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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2006 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin


On May 4, 2006--between 8:30pm and 10pm--someone scratched the
word "Fag" on my door. I've taken some photos, but they didn't
come out very clear, due to the light reflecting off a glossy

Notice the horizontal bar missing in the "a". Assumption is
that somebody came walking down the stairs or hallway, and
s/he had to stop or get caught.

I have several suspects, including my neighbor, Frank, who
spoke in a hostile fashion to me on the evening of May 5,
before a witness (my neighbor, Mark Fisher). (For another
suspect, read below.)

Meanwhile, Hole-in-the-Wall bartender Richard on night shift
Fri.-Sun. has 86'd me during his hours. And Fri. & Sun. nights
were my favorite. He thinks I exposed the bar to narcs
infiltrating, etc. He's just a drama queen, who doesn't like
anyone around, who knows him from his guitar-playing
Jesus-freak past at Church of the Holy Redeemer.

Sad for me, however, as those two time slots are exactly the
ones with a window of opportunity in which to rebuild my
friendship with Larkin. No good deed goes unpunished, I

(And what was I doing at Holy Redeemer in The Castro? Well,
I was referred to a Father Young, because he had connections
in Washington D.C., that might be able to track down my buddy
Randolph, who had just shot himself by "The Wall", and could
not be found at any hospital there, via my phone calls. This
was back in 1985.)

May 2, 2006 Dear Ruth Harris, mgr. 2306 Market: Reporting an incident that occurred in the 2nd-floor hallway yesterday, May 1, 2006, at approx. 2:45pm: While I was in the shared bathroom, Rod (Room 209) started banging loudly on the door, screaming at me. He was mostly incoherent; upset about the water on the floor. As far as I can tell, that water came from someone not towelling off in the bathtub, but instead let water drip and spill on the floor. Either that, or we have a leaky toilet. Anyway, it has happened at least three times, because I've been noticing, too. And it started when the resident of 210 began moving his stuff out. My hunch is the spilled water is due to his guest(s) assisting him with the move. I can certainly vouch that's all it's been: water. I mopped it up once, just to show goodwill towards Rod. I assure you: it was only water, not urine or any other untoward substance. Any further messes that are not my doing (or that of my occassional visitors), I will not clean up after, with or w/o Rod's hysterical ranting. Please speak to Rod about his crude behavior. This is not the first time. (See enclosed copy of complaint about his loud music, which I sent you and owner on August 31 last year.) By the way: Rod also hollered something about reading my letter to the editor in the SF Bay Times, Aug. 20. He screamed that I'm a phony, not really a visionary for the gay community in the Pagan tradition. While he has a right to voice his opinion, he does not have a right to holler at me over any issue, in such a loud and threatening manner. Nonetheless, I thank him for bothering to read one of my latest pieces! Sincerely, Zeke Krahlin, 205 cc: Rod, 209 ---finis