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Permission granted by author for anyone to distribute this
writing free of charge (including translation into any
language)...under condition that no profit is made therefrom,
and that it remain intact and complete, including title and 
credit to the original author.

Ezekiel J. Krahlin

(A True Tale From The Castro. Eat your heart out, Armistead!)

© 2001 by Ezekiel J. Krahlin

September 26, 2001

My Dear Street Friends of The Castro:
Today, I have just been placed under temporary arrest and
isolation by the Government of California, regarding the
controversial proposal I distributed over the Internet
September 20th. I trust you are all familiar with my document
called "Dump on Bush"; if not, others among you will fill you
in. Mickey, for one, knows the whole story, as does Don Walz.
In short, I proposed taking out the President and his staff,
to save our nation from a takeover of religious nut cases, who
are determined to start World War Three...due to their fanatic
illusion that such a war is necessary before their savior
returns. Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Please be assured that I have an excellent attorney now taking
on my case. He says they shouldn't hold me for more than a few
weeks, at this point...and are likely to release me
eventually, on my own recognizance. I would likely then be
under close watch, with the order to report to a state office
here in San Francisco, at least once a week. I may also be
bound to remain in this city until a full sentence for my
"crime" has been determined. If my attorney does a real
bang-up job this time around, I might even be released within
a few days. Sadly, there is still a possibility that I may NOT
be released soon; and instead, be isolated in high security
for months, if not years...depending on how long this conflict
with the Taliban lasts.

However, my probable release does not mean "it's all over" for
me. Indeed, the struggle for my liberty has just begun. I
would likely remain under strict observation by our illegal
government for a long, long time...with restrictions such as
severely limited travel, confiscation of my computer, and
prohibition of all my art, writing, and speeches...and any
other creative outlet I use to convey my beliefs. I would be
regarded as an "enemy of the state" at worst, and as a
"dangerous nut case" at best...unless of course, there is a
change of heart in our Amerikan people, who realize as I do,
that Pres. Bush is the real danger to our world, not me. And I
believe this will ultimately happen...though maybe not in my
lifetime, which may be shortened by right-wing vengeance.

Please note that I can be charged for treason as an "enemy of
the state", by either the state I live in, or by the Federal
Government, or both. This means that even if one accuser lets
me off with a light sentence, the other can nonetheless rake
me over the coals, including sentencing me to a high security
prison for life, or even executing me for treason. And it is
possible that our unlawful President may choose to make an
example of me...both as "liberal scum" and an "un-American

So in case I can't come home any time soon, I want to express
my gratitude and affections to all my homeless buddies, who
have been a wonderful inspiration to my art, my writing, my
life, and my belief in the ultimate goodness of mankind. I
know I hold a special place in the heart of some of you dudes;
and I am eternally grateful for such friends and lovers.

And to one who has broken my heart badly, I say: It's alright
sweetheart, I am here for you always, in spirit if not in
body...and I know that you don't mean the things you said to
me in the heat of confusion; and that you will get over it
soon enough, and resume the fine friendship we had for a span
of four wonderful months. I am also PROUD to have a broken
heart for you, for there is a sacred honor in this, which
shall be revealed in due time. (It just saddens me that,
despite all the dignity and respect I show you, that you drag
my reputation through the dirt, endangering me with homophobic
threats as a result by assholes who hear your lies about me,
and now want to bash me to a bloody pulp. Your gossip about me
to others, is a betrayal of the innocent friendship we had. A
sincere apology is due me, and being the real man you are, I
know it will eventually happen.) Be blessed and be strong;
carry on with your good works; you are needed and loved by
many...though not as much as I need you, and love you.

I am presently still in San Francisco, in a government office.
My attorney has gotten permission for me to type this letter
on their computer...but I only have 10 minutes to do this; so
please forgive the rush job. One of my good friends will pass
this on to Mickey, whom I trust totally to get the word out.
Please pray for me tonight, that I will be released in a very
short time. This sudden turn of events at my expense and
sorrow, did not come as a surprise. Nonetheless, it grieves me
to be away from my best friends...and to not share in all the
joys, sorrows, and silliness that is so much a part of our
misunderstood, extended family of these mean streets.

With only my greatest affections,

Ezekiel J. Krahlin
Poet Laureate of World War III and Queer Revolutionary that
Kisses No One's Ass, Except That of a True Patriot