are all regarded as 
staunch Democrats. (Centrists have thus proven themselves to 
be Republican wolves in Donkey hide.)

All truly progressive people will not tolerate any more 
homophobia from our own liberal groups and representatives, 
and must therefore, if need be, not just condemn but separate 
ourselves from those who continue to harbor anti-gay 
attitudes. We must be as clear, as strong, and as steadfast 
regarding gay marriage, as we have been these many years 
against racism, misogyny, child abuse, capital punishment, and 
preemptive declarations of war. For it has become all too 
obvious that condemnation of gay marriage is a red herring to 
distract us from the real agenda: removal of all LGBT rights to 
mark them as second-class citizens in perpetuity. And then, the 
elimination of all rights for every other citizen, except a 
remnant of the power elite. 

We will no longer tolerate frivolous and mean-spirited
arguments questioning whether or not gays can marry, whether
or not they deserve equal status as human beings, and whether
or not they shall go to heaven. Such debates hold no validity
in any civilized nation, as they are founded on a premise that
is blatantly erroneous from the start, for it flies in the
face of common sense and compassion. Nor shall we ever again
engage any discussion over partnerships termed and defined as
something resembling marriage, but not ever equal to. In other
words "separate and unequal." In short:

Marriage by any other name just doesn't cut it.

Most sincerely,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin
Queer Voice in the Oscar-Wilderness


ADDENDUM: Date: Thu, 09 Dec 2004 09:42:40 -0800 From: Wont Western To: jqueerwit@gay-bible.gro,, Subject: Re: Here's my first draft (Zeke) Hi Zeke, Thanks for sending that along. While personally I agree with some of what you wrote, unfortunately, it needs considerable editing before I would consider sending it to the press on behalf of the organization. First and foremost, San Francisco for Democracy is not in the practice of adopting or publishing positions on any one particular issue. Declaring that we are 100% in support of gay marriage - when it has never been discussed or voted upon by our membership - is simply not a valid statement. If you want the organization to adopt this position, you'll need to a) join as a member; b) bring it up to be voted upon at a membership meeting. (We have previously decided on several occasions not to adopt policy positions on issues such as housing and the hotel strike - rather, we make information and activism opportunities available to our members so they can personally get involved in these issues.) Second, the piece has an overwhelmingly negative tone. It bashes Democrats left and right, many of whom our members feel neutral or positive about (such as Barney Frank and Bill Clinton). Our organization is not likely to suddenly go from endorsing John Kerry to "decrying" him over one particular issue. Also, for something like this to get published, it needs to be a) a lot shorter, and b) in response to something printed in a particular paper. Finally, we're actually an independent 501c4 organization, not a chapter of Democracy for Amerika. You might want to check out the FAQ on our web site - - which explains that distinction. - Wont
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2004 21:54:40 -0800 From: Jehovah's Queer Witness To:, Subject: Re: Here's my first draft (Zeke) Quoting Wont Western : << Thanks for sending that along. While personally I agree with some of what you wrote, unfortunately, it needs considerable editing before I would consider sending it to the press on behalf of the organization. >> What can I say? I had a FABulous time composing it, A very creative force that triggered insomnia--as it usually does. I only write truth...if it seems harsh to you, I suggest you compare this to the harshness of real homophobia that breathes down our queer backs every single moment...and we are being targeted big time by politico bigwigs...on all parts of the spectrum, which includes of course Democrats. And if it still seems harsh, then perhaps you ought to consider your own blinders, and willful ignorance of a most heinous and growing oppression. I am so ashamed of you. But hey, if ya don't like it, ya don't like it! And I'm NOT going to try to intrude my timely opinions in a mound of homophobic resistance. I'm not even gonna bother coming back, or participate in any way, with Democracy for Amerika...which really should be called "Demokracy fer Amerika (except for the faggots)." What is sorely needed is a political movement that is both vigorous and positive about gay people. Duh! How bad does it have to get for us fags, for you to roll up your sleeves and help us beat back the Beast? I have made my presence known to various groups around The City. You know where I am, so if you ever need my help, just say the word. I'm sure you will; I'm sure you will. But it will come with a great price of sorrow. That is what happens to "good" folk who persist in allowing great evil to have its way, even after becoming fully conscious of its actions. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is hilarious. I think I'll incorporate this badinage in tomorrow night's open mic. I'll have the audience falling off their chairs in laughter. Why don't you show up, and bring a friend or two? 8pm, 3 Dollar Bill Cafe (in the LGBT Center; or do you shun setting your breeder foot in there?), 1800 Market St. (& Octavia). $1-5 donation requested to support the Cafe, but if you're broke, no problem, we understand. Woof! Too many hetero dogs in the way, between me and My Biscuit!
-- "Many are called but few are chosen; Step right up for your lederhosen." - Big Gay Brother [ ] --finis (for now)